The Dilution of Confederate Ideals

I have recently spent time posting and interacting with members of several “Confederate” Facebook groups. This has been an enlightening experience, giving a glimpse into ideological fallacies that are common in these sort of groups. These ideas are a result of trying to reconcile beliefs concerning the history of the South and Southern culture with Cultural Marxism and modernity. There are several ideas in particular that I encountered that spoke to this cognitive dissonance most acutely.

The first trend I immediately noted after joining some of these groups and perusing the content for a short period of time is that there were a large number of image posts of black people dressed in confederate uniforms. Strangely enough, there were more pictures of blacks in confederate uniforms than there were whites within one particular group that claimed to be for “real” confederates. The comments accompanying these posts were basically people falling all over themselves to signal how great this was. These reactions were basically an attempt to signal that they weren’t racist despite supporting the Confederacy. It is the logic that if a black man is wearing the confederate uniform, it should be alright for white people to wear it as well. How can we be racist then? The better question would have been, “How does a black man in the uniform adequately represent your ancestors who fought and died for the cause?” These types of groups are virtually all white, it doesn’t make sense to use black men as the standard bearers for your cause.

Another common narrative I witnessed many people trying to promulgate within these groups, is that they were descended of Cherokee blood. They were attempting to take up this mantle of identity instead of simply identifying as white. I’ve actually witnessed this phenomena in everyday life while interacting with fellow Southerners. It is a way of trying to shed some of the excess baggage that comes with identifying solely as a white person. The present social climate has become so vitriolic towards white people that it is easy to understand why they would do this. However, if you identify as a confederate, you should have the courage to rail against this.

Even some of the more intellectual people I encountered were still trying to argue for impractical things in order to try and keep in sync with tenets of Cultural Marxism. One such fellow made an argument that if black people were simply educated about the true causes of the Civil War (i.e. The Tariff of Abominations, etc.) and on the true attitude Lincoln had towards the blacks (i.e. believing that whites and black could not live under the same state and that they would need to be sent back) that there attitudes towards Confederate symbols, like the battle flag, would change.

It is certainly true that the educational system in this country has taught that the Civil War was fought over slavery and the evil Southerners needed to be reconstructed. However, the issue is two fold with respect to believing that black people could be taught the correct version of history. Firstly, black people have a far stronger tribe mentality than white people. They have no incentive to believe the correct version of history because it does not directly benefit them as a people. Secondly, the educational institutions of this country have for a long time corroborated the false narrative surrounding the Confederacy and the Civil War. They are dedicated to promoting Cultural Marxism, where the minorities are uplifted and the white man demonized. It is highly unlikely they will change that. Whilst intelligent, this fellow lacked the sense of racial realism that would have allowed him to break free from the pattern of trying to justify the Confederacy to colored people.

All of these ideological fallacies are an attempt to justify the Confederacy and the honoring of our Confederates ancestors in the frame of what modernity has made socially acceptable.

Your ancestors weren’t evil, and you don’t need to justify honoring them to a system that hates you.

-By Braxton Bragg and originally published on Identity Dixie.


  1. What about historical realism?

    When, oh when, do people get that ‘race realism’ DOESN’T work?

    An Alabama native SN once told me, an obnoxious fast-talking profane NYC/NJ northerner, that southerners would never listen to my attempts to educate them on what the jews think of them and us (northwestern europeans specifically and european christians generally).

    Yet Trump the loudest crassest (of whites) native New Yorker harnessed an energy in the South that swung the election.

    He didn’t do it by calling other races ‘dumb,’ although he definitely took some side swipes at ‘the bankers’ and Wall Street aka Jews & Co.

    • Onceler, I agree with what you posted 110%! We do NOT need ANYONE’S o’kay to venerate our Southern heritage, our ancestors’ lives, or our general European histories!

      As for the article, it is also spot-on. It’s easy to see the underlying motives behind these “Confederate” pretenders, i.e.; their wish to be “justified” by their enemies for being “inclusive”. A stance that’s as weak as water. I do not care if some blacks get it and are supportive of Southern symbols… nor do I care if some jews disavow the holohoax and declare Hitler a fallen hero. Truth needs no approval, period.

      And the Whites who suffer from CPS (Cherokee Princess Syndrome) are at best pitiable.

      • Onceler is nothing but an anti-White, anti-Southern troll, you should know better than to encourage its presence here.

        • WTF.

          spahnranch hates anglos. He has taken up ridiculous fictitious attacks against me, pathetic attempts to bait me, all because I promote the South as a homeland for the anglo people.

          spawnraunch you need to graduate from 6th grade, seriously.

          Most of the time OD is for adults.

  2. Yes! Thank you! I could not care less whether or not my heritage and ancestors offend black people. I am so deathly tired of absolutely everything being so desperate to prove how “not racist” it is. I don’t want to be inclusive, I want to be EXCLUSIVE. My Confederate ancestors are something I am extremely proud of and it is something not everyone has. Why shouldn’t I be proud of that? Because some Jew or black has a problem with it? Why am I expected to pretend like I care about their feelings or making them feel welcomed or whatever? I don’t care how they feel, I don’t care if other whites consider me “low class” or “racist”. I don’t need anyone’s approval to honor my ancestors and it’s too bad more white people don’t feel this way. How disgusting and craven to grovel and beg for approval from people that loathe you!

    What on earth is wrong with people? I simply cannot understand this mentality! I’d rather be right and shunned than wrong and be popular.

    • I couldn’t agree more, I don’t care if being white offends some sonavabitch, or the wetbacks don’t like what the U.S. was. White people should stand up for themselves, and if somebody else doesn’t dig it so what?

  3. The worst enemies I have when I get into a argument on an unCivil War forum are the pro-South people. After I state that I believe that the South was Right — absolutely right in every respect, even on the issue of slavery…the pro-North people have an easy time getting me thrown off the forum with the pro-South people virtue signaling that they hate slavery and punching South along with the pro-North people…Imagine, getting thrown off an unCivil War forum because you are standing up for the South on the issue that the northerners insist the war was all about — slavery…only in the decadent USA…

  4. “Another common narrative I witnessed many people trying to promulgate within these groups, is that they were descended of Cherokee blood. ”

    Wasn’t this just destroyed in a column I read, a few days ago?

    And three years ago, on another site.

    It’s all so much BS.

  5. But isn’t it true that there were a lot of nigras (both slave and free), injuns and mestizos who fought for the CSA? And unlike the Union army the Rebel army was not segregated. The Rebels even had an injun general, I think.

  6. @spahnranch1969

    That was Stand Watie.

    I have encountered a few “100,000 negro Confederate soldiers” types. When I ask a simple question like, “In which units did they serve?,” I never get a response. (After all I could check that…) And why did Gen. Patrick Cleburne get the cold shoulder over his proposal to arm negroes? Negroes were cooks, orderlies, ditch diggers and teamsters.

    • Also depends on what you classify as NEGROES. The Louisiana state units weren’t as racially picky as say ones in Virginia so there were obviously quadroons and others in them, albeit not in the regular army. In fact from the records I have read about those were the ones in question. The South had a real problem in antebellum days, no one could decide on the definitive blood percentage issue with Negroes. Some states, like Louisiana and even Alabama had less restrictions on intermarriage than say Virginia. Those laws were being reformed about the time the war began to provide a definate standard in each states antimiscgenation laws. Following Redemption, each states laws on mixing still varied. Some states banned anyone with a trace of Negro blood marrying a white, others said Octoroons and Whites could marry. Some states banned Native American intermarriage, others didn’t. In fact in 1895 George Tillman, Ben Tillman’s brother stood on behalf of mixed race families in South Carolina who had supported the Confederacy stating that the state shouldn’t use the 1 drop rule for marriage as it would be unjust.

      Louisiana was always the Deep South’s weakest link and New Orleans in particular. Southern White values never truly replaced French ones, they merely coexisted. Thus alot of these racial conundrums seemed to arise in the Pelican State

      • In the old days many states required blood tests before couples were allowed to marry. Unfortunately that is no longer the case, because the institution of marriage, like every other institution our society once took seriously, has been ruined by the you-know-whos.

        • The per-marital blood test requirement (most states still have it) was for STD’s (gonorrhea/syphilis) not race. The idea was to curb the spread of STD’s, test positive, no marriage license.

  7. NO one has yet mentioned that just the visual of that picture at the beginning of this post, makes one want to vomit… and the stench surrounding that idiot White boi, must have been vomit-inducing, as well.

  8. I subscribed to the Confederate Veteran, official publication for the Sons of Confederate Veterans. I wanted with baited breath for this issue so I could read an in depth discussion of the New Orleans situation. I was very disappointed. They downplayed the whole event and emphasized how they were fighting battles though the courts. There was even one vitriolic litter from a member who blamed David Duke for creating an environment which resulted in the flag being take down.I looked in vain for the SCV at these monument rallies.the whole magazine is full of excellent articles as to why the South was justified
    in leaving but never what we need to do in the here and now or the future (With the exception of the excellent book the SVC just published entitled To Live And Die In Dixie..The Struggle Continues.

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