Egyptian Muslim Governor of Michigan?

Abdulrahman Mohamed El-Sayed, a young epidemiologist, former Executive Director of the Detroit Health Department and the son of an Egyptian Muslim immigrant, is running on the Democratic ticket for governor of Michigan. His candidacy is getting a lot of media attention because of El-Sayed’s immigrant Muslim background. Michigan was 76% White in 2010. In the 2016 presidential election the State narrowly went for Donald Trump, who edged out Hillary Clinton 47.5% to 47.2%.

Can El-Sayed become the first Sultan of the Caliphate of Michigan? Before we write off that possibility let’s remember that London, England is now governed by Pakistani Muslim Sadiq Khan. Ireland has a gay Indian Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar. And Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh, a Pakistani Muslim woman, is a Member of the UK Parliament for Scotland. I was going to list the Muslims immigrants elected to high office across the West but there are far too many to write here. Just check out this partial list and try not to get to black pilled. Remember, they all have to go back – even the “assimilated” ones.

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  1. If you don’t want immigration from the Levant, then the first step is ending support for the sh*tty little country. When we pour American blood and treasure into the ME at the behest of Our Greatest Ally, we contribute to demographic upset both at home and in Europe. When altright cucks bleat on and on about mooslims, they’re working for international zionist tyranny in all its ugliness and evil.

    True America has honest friendship for all nations and tribute for NONE. Cucks have enmity for all nations and endless tribute for isntreal. True America will always be for Freedom, while cucks beg to be slaves of the jews.

  2. The so-called assimilated Mohammedans are the first group of undesirables who should be ejected from our midst, because they invariably produce offspring who revert to Mohammedan savagery.

  3. Since I’m a troll not a conservative I would rather ask these two Ds what is their opinion of Feminism.

    Maybe the more ethical conservatives here would not like to sow dissension amongst the coalition of the fringes, but I like it. YMMV

  4. If an Indian can be governor of South Carolina, then it is only a matter of time before an Arab governs a Yankee state.

    • JD, don’t forget Bobby Jindal in Louisiana. . I thought that the current governor of Tennessee might be an Arab, but he looks as Anglo as they come, happily.

    • I agree, Miss Denise, but, you and I neither have the power, nor are in the majority on this issue.

      Most ‘Americans’ absolutely love anything that will destroy them, and race to outdo each other to be seen publically advocating those things.

      Plenty of this is Jewish media, but, a lot of this is Gentile insanity.

      • The Amish way of existing in an hostile environment is
        looking better every day. Take little or nothing from them,
        give little or nothing to them, Denise

  5. For all the bill of rights people… Isn’t this what the second amendment was written for?

  6. So if it wins and governs the state of Michistan, will it serve the wider citizenry, or just serve to advance Muslim/minority causes? Too often, they’re just in it for their own. The whites rarely benefit at all.

  7. When we get a Southern state with a nigger governor, then it’s curtains, for sure. It means the YJCs have taken over.

    • While we don’t count it, during Reconstruction there was a Negro ACTING Governor in Louisiana PBS Pinchback who served the month of December, 1872 until the new governor took office on January 9th. Remember that was during the brief period of Louisiana anarchy in which Grant seated Sen Kellogg as Louisiana Governor and reversed the 1872 election, although he did leave the Southern Democrat senate seat alone. Lousiana also had four Negro Lieutenant Governors, Oscar Dunn, PBS Pinchback, and Caesar Antoine. South Carolina had two Negro Lieutenant Governors, Alonzo Ransier, who went onto the US Congress and his replacement Richard Gleaves. Ironically South Carolina had a Jewish Governor as well during Reconstruction Franklin Moses Jr. a Scalawag from Charleston. HOWEVER WE WONT TALK ABOUT THE BLACK ERA FROM 1865-77.

      Since 1877 the only Southern State to have a Negro Governor was Virginia, Douglas Wilder 1990-94. So yes it has happened already. So we already crossed that Rubicon

      • As for Jews, David Emanuel was Governor of Georgia in 1801, Franklin Moses in South Carolina during Reconstruction 1872-74, Marvin Mandel in Maryland, 1969-77 and of course George Allen in Virginia 1994-98 who although claiming to be a Presbyterian is a bloodlineal Jew

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