Feminism is Ugly

We have all seen them. Feminists. Those who need an excuse for getting fat, having an awful hair cut, dying their hair blue, putting a bull ring through their nose, letting their body go, being a slut, being outspokenly rude in public or just in general being a degenerate waste of a female human being. Feminism is ugly. It always has been. Nothing about it is attractive, healthy or interesting. And it is worth taking a moment to shame these creatures in the hope of saving young girls from their sad fate.

Don’t be ugly. Don’t be a feminist.

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  1. You’ve just scarred me for life with this. If ever there was a need for a trigger warning…

    Excuse me while I retreat to my safe space.

  2. It’s misogyny that instigated feminism in the first place.

    This movements presumption that some subset of women are undermining healthy society is not just ugly. It’s suicidal.

    • More than that, there would not have been any large-scale feminism if the society before it had not been healthy instead of weak, unnatural and corrupt.

    • Onceler, you don’t think the women pictured above are undermining healthy society? You don’t think feminists who argue for all manner of promiscuity, abortion, “sex education” beginning in kindergarten, homosexuality, transgenderism, miscegenation, and a range of “intersectional” issues related to promoting racial and ethnic “diversity” — you don’t think those women are undermining healthy society?

      Even the cucks acknowledge that feminists are undermining healthy society. I don’t know how anyone involved with the alt-right or Southern nationalist movements could say with a straight face that feminists aren’t undermining healthy society, and I hope you were being sarcastic, which was how I first read your comment until I saw that others were taking it seriously.

      • Defending sex that is informed and reasonably responsible towards one’s partner (as in, not one night stands but not necessarily hard core relationships for some situations) promotes a healthier society than the extreme repression that comes with making sex taboo or forbidden, or even solely for marriage/procreation.

        Of course I think ‘sex ed’ in kindergarten and transgenderism are sick. Homosexuality isn’t something I see as evil in and of itself. Most gay lobbyists, though, strike me as either evil or somewhat bent in their agendas, at least in the US. I don’t think miscegenation should be encouraged but I don’t totally pathologize it. That is, I value sameness and tribal preservation but I think it should be encouraged more by positivity than by just stigmatizing exogamy.

        The jews did start ‘feminism’ in the sense that the underlying concept was a plot by them to sort of commandeer the cultural movement that was already in sway on some levels.

        In the late 1960’s jews did not hold near as much power over the media as they do now (and other organs of society). So this notion that feminism was purely jewish in some of its drives is inaccurate. Today’s feminism is purely jewish and also largely virtual. I think most of what we’re seeing is fake and then a few freak streaks are presented as some norm that doesn’t exist in real life.

        Not so for the 1970’s feminism movement, which harnessed a much broader span of actual women who identified with some of its platform. Yes, some of it was still fairly inorganic but don’t kid yourselves into thinking it was a cyberturf movement.

        We have some responsibility, folks. Whites aren’t somehow 100% innocent. Not every aspect of american society’s ills and extremes and corruptions are pure jew-created.

        We’d be better off recognizing this without falling into the trap the jews set of turning on each other and/or developing low self esteem.

  3. No normal woman wants to look like these pitiful fools. The amount of self-hatred in their souls must be overwhelming.

  4. All I can say, it wasn’t like this when I was growing up in the 1950’s. Where have you gone June Cleaver?

  5. And I just ate breakfast before looking at these images…I started to comment that it cannot get any worse than this, but I fear that it could. Where does the bizarre-ness end?

  6. This almost defies description it’s so bad. But a fair degree of modern life is, like grade school kids thinking they want a sex change. Everybody pray.

  7. I once looked at an quasi-academic feminist journal. There was an article featuring quotations from the writings of a feminist which were deemed “brilliant” and “profound” because the author/reviewer acknowledged that she couldn’t understand them. There was a great deal of talk about the real god “The Great Goddess,” whom they decided must be a “Black lesbian warrior” and calls to the readership for true stories of encounters with her/it.
    Really crazy stuff.

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