Education of the Ascendant

Education, self-guided or otherwise, is one of the pillars of a man. It allows for his growth and understanding of self, identity, community and culture.  Education in 21st century America is quite different than it has been at any other point in human history, including the American education system as recent as 30 years ago.  The reason for this difference is the ever growing need to educate the so-called “Coalition of the Ascendant”, the fruits of the Hart-Cellar Act of 1965 and various other social engineering programs devised by the Left.  The term itself was coined by Robert Brownstein and is best summed up as:

Minorities, the millennial generation, and college-educated whites, especially women.”

It is well documented that this is the Democrat coalition which powered Barack Obama into the White House in both 2008 and 2012 but couldn’t quite bring itself to elect the dull, uninspiring candidate that was Hillary Clinton.  For the purposes of this article it’s the non-white segment of the coalition that is under the microscope.

I used to work as an educator of the Ascendant class and before deciding to take a desk job. I had to wake up every day and look at the cultural and societal degeneration that was brought about by these people and their handlers.  Because of my personal experience, and the opportunity we now have to make significant changes thanks to President Trump, I thought the topic of the current state of the American education system would be good to discuss.


Public schools around this country were among the first institutions hit with the changing demographics.  They were also the first layer of our society which the Ascendant experienced and learned to navigate.  Predictably, these Ascendant students only grasp the minimum level of competency required to navigate the public school system and in many cases only manage to do so thanks to the ever declining standards expected of students.

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As an example, let’s take a look at the state of North Carolina, specifically the city of Asheboro.  In 2000, there were 22,149 people living in Asheboro; 76% of them white, 12% black, 19% Hispanic and the rest either Asian or of “two or more races”. That’s roughly on par with the demographics of the rest of the country at the time.  Revisit Asheboro in 2010 and see that the white replacement is real; 25,012 people living within Asheboro – 67% were white, 12% black, 26% Hispanic.  This trend of replacement is common throughout North Carolina, as well as, throughout the South and West.

Here is the demographic breakdown of Asheboro High School, you tell me if you would send your white kids here:

White – 40.8%                                                Hispanic – 39.6%                                            Black – 13.9%

“Outbred, outmatched (I don’t think so) and overwhelmed” is going to be the story of white folk in Asheboro.

Even blacks are taking notice that they are being replaced as the poster children for the Ascendant class.  It isn’t just whites who chafe at diversity.  Recently, I taught a class largely made up of first generation immigrant students intermixed with native black students and the results of this enrichment was anything but profitable. Tensions between students always ran high and very little learning ever occurred.

One day particularly sticks out in my mind.  A black female student decided that she had had enough diversity and asked me; “Why are they in this class, they should be in their own school talking their own language.  They are always talking their own language and don’t even understand what you teaching.  There are more of them in this class than us, look at Johnny, he’s the only white student in this class.”  The students are aware of the forced integration, and trust me, they hate it.

My Experience

When I was first hired as a teacher, the school building in which I was placed was only a few years old, but had already become decrepit.  Lockers weren’t being used and were bolted shut because students continually stashed drugs and weapons in them. The girl’s bathrooms didn’t have doors because they had been ripped off and never replaced.  Bathrooms didn’t have soap because students liked to put it on their hands and slap a peer upside the head. Even the teacher workroom was bare and didn’t have anything in it but an old used up microwave and a two junk copiers. Classrooms were typically empty of decoration, except for a few.

The facility was in the truest sense of the word, dilapidated.  It was run by a black female principal who loved to put on a show but was never present.  She claimed to have “meetings” 3-4 days a week.  No set disciplinary structure, no one person to tell students if they were suspended or not to come to school, and a mostly black staff there to just collect a paycheck.  After the first two weeks, I couldn’t blame them.

Thankfully our absentee principle was relieved of her duties before the school year was fully over. This time, the schoolboard brought in a white female principal and I’ll be damned if things didn’t turn around in almost an instant. She brought structure, organization, discipline but along with all that something else which I certainly hated – white female SJWs, fresh out of college trying to change the world by shoving all their fully assimilated indoctrination down the throat of students.

In her first year she had to fill over forty vacant positions, bringing in some black activist teachers, Ivy League graduates with Gender Study degrees to teach Science, and Social Justice Warriors from the surrounding community. Almost all of these new hires were women and they brought with them the idea for a new focus for our school: Social Justice in the guise of education.

This new focus was inaugurated by injecting SJW vocabulary into the classroom.  One of the terms heavily adopted by these new teachers and administrators was the commonly used twitter term “People of Color.”  A particularly dangerous phrase that lumps together all non-white groups and claims that white folk have dealt injustices on them. The fact that Indios/Mexicans lost their lands in armed conflict and that Black slaves brought to North America were something like a minuscule 14% of the slave trade doesn’t matter to these dyed in the wool SJW cultists.

Next was the creation of a new student group specifically for diversity which didn’t have one white student, but was sponsored exclusively by white teachers. After that a mandate was sent down pushing teachers to get students to read outside the classroom.  But instead of reading the typical middle school level books common to most schools across the country, students were told to read books like “The Laramie Project”; a look into how the death of a murdered Gay impacted a whole town.  In English class, the focus of the lessons were mainly reading comprehension using books and articles targeting Republicans and whites and their oppression of new undocumented persons and how blacks should rise up against the rising tide of police suppression in black communities.

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Obama Initiatives to Improve Schools and Students

The above is just my anecdote of the Obama administration’s shift towards dealing with the Ascendant in schools. The administration’s crosshairs were pointed at lowering suspension rates, revising grading scales and providing credit for work not completed. All these initiatives were specifically designed for the Ascendant to allow them to increase their rate of graduation, while doing the least amount of work.

The Obama administration first targeted suspension rates for African American males in 2012. The goal was to reduce suspension rates for this group by 10-20% each year. Think about this for a second, schools were forced to allow students to be repeat offenders without the ability to remove them. In my school, students could no longer be suspended for “minor” offenses. Disrespect or defiance during class, skipping class, walking out of class and even some cases of theft and forgery were glazed over with minimal punishment.

The goal of the Obama admin was to fudge the numbers in order to “prove” that these student actually dindu nuffin. In my last year of teaching, the principal was so proud that we had reduced suspensions by 25%.  In reality, things had gotten so out of hand, but the Assistant Principal ignored half of the referrals for suspensions that she received from teachers.

The culture that is now presiding in many urban schools has been designed so that the Ascendant think that they can get away with misbehavior and suffer zero consequences for their actions.

The next Obama admin task was to adjust the grading scales making advancement and graduation more attainable for the Ascendant.  This move has been a controversial topic within the education community. There are two standard grading scales which are used by most American educators, a seven point and a ten point system. A seven point scale gives an A to students who score 93%-100% whereas a ten point system is the (0%-100% A.  School districts in the South have historically used a seven point grading scale but with the influx of the Ascendant more and more Southern schools have begun switching to the ten point scale.

Take a look at one such place, Georgetown County Schools.  This is a quote from the Superintendent of Georgetown County:

I am pleased to see this exciting change to our grading system,” said Spearman.  “The adoption of a 10-point grading scale will benefit military and other families as they transfer into South Carolina schools while also providing all of our students an equal opportunity to compete with their counterparts in neighboring states for college admission, athletic and academic scholarships, and national awards.  This change will level the playing field for all of our students while maintaining our high academic standards.”

While a ten point scale is a benefit to white students it is really just a push to “level the playing field for all of our students.” This is clearly a device used to make it easier for Ascendant students to have an easier time pushing through classes with the bare minimum effort.

Finally we have the, “No Zero Policy”.  A “No Zero Policy” is being implement across the country especially in areas of high populations of the Ascendant class. In essence this policy says that a student cannot receive a grade of zero if they have put in any level of work. In my school all a student had to do was put their name on an assignment and turn it in to avoid a grade of zero.

What are we teaching these children?  No effort? No problem. We are enabling the Ascendant coalition a sense of entitlement without any sort consequences or effort towards a society they care nothing about. The common goal of all of these policies is making success come easier for our replacements and to damage the true posterity of this country.

What can we do?

I’ll stick to what can we do at a school level, especially if you are seeing the rising tide of these Ascendant in your area. If you choose public schooling you must personally advocate for your child’s education and if you don’t have a child?  You must advocate on behalf of the whites in your area.  Your culture depends upon it. Attend school board meetings, stay up to date on what are the new things that people are trying to implement within your district.  Get yourself elected to School Board.  At an individual school level for parents of children, be involved in your student’s education and hold your child, as well as his teachers, accountable for education that is occurring.  Stay vigilant in your community because the changes occurring are not for the benefit of your white child but rather the benefit of the Ascendants.

-Originally published on Identity Dixie.


  1. When I was in school, you had to make a 100, to make an A. 90+99 was a B. 80-89, was a C. 79 was a D. Anything less than 79, was an F.
    This was in North Texas.

    In 1980, ISS was instituted statewide. ISS is In School Suspension. They put all the criminal types in a separate classroom. They were brought food at lunch. And their work was sent to them by their teachers. Various coaches and teachers rotated through ISS duty. Some of the worst characters actually spent whole school years in ISS.

  2. Blacks/Latinos/RomanCatholics/Mexicans/Hispanics move in your property values go down by at least 20% to 40% and your property taxes go up to pay for the extra school taxes, police, and other social support the non-Whites require. Its a damn shame.

  3. The same shitlibs who want to destroy the public school system always send their own kids to upscale private schools. Why is that?

  4. The problems in U.S. Education began a long time ago. Massachusetts passed one of the first compulsory education laws in 1852 and this was for one big reason, to keep the Irish children from milling around stealing and creating a nuisance. The other side benefit was of course indoctrination. For a long time Mass and New England were the only places doing this but then the immigration explosion hit, driving down the wages to nothing, and with legal child labor driving them down even further, this actually played into the whole mandatory education thing. Northern states that had coal mines had to begin outlawing child labor because of the early efforts to unionize coal mines. The other thing was crime prevention, keeping the immigrant children in school kept down the crime numbers.

    The South needed child labor to thrive, it was literally impossible to do anything in the South without child labor because of the labor intensive crops and other occupations. The 1930’s saw the first real coordinated attacks on child labor, forcing the children into school because the wisdom was, a boy working takes bread out of a man’s mouth. Sadly the misguided idiotic Southern Democratic politicians, who could agree on Jim Crow, couldn’t seem to understand that FDR and his New Deal were selling them into slavery and sadly many Southern Dems supported WWII and the UN.. Was it myopia or simple corruption? You be the judge.

    The Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948 for the first time took education from the category of a HUMAN RESPONSIBILITY to a HUMAN RIGHT. Consider this, before WWII if a child was out of control, he was taken from the school system and sent to some reform school or just expelled and forgotten. Schooling was a privilege that could be taken away. After WWII school suddenly became a human right. Suddenly school systems were FORCED to keep the lowlifes in school, expulsions became more difficult to administer. Schools were forced to keep the morons in line with corporal punishment and other things, when in fact they shouldn’t have been in the school in the FIRST PLACE. Most states did have a release valve, most states did allow the child to drop out at 16 with a valid work permit, but with Vietnam and the economic downturns in the 1970s, dropping out decreased. School attendance whether you were any good at it or not meant you didnt have to wear green and you got fed. Still the onus was put on society to deal with you.

    What do you see today? We can no longer expel anyone, schooling is a human right, grading scales must be drastically lowered, we can’t dare even smack the brats with an open hand on the wrist or all hell breaks loose. To quote the immortal Charleton Heston ITS A MADHOUSE A MADHOUSE

  5. And that, ladies and gentlemen, was written by a teacher. A better teacher, no doubt, than is actually teaching your children, but who still can’t write correct English. Meditate on that.

    Yes, Finkelstein, I’m autistic. I never cost anybody a dime for extra education, and was regularly top of my class throughout school. So, shove your ignorant opinion where the sun don’t shine.

    • Sure, Spergs (or fake Spergs whose parents make the school diagnose as Autists) don’t cost the education system tons of money in the form of special programs, aides, classes, school psychologists, etc. Some Spergs are high functioning and some aren’t. Just because you did fine doesn’t mean every Sperg is sitting in College Quantum Physics getting ready to work for NASA.

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