Gary Cohn and HR McMaster: The Trump Vision for America Abroad

I know that many of my readers believe that I am too black-pilled on the Trump administration. I’ve said that I don’t see things turning around and this timely editorial by Gary Cohn and HR McMaster in The New York Times is an excellent example of why I believe this:

“President Trump just concluded a second overseas trip to further advance America’s interests and values, and to strengthen our alliances around the world. Both this and his first trip demonstrated the resurgence of American leadership to bolster common interests, affirm shared values, confront mutual threats and achieve renewed prosperity.

Discussions with world leaders highlighted extraordinary potential: vast supplies of affordable energy, untapped markets that can be opened to new commerce, a growing number of young people seeking the chance to build better futures in their homelands and new partnerships among nations that can form the basis for lasting peace. At every opportunity abroad, President Trump articulated his vision for securing the American homeland, enhancing American prosperity and advancing American influence. …”

What is America First?

It means that absolutely nothing has changed about our foreign policy and trade policy. This is the same globalism that we had a decade ago with the Bush administration. We’re doing all the same things we have been doing in the 21st century except we are going to be more assertive about it. The dog whistles and marketing slogans have been adjusted, but the policies are unalterable.

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  1. Trump is all instinct. He’s not ideological backed up with institutions. Trump was totally unexpected. We should support and define trumpism – there is obviously some kind of fight back by the neocons. Not go into a black pill huff and talk about reviving the religion of the Roman Empire.

    Look at how Ricky Vaughn and Anglin play the game. They were core to 2015/16 in a way that Spencer wasn’t.

    You should write a counter piece how McMaster isn’t really Trumpism and get it in front of normie eyes. Your talent is populist polemic. Cernovitch is anti-McMaster yet you beef with him. Crazy.

    • Cernobitch is nothing but a baboon-faced jew out to make a fast buck off the popularity of the Trump / alt-right phenomenon.

    • Maybe you are right.

      I should write more articles about the disconnect between Trumpism in the campaign and the reality of the Trump administration in office. After spending nearly 2 years on electoral politics to get this, I am burned out on the subject. It is like breathlessly covering a college football season. Even if you win the national championship, it doesn’t really affect your life in any significant way.

  2. Trump visit Bastille parade marks 100 years 1917 French defending herself from the invading Krauts.Russian in the east preparing to invade germany.It was a one two punch the Germans neutralize the frogs and pushed back invading Russians. British and americans enter after two years of warfatigue the Germans surrender. WW2 1943 Yankees engaged at normandy lifted red army moral. coordinated war effort from the getgo. Russia, French and America dennied Germany east of Urals land mass.

  3. No global warming.

    Supporting Brexit.

    Supporting Eastern Europe AND Russia! against the neo Soviet EU.

    McMaster is from the Dempsey school of foreign policy – talk the talk of the neo cons, walk the walk of the realists.

    The Alt Right really blew its chance in the Trump era, choosing street activism over becoming an electoral force. With interpersonal relationships trumping productivity within the movement, the Alt Right will have to bottom out before we can regroup.

    • There is a big difference here.

      The Alt-Right opportunistically used the 2016 election cycle to promote itself. It grew into a much bigger force than it had been in the past. It has become a household word.

      Speaking for myself, I was clear throughout that whole process that I didn’t believe that any of this was real, but that the campaign was useful. Even if Trump’s nationalism and populism was fake, he was still undermining conservatism, raising expectations and selling people on the idea of nationalism and populism. My reasoning was that eventually his followers would go searching for the real thing and for that we reason it was in our interest to get behind and support Trump.

      Six months later, it is clear that electoral politics changed nothing. From the moment he was elected, Trump started to walk back his campaign rhetoric. Goldman Sachs was supposed to be Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton’s puppet master and he went out and chose the president of Goldman Sachs to be his top economic adviser. He brought all the donors he had disparaged in the primaries on board for his 2020 reelection campaign. He dumped the Alt-Right because he won the election and didn’t need us anymore, not because of anything Richard Spencer has said or done.

      This article makes it crystal clear that there has been no change at all to our foreign policy or trade policy. We are the same US Empire we were a decade ago. He went over to Poland in order to show Russia how committed we were to NATO. The difference is that “American leadership” is going to be more assertive now abroad (i.e., Syria and North Korea) than it was under Obama. Cohn and McMaster also say that “America First” on trade policy means pressuring foreigners to get rid of subsidies rather than doing anything real to fundamentally change our trade policy.

      • The alt-right during the campaign was nationalism, popularism, implicit pro-whiteness and above all trolling movement conservatism. Not so much Spencer’s identitarian vanguard vision aimed young educated men.

        I still think there’s a lot of scope for smart humorous polemic aimed at a populist audience. I actually like Spencer’s ideas but he is not a populist and I think popularism is where it’s at.

        Who is your audience? WN 2.0 or people who can be woken up via the unique opportunity of social media to recognise they have interests not just abstract ideals.

        It’s what comes after Trump that’s interesting.

  4. I agree with HW completely on this point. Cohn and McMaster represent, both individually and together the very worst of Weimerica, Khazar Mafia world economic dominance backed up by its US golem planetary death machine. Their vision for America and the world is laid out in the Protocols, and should be resisted with every fiber of our being.

  5. I am one of Mr. Wallace’s readers who does not think he is too black pilled on Trump. I have no hope that Trump will turn America around, though he might -just might- be a speedbump slowing down our national descent. But after the night comes a new day!

    • Many of us, myself included, hoped for a lot more than what we could ever reasonably expect. Regardless, Trump energized the alt-right (despite his disavowal), is making mincemeat of MSM and maybe. just maybe, will establish non hostile relations with Russia.

  6. It looked as if there was a positive turning point with Putin. Time will tell. I’m hoping Trump isn’t in the WWIII (((warmonger))) camp.

  7. @Mr. Griffin…

    ‘What is America First?’


    As I’ve said quite a few times here, before, Sir, ‘America First’ in President Trump’s mind means returning the country, as much as possible, to the stances it held and the policies it was pursuing in 1966.

    There are some exceptions to this, but, all in all, not so many.

    When you want to understand President Trump, think 1966.

    • ‘if”?? We’re 6 months into Trump’s regime. The only thing of substance he’s delivered on immigration is to more than double the State Department’s “refugee resettlement” racket insourcing of Somalian Muslim niggers from 400/week to 1,000/week. Anything else? Actually, yes there is: deportation of illegals under Trump is running at less than 1/2 the Obama regime rate.

      but he’s really, really, sticking it to CNN

  8. All those stump speeches so cheered in the altright were written by a wily little jew. Poor old Trump just reads whatever lines are put in front of him. He doesn’t have any serious political views of his own. His real interests are confined to plastic surgery, tv shows, celebrity gossip and shallow things like that. He spent his entire life kissing jew ass, he’s not going to change in his doddering old age.

    The only non neocon in the primaries was Rand Paul, but the altright wouldn’t have it. The whole altright dialectic needs to be exposed for what it is: a rewarmed, slightly edgier version of neoconnism. Think of the fat, sweaty, beady-eyed, Peinovich barking about “dindus” and “kebabs” in that repulsive New Jersey yiddish accent, his ADL wife cooking matzoh balls in the kitchen – remember the line he was pushing: Liberty is bad, goys, Liberty is bad.

    That was 2016, and the scam worked because people are suckers. But today, in 2017, this whole routine stinks to high heaven. We’re back to the same old battlelines: Liberty vs. the neocon filth. And the altright are firmly in the neocon camp with Priebus, Adelson, Cohn, Mnuchin and the rest of the rats.

    Paul / Massie 2020, y’all are cucks.

    • Although I don’t share your enthusiasm for Ayn Rand Paul your characterization of Mike the Kike Peinovich did make me laff 6 million times.

      • never mind this Yankee Cosmic trickster and his libtard nonsense. The Libtard icons – Rand, Rothbard, and Mises – are all universalist Jews. And their errand boy Ron Paul is open borders/free trade to the bitter end. Exact opposite of hardRight White Nationalism.

  9. Rand Paul was kneeling before Adelson and going to Detroit like a goof. The man wasn’t cut out to win. Perhaps all the media hostility to Trump is completely artificial, an act, a way to engage people who are otherwise believing they have not stake. Still, as feeble as Trump has been with respect to concrete actions, he has helped to open up lines of attack. Maybe Rand Paul truly is a non-neocon. The problem is that he doesn’t seem capable of talking big. His wife was a Rhodes College sorority girl who married a nerdy med student, probably explains a lot.

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