Alex Linder and White Nationalism 1.0

Alex Linder has responded to my articles on White Nationalism 1.0

I realize now that I need to write more about this subject because I haven’t told the whole story. We’re at the point now where we are rehashing history. My articles weren’t so much about Alex Linder or Billy Roper as they were about what went wrong in the 2000s.

It’s not like Alex Linder is White Nationalism 1.0 whereas I represent White Nationalism 2.0. I’ve been around for as long as Linder. I’m sure we have seen many of the same things. If we are completely honest with ourselves, I imagine we will agree on more than we disagree.

Let’s start with the obvious:

1.) First, it is depressing to comb through the archives of dead vBulletin forums – several of my own included – and see all the people who have disappeared. The vBulletin forum was an amazing tool that allowed our ideas to reach a mass audience, but it wasn’t without its flaws.

2.) Second, shitposting on anonymous forums often brings out the worst in people. It creates a low-trust environment. It often leads to nothing but more shitposting because it acts as a safe space. I had grown tired of it after 10 years and now it has been almost 20 years.

3.) Third, I am willing to bet that even Alex Linder will agree that we absolutely cannot afford another 20 years of shitposting on anonymous forums. We’ve got to move beyond that.

4.) Fourth, the next step beyond shitposting on anonymous forums is creating real world social networks. When you know other likeminded people in your area, it is much easier to exchange one value system and social network for a more agreeable and intellectually consistent one. We also need to hold regular events for the leaders of the movement can get to know each other and avoid infighting.

5.) Fifth, I am sure Alex Linder will agree there wasn’t enough trust and social capital in the White Nationalist movement in the 2000s and this had a lot to do with the nature of the vBulletin forum. There was too much infighting and not enough cooperation.

6.) Sixth, the bottom line is that we were more disorganized in 2010 than we were in 2000. We had also become less active. And yet, the sheer number of people who had been exposed to our ideas had grown. This is what I mean when I say White Nationalism had become bottled up on the internet.

I’ve always said that Alex Linder’s finest moment was the Knoxville rally in 2007. I thought it was a stand up thing to do to go to Knoxville and draw attention to that atrocity. I’m also willing to admit that Alex was right about a number of things like destroying conservatism, using humor to get his points across and never downplaying the Jewish Question. In hindsight, I think he was trying to do with The Aryan Alternative what The Daily Stormer eventually became.

Even when I have vehemently disagreed, I have always said that Alex Linder is very intelligent. We can argue about his choice of allies, his stance on Christianity, the awful things he has said about Sam Francis and Jared Taylor and exterminationism. We will never agree on those issues. We should be able to engage in a dialogue though on how things ought to change for we can move forward.

Here is my proposal: I’m inviting Alex Linder to come to the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, VA on August 12th. I’ve got a place for him to stay. Seriously, come to Charlottesville, get to know all of us in real life, have a good time, Unite the White and be a part of the solution.

Note: If Alex Linder needs to raise the money to travel, he can easily use one of these services. We invited Billy Roper to come but he wouldn’t have it.

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  1. There is no ‘Jewish Question.’ And this doesn’t imply that a jew-free white society would be some utopia, just that anything with jews in it always works towards the worst conditions for whites.

    How many more times do we northerners have to insist on this?

    Alex Linder seems like controlled opposition to me, just like many of the ADL’s new list (excluding our host). Anyone calling for the extermination of the jews (in a serious vein) is just pitching softballs to those same jews.

    In post-Holohoax minds, aryan separation from the jews became conflated with mass murdering them. All Hilter wanted was separation, though. But that is the death of judaism, since the Hebrew nation is defined by parasitism.

    This point’s importance cannot be underestimated. Linder really shouldn’t be included in what could hopefully become ‘normie’ activism.

    If I could get down there I would.

    • Yeah, you Yankees know jack shit fella. Fore instance, New Yorkers have been surrounded by Jews for 200 years and have never lynched a single one. Nuff said.

      • I wouldn’t even engage this specific one, Azz.

        You’ll be stuck replying back and forth for weeks.

        • Just saw this, which is a response to HUNTER WALLACE not ‘Marcus Cicero.’

          This isn’t your blog to reply to. Something to think about…

  2. Online Bulletin Boards were a good tool to be used, but they were just that, a tool. Particularly in a movement as heavily infiltrated by politically motivated opposition, the inability to coordinate offline was a serious problem.

    Say what we will about Antifa, they have a reason to obsess with disrupting our phyisical meetings.

  3. I’m still trying to figure out why the label White Nationalism is being attacked, lately. I also don’t understand the hate for the internet as in “White Nationalism had become bottled up on the internet.” This statement makes no sense, because there would be no movement (if you want to call it a movement) if not for the internet. The internet makes everything possible, it’s not holding anything back.

    The internet has been and always will be the main mode of operation for the movement. It’s the only platform that we have that works, and can’t be put under-control easy. Also, People in the movement have always had rallies and meet-ups, and there has always been those that attempt to normalize the movement (we got to appeal to normies), but normalizing things (avoiding topics) always becomes counter productive because it always becomes converted to just a form of cuck-servativism, and makes no progress regardless. The younger generations don’t seem to care about normies, which is a good thing.

    The Alt-Right label is just a trade in for the White Nationalism label, it’s really same thing, and like White Nationalism, people are already disavowing the label because they don’t like certain others that call themselves the Alt-Right too. This is the same reason people disavow the White Nationalism label, in my opinion.

  4. White Nationalism has been tried and tested. It can’t work. It isn’t even a definable thing to begin with.

    The northwestern europeans have a right to their homelands in Europe, and to one in America. Any other ethnic group can rally around their northern region and statehood.

    White Nationalism is grounded in supremacism, which repels most working whites and is interpreted as threatening to whites all over as a class dictatorship. It needs to die.

    The ‘anglo’ people should be rallying around our homeland in the South, and pointing out that we have every right to separate from everyone. Look what the jews have taught the blacks:

    No german, irish, scandinavian, etc. could begrudge us the right to separate from these people. If we take on the cause of ‘white,’ though, as a nation it causes them to blame us for such depravity. Whiteness is oppression – by the jews of the native european people.

    • “White Nationalism is grounded in supremacism, which repels most working whites and is interpreted as threatening to whites all over as a class dictatorship. It needs to die.”

      White Nationalism was just a label you midwit. It was never a defined dogma or political party. Its basically the Alt-Right under a different name. Sometimes people called themselves White Separatists too. The people that use the term “Supremacist” or “White Supremacist” were, and still to this day, are Jews and leftists and idiots.

      “The ‘anglo’ people should be rallying around our homeland in the South, and pointing out that we have every right to separate from everyone.”

      This is White Nationalism. Whites separating from others is White Nationalism. You are advocating for a form of White Nationalism. If you wanted to make a colony on the moon of just White people, say for “anglos,” or maybe for “Germans,” or for “Irish,” that would be White Nationalism. You’re a White Nationalist.

      In America, we can’t say American Nationalism, or even English Nationalism, because it wouldn’t make sense, and would be confusing. That’s why it’s better to say, “White Nationalism.” In Europe it works to say German Nationalism or French Nationalism, not in America though.

      • The term ‘nationalist’ in Europe pretty much sums it up. It’s the globalists versus the nationalists; the latter vaunts the native people as the hegemon. A nationalist in Ireland is assumed to be for maintaining the indigenous stock.

        So what got accomplished under the label of ‘White Nationalism?’ Inquiring midwits want to know.

        I do not recognize the liberation and independence of my people as having much or possibly anything to do with ‘White Natonalism.’ White is a term the jews created to conflate their sandnigger asses with the native europeans, particularly to justify the post-Enlightenment feudal system founded largely on enslavement of sub-saharans. ‘White’ hides that non-whites aka semites ran the slave trade and (grotesquely) disproportionately benefited from it.

      • Procopius, you are correct. People are simply quibbling over terms and making strawman arguments. “White Nationalism,” better termed, the ”white movement” or the “white tendency” failed mostly because it was too early. One thing we should have learned from the Old Movement is that a revolution can’t be generated by mere force of will. There must be a head of social pressure/discontent to energize such. Furthermore, and I am glad to see the AltRight is aware of this, organizations are necessary at the correct time, but they can easily become nothing more than activity traps, or worse, devolve into organizational drama, if no visible progress is made rather quickly. Dr. Pierce became aware of this, I’m convinced, late in his life, years after he set up the National Alliance. He used to say that the reason there was so much infighting in the White Movement was because of frustration arising from the lack of visible progress.

        I like HW’s use of the term, “White Nationalism 2.0.” That’s a good, sensible characterization. I hope we’ve learned a few things in fifty years.

    • Onceler: All of the White Nationalism I’ve seen is obviously controlled opposition designed to confuse and entrap the gullible. Never, ever trust any leader with a foreign name or foreign face. The sufixxes *in* , *ich* , *iec* , *eff* , *itch* etc. present in a surname are ironclad signifiers of foreign ethnicity. Watch out for pseudonyms, hair dye and plastic surgery in use to disguise foreign origins. For some reason, they love that bizarre, unnatural dyed blonde look ala “Lauren Southern” (alias) and Oyvanka.

      America is a great nation and we don’t need foreign-types insinuating themselves into our loving, gentle and noble extended family. Look at the inscription on the Lee Statue: the words “knightliest” and “Anglo-Saxon” feature prominently. Now look at the altright: Do you see knightliness? Can we describe this “movement” as Anglo-Saxon? LOL

      Real nationalism in America is the right Libertarianism of Ron Paul. He is a true and moral leader. His strategy is the biggest threat to ZOG: coming together for Liberty. We need to get everybody on board, Negroes, Mexicans and antifas included. Even the jews themselves can’t help but yearn for a return to Anglo-Saxon government. And then we can have Freedom again, our birthright and true heart’s desire. Everything else will work itself out naturally once we dispatch the tyrants. Then, in Liberty, like can be with like and morality can return to our country.

      • The last gasp of real nationalism in American was Commander Rockwell. America is dead, and so too is Dixie. Whites should concern themselves with how best to survive in an increasingly hostile and chaotic post White America. The next stage in White Nationalism is Whites adapting to that reality. The biggest threat to ZOG is denying it any legitimacy. Solve the Chinese finger puzzle, and for the love of the Gods, pull your head out Alisa Zinov’yevna Rosenbaum’s mossy muff.

    • “…White Nationalism is grounded in supremacism…”

      I’m not buying that. That’s what the Jews say it is but they would have to say the same for the Japanese and Chinese and everyone else. o I say it’s not valid.

  5. Linder is persona non grata in many circles for a reason. Your ROI when trying to tame borderline sociopaths is not only extremely low, it’s also highly likely that you will lose a lot more than you actually put into that investment.

    I understand and mostly agree with trying to build bridges and form a unified message. But Linder just ain’t the kind of guy you want hanging around. I promise you that you’ll regret the time and energy wasted trying to polish that turd.

  6. When I use the term White Nationalism 1.0, the main thing I am referring to is the inability to get along with others and focus on the real enemy. Everyone hates everyone else. We’re too individualistic to cooperate and get anything done.

    • I’m sure Linder is a popular guy around Kirksville, Missouri. The fact that he has a national reputation because of posting and blogging on the internet must be a subject of wonder to his neighbors in Missouri.


  7. Linder has always said these things shouldn’t be personal. It will be interesting to see how he responds. Is he capable of examining the past, learning from the mistakes we made in the 2000s and moving forward?

    • When you speak with people in real life, it becomes much easier to stick to this “let’s not be personal” stance.

      Like, say you get into a squabble with another figure in the Movement, you can at least discuss your differences, and if you can’t come to a consensus, at least agree to avoid dragging the issue into the spotlight – by doing this you negate the influence of shitposters, JIDF, random autists drawn to WN, etc…

      I’ve seen too many good people and talented personalities brought down by drama, and the sad thing is that we may never be able to get them back – personal meetups help to weaken the chances of this happening.

      • Real life creates real bonds, unlike the internet which often emphasizes the distance between people or affords interlopers space to hijack.

        It clarifies just exactly who ‘we’ is. Someone who looks like me is part of ‘us.’ Since I grew up around a supposed sub-category of ‘white’ that bore little physical and cultural resemblance to me, I learned easily what a manipulation the term is for jews and italians particularly (who generally look and act nothing like my people).

        Consider Renegade, where italians routinely attack anglos by defending black attacks against them. Guinea commenters resort to lies about how they look, or pass themselves off as one of us behind some computer screen when in real life their faux demands for unity would easily be recognized as invasive oblique assaults by foreigners. Its hosts foster this shit and purposely undermine real life tribal bonds. I think they desire a disunited virtual polity, as it were, to maintain a sort of captive audience.

        • p.s. It took me a long time to figure this out, just recently I made sense of the dynamic, so I offer it to anyone who hasn’t yet.

        • I agree with you one hundred percent, and I know you’ve been around long enough to see entire 1000 comment threads on sites turned into absolute chaos over the dumbest crap anybody could ever imagine.

          Like, for example, I remember an article on Daily Stormer about some random occurrence in London turned into a 1500 comment shit-show about arguing whether Poles are White, whether they should conquer Britain, and if it’s ok if they marry Anglo-Saxons – in real life that would be a two minute discussion if it happened at all (probably not).

          It’s always been WN’s biggest weakness, whereas with the Left, they of course have issues, but thanks to them networking in real life have the ability to sit down, hash things out, and agree to never let the masses see the discord between two groups, two individuals, etc…. (a united front in public).

          • And it’s precisely the left’s in person networks that prevent the blow ups constantly plaguing us. Since they segregate off and form these mini-causalities that eventually unite behind a larger platform, they don’t self destruct from trying to force a fake unity.

          • This type of infighting (expel Poles from Britain, Italians aren’t White, Die Katholischen sind unser Ungluck) is exactly the type of Spergy nonsense that needs to be policed swiftly with quick expulsion of undesirable morons from the movement.

          • So, anglos don’t have the right to their own homelands. We have to be multiculti and carry everyone on the planet, starting with any parasite that calls itself some jewphemism like ‘white.’

            You forgot the roman part of your sandnigger name.

          • @Yehudah

            Yeah, and we don’t even know who or (((who))) is responsible for ruining threads with their nonsense. In real life, none of that crap is ever brought up.


            Do you even realize that you’re doing the exact same thing that was denounced at the beginning of this conversation?

            Honestly? You probably do…

          • How the hell is defending a homeland for my people doing ‘the exact same thing?’

            No, I really don’t know.

          • @Onceler

            Because right now we’ve got a hell of a lot more to do than whine about issues that could one day be solved without all that much effort. It’s like the Republican cucks whining about “muh healthcare” even though there is NO VIABLE SOLUTION to the problem at the present moment.

            And like I said before, this shit never pops up in real-life circumstances aside from maybe a joke or a brief discussion – it’s an internet autism thing.

          • What ‘shit’ never pops up in real-life circumstances aside from a brief discussion?

            You’re a kid from Boston, which is hardly a profile of someone who understands the broader, deeper underpinnings and happenings of America, sorry to say Marcus.

          • For anyone reading who isn’t familiar, the city of Boston is largely ruled (up until the past couple decades) by the ‘Boston Brahmins’ and the Irish Catholics. Sure most know this but I point it out because Marcus thinks he can somehow correct the ‘autism’ of a woman whose family has lived all over this country for almost two centuries, starting in the heart of the midwest and NY state then branching out to all the far corners.

            Men in my family have served in the american military for generations spanning back to at least the Civil War (direct descendants). I come from both poor people, middle class and some of the laciest ‘high class’ (an irish expression) in my grandparents’ generation. They are all german, irish, and wasp.

            I grew up in the heart of Jew America (NYC’s direct environs), where all walks of american (and other) life aliyah to work for The Jewboy (as opposed to ‘The Man’), and have lived in three of the top five majors cities in the US – particularly, the heart of Roman America. I was the only OD (or other) poster who so much as warned whites about the snake in the grass called Jared Kushner, whose people directly allied (especially in real estate, which is the Kushner family’s primary business) with these ‘marginal’ italians for centuries in a town only 12 minutes away from the one I was born. And as for age, I have at least 14 years on Marcus.

            Make up your own minds as to who calls what’s what.

          • @Onceler

            From what I’ve heard from you before over the years, you represent exactly what trashed WN 1.0 for decade after decade.

            At the fifty ninth minute of the eleventh hour, you would rather bitch about “Muh Sojiny” and whether Italians are White than see the bigger picture – that’s essentially purity spiraling suicide at the moment.

            You speak that I don’t know the deeper underpinnings of America (direct quote), yet you whine about how Sicilians in the Tri-State area are mean to you like that represents what someone in Alabama or Kansas has to deal with on a daily basis.

            You’re divisive, backbiting, and essentially represent everything that people on this site from the South complain about the standard “Yankee,” and yet I’m not exactly sure what you’re trying to accomplish at the end of the day.

            I’m just glad that the Movement as a whole is moving past the old days of harping on the internet so personalities like yourself will just melt away like snow in the spring.

            And as a side note, the Boston Brahmins are pretty much extinct, and have been for at least two generations – the few that are left fled for distant suburbs and states like Vermont and New Hampshire when the Puerto Ricans started arriving back in the 70’s.

          • There is nothing ‘backbiting’ about me whatsoever, just as I had/have nothing to do with ‘WN 1.0″

            There is nothing petty about defending my people. Or stating the facts.

            There is something really not on the level about assuming numerous sock puppets to deceive people while attempting to hijack someone else’s website.

            I don’t need to resort to distortions about anyone or scurrilous tactics to elucidate the truth.

          • Nobody’s creating sockpuppets, Onceler, and nobody’s distorting what you’ve said (meds will help).

            Your specific personality type is exactly the kind that prohibits networking and trust in the real world – not to mention the annoying traits that everybody hates about New Yorkers.

            Funny thing is that we agree on the original topics on multiple levels – it’s just that some things are not productive at this specific moment in time.

          • So I should ‘take meds’ to forget how you tried to hijack the Dailystormer?

            I guess Ronnie and I suffer from the same delusions.

            Being young and lacking perspective is understandable, Marcus. Going full jew isn’t.

          • And here comes the standard drama that’s WN’s greatest weakness ahead of everything else.

            I’m just going to take the high road on this one…

    • Nope, I’m about 99.999% positive he will fuck up everything and everyone around him. His entire Internet persona is devoid of any real compassion or positive outlook. Everything is about him and how everyone else just isn’t bold, smart or brave enough to deal with problems head on. You’ve dealt with him enough to know that just when you think he can’t get any lower and make pro-Whites seem more psychotic, he contorts time and space to go just a little lower and make himself/VNN look like an even crazier pied piper of the delusional sociopaths.

      I’m being completely honest when I say that I would trust my life with someone like Daryle Lamont Jenkins before I would allow Linder any room to shape my life and future. And I really hate that mouthy fat black bastard.

    • I was highly suspicious of this event, initially, but now I am sorry I am not going. This seems like it will be fun. I will be to visiting a pal, who used to post here, and I will be about a thousand miles away, in the boonies. There is barely cellphone service. I am going to be in nature, swim, walk, drink coffee in the morning, and wine at night. My pals and I will talk, and enjoy each other’s company.

      I hope Linder attends, and I hope every-one has a marvelous time.

    • Brad: Since you and I have followed Linder over the years we know that he has had serious health issues which have effected his output, and possibly his attitude at times. Also, Alex is obviously conflicted about his upbringing in Christian Science, and takes that out on Protestants like you and me.

      I’m hoping his health keeps improving, and that he considers the Protestant doctrine of salvation through faith alone.

      I really enjoy Alex’s audio books, and his reading of “Camp of the Saints” is the best.

  8. The internet has its flaws.

    When you only know your peers through avatars and anonymous pseudonyms, you don’t attach much value to those relationships. There is less trust and social capital. It is a breeding ground for shit stirrers and misunderstandings.

    • And drama, and false prophets, and sabotage, and demagogues.

      Nothing will happen without in person political activism, and the internet mostly works against that while empowering all of the above.

    • Brad, as you know I have talked politics professionally with thousands, possibly tens of thousands of people over the years of my career, and let me assure you, that you meet a lot of really nice people with really crazy ideas in real life too. The only consolation is that I got paid for it. LOL.


    One sociopath trying to defend another sociopath. This could have been some random pro-White guys family members murdered and I assure you that Linder’s mentality would have been no different.

    You shouldn’t be extending olive branches to these types of unstable, defective and contagious individuals. You should be culling them and inoculating yourself from their insanity and perpetual failures.

  10. Linder, like every other WN figure, is an eccentric individual with a lot of personality quirks. Why condemn him for that?

    By the way my real name Giaccomo Gianniotti Frappuccino of Perth Amboy, New Jersey. I am a greasy, swarthy WOP who has connections to the Five Families, wears a lot of gold chains on my hairy chest, has a plastic Virgin Mary shrine in my front yard and an Italian flag fluttering from the antenna of my Lincoln Continental. Oh yes, and my wife’s name is Connie. And she has big hair. Will Onceler still allow me to join his Good Ol’ Boys Brigade?

    • You bring up a relevant point.

      Why do you as a greasy guinea insist on imposing yourself on the Southern anglos? So it’s not enough that you’ve already allied with the Jews to take over the North? Now Southerners will also have to bow down to your Roman shrines and kiss some ‘Godfather’s’ rings?

      Why did you come here to begin with? It’s not incumbent on me to justify the right of our people to survive and retain control over the homeland we built. It’s on you to justify this incessant compulsion to follow us everywhere we go.

        • Although if you really believe that every poster on here is somehow authentic, you might need to study the Protocols some more.

          I could sit here and catalogue ENDLESS proofs that the jews consider anglo (and by extension ‘aryan’) unity the greatest threat to them but then some little posse of crybullies would go all jew and caterwaul until they get me censored.

          Disinformants from the Jewish Internet Defense League (spelled out for those who aren’t familiar) infiltrate by becoming ‘one of us’ and then maneuvering against the most threatening people, or those who articulate for what they deem the biggest threat.

  11. Hunter Wallace, I hope your viewpoint is not strictly a religious one. I think a religious (Christian) position will not help you, the South, or any White person because of the inherent weaknesses in this faith. Alex Linder will be disagreeing with you much more than you think if your position is largely Christian. Is your position fundamentally Christian?

    WN.2 gone with the wind

    Clueless Southerners

    Christmas Gift

  12. Hunter Wallace, I hope your viewpoint is not strictly a religious one. I think a religious (Christian) position will not help you, the South, or any White person because of the inherent weaknesses in this faith. Alex Linder will be disagreeing with you much more than you think if your position is largely Christian. Is your position fundamentally Christian?

    WN.2 gone with the wind

      • @spahnrach1969. One’s personal religious views and one’s sick, perverted sex-life can never be kept private if you are going to be in a position of responsible leadership. These affect and infect all that you say and do. And as for how much money one makes, the same applies. Secrets breed toxicity.

        • There’s a difference between privacy and secrecy. Autists like you will never grasp that difference, and that’s okay, we’ll tolerate you the same way a special ed teacher tolerates slow children.

          • Yes, Azz, do make the difference unmistakably clear — just so everybody knows there aren’t any secrets you may be hiding by making the claim you do. I think you’ve got nothing. By attacking me, I believe you think you are protecting the Southern Tradition — and the Southern Tradition is worth protecting and defending, but you don’t have any linguistic understanding or logic behind your argument. It’s just heated blood.

  13. Christianity is part of the problem not the solution. It is a spent force, and is a very small minority in the Alt-right.

    • Christianity is quickly dying out in the West and we should just let it die. But we need to not signal against Christians who may be allies. And that includes Catholics who some of the Spergs on here love to purity spiral against while they LARP like they’re Jean Calvin in 1500’s Geneva.

      • There’s plenty of Christianity without Romanism. You’re trying to blur the issues.

        Presbyterians formed the bulwark of the South and powered the Revolution for Independence.


        • Calvinism is literally Judaism for Goys. The elect = the Chosen. No thanks.

          Presbyterianism, like all Mainline Protestant denominations has fallen into a death spiral in America since World War II.

          • John Calvin was a JEW according to official Bnai Brith Proceedings as recorded from a speech given at the BNAI BRITH Congress in Paris 1936. He was Cohanim ie Aaronic, sent by the Elders of Zion to poison Christianity.

            Presbyterians didnt start the Revolution, the Congregationalists in New England did and all in all freedom didn’t work out so great for us in the long run. We would’ve been much better off in some ways under British Rule. SOME WAYS not others

        • @Onceler You have these characters like Yehudah Finkelstein/Spanhranch1969 and others who go on to what are White Southern Protestant websites, and attack White Southern Protestants. That’s the big difference between us and them.

          • This is a White Southern Protestant website? I know it’s a Southern White site. News to me. I didn’t know that you were the owner of this site or one of the authors.

            No one cares about Protestans. But when Spergs like you purity spiral and signal against Catholics, which causes nothing but infighting and division, you’re going to get hit back.

            What’s telling is that you have NEVER revealed your own denomination, certainly for the embarrassment that will ensue when it’s revealed that you’re some sort of Snake Handler, Tongue Speaker, or Holy Roller.

  14. All saboteurs who call for the genocide of the anglos here and in the UK need to be seen for what they are.

    • Autism. The fact that you signal against Poles in the UK because of “Muh Anglo heritage” shows you can’t see the forest for the trees. Poles in the UK are not an existential threat. Jewish influence and third world immigration will end the UK as we know it. You sound as cucked and clueless as Nigel Farage, who took a pass at attacking the real problem of Pakis in order to go for the low hanging fruit of Poles.

  15. My online conversations with Alex Linder have always left me with the feeling that I needed to wash up afterwards. He’s just plain creepy. He has said and done things that will damage the AltRight and the AltSouth.

    • Has Linder ever taken a DNA test and shown the results? I know there have been countless challenges for him to take a test and prove that his Jew-like mannerisms are simply the result of a mental imbalance and not actual Jewish genetics rising to the surface.

  16. Excerpt from an analysis of TS Eliot’s Christianity and Culture

    “Most contemporary thinkers are incapable even of understanding the nature of the dilemma our society faces. And they will remain incapable of understanding that dilemma so long as they refuse to consider the possibility that in important ways we live our lives in common with our fellows; that there is such a thing as a real society; that we are joined in a set of social groups that has its own purpose, transcending even as it includes the purposes of each of us, and each of the lesser groups within it. So long as we continue to think in liberal categories, of rights and wants and relations among atomistic individuals, we will be incapable of recognizing the need for reforms to our inhumane social, political, and economic structures. We will be incapable of seeing any proper end for society, and so remain in cultural chaos until or unless a comprehensive, religious vision of some (perhaps pagan and quite brutal) kind is imposed upon us.”

  17. ” Die Katholischen sind unser Unglück”

    Until you have been raised RC back in Latin mass Days, went through Vat.II, watched your mother and father almost lose their faith over that fiasco, been approached/attempted to be seduced by Roman priests in the 1970’s as a naive, trusting undergrad; watched the sodomization of your Church, [Goodbye, Good Men]

    Known all the ‘players’ in the So Cal. environs this book corroborates, heard black (and gay) seminarians say that they reason they are ‘in the Church,’ has NOTHING to do with the Eucharist, Truth, or piety, but for ‘PURE RAW POWER’, watched four successive popes DO NOTHING to stem the Apostasy, and then read Hoffman’s latest nuclear bomb book, ‘THe Occult Renaissance Church of Rome’….

    DON’T TALK TO ME about the ‘unimportance’ of the false cult of the Papal see!

    • So you were also fiddled by Priest like Krafty Wurker was? Great, deal with your own shit, don’t bring personal baggage into this movement.

  18. Yes, Azz, do make the difference unmistakably clear — just so everybody knows there aren’t any secrets you may be hiding by making the claim you do. I think you’ve got nothing. By attacking me, I believe you think you are protecting the Southern Tradition — and the Southern Tradition is worth protecting and defending, but you don’t have any linguistic understanding or logic behind your argument. It’s just heated blood.

  19. If Alex Linder comes to the rally he needs to be held down and his Jew-like potty mouth washed out with soap.

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