KKK Legacy: Mexican Immigrant Gives Thumbs Up in GA Court After Murdering Family

The hateful legacy of Southern racism was on display in a Georgia courtroom as a Mexican immigrant woman smiled and gave thumbs up for the camera after stabbing her husband and children to death with a small knife. The Chicago Tribune reports:

A woman charged with killing four of her young children and her husband smiled and flashed a double thumbs up to news cameras during her first court appearance Friday in metro Atlanta before telling a judge she doesn’t want an attorney.

Also, an immigration official said the woman, who is from Mexico, entered the U.S. illegally.

Isabel Martinez, 33, appeared before Gwinnett County Magistrate Court Judge Michael Thorpe a day after police said she stabbed the five to death and seriously injured another child at her home. The surviving 9-year-old girl remained hospitalized with serious injuries.

Before the hearing began, Martinez sat with other inmates and posed for cameras — smiling, giving the thumbs up, putting her hands in a prayer position and spreading her arms out wide.

As Thorpe listed the charges — five counts of malice murder, five counts of murder and six counts of aggravated assault — Martinez smiled, shook her head “no” and wagged her finger at him.

The Mestizo woman even had the heart to respond with kindness and an anti-racist message of inclusiveness and love in the face of hateful instructions of the White supremacist judge.

“Ma’am, I’m going to caution you to cut out the display for the cameras,” he said. “It’s really not a good idea, probably not to your benefit.”

…”You are the hope of the world, each one of you,” she said in Spanish, appearing to address the news cameras. “It doesn’t matter what color you are because God loves us all.”

This tragedy is a direct result of the enduring legacy of racial hatred and ignorance in the South. The Ku Klux Klan caused this act of horror by lynching a number of Black rapists in the 1920s. Martinez and her family had a bright future ahead of them as hard-working natural conservatives who would have paid into the system to keep Social Security afloat for retiring American seniors. Those lives were so tragically cut short by the enduring systemic racism and legacy of White supremacy which drove Martinez to slaughter her family.

Let us resolve to live up to Martinez’s inspiring dream of color-blind hope and love. It is the least we can do to heal the world.

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  1. Race and culture momentarily aside, Mr. Cushman – this Latina has a crew loose.

    If the look in her eyes were not enough to confirm it to one, then surely her remarks do!

  2. Welp! That does it, I’m no longer pro-White. How can I continue to advocate for my terrible, evil White race while such saintly non-Whites suffer from KKK oppression?

    Seriously, though, there is a silver lining here: five beaners left the country permanently! (now, don’t any of you bleeding-heart types give me any crap over that comment!)

    • Her husband got pwned and she managed to rek all 5 of her children!

      This is a far better performance with a small knife than many Juggalos and that Tranny Phantom (aka Randy Robert Stair) managed to do with a shotgun.

    • I came here to specifically say just that. Five less beaners my husband’s tax dollars are feeding at the expense of our soon to be four white children. I’m no bleeding heart, I understand the real world. If you have a nest of vipers living in your yard, you don’t say “aww poor things are hungry and cold! Better take care of them no matter the cost!” because then you end up with a million dangerous vipers that ruin your yard and may even end up killing you and your family. You eradicate the threat. Why would I cry about the removal of five creatures that pose a threat to the survival and growth of my own offspring? That’s suicidal madness and after having to flee Alexandria, my ancestral home, because of the invasion of these vermin, I’m even less sympathetic than even I ever thought possible (and I am meaner than a nest full of vipers and colder than an iceberg in December). F them all and I hope this becomes a hot new trend among them. Si si puede!

  3. We should send Mexshitco the bill for this mestiza’s trial, incarceration and mental treatment. But of course it doesn’t work that way.

    • Wow. I knew this piece was part satire, but I clicked the link to the Chicago Tribune article to see if see really did say the following: ”You are the hope of the world, each one of you,” she said in Spanish, appearing to address the news cameras. “It doesn’t matter what color you are because God loves us all.” That was so bizarre, that I though it might have been part of the satire part of this article. It was not; she REALLY said that in the court! Wow. As Western society slowly self-destructs courtesy of a little subversion from that (((tribe))), we will likely see many more examples of such vibrant cultural enrichment.

  4. Roman Catholic family values. The Roman Catholic politicians want them here—the Roman Catholics should be responsible for them.

    • It’s funny, I don’t remember the conversion of Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton, (((Bernie Sanders))), et al., to Roman Catholicism. Leftists are leftists. Cucks are cucks. It has nothing to do with the religions they pretend to follow except in the case of the Jews, for whom everything is always about what benefits them. There are plenty of problems with Roman Catholicism, but let’s not pretend there aren’t plenty of WASP leftists and cucks working to displace us too.

        • I used to be Roman Catholic and left because I don’t enjoy pederasty and Mestizo “liberation theology,” so I do agree with you. I just don’t like to see potential division in the alt-right along religious lines. There are quite a few alt-right Roman Catholics, particularly in Europe.

          • Rome hasn’t been the Western half of Christendom, since about 1965. Yes, Vatican II is a great evil, and Rome was already aberrant prior to that, but Protestan-schism comes from the same filioquist family tree. Just look at the ‘fatwa’ of the SBC against the Alt Right- Baptists pissing on their great-grandparents’ world view!? Filioquist brain farts, every single one of them.

      • Krafty Wurker is autistic fucktard who blames everything on Catholicks. Imagine David Duke going astray and not focusing on the Jews but directing his wrath at Catholicks, that’s Krafty Wurker. He must have been fiddled by a Priest as a boy.

  5. We should be amazed when a glorious person of color does not commit murder or some other sort of mayhem.

    No white anywhere has any expectations for a person like her.

  6. I think this could be fake.; she’s clearly being depicted as ‘mentally ill’ not ‘evil.’

    (((They))) will need to control the masses of hispanics and blacks as well as us without the Bill of Rights and due process getting in the way.

  7. @Michael Cushman…

    ‘JD, I am shocked at you. You do not find her message of tolerance and love in the face of oppressive racism to be inspiring?’


    Yes, Sir – you can be ‘shockt’ if’n you wish; though, as a half/Southern White Supremacist Confederate hatred naturally runs in my veins, and, thus, I am little ‘inspired’.

    Is there a pill or a therapy I ought take?

    • @juniusdaniel1828

      “Is there a pill or a therapy I ought take?”

      Pickled Okra.

      If you cain’t get it locally, you can order it from the Mt.Olive Pickle Company. Or from Talk O’ Texas.

    • @juniusdaniel1828

      Junius, here’s the Mount Olive number to order you some. Since they’re in North Carolina, they should be able to send it out pretty quick.

      800.672.5041 and press 2 for the gift shop.

  8. This heartless murderess is a Catholic In Name Only. The crime she committed was against the Catholic faith. She is obvisiously a heartless psychopath, with no remorse for her actions. Her type exist in all religious and ethnic groups. It is ridicoulous to zero in on her alledged Catholicism as a point of criticism. But unfortunately, some commentators have an axe to grind about about Catholicism. I hope this nonsense stops soon before it poisons all of our discourses on OD.

    • You could just have one of your science-less scientists prescribe some meds for us, Stephen.

      • What you need to do Onceler, is to stop thtowing out bigoted statements that have nothing to do with the topic being discussed. If you have am Anti-Catholic axe to grind, find a site like Chick’s where you will be in heaven.

    • I agree, Stephen. I don’t like the anti-Catholic stuff here. I lived in a White Catholic country (Spain) for 4 years and the people there were great. The problem with immigrants like Martinez is not her denomination.

      • Krafty was pointing out that the Catholic Church’s leaders and politicians push very hard for more and more invasion from hispanic countries.

        How can that be defended?

        I contacted an irish catholic nun (not knowing she was one) for help with translating english to irish for the purposes of helping a nationalist irish organization. She was listed as a local teacher for some irish/gaelic language instruction adult school here in my state.

        She responded that she couldn’t help me because her Church was devoted to helping the immigrants, which I guess applied to both here and Ireland itself.

        There simply is no way to rationalize what the Catholic Church is doing.

        Or have you not noticed, Michael, the push to normalize pedophilia?

        Are you going to ignore the Catholics’ role in that?

        Are people defending Catholicism any different from liberals defending Diversity?

        I don’t see how.

        Spain is a teeming mass of Third World problems. Why bring that to the South?

        • My point about the nun is that even an irish one dedicated to teaching and preserving the native irish language chose to attack and eradicate it because her faggot – and Roman – priests told her to.

        • Criticizing the Catholic Church is fine. That’s not what Krafty Wurker does. He turns literally every story into a rum and Romanism Catholick rant. It’s a problem with him specifically, and it’s not just restricted to this site. The guy is a total doofus and should be shunned from this movement.

          • The Catholic Church forbade europeans from reading, while allowing the jews to. It was part of their repression of free speech. Careful what you wish for.

  9. I’m not sure I follow the article. Her heinous acts are the result of some lynching that took place way back in the 1920s?? Is this a satirical piece?

    • Krafty Wurker has always remained silent on his denomination. Snake Handler or Tongue Speaker o Holy Roller?

  10. @ spahnranch1969’s wisecrack about me seeing conspiracies in the opiate crisis


    spahnranch seemed to question whether the government would deliberately create opiate crises in the form of mass overdose deaths to justify installing their drug courts. Just some days later and my prediction comes true.

    This relates to this thread because this supposed mestizo murderess is clearly being portrayed as ‘mentally ill’ and the system is working towards ‘pre-crime intervention’ for citizens showing signs of political extremist homicidal psychosis (a condition that doesn’t exist).

    • “Administering justice takes a back seat to the overarching goal of simply keeping defendants alive.”

      What everyone needs to remember is that drug addicts are no longer being considered just messed up people who fell into addiction through choice, regardless of whether or not they had decent moral reasons in terms of their life experiences/situation to do so, they are officially deemed ‘mentally ill,’ usually ‘bipolar.’

      This sidestepping of the due process clause will not just apply to them but to all deemed ‘mentally ill.’

      • @Onceler,
        Ahh, there you are. A few articles back in the one about Cherokee princess and British ancestry, you challenged my findings and labeled me a troll. All I was doing was sharing my findings as I saw them, with the other contributers. Don’t shoot the messenger.
        I generally agree with everything you say. Why the need for unkind vibes?
        If sharing my thoughts and having an opinion on issues makes me a ‘troll’….then I guess I’m a troll.
        If we all agree on the fundamentals, then little things like this shouldn’t divide us.
        Together we’re strong. Divided we fall.
        Please compose yourself in a more gooder manner.

  11. @James Owen…

    ‘@juniusdaniel1828 “Is there a pill or a therapy I ought take?” Pickled Okra. Junius, here’s the Mount Olive number to order you some. Since they’re in North Carolina, they should be able to send it out pretty quick.

    800.672.5041 and press 2 for the gift shop.’



  12. One cannot be evil/mentally ill IF one can parrot ZOG talking points, goy!

    hope the family members she killed were illegal mexicans & not halfwhite americans.
    ah well, some of her kids would’ve grown up to be mentally ill — or worse: they would’ve said the same idiotic things she says!

  13. Let us not forget WHY Mexicans are in Dixie. Thanks to the Civil Rights Movement aka Communist Jew Revolution, the Negroes quit doing their normal field work. They had to get someone to do the job.

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