Trump Crafting Plan To Cut Legal Immigration

This is good news:

“Donald Trump and his aides are quietly working with two conservative senators to dramatically scale back legal immigration — a move that would mark a fulfillment of one of the president’s biggest campaign promises.

Trump plans to get behind a bill being introduced later this summer by GOP Sens. Tom Cotton of Arkansas and David Perdue of Georgia that, if signed into law, would, by 2027, slash in half the number of legal immigrants entering the country each year, according to four people familiar with the conversations. Currently, about 1 million legal immigrants enter the country annually; that number would fall to 500,000 over the next decade. …”

I don’t see it happening though.

We’ve already spent half the year on healthcare which has become a tar baby just like I said it would. The #TruCons will want to spend political capital on tax reform next. By the time they are done with that, we will be in the 2018 election cycle and Graham and McCain will block our legislative priorities. They haven’t even funded the Wall which was Trump’s signature campaign promise.

Note: Michael Brendan Dougherty is right that the feckless conservatives in the Republican Congress are incapable of rising to the challenge.

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  1. I’m afraid you’re right Hunter. I had such high hopes for Trump. The Deep State rabbit hole runs so far down I’m convinced it’s a direct portal into Hell. Inasmuch as I’m disappointed in Trump, I’ll use the time he bought me wisely. Nothing is going to save the US. I was certain at one point that our Military would be on the side of the right but with all the social engineering going on they are cucked to the core and couldn’t defeat a rag-tag bunch of morons in the desert. God help us all if the US Military ever has to fight the Chinese.

    Buy guns & ammo like your life depends on it, ’cause it does. The BIG reset is coming.

  2. There are more than enough legal 3rd world immigrants (never mind the illegal ones) to “replace” us now. How many more by 2027! Our race needs safe spaces from Diversity which we don’t have now. Cucked out Repukes would rather have us all exterminated than get called “racists” for working to save us.

    • @More of
      There’s really no difference between the Repulsives and Democraps. Just twiddle dee and twiddle dum. If you can decipher what separates them in terms of policy, you’re doing better than me. One party pretends to be more ‘conservative’ but the ends results will be the same- that being the third worldization of our nation’s.
      We can send our troops off to save the world, yet can’t save ourselves from imminent extinction.
      Voting one out and another in just means, ahem, more of the same.

  3. President Trump has two poles within him – one the inveterate Manhattenite liberal and the other the newly cast populist.

    He seems to make a complete revolution ever 6-8 weeks.

    What that means is that, though we will not enjoy his liberal rotations, the two years, out of 4, which he will spend in populist mode, is going to be ground breaking.

    Also, I think he has it through his noodle that, not following through on immigration reform, deportations, and the wall is a deal break for so many Southerners that it will cost him reelection, and because of the way his personality is, he definitely wants to be reelected.


    If President Trump gets a lot of this done, and nominates a Hardimon or Pryor to replace Kennedy, this could turn out to be a remarkable 4 years – seeds which will be continually spilling out over the coming decades to roll back 75 years of liberalism and Jewish usurpation.

  4. Even if all third world immigration to all white nations ceased tomorrow, the decendants of non- whites already here will still outnumber us by mid-century due to their mammoth birth rates, however, immigration is not ceasing tomorrow, and likely never will.
    We’re asked to accept and celebrate our replacement- ooops- diversity by being tolerant and assuming our way of life and standard of living will remain under the new browner demographic…..who couldn’t achieve such a standard of living in their OWN nations.
    If ever there was a good reason to overthrow our sitting governments, this is it. And the time will need to be soon while we still have the numbers.

  5. Our Constitution is only designed to work if all the citizens are basically of the same opinion with the same goal. The War of Northern Aggression revealed this very flaw… one region CAN dominate over another… there are no checks and balances to prevent this…the only fix for the problem is secession… and the North has dominated and forced its perverted views of secularism/socialism/globalism on the rest of the nation ever since…

    Secede now… the South would solve its own immigration problems… they don’t need to be tied to these perverts…

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