AirBnb: Renting Houses To The Alt-Right For #UniteTheRight Is a TOS Violation

Airbnb has released a statement on its cancellation of reservations by people who are coming to attend the #UniteTheRight rally in Charlottesville:

“This Saturday, Virginia’s Lee Park is slated to be the meeting place of the Unite The Right rally, a much-publicized gathering of far-right personalities and their sycophants. With less than a week to go, Airbnb has taken active measures to delete the accounts of some members the company believes to be staying in Charlottesville for the rally—making lodging for planned attendees like members of the National Socialist Movement that much more difficult. …

In 2016 we established the Airbnb Community Commitment reflecting our belief that to make good on our mission of belonging, those who are members of the Airbnb community accept people regardless of their race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, disability, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, or age. We asked all members of the Airbnb to affirmatively sign on to this commitment. When through our background check processes or from input of our community we identify and determine that there are those who would be pursuing behavior on the platform that would be antithetical to the Airbnb Community Commitment, we seek to take appropriate action including, as in this case, removing them from the platform. …”

Do you see what is happening here?

The Left has a bigger agenda than tearing down Confederate monuments in Charlottesville and elsewhere in the South. They believe that no one else has the right to speak in the public square or hold events which conflict with their values. They believe that bars, restaurants, hotels and insurance companies should discriminate against their customers for political reasons. They believe Donald Trump is an illegitimate president who should be impeached and removed from audience.

SURJ Charlottesville believes it has the right to form a mob, swarm, surround and attack people for political reasons who are minding their own business while eating at restaurants. SJWs also think you should be blacklisted, censored on social media platforms, banned from crowdfunding services and suffer employment discrimination. They also debate the ethics of “punching Nazis,” redefining free speech as violence and censoring rightwing speakers on college campuses.

Step back and look at the big picture: the Left is asserting that political correctness is a new orthodoxy and must be imposed on public spaces. Everyone else must conform to their faith or suffer the consequences. The “Deplorables” caste is composed of -ists and -phobes who refuse to recognize their authority. Those people are evil haters and should be stripped of their civil rights and constitutional rights.

The Left now believes that all their old slogans like “non-discrimination, “non-violence,” “tolerance,” “free speech,””civil rights” and “equal rights … those things only belong to them now. The so-called “civil rights organizations” spend most of their time these days engaging in blacklisting, no-platforming, encouraging job discrimination and getting events and hotel reservations cancelled. Ironically, they have changed places with their old segregationist foes and have come to embrace their tactics.

Back in the 1960s, “civil rights activists” argued for opening up public accommodations to everyone. Today, *woke progressives* argue for just the opposite and high five AirBnb when it engages in housing discrimination. They cheer on violence, censorship, intolerance, blacklisting (which they used to call McCarthyism) and riot over free speech and freedom of assembly. They demand that Christian bakers and florists cater to gay weddings though. That’s “civil rights” now.

This isn’t just a problem for the Alt-Right. Antifas rioted over MILO, Charles Murray and Jordan Peterson. Over 70% of Democrats believe that Donald Trump is a racist. They believe that the Alt-Lite, Patriots, Southern heritage activists and Trump supporters are also “racists.” In the UK and Germany, ordinary people are already being prosecuted for crimes like “hate speech” They don’t have the freedom to speak their minds because their rights have already been stripped away.

Charlottesville is the canary in the coal mine. If we don’t start standing up and asserting our identity and our rights, these things will be taken away from us.

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  1. If I’m recalling correctly, this is the second or third post in this vein by you, Mr. Wallace. I mean the second or third post in which, to gain non-Southern support for what is, if the truth be told, a Southern Nationalist rally, you present an argument on the order of “First they came for the Southrons.”

    I’ll be frank: It’s weaselly.

    Moreover: What you should be asking yourself is why pro-whites don’t have the clout to prevent their being no-platformed. What pro-whites are up against is simply a massive group of institutions–whether of media, finance, or what-have-you–who don’t share pro-whites’ racial view. That’s all. It’s not more complicated than that, and you’re just wasting your time and everyone else’s time with your remarks about the left’s assault on pro-whites’ rights and how the left is now “ironically” advocating the opposite of what it once advocated or whatever it is you’re saying.

    You like to type these kinds of things, because typing them is easier than weighing the real question–which I’ll repeat:

    Why do pro-whites not have the clout to prevent their being no-platformed?

    Why don’t pro-whites–by which I mean uncloseted pro-whites–run any banks? Why don’t they run advertising agencies, or big publishing houses, or banks, or any of the other institutions that effectively co-operate in no-platforming pro-whites?

    That’s the only serious question, and it’s essentially what I’ve been posing here over the many years that I’ve been commenting at Occidental Dissent. That’s why my comments so often engender hostility from the other persons who comment here. Those other persons are no more inclined to weigh the question than you are.

    • Commander Rockwell asked these same questions regarding the lack of any pro-White businesses or institutions over 50 years ago. The problem is that most Whites do not regard their race as anything special, they are in business to make a buck. But the jews and other Asiatics see the Big Picture and will therefore always do what’s in the best interests of their particular clan, tribe, ethnic group or race.

      • The Asians meet as a consortium of SEPARATE ETHNICITIES.

        Their unity does not begin under the rubric of race.

        Another unteachable moment in the pro-white cause.

          • This ‘swine’ is the only poster on this thread, at the very least, who’s been quoted by the president’s son on CNN.

            Try again, crypto guido.

      • Why dont you guys grow up, give Trump his 4 yrs, learn to live with the rest of us who are delighted BO is out of office and Hillary did not win. Come the next election make your move, or expect to reap what you are sowing…..bullshit

      • As it happens, what you think is tiresome, moreofthesame, so you needn’t inform me of it again.

        • John, if that is your real name, you’re a wop and probably a mackerel snapper.

          This isn’t something you way-outside-the-Hajnal-Line populations have the IQ to understand.

          But of course you’re actually a recently college graduated Jew at a PR firm somewhere sockpuppeting as a wop and mackerel snapper as you “infiltrate the alt-right.”

          Let me guess. Fenton? BerlinRosen? SKDKnickerbocker? Marathon Strategies?

          • In your attempt to sound knowing, you come off as the witless Viking you are. Just shut the fuck up.

      • Always been white, never hated myself. How about you, you love who you see in the mirror or wish you were another race. If AIRBNB is allowed to do this then any business owner can refuse service to anyone for any reason. Hope they get sued into bankruptcy, they would not have done this to BLM, Muslims, or any far left idiot that wanted to speak.

    • John Bonaccorsi- “What pro-whites are up against is simply a massive group of institutions–whether of media, finance, or what-have-you–who don’t share pro-whites’ racial view. That’s all. It’s not more complicated than that.”

      Incorrect, it’s pressure from the left. Everyone who’s been in any kinda pro-white activism for any length of time has experienced this over and over again firsthand. Organizers are forced to scramble at the last minute because the venue has ripped up the signed contract after repeated bomb threats (or some other kind of threats) from the left, etc… The hosting venue may change three, four or even five times- it’s more common than not that organizers are forced to keep locations secret to where even known, well-trusted attendees do not know the exact location of the event until just before it begins. Imagine the uproar if the races were reversed? That is if pro-black organizers had to go through this kind of discrimination just to have a meeting…..

      John Bonaccorsi- “Why do pro-whites not have the clout to prevent their being no-platformed? Why don’t pro-whites–by which I mean uncloseted pro-whites–run any banks? Why don’t they run advertising agencies, or big publishing houses, or banks, or any of the other institutions that effectively co-operate in no-platforming pro-whites?”

      You’re talking like whites live in a free world of their own control- this isn’t 1950. In the modern West the greatest evil, worst crime and most vicious deed is the ‘sin of racism’. The entire apparatus of government is targeted specifically against us as a people- affirmative action type laws, contract preferences, Title VII type laws, etc… In the current environment about the best we can do without having our business confiscated would be a small home-based business. The lawsuit that took away the Christian Bakery from the elderly owners should be evidence as to how far modern society has shifted in this regard.

      • You’re begging the question. I ask why whites don’t have the clout they need, and your answer, in the form of two long paragraphs, is that they don’t have the clout.

      • PS Tex Wood — Maybe my original statement wasn’t clear. When I asked why pro-whites don’t run “advertising agencies, or big publishing houses, or banks, or any of the other institutions that effectively co-operate in no-platforming pro-whites,” I was including the government, the universities, and so on in the institutions that pro-whites don’t control. When your reply was, in effect, that the institution are intimidated by threats of violence or that government institutions prevent pro-whites from controlling institutions, you were, from my standpoint, begging the question. My reaction, in other words, to your reply was something like: Well, yes, but that’s what I asked: Why don’t whites control those government institutions–and why do threats from anti-whites have clout while, say, threats from pro-whites don’t? It’s all part of the same problem.

  2. Is Airbnb doing this to curry favor with the regime, or out of their own ideological commitment? By doing this, they’ve destroyed their own arguement that they are mearly an impartial intermediary for services.

    It really makes no difference, they have taken the side of Antifa one way or the other.

  3. The anti – white racists who will arrive to counter-protest, will they face the same discrimination? Umm….not likely. No doubt many of them will show up. They have nothing else to do with their time.
    Airbnb should be dragged to court over this discrimination, which violates our human rights.
    There’s anti-white discrimination everywhere that seems obvious to only us. We’ve so got to begin exposing it, and ending it.

    • STFU with this white male wonder most of you are still masturbating in mum’s basement. Pathetic and weak..

  4. Airbnb is under pretty intense pressure as it’s leaching major chunks of business away from the hotels. In my communist state, for instance, hotels charge 15% tax; the rate varies in states like Pa but the lowest I think is 6% going up closer to NJ’s in many places, especially where lodging is more expensive to begin with. Airbnb avoids this tax.

    So the hospitality industry lobbies against them wherever possible. I don’t know that all of airbnb’s posture is so ideologically-driven, and further, they unite strangers in intimate settings in a way that opens both parties up to potential danger. Hence they overcompensate.

    We saw them react to accusations of discrimination by blacks in aggressive TV ads designed to shore up sympathy from the black community.

    HW’s criticisms are correct overall, however, except for his incessant need to locate anti-white’s power in ‘the left.’

    Imagine if 27 year olds weren’t advising the middle aged political majority about what’s ‘important’…if among one OD sage’s generational cohort, Sinead McCarthy, didn’t have to out the alleged rape of some Swedish girl by a DS donor, if ‘Azzmador’ weren’t issuing how-to lectures on physically disciplining women, etc. etc.

    The notion that only Millennials have a sense of humor is insipid, but the notion that most of the ‘jokes’ feigned on DS or even in more ‘polite’ circles of the Alt Right are even vaguely entertaining to the demographic it’s purporting to court is tragic.

    There should be an ‘ism’ for constantly ‘ism’ing.’

    • I should add that airbnb recently was sued by a woman claiming a host sexually harassed and possibly assaulted her (have to look up the details). Her report sounds somewhat unconvincing along certain lines

      That said, I have a single female friend who hosts for airbnb and I would worry about her and any lone female opening her door to the misogynist, anti-middle class psychopathy that characterizes DS and much of the Alt Right.

      Clean up your own house before you look for dirt in someone else’s, because yours is utterly filthy.

  5. This is a most interesting article. The willingness to escalate is the most important question here.

  6. Simple solution, really.

    Own the businesses and/or have alternatives in place that place even the tiniest portion of pro-White money into pro-White hands. At some point the American pro-White sphere will have to actively seek out those who have the right kind of business and economic backgrounds that allow for proper growth.

    I’ve given advice and pushed people in the right direction throughout the years. I’ll try this here with a simple statement:

    Corporations and large businesses need Millions and even Billions of dollars a year just to sustain profit margins and increase clout and reach. At this moment in time, your average pro-White businesses owner only needs Thousands to sustain and even grow his profit margins and extend his reach. Take $500,000 away from Walmart in the form of a boycott and the executives won’t even blink an eye. Take that $500,000 and split it among 10 different pro-White businesses and you possibly give those businesses the means to thwart any BS boycotts that come their way because of their pro-White stance. That’s 10 businesses that would be allowed a buffer so that they could further perfect their business model, grow and slowly bleed capital from competing anti-White entities. You DO NOT destroy businesses with boycotts. You destroy them through competition.

    • Agreed, but how do you propose getting around problems like Paypal, etc. trying to prevent pro-white businesses from getting paid? How would you suggest avoiding civil suits? What’s better is to simply be white friendly as opposed to overtly pro-white.

      I wrote my comments because there would be a far stronger case of discrimination for whites against both hotels and airbnb if Unite The Right’s platform didn’t include the promotion of overt criminal acts.

      Physical violence against women is actually criminal in the US and many northwestern european countries, contrary to what DS and some Alt Right outlets try to claim.

      I have worried mainly for my airbnb friend when it comes to blacks and to a lesser extent hispanics. Both groups are known to harbor criminal underworlds and to use fake ID’s including social security numbers. Who the fluke knows who might be coming in to stay at her house. All airbnb does is verify your social media platforms, and I believe driver’s license. Only recently FB has begun demanding proof of identity to create accounts. And it isn’t unheard of in urban environments in my area for the hispanics especially to literally fake SS#’s, even to rent entire properties under stolen identities. Many blacks simply don’t care about being caught for committing crimes.

      This is where the pro-white movement literally pitches softballs to its enemies. Promoting violence against any members of society is beyond self-destructive – it’s controlled opposition.

      • Small business is local. Pro-White people who have businesses at this point are usually dealing with local clientele. I pay cash for just about everything. PayPal doesn’t factor in as an obstacle unless you’ve restricted everything to PayPal and its counterparts. Again, another area where having the right competetion in place can slowly defang anti-White entities like PayPal.

        Civil suits from what? Being an overtly pro-White person who happens runs a business? It seems like you are just assuming that a pro-White business means hostility to anyone who isn’t White or pro-White.

        It’s very, very telling that you took what I said and injected discrimination, hostility and even violence into the equation.

        • What does it say? Online shopping is taking the retail market over, if you haven’t shopped in a local mall lately. Last Christmas I couldn’t get basic service in three Lord & Taylor’s. In the last one I and two other angry customers formed a support group over what’s become the norm.

          What does it say about you that you haven’t noticed that small businesses face annihilation from various factors, just one of which is this online shopping preference?

          I’m the absolute last person to accuse of ‘injecting discrimination, hostility or even violence into the equation’ when it comes to being pro-white. I’m not the one advocating violence towards any group just because they aren’t mine.

          I advocate separation and ethno-nationalism, not racialist views used to justify hateful practices like slavery. I’m one of few.

          • And I’m the last person you want to try to give lessons to in online shopping and retail markets. I was involved with promoting Amazon in early 00s, so I know a little bit about online retail creep into small business markets. What I know is also why I’ve been pushing for a rebirth of local/small business(brick & mortar) over the last several years. You’re talking about segments of retail market as they relate to online shopping, while I’m talking about small business that is driven by LOCAL communities with LOCAL clientele. There are many portions of business/retail where online shopping either doesn’t translate that well or just not at all. Almost all businesses are hinged on good marketing and, nowadays, a good online presence, but they are NOT always hinged by the ebb and flow of “online shopping.”

            When I have a problem with my vehicle that I can’t fix, I don’t get it fixed by “online shopping.” I find a good local mechanic who can fix it, then pay him.

            When I need repairs or a large addition to my home, I don’t get it done by “online shopping.” I find people to come to my home, do the work, and then pay them.

            When I need my yard mowed or some other landscaping, I don’t go “online shopping” for the cheapest Chinese labor. I find someone local who does a good job, and then I pay them.

            When my wife decides she wants to do yoga, get a personal trainer, get her hair done, take ballroom dancing lessons or whatever, she doesn’t go “online shopping” to get it done. She finds a competent local business with compatible people, then pays them.

            Do you need more examples? I have many, many more if this still seems a little complex to you.

            If you’re so ignorant that you believe all segments of business relate specifically to “online shopping,” then you really shouldn’t be trying to give me, or anyone else, advice.

          • You write a great deal yet have precious litte to say. Using an economy of words might help strengthen your tiresome, pedantic arguments.

          • @Celestial

            No one said anything about ‘all segments of business.’ This is a jew tactic. Distort someone’s argument then reply to the fabricated one with some slick-sounding non-sequitur. Accommodations are a problem for pro-whites that can’t be solved locally. This applies to conferences, protests, even support groups for someone like Daniel Holtclaw. The hotel that offered group rates to his out-of-town allies faced boycotting threats and intimidation from the local black interest groups. In NJ different ethnicities already self-segregate to some degree and even when not, practice in-group favoritism. So your lecture isn’t really applicable. Online fundraising and rallying are a direct obstacle for pro-whites that have broader iterations and implications.

            @ spahnranch1969

            You read so many of my comments you get bored. Hmm…

          • Onceler,

            The only “jew tactic” was when you injected violence into the equation when my comment had nothing to do with violence or promoting violence. Then as a way to attack the idea of pro-White businesses, you talk about online shopping as one of the obstacles, even though what I was suggesting wasn’t restricted to the area of “online shopping.” You’re the kind of petulant asshole that takes not-so-complex problems and turns them into a giant quagmire of obfuscation and endless conjecture.

            Why did you make it a point to talk about violence when what I suggested was the furthest thing from violence or supporting violence?

            ………..faced boycotting threats and intimidation from the local black interest groups.

            Read my original comment again.

            By the way, I’m 100% European w/0% Jewish according to all my DNA tests. How about you?

          • I didn’t accuse you personally of promoting violence, although at times on here you’ve advocated for a pretty violent albeit indirect form of repression of women; the majority of female victims of the jewish pseudo psych sciences are women, a disproportionate number of whom survived hardcore rape and sexual violence. My comment here wasn’t alluding to that at all.

            Dailystormer advocates direct concrete physical violence towards women on a regular basis, or haven’t you noticed? Azzmador has a long rap sheet including several felony convictions, I assume some are for direct violence. Richard Spencer’s crowd has literally welcomed and defended the likes of that vile Roosh character who has bragged about raping white women and goes around coaching other men on how to sexually assault.

            Visibility is a necessity but the price paid in associations isn’t always worth it. Responsible white men with families and little girls don’t find ‘White Sharia’ even mildly funny.

            I make a point of patronizing ‘white’ businesses whenever possible. My local mechanic is a father son deal, german-american men for several generations. Upon escaping Jared Kushner’s home county, where I was terrorized as a ‘WASP’ on a bi-monthly basis, I walked into said whitey’s shop and almost collapsed. We’d only barely met but solid reviews and NJ life experience taught me I’d found safety with my *own* men. I stammered about what I’d faced in Essex County and how (((they))), their guinea allies and their proxies almost got me, still reeling in shock.

            To this day the early 20’s son reminds me to never hesitate to call if I need help, years later.

            That’s pro-white. A millennial showed more responsibility towards some middle aged woman having a ‘mental fit’ than the entire fucking ‘pro-white’ movement.

            His father taught him that very day. He and they would snarl at the hatred this milieu vents towards their people.

    • It’s the saving money that attracts people. For some it’s a matter of quieter more suburban digs. It all depends, I think.

      But in general, the people letting strangers into their home are often weird, no doubt. I’d say their motives are more questionable, often, than the guests who mostly just want to save a buck.

  7. @John Bonaccorsi…

    ‘Why don’t pro-whites–by which I mean uncloseted pro-whites–run any banks? Why don’t they run advertising agencies, or big publishing houses, or banks, or any of the other institutions that effectively co-operate in no-platforming pro-whites?’


    The principle reason, John, is what was said, a couple of months back, by an old Negress I was interviewing. ‘Poor Whites have always held on to their tribal identity, while those with more money have lookt down on that.’

    And so we come to the issue of identity, John, and the method of how one uses that within one’s psyche to reinforce one’s sense of worth, and interact with the world.

    Those people with education and money have been blesst by all that, but, within that blessing lies a curse – this that they think that they are above being a member of any tribe, but the country club and a designer set of hybrid gold clubs; and anyone who is not like this is worthy of derision.

    Vanity, John, sheer vanity, and reinforcet from a thousand angles.

    Furthermore, those who invest massive amounts of climbing up the social monetary ladder are extremely loathe to do anything publick that could be a threat to that. They are, though they think it not, owned by the system, to which they’ve given their lives.

    Some buck this, but, they are rare, these days, just as they were rare when we were kids.

    Christ said, ‘it’s harder for a rich man to get into heaven than a camel to get through the eye of a needle.’

    I think he summed it up – if you are terminally self-preoccupied, you will NEVER be able to know The Lord’s bounty, for you, a part of which is being a member of your tribe.

    You ought know this, as you are a stalwart member of The Northern White Race.

    All the best to you and mama!

    • Yeah, I stayed at one where the host clearly had been one at one point, and might still have been. She was a half jew who stalked me around the property showing me pics of her aryan german mother, oy gavult.

      I doubt most are hooking, as it were, but again, lots of oddballs in airbnb. Some serious control freak hosts, too. Most dangerous are the long term stays, cuz someone with extra long term space in their private home tends to have long term issues.

  8. Oh, to add, airbnb avoids those taxes to a large extent (there are service and cleaning fees that vary).

    In NJ it takes three months to qualify as a long term temporary housing tax exemption. In Pa day 31 either starts the tax free period or applies it retroactively.

    This is just one example of where we could step in and fill a void (((the corporations))) are helping to create. I have based some travel decisions on this tax status. Little guys get screwed under laws like those in NJ as the bigger corporations usually have longer term guests.

    • …and airbnb hosts offer weekly and monthly rates to anyone, while hotel chains either don’t extend them to the single traveler or base the long term rates on the number of guests. This treats small business owners the same as huge corporations.

  9. The solution is simple – do not patronize any businesses within the city limits of Charlottesville!

    • @Cap’n John: Ha-ha, tricking the moulinyans shouldn’t be too difficult. And the results would be delightful.

      I certainly hope you don’t mind, but I am now asking everyone in my neighborhood to refer to you as Cap’n John, the Night Tripper.

  10. The movements that truly succeed in fomenting ‘revolution’ begin at the grassiest of roots. Women’s festivals spawned huge waves of social change and the earlier, more influential ones literally rented huge tracts of land (or simply bought them) that pilgrims tented out on for up to three days. The idea was to save money, equalize class differences and bond, and overturn that same system by withdrawing from its power matrix. Jewish feminists appropriated the field creds of this culture to distort it into a mainstream jew racket.

    The more radical black activists like the Black Panthers emphasized gaining independence from ‘the system.’ Hoover found them the most threatening for this reason.

    Organizers didn’t try for more cooperative-style housing and transportation. But who would want to tent near a bunch of degenerate violent punks like the DS posters?

    State parks are all under on federal online reservations system. Discrimination by them against even the lovely felons amongst ‘us’ might have actually been actionable and even statutorily hard to defend.

  11. Speaking of cleaning house as Onceler stated, Hunter should do just that, starting with Onceler and Philadelphia little John.

    • Agreed. They are spam trolls and whiners of the first order, who do nothing but attack everyone on here while puffing about their own superiority. Oust ’em.

      • That’s not whining? I have held Dailystormer and elements of the Alt Right responsible for their actions.

        Stop acting like a crybully jewboy.

  12. I hope the dindus never realize that AirBnB is a great way for them to scope out places to burglarize/etc.. That would be unfortunate, and I hope it never happens.

    The fear is that someone might suggest it to some of them.

    • You guys need to take your drug or alcohol of choice and cool it.. You are ALL sounding assinine and making no sense on either side.

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