Billy Roper, White Nationalism 1.0 and #UniteTheRight

Editor’s Note: The following is a response to this video and Billy Roper’s ongoing smear campaign against the #UniteTheRight rally.

I didn’t want to have to do this.

I’ve tried for years now to avoid White Nationalist soap operas. I stayed out of the recent drama between and Counter Currents. In the past, I have made fun of the silly beefs which have periodically erupted within the White Nationalist movement.

It was Billy Roper who started this drama over the #UniteTheRight event. I first became aware of it when he started attacking Richard Spencer, Mike Enoch and Based Stickman on Twitter. He kept bringing his vendetta against Richard Spencer into my personal Twitter timeline. Initially, I chose to ignore it in the hope that it would go away, but the purity spiraling soon expanded to include attacks on Augustus Invictus, Matt Heimbach, Christopher Cantwell, Wife With a Purpose, Pax Dickinson and Jason Kessler. He has also been attacking Andrew Anglin for many of the same reasons.

By the time I started to respond to Billy Roper, he was attacking 10 other people across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Stormfront. He was doing it at all times of the day, every single day and was trying his hardest to disrupt our event. Notably, he wasn’t attacking Dr. Michael Hill and the League of the South even though the League was participating in the #UniteTheRight event. Just a few weeks before, the Arkansas League of the South had held a joint rally with Billy Roper and the Shieldwall Network in Harrison, Arkansas, which I had written positively about on this website.

When the League of the South was in New Orleans, I had informed my friend RG Miller that Mountain Home Redneck Revolt was planning to hold a demonstration in Harrison at the end of May. It was Billy Roper who brought this to my attention. I thought at the time that we ought to be putting our divisions aside and working together to advance common goals. That’s why I personally encouraged the League of the South to work with the Shieldwall Network and the Knights Party. In fact, I promoted several of Billy Roper’s events in Arkansas including the one in Batesville.

It’s true that I support the big tent approach. In the span of three weeks, I supported Richard Spencer in Auburn, Matt Heimbach and the Nationalist Front in Pikeville and a group of Confederate flaggers in New Orleans after they came under attack by Antifa. In spite of his past in the White Nationalist movement, we had even tried to include Billy Roper in that big tent. Jason Kessler reached out and invited him to come to the #UniteTheRight event in Charlottesville. In return, Roper began to accuse Kessler of having a black roommate in college and spread the rumor that he was a homosexual.

I could have stayed out of this. No one else responded so strongly to his attacks. I will explain why I chose to do so, but first I want respond to his latest round of smears:

Brad Griffin Is a Liberal

Billy Roper has accused me of voting for Al Gore.

This is a typical example of one of his smears. He mixes a cocktail of half truths with a big lie. It is true that I voted for Al Gore and John Kerry, but I did so because I hated George W. Bush. I voted for Gore and Kerry because I hated Conservatism, Inc. and saw it as the real obstacle to our cause.

I’m not a liberal by any stretch of the imagination. I made that clear in my last post. I attack liberal democracy every single day on Twitter. I’ve spent years here outlining my philosophical objections to liberalism. The purpose of the Alternative South is to create a discursive space outside of liberalism and to stimulate a dialogue about how we can move beyond liberalism.

At the same time, I am willing to grant that there are aspects of the liberal tradition which I admire. Unlike some people, I don’t believe in exterminating other racial groups. I’m not a fan of gratitutious violence. I believe there are aspects of the American Republic which we ought to preserve like the Bill of Rights. I object to the accusation that I am a bigot. I’m not intolerant and have always enjoyed interacting with people who do not share my political views. I’m not really a hateful person.

Compared to some people, I am definitely a moderate. I’m far more practical and less rhetorically extreme than Billy Roper. This doesn’t make me a liberal though.

Brad Griffin Has a Multiracial Family

I’m not in the least bit surprised by this smear.

This isn’t an attack on me. It is an attack on my sister-in-law and by extension on my wife and son. It is based on the half truth that my sister-in-law once though she was a Cherokee princess. Virtually everyone in the South has a family member who subscribes to this myth. It is a meme which everyone from Fauxcahontas Elizabeth Warren to Johnny Cash has bought into.

This never occurred to me when I was responding to Billy Roper. My sister-in-law took the AncestryDNA test. She is 100% European and has no Native American history. My father-in-law, mother-in-law and wife have all taken the test. They have no Indian ancestry either. I’ve taken the test and have no Indian ancestry. This is interesting because even siblings inherit different genes from their parents:

My sister-in-law’s DNA test results:

58% British
30% Irish
11% German-French
1% Eastern European

My wife’s DNA test results:

61% German-French
30% Irish
8% British
1% Eastern European

My DNA test results:

67% British
11% Irish
8% Italian/Greek
8% German-French
3% Scandinavian
3% Eastern European

This is a new chart which shows my genetic similarity to other Whites:

My son is mixed race in the sense his father’s ancestors hail from Georgia and Florida and his mother’s ancestors are from West Tennessee. What is Billy Roper’s ancestry?

Brad Griffin Is a Paid Shill For Richard Spencer

I don’t work for Richard Spencer.

I haven’t even talked with Richard Spencer about Billy Roper’s attacks. It’s true that I helped Richard Spencer set up the website. In recent months, I haven’t been active there because I have to make a living. I wish that Richard Spencer had the money to pay me to do this full time. It would certainly make my life much easier. Please donate if you support my work.

No, I helped Richard Spencer set up because we need to build institutions. We needed to chase off the Alt-Lite which was attempting to hijack the brand. We also needed to start building our own platform. Lately, I have been helping Richard Spencer with activism. I have been a team player and a good soldier. In this respect, I have been the exact opposite of Billy Roper.

If I was just attacking all of Richard Spencer’s enemies, why didn’t I get embroiled in the feud between Arktos and Counter Currents? The answer is that I try to avoid drama.

Brad Griffin Was Friends With Glenn Miller

This is a simply a lie.

It’s true that I knew who Glenn Miller was in the White Nationalist movement. He was an active poster on VNN Forum for 10 years. I interacted with him on countless occasions.

My view of Glenn Miller was always that he was a clown and a blowhard. I spent years poking fun at Glenn Miller when he posted on forums asking for donations to support The Aryan Alternative. I found an online copy of his Declaration of War in which he vowed to go out in a blaze of gunfire. He said he wanted to be buried with the sword in his hand while giving a sieg heil only to surrender piss drunk in a trailer without firing a shot. I found the letter he wrote to a judge in which he begged for leniency. He said that he had told the government everything he knew including things he was never asked.

The only thing I ever agreed with Glenn Miller on was street activism. It’s true that he supported the League of the South demonstrations. He encouraged some White Nationalist activists like Ron Doggett to attend our demonstrations. Many years ago, I ran a free speech forum while I was in college, and I allowed Glenn Miller to fight it out with his nemesis Pastor Martin Lindstedt.

I never met Glenn Miller. I didn’t take him seriously. I was horrified when he murdered a 14-year-old Methodist Eagle Scout and his grandfather in Overland Park. It was something that I spent years warning Alex Linder would happen because of his exterminationist rhetoric.

Brad Griffin Is Trying To Hijack The CofCC and League of the South

This is absurd.

The real reason why I joined the Council of Conservative Citizens in 2010 and the League of the South in 2012 is because 9 years of anonymous internet posting was enough for me. I was ready to move beyond that. Instead of starting my own group and becoming another ridiculous micro-führer, I joined the two established organizations in my region which were pro-White, pro-South and pro-Christian. I had no desire to be a leader of anything. I wanted to find and network with other people in my area who shared my beliefs and help be a part of the solution.

The Real Reason Why I Responded So Harshly To Billy Roper

I’ve explained why I responded so harshly to Billy Roper.

I don’t have anything against him personally. Recently, I had encouraged close friends of mine to work with him in Arkansas, and we invited him to come our event. Obviously, the real reason is that I was fed up with Billy Roper’s smears against other people, which I believe are grossly counterproductive for our movement. #UniteTheRight is going to be the biggest rally in over 25 years. It is exactly the sort of catalyst we need to finally move beyond this era of anonymous shitposting on the internet.

Unlike most of the speakers at #UniteTheRight, I have been involved in this scene for the last 16 years. I don’t need Billy Roper to explain to me the history of the White Nationalist movement. As he well knows, it is precisely because of that history that I reacted so negatively to him. Although hardly anyone remembers him today, Billy Roper was much more well known when I first got started in this. He was one of the most prominent figures in the White Nationalist movement in the 2000s.

What does Billy Roper have to show for 25 years in the movement? That’s the real question. He was involved with the National Alliance which collapsed. He started his own group called White Revolution. It failed as a membership organization. He started his own political party called the Nationalist Party of America. It too failed. Then he joined Pastor Thom Robb’s group The Knights Party. Although I am unclear on this, I think he left that group to join a group called Divine Truth Ministries.

More recently, Billy Roper attempted to organize the Rock Stone Mountain rally in Georgia. This was a purely White Nationalist event. It had nothing to do with the Alt-Right. For whatever reason, he dropped out of that rally as well. In short, Billy Roper has a long history of not being able to work with other people in the movement. The SPLC notes that Roper “does not appear to have been even slightly successful in building any coalition, let alone a unified “Aryan” movement.”

I’ve seen the term “White Nationalism 1.0” bandied about for years. I have always associated it with the White Nationalist movement in the 2000s. I remember it as a time when the movement was dominated by shitposting anonymous messages on vBulletin messageboards, micro-führers like Billy Roper viciously competing with each other over the same small pool of followers and the disorganization and chaos that followed the collapse of the National Alliance in 2002. It was the age of VNN Forum.

White Nationalism 1.0 was the pre-Richard Spencer, pre-Alt-Right, pre-social media era. It was the age of Billy Roper, Alex Linder and Erich Gliebe. It was the age of the vBulletin forum. It was White Nationalism before the smartphone and Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Well, it would be more accurate to say it was a branch of White Nationalism. Although I didn’t know them at the time, there was another group of men who were active in those years. They built institutions which advanced the White Movement movement and have left a positive legacy.

Billy Roper was a fixture of the first group.

I’ve always associated Roper with the White Nationalist movement at its lowest point in the 2000s. I remember the time he held a rally outside the SPLC in Montgomery. At the time, I was a college student at Auburn University. My impression was that it didn’t look like a group that I wanted to join. He continued to hold events like the one in Topeka, Kansas where he was joined by Pastor Martin Lindstedt, Alex Linder and Craig Cobb. It is a reminder of how little was going on in those days:

The most notable thing that happened in that time period was the Christmas Coup of 2004 in which Billy Roper seized control of VNN Forum in an e-version of a White Revolution. It was a time when every micro-führer in the White Nationalist movement had his own vBulletin messageboard. They spent all their time fighting with each other online, never accomplishing anything and black-pilling while entertaining their audience with their buffoonish escapades. I’ve compared it to midget wrestling. It is depressing to read through the VNN Forum archives and see all the banned and deleted members and be reminded that is all these people have to show for those wasted years.

Here’s a trip down memory lane of White Nationalism 1.0:

The Alt-Right has brought a new generation of Millennials into the White Nationalist movement. They don’t remember Billy Roper or his peers like Von Bluvens, Alex Linder, Glenn Miller, Craig Cobb, Harold Covington, Erich Gliebe, John de Nugent and Commander Bill White like the rest of us do. I’m not going to dwell on this except to say that the less that is said about all these people the better. Years ago, the public face of the movement used to be equal parts stupid, vicious, crazy and ugly.

Von Bluvens was a walking meme:

The final straw for me was the time Harold Covington wrote a 976 page novel called Freedom’s Sons in which I was cast as the President of the United States, a Cass Sunstein disinformation agent and a sexual pervert who was assassinated in the Oval Office by my mistress. If you are wondering, this was Harold’s revenge for being banned on Occidental Dissent for using multiple sockpuppets:

“How much do you know about the President of the United States, Hunter Wallace?” asked Randall.

“Uh, just what I read in the papers,” said Campbell. “The guy’s a scumbag white traitor, but that’s a given, as if any other kind of person could be elected to office in the United States . . . I think I read somewhere that Hunter Wallace started out on the internet back in the ‘teens, as a false-flag blogger and a black op under the old Cass Sunstein Cognitive Dissonance program. He gathered information for the regime and for the regimes NGOs like the Anti-Defamation League of Benai Brith and the Southern Poverty Law Center, for money. As a reward for his cyber-services he was given a staff job in D.C. on some liberal Congressman from Alabama’s payroll, and the rest, as they say, is particularly repulsive history.”

“Go on,” said Randall with a smile.

Campbell shrugged and complied. “Worked his way up to the point where he was actually able to steal the Alabama Congressman’s seat from him, and from then on Wallace never looked back . . . His rap is an interesting combination of liberalism, neo-conservatism, and Christian Zionism all rolled into one . . . Wallace’s one-note symphony for some years has been We Must Recover Amurrica’s Lost Jewels of the Northwest, punish wicked racism, and make everybody love and bugger one another under Old Glory regardless of race, creed, color, or species, all the while singing Kumbayah and praising Jesus. I know it’s a lot more complex than that, sir, but that’s what I hear.”

“Not bad,” said Randall with a nod. “Pretty much tells the tale, that does, but there are some things you don’t know. Hunter Wallace made a decision very early on in his life that he was going to make his fortune as a shabazz-goy, a Gentile gopher for the Jews . . . Now, what do you know about the illustrious Leader of the Free World’s, uh, practices I suppose you’d call them, with women?”

Robert frowned. “I know Wallace isn’t married, and part of his public persona is to be seen in public escorting all kinds of movie stars and female celebrities to political functions, public social events, concerts, baseball games, that kind of thing. Seems to me I read somewhere he actually charges money for his campaign committee and his private slush fund to escort somebody’s daughter or wife to a public do and get their picture in the media. Is that the kind of practices with women you mean, sir?”

“Uh, no,” said Randall carefully. ” . . . President Hunter Wallace has a medical problem. Has had since he was young, same problem a lot of white males of his generation have due to eating industrially produced and chemically enhanced food as a child and the general level of pollution and environmental contamination with every toxin under the sun that exists in the United States. Hunter Wallace suffers from what’s known as hypo-gonadism, which is a fancy way of saying his nuts are the size of pencil erasers, his sperm count is three or four on a good day, and it’s impossible for him to have normal sexual relations with a woman. And so he does what any rich and powerful American man does who can’t have normal sexual relations with a woman: he has abnormal ones. I won’t get into exactly what he does, since I just ate lunch. You will be briefed on that when the time comes.”

In the end, President Hunter Wallace has to beg Harold Covington to stop exterminating the Jews with his imaginary legions called the Northwest Volunteer Army. I kind of feel sorry for Harold since he has a mental illness and doesn’t have a relationship with his family.

By 2011, I had seen enough of this. It had been ten years and nothing was happening. White Nationalism 1.0 was stuck in a ditch and confined to vBulletin messageboards. It was still almost purely anonymous. Nothing was going on in the real world after a decade of this nonsense. I became a Southern Nationalist and joined the League of the South where I have remained to this day.

When Billy Roper started trashing the #UniteTheRight rally, it struck a nerve with me because these guys had their chance in the 2000s. They didn’t build stable organizations. They didn’t create their own platforms. They didn’t find common ground and work together. They didn’t have a palatable message or presentable aesthetics. Fundamentally, these throwbacks got us nowhere.

Billy Roper appeared at rallies with Alex Linder and Craig Cobb. He proclaimed that Anthony Pierpont, an adopted Mexican mestizo, was a White man. He shared the stage with John de Nugent who believes that the Fourth Reich is hiding in an underground base in Antarctica and is coming back with the assistance of Nordic Aliens. He worked with people like Bill White and Erich Gliebe in the National Alliance. Finally, he thought Erica Hardwick-Hoesch was good enough to be a member of White Revolution before she defected and gave all the information she had on them to One People’s Project.

Against Purity Spiraling

The fundamental reason that the Billy Ropers, Alex Linders and Harold Covingtons failed was because of their temperament and worldview. These guys were too individualistic to put their differences aside. Their message was too extreme to resonate. They also had unrealistic expectations.

Behind this feud, there is also a philosophical difference. The Alt-Right believes in trying to change our culture through education and direct action. Many of these White Nationalist 1.0s believe the only alternative to voting our way out of this is remaining pure and waiting for the inevitable collapse of civilization. We don’t believe either of these strategies are going to work.

We’re not the dominant culture. The majority of White Americans support gay marriage. They approve of miscegenation. There are strong taboos against “racism” and “anti-Semitism.” We are a dissident minority. Virtually everyone else in this country is to the left of us on race and culture. The job of a leader is to move them from where they are today to where we want them to go.

By engaging with the public, the Alt-Right trying to convert people to our ideas and build a new culture. Everyone who converts to our ideas is necessarily going to have a past. They are going to come from conservatism, libertarianism, the Alt-Lite or even the Left. These people have been miseducated their entire lives by their church, their schools and the mass media. They weren’t raised with our values and it is unrealistic to expect everyone to have conformed to them in the past.

Billy Roper was born into the Klan in Arkansas. Less than 0.1% of White Americans come from a similar background. He is acting like we are still the dominant culture and is trying to enforce taboos. I totally agree we should have standards, but our present circumstances call for pragmatism and forgiveness. After all, we’re all going to be dead one day and what ultimately matters is the culture we leave behind to our descendants. We’re going to have build that culture by converting millions of White Americans from the “mainstream” to our racial and cultural values.

The time to rigorously enforce those taboos will be when we have built the White nation that Billy Roper talks so much about. When we have overthrown liberalism and replaced it with a traditionalist social order, support for homosexuality and miscegenation will no longer be normative in our culture. It will be the task of another generation to tow a harder line. In the meantime, it is the task of our generation to work with the material available and start the long term process of building towards our ideal. We do this by converting people to our ideas, encouraging them to improve themselves, welcoming them into our moral community and pooling our resources toward advancing a common goal.

Maybe this sounds like liberal bullshit to Billy Roper. It is true I am advocating a more moderate approach. I believe in building social media platforms and real world social networks, fostering unity and cooperation within our movement, crafting a message that resonates with a disaffected audience, creating stable organizations, rebuilding trust and social capital through hosting events and engaging in public activism to assert our identity, generate publicity and undermine the dominant taboos. I believe in gradual change through doing what I can as an individual to make things a little bit better. I’m confident the #UniteTheRight rally will advance all of these goals.

The Billy Roper way is the road to nowhere. By making the perfect the enemy of the good, the inevitable result is the fragmentation and stagnation of organizations. It doesn’t bring us any closer to a White nation. We should have learned from experience that we don’t get anywhere by tearing down others and demoralizing our followers. That’s what Billy Roper & Co. did in the 2000s and we absolutely cannot afford yet another decade of anonymous shitposting on online forums.

We’re sorting ourselves out now though. #UniteTheRight is going to be our best chance in years to get out of this ditch and moving again on the open road.

Note: It goes without saying that we should have been doing this 15 years ago. The videos above should give you some insight into why that never happened. We can’t gloss over the fact that the 2000s were a lost decade because Billy Roper crashed the car.

Update: Pastor Martin Lindstedt who attended Billy Roper’s 2004 rally in Topeka, Kansas responds to the controversy.

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  1. Every movement has it constituency of mentals, and we cannot be an exception to that.

    The good thing is that the mentals have been gradually moved out (or did they move themselves out?) of positions of conspicuous leadership.

    Folks who spit out what most will perceive as blind frothy hatred, do us incredible harm, if only because they are so unattractive they unwittingly ensure that those who can be encompassed by the ‘Alt-Right’ message will be so turned off as to be permanently deaf to it.

  2. Sheesh. I barely skimmed this. Other people’s drama really is boring.

    What I don’t dig is this ‘german and french’ stuff. I remain very skeptical.

    What DNA testing did you and your relatives use?

  3. I remember those days all too well and am thankful they finally came to an end. They were a depressing time. It was then that I gave up on things here and moved to Europe. Things today are MUCH brighter for our movement.

  4. What type of ‘purity spiraling’ are you complaining about?

    And, you HW say: “It is true I am advocating a more moderate approach. I believe in building social media platforms and real world social networks, fostering unity and cooperation within our movement, crafting a message that resonates with a disaffected audience, creating stable organizations, rebuilding trust and social capital through hosting events and engaging in public activism to assert our identity, generate publicity and undermine the dominant taboos. ”

    I have yet to see the ‘Alt Right’ ‘craft a message that resonates with a disaffected audience’ or ‘create stable organizations,’ ‘rebuild trust’ and ‘undermine the dominant taboos.’

    It all comes back to what is this ‘our identity.’

    I am not a trust fundie. My ancestors, like most northwestern europeans’ including Southerners, didn’t own slaves, or ‘oppress’ and genocide jews (no one did). They did not inhabit or inherit some supposed ‘white privilege’ that never existed.

    They all hail from the northwest of Europe and share a common genetic and cultural base.

    The Alt Right reinforces the very taboos it purports to undermine. It vaunts a class supremacy alien and repellent to the vast majority of my people, which does little to build trust among whatever micro-multiculti flock it presumes to shepherd.

    In short, I don’t see all this improvement. I see a more sophisticated form of controlled op attempting to repress what could be an authentic alternative to what is increasingly considered an illegitimate ruling government.

  5. “his mother’s ancestors are from West Tennessee.”

    Same people who settled Missouri and ultimately, North Texas and Oklahoma. People from Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky and Missouri. That’s why, culturally, North Texas and Oklahoma are the upper South.

  6. The alt-right that emerged online catalyised by the trump campaign has little to do with Spencer’s blog from 2010 or NPI. It was broader and more effective because it acted as a “floating signifier”. It gave people cover. Your definition of alt-right as realism/iconoclasm/identity was actually perfect as a broad floating signifier. The alt-right wasn’t whiskey/suits/007.

    You have often mentioned infighting and isolation. So why pile on the recent problems of the Catholic Church along with Spencer? Isn’t this divisive? Spencer is anti-Christian, how is this unifying? Ricky Vaughn and Anglin don’t attack Christianity.

    Not sure why you waste your polemical talents on this Roper character when you could join the Max Boot pile-on.

    • I agree, who gives a shit about Roper, he’s never been anything more than a marginal figure. But Max “the Kike” Boot? I want that sheenie’s head mounted above the fireplace in my trophy-room.

  7. There’s only one purity test I’m interested in: Are you pro-White or pro-White Genocide?

  8. Excellent article Brad! I have been in membership and mail list of one group or another since the days of the SNP. Your summation is very accurate. Alt-South, League of the South, Alt-Right, Identity Europa and Traditional Worker Party are not part of the Jerry Springer clown show of the past. Keep up the hard fight to maintain the integrity you possess and the direction you seek to guide the movement.

  9. “I kind of feel sorry for Harold since he has a mental illness and doesn’t have a relationship with his family….If you are wondering, this was Harold’s revenge for being banned on Occidental Dissent for using multiple sock puppets…”

    “John de Nugent who believes that the Fourth Reich is hiding in an underground base in Antarctica and is coming back with the assistance of Nordic Aliens.”

    Thanks. When I first began to read Covington’s posts (how I stumbled on them back in the dark ages, I don’t remember) in the dial-up days of the late 1990’s, it was a breath of fresh air. But his sending me emails at work, surprised me- I hadn’t given him my email!? Then the ads for the ‘novels’ started. And I checked out. [And forever lost a friend and colleague to whom I also sent these posts, not knowing there was a ‘spinning swastika’ in the lower left of the posts- my system merely showed disjointed lines, and not the graphic- we were that primitive, then…]

    FF 20 years: I read (and still rarely/on occasion visit) Nugget’s site, and wonder how such an aristocrat of American lineage could sink so low, and be forced to live in the UP of Michigan, with his live-in girlfriend. His denial of historic Christianity, and his tangential new age ‘religion,’ for me were the last straws. But the aliens just tipped the whole cart over. He’s basically angry that Duke is richer than he is, from what I can gather… and that’s all of his own making, and nothing else.

    “In short, I don’t see all this improvement. I see a more sophisticated form of controlled op attempting to repress what could be an authentic alternative to what is increasingly considered an illegitimate ruling government.”

    The masses are all sheep. This has been known since Christ’s day. The question better to ask is, would you rather willingly submit to the sheep of your own flock, who are the Aristos, or would you rather hold to the fallacy of ‘muh democrazy’ and have a bunch of Kike snakes ruling over you?

    Because most men cannot control their lusts, or their desire for power- or their rampant stupidity (the show/game ‘Are you smarter than a 5th Grader? confirms this, in spades!), and while the ‘how polloi’ will willingly live in a Demos (mob) state, thinking men (like Jefferson, Washington, Adams, etc.) will not. We ALWAYS need the Aristocracy, in both state and Church. The phony egalitarian Presbyterian heresy, notwithstanding.

    • Haven’t studied it much, but I highly doubt Covington has a ‘mental illness’ aka schizophrenia or manic depression.

      Seems like that’s what his family members were pressured into saying by the jews.

      He might have a personality complex, but I’m not picking up an organic disease.

      • ETA Just re-read the first half of his brother’s so spontaneous interview…I’d read it a few years ago.

        This touches upon my pet obsession. I’ve paid scant attention to Harold Covington, but he clearly doesn’t have a ‘mental illness.’ Even the shrinks at the time merely called it a ‘personality disorder’ although people should be noting that intrinsic to this ‘diagnosis’ is his racism. They clearly conflate pro-white views with what today would be called ‘bipolar.’ For those who don’t pay attention, (((they))) changed the name of the real organic manic depression to ‘bipolar’ so shrinks could label every emotional issue with it, which then justifies their drug-pushing racket.

        But actual manic depression truly involves psychosis, not just lower case ‘d’ delusions like what objective evidence does indicate is intense arrogance and maladjustedness in Covington. Psychosis isn’t about concrete political dynamics. It’s material delusions and (usually) audial hallucinations.

        Look out for the drug addicts and white racialists to be labeled ‘bipolar,’ as most americans don’t give a shyte about personality disorders. The shrinks know this. Who wants to pay for ‘treatment’ of some asshole’s developmental personality problems? Does the white middle class approve of the anti-white Nanny State deciding justice for them?

        No. So feeding into the jews’ depiction of Covington as ‘diseased’ is outrageous. Racism is not some biological pathology that has to be ‘treated.’ It’s a fact of life.

        He may be a nut of a kind, but this ‘illness’ BS has got to go.

    • @Fr. John

      Those last two paragraphs (and I’ve read your stuff since the first days of DS), pretty much sum everything up.

      It’s one of those things that also answers just why the NSDAP did so well in its early formative years and we here in the States have fallen flat on our faces for 50 years.

      In Germany, many of the early men (such as Julius Streicher) also had aspirations for power, but were smart enough and had enough wisdom to cede these dreams to one they saw as more capable, more adept with the masses, and just plainly more blessed by Providence (you rarely had real drama in their Movement, and what drama there was was more ideologically based than personality based).

      But here in America, we’ve had people non-stop trying to dominate things out of a sense that they’re Hitler reincarnated or something – even if they have a double-digit IQ, can’t work with others whatsoever, have social disorders that prevent them from relating to the common man, and/or have absolutely degenerate hobbies.

  10. (I really hate this commenting system… At least three typos, when I double checked prior to posting, and yet….) it’s NUGENT, not Nugget. And HOI, not ‘how’

    • LOL – I though “Nugget” was a perfectly good descriptive word (even if it’s the nickname for my baby son).

  11. “The final straw for me was the time Harold Covington wrote a 976 page novel called Freedom’s Sons in which I was cast as the President of the United States, a Cass Sunstein disinformation agent and a sexual pervert who was assassinated in the Oval Office by my mistress. If you are wondering, this was Harold’s revenge for being banned on Occidental Dissent for using multiple sockpuppets:”

    I respond:

    Yeah, that was very disappointing. I thought and still do think that Harold Covington an be a great writer and I seperate the art from the artist. the Brigaide is excellent and many of his fiction books about English history are also very good the Black Flame.

    But, he’s a dysfunctional, abusive man who is bad at business and falls down in to 13 year old girl type gossips, feuds etc.

    Hunter you’re not the only one he slandered and lied about – he really went after me the “Chicago Guy”. I produced some propaganda for him that he liked and gave hims some modest donations in the $ hundreds not thousands of $s. Harold demanded that I move out and be his unpaid assistant/slave with the generous offer that I could be his successor. When I declined and mention I was going to stay in the metro Chicago area for awhile (job and property) he went nuts slandered me almost as bad as he slandered you. He blamed me as representing the failure of “the movement” a talented man who financial resources and business skills who coulld lead, but for my own supposed selfishness where I supposedly got a cute blond mail order bride a suburban mansion and was just thumbing my nose at all the White folks who weren’t rich and decadent.

    The reality is I’m single, live in a city apartment, have a modest business and work hard in the Alt Right doing productive things like elected President Trump.

    The reality is the 24/7 American White Nationalist “Movement” is toxic. I recommend folks here do their activism (race realism, immigration control, oppose Islam and all forms of anti White Zionism, Neo Con, HOllywood etc) through something not American White Nationalism “movement’ such as LotS, CoCC, Amren, Vdare, or just some local pro Trump GOP organizations, the Alt Right. Understand the SPLC, fake news lying press, BlackLiesMatter, Antifa will hate you as much as if you were doing open NS White Nationalism, but you’ll have a much healthier, saner life and not be stuck with jealous, dysfunctional kooks, and vicious personalities like HAC.

  12. As I related above, my experience with Harold was having him write nearly a 1,000 page novel about me being a Cass Sunstein disinformation agent after someone else banned him for using a sockpuppet.

    • @Hunter

      Don’t forget that HAC also made you a President stuck on a low calorie diet, and gave you a micropenis – all because he was banned from a website’s comments section…

      HA HA HA!

      Only in America – lol…

  13. Hunter,

    Which DNA outfit did you use? I haven’t done this yet. I’m tottering on the edge. Pure curiosity. One of the posters cautioned that actual records – birth & marriage data, etc, are for reliable verifiable data – but I still am curious about these tests. Did you use Ancestry? Craig Cobb was buffaloed by the 23andJew company. Shortly after the prank they played on Cobb they were shut down for shoddy methodology. He’s NOT a Negro at all. I guess they are up and running again…..but which company did you use? Thanks!

    Re: the rally – I don’t trust Spencer at all. I was taking up for Roper, on SF, due to the heavily kosher flavor of the rally. Regardless of ANYTHING White Activists of and flavor due, the ultimate outcome of our Race will depend on whether or not most Whites wish to continue to exist. Events seem to be trending our way, but White Existence is still going to be a long hard slog. FYI – EVERY-ONE should be attacking Anglin. His lunacy with the White Sharia madness is grotesquely bad PR. I’m sorry he can’t get or retain a mate – but he needs to improve himself, in that regard. He obviously has beyond negatives social skills, and major issues with women,

    I won’t be attending the rally. I am visiting a pal on the other side of the country. This visit has been planned for almost a year. I probably would attend, just for the fun of meeting people, were I not going to be a thousand miles away. For those of you attending, who cannot afford, at this point, to be doxxed – beware. Be very careful who you deal with, is all I’m sayin’.

  14. Rob o,

    I don’t think we are able to find common ground over religion. We’re not repressed because of our religious beliefs. I’m never attacked for being a Lutheran.

  15. Onceler,

    If the Alt-Right was a controlled op, we would all be getting paid handsomely. I can assure you that is not the case. In fact, anyone can do virtually anything else and make more money.

  16. Regarding Pastor L -he looks like a lunatic, in personal appearance, but I still love him. I simply have a deep affection for him. He made me laugh, many times, and cheered me with his wild & wooly commentary. I think he is a terrific and very, very entertaining writer and analyst.

    The Covington kerfuffle was actually amusing. Covington’s characterization of you was so absurd and off base that it was funny, to me. I can understand why you would be irritated, though., since the literary slander may have confused Newbies.

    • Who doesn’t know a fiction novel is just that – fiction?

      I’ve had people in this scene seriously make shit up about me, or profoundly distort, etc. And in life as well.

      Some novelist is admitting by the genre he writes in that he’s entertaining people, not informing them.

      What I don’t get is this tolerance of eccentricity past any point that is even mildly productive or just neutral.

      Lindstedt is funny at times, sure, but when do people get freakin’ serious about accomplishing something?

  17. I thought Linder was OK. I used to shitpost up a storm on VNN but now it’s pretty quiet over there. Why doesn’t anyone mention the important contributions made by Terrible Tom Metzger, Gordon Kahl, Robert Matthews or Matt Hale?

      • I was going to suggest you might want to refrain from being so smug and judgemental about those who came before you, but I’d be wasting my time.

        • Wasting it no more than you would trying like hell to prop up mediocrity, lunacy and perpetual failure as something others should be imitating and looking to for inspiration. But you’re probably right; you have nothing to suggest that would be worth my time.

          • No, I certainly have nothing to offer to individuals such as yourself who insist on walking around with their heads up their asses. Congratulations, you have succeeded where everyone who came before you was an abject failure. You’re an inspiration to us all.

          • Your comments would carry more weight if you didn’t accuse everyone you disagree with of ‘lunacy.’

            I never studied any of these personae in depth, but they all appear in hindsight to be part clown, part psychopath = full on loons.

            Why did people congregate around them. Why do people still care. When do people realize the internet feeds such dysfunction.

            You don’t bother discerning between ludicrous and what you simply disagree with or don’t identify with. I personally think that’s almost as bad as the flagrant self indulgence of all these caricatures.

  18. This is a really superb article. Billy Roper said you were a good writer, and this defense and manifesto proves it. I’m glad you identified and nailed the false accusations and the shit-stirring Roper spewed in his video. Just that much persuaded me you were the good guy, and indeed Roper IS the bad guy — with no quotations around the term.

  19. Great piece, Hunter. Your writing is getting better all the time! To be successful in politics, one has to have likability and humor, whatever the ideology. Since humor is based in truth, and so is the alt-right, it is an advantage to our side. Richard Spencer has humor and likability and, whatever shortcomings he does have, it is certain that the system hates him much more than it does the WN 1.0 Obergruppenführers, because he is actually growing the movement.

  20. I think it should be clear to any person that groups like the League of the South, Identity Evorpa, Vanguard America, the Traditionalist Workers Party and the overall Alt-Right are doing great work and should be supported by all serious White patriots. I’ve been around this struggle since the age of 14 now I’m 55. I’ve supported in various ways many different branches of this cause with David Duke being the most productive in producing results. Personally I’m thrilled by this new scene, the activism, the younger participants and the direction it’s all going in. Keep up the fantastic work.

  21. Covington isn’t ideal- but come on, you’re citing shite that the SPLC publishes from his admitted commie relatives?

    I would agree that you shouldn’t defoo your relatives for being niggerlovers, but there is a point where enough is enough.

      • Would you send your children to be tortured in a nigger infested public school, when there were civilised schools available? If they didn’t appreciate that, would that be their fault?

  22. I agree with Brad Griffin. Thank God there were normal people like Jared Taylor, David Duke, and Don Black who kept the fires burning. Even if they were all highly flawed and had their shortcomings. I remember idiots like Linder and de Nugent from the 2000s. They were nuts and scared people off. Now we have good public faces like Richard Spencer and Nathan Damigo.

  23. I think this article was more important for what it had to say about the alt-right than what it had to say about Billy Roper, though it’s good to point out why people shouldn’t follow him or give him any credence.

    I’m running into a lot of black-pilling bullshit in various places about how the alt-right isn’t accomplishing anything because it isn’t forming a political party or working toward winning elections. What I liked about this article was that it pointed out that the alt-right is about education, changing the culture, and direct action, not the pointless dead end roads pursued by the white nationalist movement in earlier decades. What the alt-right is doing right now is exactly what it needs to be doing and what earlier movements should have been doing when they were wasting their time on nonsense. So thanks for articulating what the alt-right is doing and how that’s better, because it’s something people need to hear.

  24. The personal attacks or comments from either Hunter Wallace or Billy Roper towards each other aside I take issue with some of the points made here about “WN1.0” As a former member of the National Alliance at a leadership level there are some things in this story which are simply not true. Not enough space here to go into it and not attacking Hunter/Brad but having been there and gone through the history mentioned here there are issues with this story.

      • Um. Okay. Well avoiding the fact that this story is full of half truths and lies by simply making that statement is one way to respond, true.

    • WN 1.0 couldn’t get it together.

      We can argue all day about the sequence of events that caused it, but we were more disorganized in 2010 than we had been in 2000. All we have to show for those lost years is a bunch of flame wars on dead vBulletin forums. Nothing was built for the long term.

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