Neo-con Max Boot Destroyed by Tucker Carlson

Leading neo-conservative writer Max Boot recently appeared on Tucker Carlson’s television show to defend his belligerent attitude toward Russia. Boot, a Russian Jewish immigrant who advocates US military intervention around the globe to advance liberal democracy, has been a fierce critic of President Donald Trump and his pivot toward an America First foreign policy – which he has likened to American Nazism. In examing US policy through the lense of what is good for “foreign-born Jews” (his words, not mine), Boot has attacked putting America’s interests first as “xenophobic” and a “mean, crabbed, selfish vision of America’s role in the world.” The neo-con intellectual also has been fairly open in writing about the fact that the roots of his hostility toward Putin and his Right-wing, pro-Christian regime lie in the Jews’ historical ethnic conflict with Russians.

In his debate with Tucker Carlson Boot attacked Russia as America’s number one threat and compared those such as Carlson who advocate a pragmatic approach to international disputes as morally degenerate. Carlson repeatedly blasted Boot for moralizing foreign policy, though never explicitedly condemned him for putting Israeli and Jewish ethnic interests over American interests. The exchange has received a great deal of media interest though and is another indication of a strong shift away from Israel First/neo-con foreign policy on the US Right – a development which those of us on the Alt-South can cheer with enthusiasm.

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  1. Looks like the neocon jews still haven’t gotten over being kicked out of power by Stalin, in the Soviet Union, before they could steal everything of value – and flee to their next host.

    Seemingly unrelated, I have noted that an extremely large number of jewish women have been marrying east-asian men, and popping out half-asian jewish babies. I wonder if China is being targeted as their next host?

  2. That’s about as close as you can get to calling out the Jews and keep your TV show.

    Tucker is a pretty smart guy.

  3. AC – yeah, but Jewish Oligarchs were able to buy up Soviet state enterprises at ~ 10 cents to the $ (ruble) under the drunk Boris Yeltsin. Jews were once against running, ruining Mother Russia until Vladimir Putin stepped in with a rather firm Russian nationalist hand.

    Putin put the worst Yid Oligarch head of Yukos Oil in a public cage then sentenced him to hard labor camp in Siberia.

    Don’t believe me?

    Here’s the photo.

    • but later, Putin pardoned (((Khodorkovsky)). Who is now in Switzerland, hatching more anti-Russian Judeo-globalist plots. For which (((Max Boot))) is a frontman. And frankly, I don’t bother with Carlson and anyone else in the (((MSM))). If you don’t/can’t say the J word in connection with #WhiteGenocide, then you are lying.

  4. Tucker went for the moral level of war and dominated. The usual conservative intellectual would have quibbled the details and been turned into the usual whiny gimp

  5. Boot is very anti-white and anti-Christian. I thought he was going to burst into a childish temper tantrum flailing his arms, stomping his feet, and drooling profanities. We couldn’t see but I’m betting 10:1 that his pants had cuffs, he was wearing saddle shoes, and his drawers had a huge grease stain about 12-14 inches south of the label by the time Tucker was finished with him. Baphomet must be mad at Maxie.

    Thanks, Tucker, that was so very entertaining.

  6. Another thing that annoys me is calling these vermin “Russians” or even “Russian Jews.” They’re diaspora jews (origin: middle east) who ended up in Russia when imperial boundaries moved. They’re not Russians.

    With respect to scum like Boot and Joffe and apologies to Trump:

    “The Soviet Union did not send us their best.”

  7. I hope Putin reinstates the Romanov dynasty, even if it’s just in a ceremonial role. Can you imagine how “Russian” jews like Boot and Joffe would howl about that?

  8. Another thing….. it would have been nice if Tucker and gone into detail about the Soviet (((Lend-Lease Program))). You know, the program that Major George Racey Jordan told Congress (((they))) sneaked the plans and the plutonium for an atomic bomb to the Soviets with. Yes, the Soviets, and probably the Chinese too, became nuclear capable via our very own government.

    Again, we’re dealing with the devil himself, folks. And, read the book “From Major Jordan’s Diaries.”

  9. ‘Boot, a Russian Jewish immigrant who advocates US military intervention around the globe to advance liberal democracy, has been a fierce critic of President Donald Trump and his pivot toward an America First foreign policy’

    Could it be that the prospect of White Southerners involving themselves in other activities, than dying for his kind’s quest for world dominance, triggers Mr. Boot?

  10. Nicholas II, his family and dog were executed 99 years ago today. Ordered by a jew, carried out by jews. Not Russians.

  11. After their rejection of Christ, their killing Him with wicked hands, I am convinced that they have become warped as a people. Spiritually, morally and intellectually. Something cosmic has to take place when you reject and murder the very Son of God.

  12. Hence their projection of their own neurotic problems onto Gentile society, especially the Germans.

  13. Call it narcissistic rage if you will. The narcissist is never the problem, it’s always you. Also, they rejected Christ our ancestors by and large didn’t. This also enrages them. IMHO.

  14. If we don’t reject Christ, then by default we are telling the Jews that they are wrong and they can’t have that. Never tell a narcissist that they’re wrong about anything.

  15. Whatever is good, pure or gives joy, the narcissist must destroy it. They hate themselves and they hate you because you aren’t miserable also.

  16. It is the one year anniversary of the attempted coup in Turkey by the US and allies. Zionist occupied US was furious with Erdogan for supporting Palestinians and Hamas. One of the latest revelations has been that the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, a US-based think-tank primarily financed by the pro-Israel businessman Sheldon Adelson, is suspected to be among the coup plotters in Turkey last year! Indeed, Erdogan’s support for Hamas and his rupture with Israel didn’t play well in the US

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