Bull Connor: History’s Unsung Hero

Few men have been more unjustly maligned than Theophilus Eugene “Bull” Connor, Birmingham, Alabama’s Commissioner of Public Safety. Larry Ridgeway at Identity Dixie remembers this great man who stood up to the South’s enemies:

Looking back on my childhood, I remember the names of men put forth as men that were worthy of looking up to. I remember the story of how Lincoln freed the blacks and how Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act and was told that these men were heroes for their heroic deeds. Upon further examination though, it is not these men that are heroes, it is the men who stood against them that are thereal heroes. Men who stood up against the tide of, not only federal overreach, but the breach in contract with the laws of nature – blacks arelesser thans and, if anything, should be subjugated. When opposition to the “muh Civil Rights” movement comes to mind, one can think of none other than Bull Connor.

…In 1934, he entered and won the race for a seat on the Alabama House of Representatives on the Democratic ticket. During his term as a legislator he opposed increasing the state sales tax and increasing licensing fees, while voting to raised the poll tax (a measure to keep poor whites and blacks from voting. Hallelujiah).

In 1936, he decided not to stand for re-election, instead deciding to run for the head of the Birmingham Public Safety Commission. A position he won and would hold for twenty three years until 1963. The math doesn’t add up because he took time away in the early 50’s due to an extra marital affair.

During his time in this position, he did many things I consider to be badass (to say the least). In 1938, he ordered the attendees of the Southern Conference for Human Welfare at Municipal Auditorium not to “segregate together” causing a scene with the-then First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt (who was intensely disliked in the South at the time).

In 1948, his officers arrested a U.S senator from Idaho, Glen H. Taylor, who was running for Vice President on the Progressive ticket alongside Henry Wallace, for attempting to speak with the Southern Negro Youth Conference, thereby violating the city’s segregation laws. This is pretty fucking sweet if you ask me.

Also in 1948, he led a walkout at the Democratic National Convention by southern delegates in protest of Harry Truman’s civil rights policies. He also ran unsuccessfully for governor in 1950.

Be sure to read the entire article (warning: some bad language)

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  1. A breed apart from the crap that now plagues our society.

    Why didn’t he win the governor’s race?

  2. Truly a hero to many, who believed in what he was doing, was passionate, and stood by his principles, regardless of how out of fashion they were to some.
    I guess he’s one of those people that historians judge as ‘being on the wrong side of history’.
    Indeed a man of his time.

  3. The only thing Bull Conner did wrong was not give Lieutenant Roy James of the American Nazi Party a medal for decking Martin Lucifer Coon in 1962 while he was speaking in Birmingham. Unfortunately and this is a SOLID SOUTH CITY IN 1962, Roy James was arrested and spent a month for assault in the Birmingham Jail. Yes folks in 1962 decking a famous Negro in public in Birmingham Alabama could get you a month in the can.

    Unlike how the Negroes and our Kike media couch it, the citizens of Birmingham werent lynching Negroes in every oak tree and burning Negroes for street lamps like Emperor Nero did the Christians. This is all gross exaggerations. Most don’t know after the Birmingham uprising in May 1963, a particularly vicious race riot took place where Whites were attacked by Negroes and at least a couple of the whites sustained life threatening injuries. The 16th Street Church was bombed later that year on September 15th, a little over two months before Kennedy met his end.

    Lieutenant Roy James is eighty years old this year, an American Hero!

    • The story of Roy James has been convienently buried by the Jewish Media and even most Pro-Whites who are on the young side don’t know about it. I didnt even know about it till i read it a few years back!

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