Southern Nationalist Radio Episode 043 – Unite the Right in Charlottesville


Harold Crews and Brad Griffin of Occidental Dissent, discuss the upcoming Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville, Virginia on August 12th. They start with some background information on some of the recent rallies over the past couple of months from Charlottesville, Pikeville, Auburn, Gainesville, Houston, and Austin. Harold and Brad talk on the likelihood of Anti-FA or similar groups showing up to oppose the rally in Charlottesville. But the primary discussion involves the three main opponents of the nationalist and Alt-Right. Those being Oath Keepers and similar organizations, the Alt-Lite, and White Nationalists 1.0. Brad goes into detail on the differences in different aspects of the Alt-Lite and the differences between White Nationalism 1.0 and the Alt-Right.


  1. If there is anyone else coming to this event from New England I’d like to know. The Greyhound bus station is just a few hundred feet from Fort Lee Park!

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