Anti Russian Sanctions, Congress Votes 419-3

Our message is getting through the controlled, media mafia. Even as bad as it can get New Yawk Senator Chuck Schumer now admits that the Left Democrats lost the last election, that the Dems didn't have any message. Schumer led the Lib Dem elites to Virginia to try to connect with White Southerners in Virginia.

President Trump wisely blew off the NAACP annual convention where the usual suspects had their heads in the sand and warned the Democrat elite that everything must be about them and Dems should not attempt any outreach to poor and working class White Americans.

Our message is getting through that the American public is very tired of the fake news, media mafia's 24/7 obsessions with Russian conspiracies, tired of counter productive Neo Conservative wars/interventions against secular Arabs in Iraq, Syria, Libya. I try to contact congressional staff members once a week and develop some dialogue about current events and taylor my presentation in some way that should be acceptable to the various liberal, socialist, or Conservative nationalists congressmen they represent. This week – one of the biggest stories was the Mexican cartels slave trafficking from Mexico through Southern Texas ~ 10 of the slaves died of heat exhaustion. I argued that “aren’t Lib Dems supposed to be against slave trafficking”? Why aren’t we at war with these cartel slavers who also dominate heroin & opiate trafficking? Weren’t there something called “the Opium Wars” in China? Well we have that here, only our side isn't really fighting the slavers, instead the powers that be are making up lies about Assad’s Syria gassing little children and trying to restart the Cold War with Russia. Some good news the surviving illegal immigrant slaves were taken to private prisons in Texas, not just let loose in to the general population.

But… this week the US Congress passed sanctions against Russia by a vote of 419-3!

These sanctions supposedly had something to do with Russian actions in the Crimea of all places. Or else it was maybe just Deep State pressure on Congress to DO SOMETHING ABOUT RUSSIA from frustrated Lib Dems blaming Russia for stealing the Presidency from Hillary, from frustrated war mongers, Neo Conservatives, Zionists, Christian Zionists who wanted another US military action, war against the Russians in Syria. Some good news, the Trump Administration has apparently got the CIA to stop giving military supplies to supposedly “moderate” Syrian rebels which these rebels then sell, pass on to ISIS and the Islamic Brotherhood.

Can some of our Southern readers let me know how is the “RUSSIA IS OUR NUMBER ONE ENEMY” playing out in the South? I note that there was an apparently very vocal mass protest against CNN fake news in Georgia link:

Ted Turner originally set up CNN as an Atlanta GA based news alternative to the New York/LA media monopoly. The New York/LA Media Mafia elite took notice and eventually took over this rival when Gerald Levin’s Time Warner Inc absorbed CNN and Turner Broadcasting and Ted Turner was practically never heard from again.

This should be a serious project for Southern Nationalists and the League of the South – drive out the New York/LA CNN fake news from the good state of George. Jeff Zucker, Wolf Blitzer and the rest of the CNN lugenpresse ain’t Southern Gentlemen or Southern Good ‘Ol Boys.


  1. Kudos to the three reps that were open-minded enough to reject this imperialist Neo-Con garbage.

    • Who CARES if you “don’t kike Russia”? They haven’t done ANYTHING to us. They are, however, one of the MYRIAD of countries that has EVERY reason to hate us and DESTROY us. Americans allowed KIKE Banksters to pay for the JEW DEMON invasion OF Russia, and slaughter approx. 60 million Russians. Save your loathing for the bipedal flesh eating bacterium known as “Jews”.

      • I’m tiring of blaming ‘da joos’ for every single thing that ails whites. That includes my own category of the term.

        The russians allowed the jews to take over well before the anglos had any real power there.

        I’ll consider some of my own people’s failings, but I’m not taking responsibility for everyone else’s. Besides, the russians slaughtered the poles in a real ‘holocaust’ of sorts. Attributing all responsibility and agency for Katyn or Hellstorm to the jews doesn’t fully square. Something in the russian character afforded the jews their tyrannical power.

        It was this weird ceding of ‘anglo’ or better, northwestern european, sovereignty to every stripe of whoever that sent americans down the toilet to begin with. We lost our sense of being a united people, and we lost all our non-semitic values with it. We gave in to greed, atomization, instant gratification, ego, and false pride.

        If we don’t hold ourselves accountable for anything we’ll just continue being the Bad News Bears of the race wars, sucking on the low morale that comes from externalizing *all* blame onto a ‘them.’

        I don’t see how maintaining a sense of my own people’s identity and culture has to be some attack on the russians. I just don’t really dig having them shoved in my face.

        • “…I’m tiring of blaming ‘da joos’ for every single thing that ails whites…”

          I’m not. They’re the biggest problem we have.

        • Northwest Europe was solidly under Jewish Control by the time of Napoleon, only Germany under Bismark breaking through that. Russia wasn’t under Jewish control until 1917. Russia fell to the Jews because of American/English Jewish finance. By that time England had been Jew controlled since 1694. If we say a peoples effort to resist the Jew defines them as superior, then racially the Russians and Germans were superior to everyone

      • Jack Ryan has historically tried to vaunt russian culture as superior to mine. He’s less heavy handed in this article, but he’s still thinking it.

        Screw that.

        • What do you know of Russian culture… is it only the lies the jew has told through Hollywood movies and television?

    • It’s not about Russia. Russia is not forcing us to pay attention to them.

      It’s about these neurotic Eastern European Jews playing out their ethnic animosity in our government.

      If we had a normal country with normal people looking after our own interests, we would barely be hearing about Russia, because nothing interesting is happening, just the normal cat and mouse game between countries.

  2. Russians did nothing wrong. Just another scapegoat for the jewish elite to point a finger at while they rob us and send more browns into our countries

  3. I don’t like Russia so I’m happy for the sanctions that basically do nothing because this is Russia, not some little brown country where it only hurts the poor, sick and old but, Man, it looks good on the evening news.

  4. Again why don t put people here like Russians ?

    Why not like beautiful Russian women?

    Why not like all White Russian sports ? Russian classical music ?

    Russians have sensible views on Jews, Muslims and Blacks?

    What s the problem with our people?

    • No offence, Mr. Ryan, – but, this kind of thing is Yankee-Doodle-Dandy culture.

      What do I mean?

      the notion that you can interfere with elections around the globe, constantly overturn one government after another – all while allowing Arabian Princes and Chinese oligarchs to contribute to these processes, but, then, you must punish Russia for doing much less of the same thing.

      The hypocrisy of it all must be so contagious that even, rural Southern politicians, who are raised to know better, go up there and are completely smitten by the tomfoolery.

      I’m glad you can see through this.

      You’re one smart cookie, and determined to be honest with what is.

      I like that quality in a man, no matter where it is born.

  5. Imagine if the word RUSSIA was replaced with ISRAEL, as in

    ISRAEL is guilty of tampering with our elections

    ISRAEL is guilty of military aggression

    ISRAEL is a hostile state

    ISRAEL has spies in Washington

    How would the jews and their goy slaves on Capitol Hill like that ?

    Yet another example of how the jews project their own crimes on to their enemies.

    • Agreed, you’re the only one speaking sense here. Why are there people who dislike Russia? Are these shills?

      • Nate, I’m honored that you, Denise and Mac Tire have taken the time to compliment what I’ve posted here. I’ve seen your comments on other sites and have always enjoyed reading them.

        The dislike of Russia is hard for me to understand. Maybe there are some Americans and British who perceive the Russians as a threat to Anglo-American global hegemony? Or perhaps they are simply a boogeyman that the “Us vs. Them” crowd needs to rally against?

  6. They wouldn’t have gotten a vote like this during the Cold War. The US Congress is really upset about those pogroms that occurred under the Czar. Russia needs to start acting like the US Congress, or else!

  7. @Jack Ryan…

    ‘Can some of our Southern readers let me know how is the “RUSSIA IS OUR NUMBER ONE ENEMY” playing out in the South? ‘


    It’s changing, Mr. Jack. Many folks are still fooled, and much fooled they are, but, many many are awakening to the scam.

    I thank the internet for that, and I also thank President Trump.

    I do my part, for everywhere I go, and the subject comes up, I remind my fellow Southerners of what the truth of the matter is.

  8. HA – beautiful White European Russian woman like Anna Kournikova are not a threat to White Southern people. How did so many of our people become so confused on simple things like this?

  9. No need to get distracted here, it’s all about deporting illegals. We live or die with that.

  10. Ok the 3 lone “no” votes against sanctions on Russia were all White Republicans:

    “The three votes against the bill came from Republicans — Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan, Rep. Tom Massie of Kentucky and Rep. John Duncan of Tennessee.”

    As a former public school teacher in Brooklyn I gave a lot of homework assignments that were never done.

    I’m giving another one here.

    OD readers need to contact the congressional staff members of these 3 brave, lone patriots and thank them. Thank every single congressional staff member, contact them by name. Write them person hand written thank you notes. Offer to clean their apartments, baby sit their children etc.

    Wow this is so depressing.

    419 for sanctions, 3 opposed.

    These 3 brave patriots must be honored.

    God bless..

  11. @Onceler! Even though my grandfather died somewhere in Siberia and my brother’s elder brother was killed in Katyn, I do not hate Russians. And I find it terrible that the “patriotic” state authorities and (((MSM))) in Poland devote themselves to an inflammatory propaganda against Russia and the Russian people. Poland is since a while crowded with people from Ukraine, since those in power suffer from an unrequited love for the Ukrainian regime; both a result of the in Poland obligatory anti-Russian hatred. Not quite surprisingly, members of criminal gangs are to be found among the over two million Ukrainians that recently “enriched” Poland. Naturally, the authorities put much effort into covering up that many serious crimes have been committed by Ukrainian (and Russian speaking Chechen) gangs, blaming the Russians in case the info on the perps’ being foreigners happened to slip out.

  12. I’d like to see Russia respond to the new sanctions by refusing to sell the US any more rocket engines. The US does not make any these days and buys them from Russia. Refusing to sell them keeps the US out of space for maybe 5 years.

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