‘Diversity’ Drives Passengers to Abandon MARTA After I-85 Bridge Rebuilt

A collapsed bridge and the horrible traffic congestion of Atlanta’s roads can’t convince most people to give MARTA, the city’s public transportation system, a chance. Curbed Atlanta reports that “Proponents hoped the catastrophe [of the bridge collapse] would mark a permanent shift toward public transit. It didn’t.” Michael Khan writes:

The collapse of the Interstate 85 bridge and subsequent six-week closure of one of Atlanta’s most important vehicular arteries was an excellent opportunity to introduce those accustomed to commuting by car to alternative forms of transit.

Many saw it as a chance to hook the masses on MARTA, and an initial jump of ridership by 25-percent looked promising.

Since the road reopened in May, however, it seems the majority of commuters have returned to their old ways, with ridership falling to pre-collapse levels, according to 11Alive.

Khan then goes on to speculate that MARTA’s “breakdowns in service on high-demand days destroy confidence in the usability of the system.” While it is likely that the Black Leftist-governed city does a poor job of operating an efficient infrastructure I think the real problem can be more easily explained. As the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has explained, the behavior of many of the Blacks who use MARTA frightens or disturbs White passengers. The city insists that the transit system is safe but that assurance seems to have little effect upon White travelers.

“Diversity” is essentially why public transportation is not popular in the United States. Europe’s relative lack of “diversity” until recently made public transportation there an attractive alternative to driving. The same is true in Japan. Leftists have long wanted to see the US embrace mass transit. But America’s demographics, especially in most of the urban areas where public transportation is most needed, make it unappealing for most Whites.

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  1. What normal White person, regardless of ideology, wants to be surrounded by Diversity?

  2. I can’t log on to the source article, and write the real reason for the failure of getting Whitey to offer ourselves up as sacrifices to the Niggers. I WANT to get on there.

  3. transporting muddy blacks from a to b.

    forged steel car. generate velocity require the combustion engine and the means to harnes fossil by big rigs for fuel.

  4. MARTA. Moving Africans Rapidiy Thorough Atlanta. DART light rail in Dallas, is similarly niggerfuxated.

  5. Literally no expectations for blacks, whites expect more from their pets especially the progtards

    • That’s literally a true statement. I know Good Whites in Atlanta who spend lots of time and money training and socializing their dogs, and go berserk if the dog steps out of line, but don’t mind at all if blacks shoot up the city, rob everyone blind, are a general menace and mismanage everything. They’ll even put you in your place if you mention it, but let the dog act like a dog….

  6. Relying heavely on auto is a drain of income. The average commuter travels to and fro is greater distance proximity of inner city hell hole.

  7. Marta can’t be any better than it was when I last rode it several years ago, and the atmosphere then was a wonderful mixture of hostile, annoying and sketchy. I wouldn’t think it’s gotten any better. Still, I’d love to have been a fly on the wall to see the fun when hordes of my Good White betters had to lower themselves to ride MARTA. I can only imagine the fun times that were had when they dared to ride the private trains of the Negroes. The crowding had to make for some good times! And if any Good Whites had to make connections or ride the buses to get to the train stations, more fun was surely had. I left Atlanta because I was as sick of the Good Whites as I was of the minorities.

    I only used Marta to get to the airport, or occasionally go to a Braves game if my employer gave me tickets, and I can’t think of a Marta station that was well run or seemed to have good security.The riders are largely sketchy, no matter what area of town, as if MARTA’s primary duty is to deliver some combination of downtrodden, thug and criminal mix throughout the city. And the buses are likely far worse. Some of the bus stops I used to drive by daily looked absolutely dangerous, and to utilize MARTA as anything more than a way to get to stadiums, airports and some large attractions, bus transfers would have to be used. I wouldn’t expect much good to happen at many MARTA bus stops at night, and I wouldn’t feel good knowing that any female I know is using that system, even once.

  8. America had a BETTER mass transit system 100 years ago than it does now. There were electric trolley lines and secondary train routes all over the country, as well as great steamboat and ferry service. But all of it was replaced by the automobile, the same reason that, paradoxically, those mass transit systems need to be rebuilt.

    We could have a great mass transit system today, as well as a great national health care service. But as long as we continue to tolerate tens of millions of violent, low IQ black and brown waste products living off of us those improvements will not come about.

    • One-hundred years ago, Atlanta had trolleys throughout town, and running to the near suburbs, and most medium sized towns had trolleys, also. And just about everyone was connected by trains, and later, buses. Atlanta and its suburbs are just as well connected today by trains and buses as they were a century ago, but most whites would rather put up with hours commuting to and from work every day, followed by sitting in traffic after hours to go anywhere else, just because public transportation is so dirty, unsafe, inefficient and poorly managed and run, just like the city they refuse to live in, but have to work in.

      • American trolley rails and trolley cars were melted down into ingots for the “Arsenal of Democracy” so we could slaughter our German brothers and sisters for the second time in the twentieth century.

    • The assholes at shitty GM had a great deal to do with that as they went around the US buying up regional trolley systems and then closing them in order to force people to buy their shitty GM automobiles.

  9. Relative spent 2 years in China a tutur and din’t need vehicle. Public transportation he was able to afford the rent.

  10. Like many so-called environmental issues, leftists wanting us to embrace mass transit has nothing to do with the environment and everything to do with cultural warfare. It’s an integration scheme, just like moving the multicultural hordes into our schools and neighborhoods. Their aim is to obliterate free association and force white people into closer proximity with the colored swarms so we can be eradicated through violence and miscegenation. They don’t want white flight to be an option, which may be better for us because when flight is no longer an option, the only thing left to do is fight your annihilation.

    • There is nothing wrong with people wanting to take clean, safe, efficient mass transportation- the Metra train system in Chicago is a pretty good example of an efficient way to transport white people into Chicago and then back out again. Metra cops don’t put up with any negroid BS.

      • I’m all for mass transit in theory. If your mass transit is safe and your family isn’t going to be exposed to things they shouldn’t be, go for it. That doesn’t change my basic point, which is that the left’s obsession with it has nothing to do with the environment and everything to do with cultural warfare. The alt-right should conserve the environment but should still be cautious of the left’s motives and distance ourselves from the “environmentalist” or “green” movement, which is a leftist front.

    • Nah, I just don’t want to contribute to another round of no-platforming for Occidental Dissent by making a reckless comment that could be taken out of context. That would be impolite to our hosts here.

  11. Black behavior always resemble prison behavior, no matter what sort of institution they are in.

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