Why Is #UniteTheRight Coming To Charlottesville?

I’ve thrown together this little explainer to recap the sequence of events that has led to the #UniteTheRight rally. There is a lot of misinformation floating around out there. The truth is that this controversy began and escalated in Charlottesville and has only recently captured the attention of outside groups as it has ballooned from a heritage issue to a constitutional issue.

Wes Bellamy Pushes For The Removal of Confederate Monuments

Wes Bellamy, the Vice-Mayor of Charlottesville, initiated the controversy with his push to cleanse Charlottesville of Southern and Confederate monuments. This is an attack on Southern identity. It quickly resonated as a statewide issue in Virginia’s Republican gubernatorial primary.

SURJ Charlottesville Harasses Jason Kessler

In the aftermath of the Alt-Right rally in Charlottesville on May 14th, SURJ Charlottesville began a stalking and harassment campaign against Jason Kessler. By encouraging bars and restaurants to deny service to Jason Kessler, SURJ made Charlottesville into a civil rights issue.

SJWS Riot Against The Police

The KKK rally in Charlottesville on July 8th was unrelated to #UniteTheRight, but a mob of SJW activists spent the afternoon rioting against the police for hours after the Klan had left town. It trended nationwide on Twitter and illustrated to the rest of America that a violent mob in Charlottesville was attempting to usurp power from the state and impose its own values on public spaces.

“Revoke The Permit”

SURJ Charlottesville’s harassment campaign against Jason Kessler was the event that caused the #UniteTheRight rally. These activists later began a campaign at the Charlottesville City Council to “revoke the permit.” They couldn’t bear the thought that anyone other than themselves in Charlottesville can exercise their constitutional rights of free speech and freedom of assembly.

“Keep Nazis Out of Charlottesville Hotel Rooms”

The Antifa website “It’s Going Down” published an article on July 26, 2017 called “Keep Nazis Out of Charlottesville Hotel Rooms! Call-In to #DefendCville.” This is yet another illustration of how what began as a local clash in Charlottesville over Confederate monuments ballooned into a bigger contest over free speech, free assembly, leftwing mob violence and civil rights.

Deny Service To #UniteTheRight Attendees

The SJW activists who brought all of this on Charlottesville have recently begun circulating a document calling for local businesses to deny service to their political opponents:

Cancel The Insurance

Once again, the SJW activists who caused the #UniteTheRight event in the first place with their stalking and harassment on the downtown mall began another targeted harassment campaign against Jason Kessler’s liability insurance for the event.

Antifa Mobilize To Disrupt #UniteTheRight

From the website “It’s Going Down”:

“The fascists must not have the streets. We call on all anarchist, anti-fascist and anti-authoritarian groups in Appalachia and East South Central North America to converge at Lee Park on August 12th at 9 AM EST, and carry on the active resistance against white supremacy. We intend to win.

To recap:

SJW activists in Charlottesville initially decided that Confederate monuments should be torn down and public parks renamed in a politically correct effort to erase history. They escalated it from there into actual physical confrontations against Corey Stewart, the Alt-Right event on May 14th, harassment of Jason Kessler around June 1st and most recently the “fascist police” on July 8th.

These people have decided that public spaces in Charlottesville belong only to their leftwing mob, that their leftwing mob can and should intimidate people for political reasons on the downtown mall, that no one else has free speech or freedom of assembly in Charlottesville, that the police are an illegitimate force in the community and among other things that hotels, restaurants and insurance companies can be bullied into compliance with their illegal and unreasonable demands.

“Social justice” is what has brought this upon Charlottesville and has ratcheted up the backlash every step of the way. It is what has caused rightwing groups which have traditionally been at odds to put their differences aside for a day. Whatever our political differences, we all have a common interest in pushing back against this encroachment on OUR RIGHTS. If it becomes acceptable to act nasty and “punch Nazis” in Charlottesville, deny free speech and freedom of assembly to “Nazis,” to deny service at hotels and restaurants to “Nazis,” a very ugly precedent will be set which will be expanded by these SJW groups and applied to anyone who is declared to be “irredeemable” and “deplorable.”

If Virginia’s greatest heroes like Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson are irredeemable and deplorable enough to be torn down, where do you stand in this new order? What are the extent of your rights going to be in this new order? Are you good enough to speak in the public square? Where do you draw the line? Is it the Klan and NSM? Is it Richard Spencer and Jason Kessler?

This is why #UniteTheRight is happening in Charlottesville. We’re going to expose what is going on there. There is a malicious force in that city which is attempting to impose a new orthodoxy on the town. It isn’t a few Klansmen on a day trip from North Carolina. It isn’t “Nazis.” Rather, it is SJWs who style themselves as the local Inquisition and who have decided that everyone in Charlottesville must conform to their values and anyone who disagrees has no rights worthy of their respect.

This has become a nationwide problem. It has invited a national response.

Note: Just today, we see the ADL attempting to impose its orthodoxy on YouTube. There is an effort underway here to push our voices out of the public square in both the real world and on the internet. This is why it we have to take a stand!

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  1. ADL founded to frame up a black simpleton for the actions of sadistic tribal pervert…

    • Yes. The All Demons League was founded to protect the “rights” of sexually depraved child rapers and child killers like Leo Frank. The Jew Vampyres live on Human blood.

  2. To anti-Whites CSA monuments and memorials represent White culture, history and supremacy. They gotta go! Don’t think anti-Whites turn a blind eye to Northerner memorials, etc. either. They’re next, just like forced integration in the ’60’s. ALL Whites everywhere have a universal enemy that wants us GONE forever.

    First they came after Southerners but I didn’t care because I wasn’t a Southerner….

    • This is the real reason behind the removal and that is the attack on Whites. The best thing I’ve seen is now that Abe Lincoln has been reduced to a Racist Southern Cracker by Jewish academia, how long before ANTIFA takes a jackhammer to Lincoln? Believe me its coming. The hero of modern day Negroes isn’t Marse Abe its Nat Turner, Denmark Vessey, Gabriel Prosser, Marcus Garvey Assata Shakur, Malcolm X, Huey Newton, Eldridge Cleaver, H Rap Brown, and all the bitches in Black Lives Mater.

      Yes its true Spielberg who is a Jew and at heart a sentimental Baby Boomer tried to rescue the Lincoln Legacy, but it didn’t work. Academia has spoken and Deeray and Daryl Lamont Jenkins must be prodded on #TakeDownAbeTheRacist

      • We’ll be looking for you, Billy Ray, at the rally to preserve the Lincoln Memorial.

        • As far as Im concerned it can go the way of the Temple of Zeus. However I am taking some amusement at seeing the extreme left now attacking Lincoln, who is only a hero to the Baby Boomer crowd and the Uppity Negro crowd. The Street Niggz think otherwise

      THANK YOU!!

  3. God DAMN every single one of these Jews, Baboons, Faggots, and DEGENERATES for their perversion of Justice for REAL AMERICANS.

    Anathema, Anathema, Anathema sit.

    For your blasphemy, ANATHEMA.
    For your bodily Perversion, ANATHEMA.
    For your covenantal apostasy, ANATHEMA.
    For your adulteration, ANATHEMA.
    For your claim to Citizenry, ANATHEMA.
    For your calling good evil, and evil, good. ANATHEMA.
    For your BRIBING the guards, ANATHEMA.
    For your Perverting true Justice, ANATHEMA.

    May your plans backfire on you.
    May your schemes come to naught.
    May your own perversion bring forth sores, tumors, and death on your persons, that men may wonder and fear the Wrath of God.
    May your own races’ worst members strike back at you, that you perish in the way.
    May confusion and terror fly at you by night and by day, with no rest for the wicked.

    May YHWH God, and His Son, Jesus Christ, be with the Whites who claim their land, and their heritage.
    May the men and women who speak for the Righteous Dead be heard.
    May the Race of this Nation rise up to speak for the fatherless and the widow.
    May the Race of this Nation be granted grace and vision for the task ahead.
    May the Race of this Nation be given the city into their hands, that the wicked be remembered no more.

    In the Name of Christ, the King.
    In the Name of Jesus, our Lord.
    In the Name of the Most High, who controls the destinies of Nations, ora pro nobis.

  4. It’s all about the carpetbagger and scallywag government in Charlottesville, Virginia destroying the Lee Memorial.

  5. Notice this folks. These Anti-Confederate Heritage flaps always take place in major University hubs. They have removed Confederate imagery from Louisville (UNIV of LOUISVILLE) Gainsville (U of FLORIDA) not to mention the countless removals of various items in Austin Texas (U of TEXAS). Universities were always the hub of the problems. Even in the 1940’s, Southern Universities were having to occasionally fire professors who spoke out against Jim Crow. The problem here is how do we solve the University problem? Do we close them all down? That would result in probably 2 million heart attacks in the SEC and ACC country. Do we impose residency requirements? Lot of good that will do, some of the leftists are Native born, not many but enough to be an irritant. So what do we do? Look at the Good Old Boys from the Auburn football team who tried to disrespect Richard Spencer because he pointed out that football is bs.

    This is a multi facceted issue.Any real solutions?

    • @Billy Ray: Until we can use force to physically remove the antiwhite scum from campuses those schools should be deprived of taxpayer funding, along with financial support from their alumni. Let’s see how committed to socialist principles they are when the money dries up!

    • you simply print HS History books that do not paint the CSA with such a broad brush ..it is easy to apply 20th, 21rst century values and experiences to a 19th century world ..don’t do it ..there was then and remains somewhat today, a ‘caste system’ of society, like it or not ..if you have enough moolah, you can BUY respectability ..LOL! ..when reading an accurate writing of the United States westward expansion, the seminal events that occurred in the ten years prior to the war (Dred Scott,1859 ..Nat Turner, 1830’s), you gain an appreciation of just how slavery impacted society, Northern industrialist’s vs Southern planters ..there were not the mulatto’s in the number we have today ..

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