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  1. I don’t know how Matt, and his Traditionalist Workers Party, will play in Dixie? The cross is a nice touch, but, that trident thing decal? Buy yourself a nice League of the South golf shirt. You are on their dime.

    • Heimbach is a Marylander by birth which makes him a Southerner. The thing is Marylanders have never really had a strong Southern accent, in fact the Midwestern speech patterns originated along the Maryland/Pennsylvania border region, it is the birthplace of General American English. This is why the CSA highly valued Marylanders in the spy service, they were in mannerism and speech little different than the Yankees, but they were Southerners, which made them great spies.

      Unfortunately by this measure this also makes Nancy Pelosi, Paul Sarbanes, Barbara Milkuski, and a host of other unfortunates also SOUTHERNERS. Though to this day you will NEVER hear anyone claim Pelosi as a Southerner although Pelosi was born and raised in Dixie and her father the Mayor of Baltimore there is a great photo of them at the dedication of the Double Equestrian Lee Jackson Statute in 1948

      • Billyray, thank you for remembering that Marylanders are Southerners. Those of us in the south of the state come from a very similar stock to those of Virginia. I’m sad to say though that we are an occupied territory. Thanks to growth of the federal government, most of the people here are transplants, colonists, or invaders. Pelosi, Sarbanes, and Milkuski may have been born in Maryland but they are in no way ethnic Marylanders. I imagine it is a similar situation to the New York Jews and Cubans born in south Florida. I would not consider any of them Southerners.

        • That’s always the hardship is deciding where do you draw the line about who is and aint Southern? Technically it always meant anyone born in Dixie but that simplistic. Calling Nancy
          D Alesandro Pelosi a Southerner has the palatability of swallowing bleach. Maryland has been under occupation since 1861, but it has been a psychological occupation since 1865. The change of the economy in MD from an Agricultural to an Industrial one, plus the Immigrants never helpled either. Neither did Lord Baltimores decision to allow Pennsylvania to overflow into the central part of the state in the 1700’s

        • Once you read GEN. BRADLEY T JOHNSON’s MARYLAND IN THE CIVIL WAR book, it changes everything. During the Birth of a Nation Era it became fashionable for the Baltimore United Daughters of the Confederacy and the rest to blame the situation in Maryland on Lincoln, but that was oversimplistic. Where Maryland went wrong was the 1859 Election, thats when it elected a large number of anti-Immigrant KNOW NOTHINGS notedly Gov Thomas Holliday Hicks. The Democrats in Maryland were both Pro-Immigrant and Pro-Slavery, which I know is hard to understand but the Democrats were always Pro-Immigrant.

          Governor Hicks was a Unionist, though he hid this well. The Maryland Legislature had in 1859 passed a non-binding resolution that in case of trouble she would cast her lot with Virginia, but the new legislature refused to respect it. When the Battle of Baltimore happened, Hicks briefly cast his lot with the Confederates to snooker them, meanwhile he was negotiating with Lincoln the entire time. He even moved the legislature from Annapolis to Frederick where the population was about 90% Union. Gen Johnson was from Frederick, he didnt have alot of good words for his hometown. In Frederick secession was voted down 53-13 largely because of the Unionist largely German mob waiting outside Kemp Hall. Certain members of the Legislature were arrested only in September this was two months after Manasssas, When the war started Maryland was probably about 20% Confederate 10% Union and the rest wishy washy. The Confederate victory changed all that, but unfortunately had the state seceded, it would have only been on paper because it was already occupied.

          Governor Hicks was rewarded for his skullduggery with a seat in the US Senate where he railed for more Occupation troops to subdue the Confederates in Maryland. He even complained that Lincoln didnt go far enough. The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad were also big behind the Union as well.


          Of course in 1915 the United Daughters of the Confederacy nor the Confederate veterans groups would DARE condemn the B&O, it was much better to condemn Lincoln. After all many of them worked for the B&O

  2. So now y’all are lookin’ for help from those at whom you’ve been spitting the word “Yankee” for two centuries. Fuck ya’.

    • Heimbach is a Southerner from Maryland but he broke with the LOS over various issues in the past and became more of a National Socialist. He is returning to his roots. Heimbach is the perfect man to unite both sides. He plays with both Yankees and Rebs.

    • I’m a yankee, and I resonate more with Mr. H (and his worldview), than with the Bone of Contention…..Just sayin’.

    • Sounds like you’re okay with White Genocide for Southerners only. They’re coming for you too. They won’t give a rat’s ass about all your anti-Southern bashing or anti-slavery virtue signaling.

      • Yeah, I know they’re coming for me, too, you anonymous Southern fuck. At least one person whose name is the same as mine has had some explaining to do, in a job interview, because his prospective employer, in researching him, had encountered comments I’d posted, under my own name, on the internet. So fuck you, tough guy, and fuck your Confederacy that you now want Northerners to defend at your “Unite the Right” rally. Craven–as ever.

        • Sorry for the confusion, I meant anti-Whites are coming for you too. FTR, I’m not a Southerner. I’m a pro-White Yankee.

          • I knew what you meant. I’m not sure my reply was clear. My point was that that their coming after all racists, including me, doesn’t mean I have to support the Confederacy.

            You’re a Yankee? Since when does a Northerner call himself that? And since when does a Northerner regard opposition to slavery as virtue signaling? These Dixieheads here seem to have made you their bitch.

  3. The video makes me feel how important this rally is. For now, let me just express my greetings to my Southern brothers. I’m from the north, and I do look forward to seeing you all in Charlottesville! I’ll do whatever I can to help “Unite The Right!”

  4. Jews and shitlibs never know when to stop. Their next targets for historical vilification/elimination will be the “good guy” White Southerners Jefferson and Washington. Ultimately even Lincoln and Franklin will have to go. Those cucked right wing moderates don’t seem to understand that.

    • Same tactic in the 60’s, divide and conquer. Northerners were the good guys. Southerners were the evil “racists” suppressing poor, innocent black folk until “civil rights” and “voting rights” bills were passed. Next thing you know, Watts, Newark and Detroit are burning down; busing in So. Boston; emergence of “Black Power” everywhere.

      Anti-Whites don’t hate us for coming from a certain state or area. They hate us for being White.

  5. loved this matt,the marxists in sinn fein/ira are forever attacking our ulsterscots/orange culture and identiy!we too our under attack on a daily basis!sinn fein want to desroy us while displacing their own ethnic people of ulster gaelic stock with the new so called irish,the africans,asians and any one else that is fool enough to vote for them!the good thing about this is ,more and more people are waking up about their marxist agenda!orange and green is becoming less relivant as we srugggle to hold onto our villages,towns and cities from this global genocide program !

  6. @Eddie
    I visited Belfast, Londonderry and Dublin in 2015 from Australia and was shocked at what I saw before me.
    In London, Bristol, Glasgow, etc I expected to see third world invaders by the thousands…..but Belfast? Its like the entire eastern strip of the country is riddled with enrichment. Or are they tourists?
    For goodness sake if they’re even in fucken Ireland then wider Europe is in trouble.
    Minority filth are in every corner, crevice and area of the continent, not just the big cities.

  7. Union General William T. Sherman wanted to REPLACE US during the War of Northern Aggression.

    The Left is just trying to follow through on what W T Sherman wanted 150 years ago…REPOPULATE the South.

    Lt. Gen. Grant
    City Point
    It will be a physical impossibility to protect this road now that Hood, Forrest, Wheeler and the whole batch of Devils are turned loose without home or habitation. I think Hoods movements indicate a direction to the end of the Selma and Talladega road to Blue Mountain about sixty miles south west of Rome from which he will threaten Kingston, Bridgeport and Decatur and I propose we break up the road from Chattanooga and strike out with wagons for Milledgeville Millen and Savannah.

    Until we can REPOPULATE GEORGIA [all caps mine] it is useless to occupy it, but the utter destruction of its roads, houses, and people will cripple their military resources. By attempting to hold the roads we will lose a thousand men monthly and will gain no result. I can make the march and make Georgia howl. We have over 8000 cattle and 3,000,000 pounds of bread but no corn, but we can forage in the interior of the state.
    W. T. Sherman
    M. Genl.

    • Strangely enough, you won’t find much information about this sort of thing in the other states, BUT you will in South Carolina and Georgia. We all know what made South Carolina unique, it was the Birthplace of the Confederate movement, but I wonder what it was that made Georgia unique that the North wanted it so bad?

      The South had only themselves to blame for Sherman’s March. Stonewall Jackson offered in 1861 to lead a similar march through the North and (((Judah P Benjamin))) and others influenced Jefferson Davis to turn him down. The excuse given was WE ARE GENTLEMEN. In fact the press in Richmond belittled Stonewall, called him a savage, etc. Of course they changed their tune after the siege of Richmond in 1862, when Stonewall and Lee rescued Richmond. Jackson never stopped his belief that the North should be burned to the ground. General Lee unfortunately agreed with the Richmond cabal, one of the few things he disagreed with Stonewall about.

      Nathan Bedford Forrest also wanted to wage a similar war. Of course remember there was no Commander in Chief of all Confederate forces officially. Jefferson Davis ran all his Generals seperately which meant the right hand never knew what the left hand was doing. Lee had no authority outside of Virginia until Jan, 1865 when he was finally named Commander in Chief.

      Abe Lincoln had wisely kept the system in place since Washington’s day that one man had to command the army. Jeff Davis tried to do otherwise because he had so many genius officers and constantly wanted to assuage everyones ego. It cost him.

      What it all comes down to is by Chancellorsville, the South had squandered her advantages away. During the Buchanan Administration Sec of War John B Floyd had looted the armories, transferring all modern materials to the South. When the war began, the Union Army was fighting with smoothbores and junk cannon, some dating from the War of 1812. The South wins First Manassas then sits on their asses while the North’s industry begans spinning out modern guns/cannon/etc. By the time McClellan invades, the arms gap had closed. By Gettysburg it was the Confederates fighting largely with junk weapons. The South still had plenty of modern weapon, but logistics and the a-hole governor of North Carolina Cyrus Vance wouldn’t share his bounty with the Army of Northern Virginia. At the end of the day, Jeff Davis was too honest and too honorable. Two traits that do not win wars.

      • “At the end of the day, Jeff Davis was too honest and too honorable. Two traits that do not win wars.”
        I must disagree with you here brj, If Jeff Davis had not been as upstanding as he was as well as the other great men fighting for the South those who have come after them would not have thought fighting for Southern independence was as noble as it really was and not have the record of how honorable was the fight and those who led it and in fact this war is no really over…

        • Honor can be both a strength and a weakness. Davis refused to turn the army loose and do what needed to be done. Stonewall Jackson told them all what needed to be done and Davis refused. Even General Lee couldn’t comprehend the type of war Jackson wanted to fight. That is because Lee and Davis were from the old days of Christian Warfare, an idea that died in the Napoleonic wars, but neither could see their way around it. Stonewall Jackson saw the struggle as a Holy War, survival at all costs. Stonewall didn’t care if he had to burn farms and leave people to starve in the North, his objective was winning the war. He saw the war as Joshua entering Caanan. Put the Yankees under the Ban and dont stop killing them until they surrender. Forrest saw the war the exact same way. Unfortunately the High Command did not.

          Honor is only good when you are dealing with gentlemen and gentlewomen. When your enemy is dishonorable, you don’t have to treat him honorably. Lee and Davis made the mistake of conferring honor upon the dishonorable

          • I think Stonewall Jackson was correct in his black flag strategy, but it is only in our time of weapons of mass destruction that it can be implemented to actually exterminate all the Communists in the North.

            When Christ returns, those who try to fight against Him will have their eyeballs and tongues melted out of their skulls. He came 2 millennia ago as a meek Lamb to be killed to pay for the sins of all but when He returns He is going to come as a conquering King of kings and Lord of lords to remove Satan and rule this earth with a rod of iron and wipe out all those who oppose Him.

            This next round, if possible, the South needs to wipe the Communist North off the face of this earth…and leave their land an uninhabitable nuked out cinder for hundreds of years to come…

          • @BillyRay: Lee and J.E.B. Stuart were graduates of West Point, just like Grant and Custer, so both sides were trained to wage war in the same way. Maybe if the Rebels had relied more on guerrilla warfare more than conventional tactics the South would have won its independence.

          • “…Honor is only good when you are dealing with gentlemen and gentlewomen. When your enemy is dishonorable, you don’t have to treat him honorably…”

            We need to remember this when dealing with the left and the Jews.

      • billyrayjenkins:
        “Strangely enough, you won’t find much information about this sort of thing in the other states, BUT you will in South Carolina and Georgia. ”

        Sherman wanted to go after the Southern whites as he would later the American Indians. He wanted to exterminate “the People” (just as the Communists want to destroy us and our history today) not just the soldiers as he revealed in a letter to his wife a couple of years earlier.

        “The North may fall into Bankruptcy & anarchy first but if they can hold on, the war will soon assume a turn to extermination, not of soldiers alone, that is the least part of the trouble, but the People.”
        –W. T. Sherman, letter to his wife – July 31, 1862 from Memphis, TN

        Fortunately, he mellowed out enough to restrict his destruction mainly to their property and not the people themselves…

        And Georgia/SC were not the only areas that had naked chimneys left in Sherman’s wake.

        William T. Sherman’s First Campaign of Destruction

        Roughly seven months after the fall of Vicksburg, Major General William Tecumseh Sherman took his army across central Mississippi, intent on undermining that region’s ability to wage war. His military target was the rail center of Meridian, but Sherman’s troops tore up railroad tracks and burned military stores all along their route. This was typical of armies marching through enemy territory in the Civil War.

        What made this campaign different is that for the first time Northern troops were instructed to wage a war of destruction, to leave civilians with just enough for survival but not enough to support military activity against the North. They also waged psychological warfare, intent on quashing any hope the people in central Mississippi might have had of a Southern victory. The campaign was to be the model for Sherman’s own March to the Sea through Georgia and then into South Carolina, and for Phil Sheridan’s Shenandoah Valley foray.

        Sherman’s march from Vicksburg to Meridian, Mississippi, in early 1864 is relatively unknown, although publications discussing “hard war,” “total war,” or modern warfare sometimes mention this campaign. Two of the best examples are Herman Hattaway and Archer Jones’ How the North Won the War (1983) and Mark Grimsley’s The Hard Hand of War (1995).

        • The philosophy of Sherman on warfare came from Professor Dennis H. Mahan. Stonewall Jackson also studied under Mahan. Mahan’s enlightened warfare meant wipe out everything, it was actually a return to Pre-Christian warfare, what was old was new again.

          Jefferson Davis and Robert E Lee had both had Mahan for only a year before he went to Europe, this was before the time he had studied and formed his conclusions on what he later called Enlightened Warfare. Thus Lee and Davis along with many others had the 18th Century Outlook on Warfare.

          Mr. Davis is partly to blame for the degregation committed by Sherman by refusing to go TIT for TAT. In other words, not only was Davis wrong for not allowing Stonewall to do the exact same thing, as Jackson wished to do early on, and as Quantrill was doing in Missouri, he was wrong for not issuing an order that said every single time this was done, Union POW’s would be chosen by lot and shot. That was the problem at the end of the day, Mr. Davis diddled away the South’s advantages on the advice of a corrupt Jew ie Benjamin and others after Manasssas and allowed important forts in the Western Theater to largely fall uncontested in late 1861 and 1862. Remember the South had more modern weaponry than the North in the first year, thanks to John B Floyd’s plundering of the armories during the Buchanan years, it took the North a couple years to catch up. Grants men at Vicksburg had smoothbores, the Confederates had Enfield Rifles and other things.

          Jeff Davis never knew that the Rothschilds and I think Benjamin was a man of questionable loyalties, were screwing the Confederacy the entire time. Mr. Davis was just too trusting and honorable for his own good. Honorable people have trouble understanding truly evil people.

          • @brj

            I guess you have seen this statement on some websites. I haven’t been able to verify it yet but the claim is that Sherman admitted that he was not following what he was at West Point.

            “Sherman himself admitted after the war that he was taught at West Point that he could be hanged for the things he did.”

            And the South did retaliate some but it was too little, too late:

            Jubal Early orders the burning of Chambersburg, PA:

            Early crossed the Potomac into Leesburg, Virginia, on July 13 and then withdrew to the Valley. He defeated the Union army under Brig. Gen. George Crook at Kernstown on July 24, 1864. Six days later, he ordered his cavalry to burn the city of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, in retaliation for Maj. Gen. David Hunter’s burning of the homes of several prominent Southern sympathizers in Jefferson County, West Virginia earlier that month.

            And I have argued from a similar position to yours in the past that if the war had come down to a series of terrible atrocities against citizens committed by both sides, the peace movements on both sides might have intervened and demanded a cease fire which meant that the South would win since warfare would never be resumed because of all the blood that had already been shed.

            But this didn’t happen and it seems that the stage is being set for round 2 with the revenge factor in the South’s favor because of the fact that Sherman and the North got away with war crimes and for the destroying of the Southern economy and all the hardships this caused. Maybe the South is the club that God will use to destroy the godless secular North…though I tend to believe it will actually be Germany that nukes the North’s brains out in the end.

          • Turn Hearts

            Gen. Jubal Early also wanted to burn the Maryland towns of Hagerstown and Frederick both about 70% unionist or better to the ground as well. By 1864, the Confederate soldiers had begun to hate on the Maryland populace, justified or not because in their minds, the Marylanders hadn’t kept up their end of the deal and had instead knuckled under and submitted. Frederick paid Early a huge ransom and held him up long enough waiting for it that by the time he won at Monocacy, Washington City was completely secured. The iron is Gen. Bradley T. Johnson and his Maryland Troops were with Early and Frederick was his hometown.

            Following the war, the efforts by the UCV and the UDC to gloss over the problems in Maryland, especially with all the Germans and Yankee farmers in the middle of the state led to this incident largely being forgotten

    • The slow giving away of Dixie began in Florida. Remember Florida was considered a worthless swamp full of bandits by Most Southerners. Draw a diagonal line from Saint Augustine to Tampa, that was the extent of Florida settlement in 1865. Following the war, Northern men began purchasing land in Dixie. Daytona Beach, originally part of the Orange Grove Plantation that had burned in 1835 during the Seminole War, was built by a man from Mansfield OH named Mathaias Day. Mr. Day went broke in Florida, but the town bears his name. After some major freezes destroying the orange crop, the idea to expand southward and drain swamps began to boom.

      Yankees, not Southerners, led the way on this Southern expansion. Henry Flagler, a partner of John D Rockefeller, moved to Jacksonville in 1879 after Redemption and began his idea to settle Florida all the way to what is now Palm Beach. Flagler began building his empire in the 1880’s remember at this time Southern Whites in Florida were barely doing anything but some farming, cattle raising near Orlando and swamp hunting, that was it. Southern Whites were largely SMALL THINKERS, always have been, they never thought in Grandiose Terms, Now of course it is true that the Yankees had the money and the South was broke, true but this trend toward small thinking was always a problem. The only Southrons that dont have this small thinking problem seem to be Texans, why who knows.

      Fort Dallas, one of the only forts not to fall to the CSA was in what is now Dade County. A Yankee woman whose family was old Connecticut from Cleveland Ohio named Julia Tuttle, her family had purchased up the land around the abandoned fort. Fort Dallas was its believed where (((Judah P Benjamin))) made his escape in 1865 after bribing the garrison. Well the great freezes of 1894 and 1895 hit Palm Beach but Julia sent some orange blossoms from the Miami River proving that Dade County didn’t freeze. Flagler was interested and soon built his line there. Miami became a city in 1896, her population was less than 1000 people. The settlement was populated largely by Yankees, coming for their health, Southerners came as grunt workers along with Negroes. Soon Jews and immigrants came. Julia Tuttle and Henry Flagler are called the Mother and Father of Miami. While everywhere in the South was Democratic after Redemption, Miami was Republican until the 1940’s!!!!!!! Her Yankee heritage was strong.

      These Yankee settlements in Florida, grew large and grew in financial power enough to dictate to the rest of Florida. The Corrupt Southern Governors didn’t care, the resort cities made them money. They never thought that they would steal Florida, but they eventually did.

      • Maryland began this giving away their land and heritage even earlier, when in the 1700’s Lord Baltimore noticed that all the Southrons settled along inlets where they could ship tobacco easily to market. He invited Germans and others from the Northern Colonies to settle in Central and Western Maryland. By 1861 when the Maryland Secession Convention was held in Frederick, the entire building was surrounded by hostile Frederick citizens threatening to lynch Secessionists. THIS WAS BEFORE THE MARTIAL LAW. Needless to say only 13 men voted Secession 53 voted against it.

        The irony is Central/Western Maryland and the accompanying Pennsylvania border region is the origin point for General American English, the language spoken in Middle America. This is because Marylanders poured into Ohio, Indiana and Illinois by the thousands from 1800-1840 or so. Marylanders were highly valued during the War, because for some of them their accents were almost indistinguishable from Yankees. This made them great spies.

        • Except for Missouri, which gave away most of her Southern Heritage because of ORDER No. 11 burning most everyone out, the rest happened because of Boss Hogg style politicians after WWII who began eyeing the money to be made luring industry and snowbirds to their states. They didn’t care about the consequences of such actions, all they cared about was the money.

          Now you have a mess on your hands. Certain states, Kentucky, West Virginia, Mississippi, haven’t been affected by the influx much, others like the Carolinas and Georgia have. Given away without firing a shot. $$$$$$$$$$$$$

          • During the War Between the States the US Naval Academy was moved from Annapolis to Newport, RI due to concerns about the political situation in Maryland, which was a border state. I frequently drive past the large white Victorian mansion which was used as the administration building, it’s located next to a mysterious stone tower said to have been constructed by the Vikings.

  8. Every time I see videos like this, I become a renewed white realist all over again. I’m always reassured of my races future when younger people are out there defending it.
    Our hideous leaders are clever- they are destroying our race, culture and way of life but why are most unaware or unconcerned about it? A= Because they are doing it GRADUALLY!
    Frogs ignore water that boils slowly.
    Our children are well on the way to being without a future, way of life and nations to call their own- things they have every right to expect from us as our legacy to them.
    We should never feel guilty about overthrowing sitting leaders as they are traitors anyway and are a huge threat. The time will come when we rid our nation’s of them, and their policies.

  9. Why doesn’t Trump just write an executive order to prevent the destruction of any more historical monuments? Republicans control both the House and Senate, why don’t they pass legislation to protect our precious national heritage? Oyvanka, Bibi, where are are best, best friends in our hour of need? LOL

    And now these same scoundrels who shilled so hard for the pathetic ZOG emperor, not a true son of the South among them, with foreign names and foreign looks – these wretches want normal Americans to appear beside them in public? Never.

    And stop calling Peinovich by his pseudonym, it’s just bizarre. Peinovich, Peinovich say it loud and say it proud. (good luck pronouncing that mess)

    Paul / Massie 2020, y’all are cucks.

  10. I have a friend whose parents were both from the North but he himself was born in the South, so naturally he was curious about its history, researched it, and he started saying “War of Northern Aggression” instead of Civil War or even War Between The States.

    In any case, he said if he had a time machine and could go back and advise the Southern leaders, he’d tell them to focus on getting France and, in particular, England’s help. He said this could have easily been accomplished by:

    1) Having their journalists document what happens next as they free their slaves and ship them north. My friend said that everyone up North would be in arms and Lincoln would be forced to repel them back to the south at bayonet point. He said that the south could then go to the sharecropping system that those plantations that survived resorted to after the war.

    2) Tell all foreign countries that the south had formally seceded and was now its own country. Davis should have advised that they could pay the Union tariff at Fort Sumter, but that they would also have to pay the Confederate tariff once they reached any Southern harbors. He said that the foreign powers would barrel by Fort Sumter and if the Union tried to stop them, the foreign powers would fight the Union soldiers there.

    Just thought you’d find his perspective as interesting as I did.

    • Secession was a mistake in some ways HOWEVER it was the only decision that everyone could agree upon. The right decision would have been a coup de etat and the mass execution of offending politicians in front of the US Capitol, then a reorganizing of the so-called United States. The South keeps the United States trademark, the foreign policy, the money, everything.

      The problem with this was very simple. The Southern Army men would never have went along with a coup nor would they have went along with murdering politicians and judges. The Knights of the Golden Circle proposed it, but it was voted down. Men like Lee and Jackson would have ended up fighting for the Yankees had a bloody coup happened.

      Secession was, although a mistake in some ways, appealing enough to the legal understanding of most Southern politicians and soldiers at the time to make it acceptable. A coup was simply out of the question, although it would have been a better option!

  11. John Bonaccorsi, Philadelphia,”So now y’all are lookin’ for help from those at whom you’ve been spitting the word “Yankee” for two centuries. Fuck ya’…”

    I don’t recall anyone asking you for help. We do want you Yankees to stop making things worse. We had the Negros controlled fairly well until you guys showed up. So your kind of help is not what we need.

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