Mouthy Buddha: The Problem With The Alt-Right

I don’t see why this video is such a big deal.

1.) I don’t believe that eugenics and exterminationism are litmus test issues for the Alt-Right. These are issues on which people within our camp will always disagree.

2.) Mouthy Buddha grants virtually all of our legitimate grievances.

3.) He doesn’t have any objection to White people creating their own exclusive communities. I told Professor Thomas Main that we could create these autonomous zones.

4.) I don’t believe a unified nationalism will work because there is no basis of solidarity. Trumpism is already flailing because of the lack of a common American culture. We don’t share a common race, ethnicity, culture, religion, history or memory. We don’t even share “Western values.”

5.) I have no problem with saying positive things about other races. I don’t think every thing about my own race is good and everything about other races is bad.

6.) Are some people overly sensitive on the internet? Absolutely, but this isn’t really an argument against the Alt-Right. It is true of most groups on the political spectrum.

7.) Mouthy Buddha claims we have many legitimate arguments, but making those arguments necessarily separates us from the “mainstream” and leads us to these “fringe political pockets” on the internet. You can’t be explicitly pro-White in America and be “mainstream.”

8.) Finally, we are sticking up for our flesh and blood descendants, not simply “Western values” which is a meaningless phrase. By “Western values,” Mouthy Buddha means liberalism. If the liberal order leads to our displacement in our own historic lands, it is not in our interest to preserve it.

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  1. The problem with the alt-rite is that it will not take the next radical step and remain alt-rite. So the problem with the alt-rite is that in PURPOSELY refusing to take the next radical step, the alt-rite is anti-white (S)upremacy “equal to” ALL THE “others.”

  2. If “things” are always moving left then taking one step at a time to the right only leaves you in the same spot assuming the “left” also takes one step at a time. The left doesn’t take one step at a time. So to move to the absolute Right requires a leap of faith. That’s white (S)upremacy.

  3. The problem with the alt right is that it doesn’t play well with others. Had Spencer et al handled Trump’s victory well, and had they envisioned the alt right as part of a continuous political spectrum instead of deliberately placing themselves on the other side of a discontinuity, it would be far more effective and would actually be growing.

    The answer is yet another “rebranding” and basically doing what should have been done since November: burrowing deep into the GOP and “Deep State” and preparing to primary any and all cucks. There are important projects that need to be done: top of the list is cleaning up the voter rolls. That is done at the state level and I will tell you that the “brand” alt right is absolutely toxic thanks to the shenanigans of November.

    Only “friendships” keep the “brand” afloat. Is our genetic future worth that?

  4. The problem with the alt-right is that it is not nearly hardcore enough. I want to see all-out National Socialism, complete with curb-stompings, ass-kickings, jew-baiting, torchlight processions – the whole schmear.

  5. The problem with the alt-right is that people on the alt-right spend time publicly worrying about the problem on the alt-right. Do you see the cucks talking about the problem with conservatism or the leftists talking about the problem with “progressivism” or whatever they’re calling Marxism these days? No, because no one is going to follow a movement that is so lacking in self-confidence that it’s publicly going on about its own failings. You must project confidence to be politically successful. If you’re not actually confident, fake it for the public view, or you might as well not bother.

  6. Inceldom.

    Has Mouthy Buddha mentioned that? Inceldom is very often a plague on the alt-right.

  7. Revolution is not spontaneous . It takes a decade to recruit 5% leaders, remove 5%usurpation.NSDAP achieved that with Hitler appointed leader 1923 Defacto 1933 through the ballot box.Masses been masses are fence siter so long as the gov can deliver the goods.

    At this point Trump cadre are small.

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