Charlottesville: Huge Torchlight March & Rally

Alt-Right protesters who oppose the removal of an historic monument of Confederate General Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville, Virginia staged a large torchlight march (see video below) and chanted “You will not replace us!” They gathered around a monument of Thomas Jefferson at the University of Virginia for a short rally and then left the area after the visually-stunning show of strength. Police then moved in to remove an unlawful assembly of Left-wing, anti-White supporters of the Jewish mayor and Black vice mayor who have fought against the statue and free speech. The march and short rally was a taste of what is to come today as many hundreds of Alt-Righters will gather at Lee Park for a larger rally featuring many of the big names of the pro-White movement. The Unite the Right rally is expected to be countered by communist activists affiliated with the Left-wing terrorist group ANTIFA known for their destruction of private property and attacks upon peaceful protesters to shut down Right-wing events.

CNN reports that Mayor Mike Signer, who hails from a liberal New York Jewish family, called last night’s march a “cowardly parade of hatred, bigotry, racism and intolerance.”

Shitlibs are freaking out on Twitter. They will be talking about this event for years to come! Amy Siskind, a feminist and homosexual activist, condemned the “White, straight, Christian male” Alt-Right protesters as a “sickness.” She condemned the gathering as based on “hatred afraid of progress and change.” Quite clearly, she regards replacing Whites and eliminating symbols of our heritage as “progress and change.” This is the primary agenda of the US Left today and the reason that the Alt-Right is necessary.

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  1. Well I’m going to Unite the Right, but I didn’t know anything about the torchlight march. That’s probably because I’m not a member of any group…

  2. Progress and change… a degenerate shithole. Thats what Siskind wants. The reason the Alt-Right has to exist is because of people like….it.
    By the way…..I’m white, Christian and male. I make no apologies.

    • Siskind, you Christ-killing Jewish shiksa whore! YOU are the one that will have to change:
      YOU are the one that will have to progress:

      from your blasphemy, your lesbianism, and your Talmuddied hatred for the white man’s God.

      Bend the knee, bitch. It’s time!
      Christus vivat.
      Christus regnat
      Christus Imperator!

      • Is she/it Jewish or a Shiksa – a woman can’t be both.

        A “Shiksa” is a non Jewish woman – usually a pretty blonde that dates or marries a Jewish guy and she’s insulted for being a whore. Most of this is jealousy by Jewish women who can’t get a husband, can’t get a man because they are ugly, pushy, obnoxious Jewesses.

  3. “All white, straight, Christian male. This is the same sickness as James Damore. It’s mediocrity and hatred afraid of progress and change.”

    We see what really frightens these people. It ain’t black criminals, Muslim terrorists, or climate change. It’s White men unifying and standing up against them. Replacing us is their idea of progress.

  4. Idea for a song based on “You Will Not Replace Us” that woke me this morning going through my head.
    I think it is catchy, but I guess I would. It would sound great sung by a lot of men at a rally.

    You will not replace us,
    For here we make our stand.
    You will not replace us,
    As we reclaim the Land.

    Too long have we stood idly by,
    As our heritage was slain.
    But, now we rise and take our stand,
    And it will not be in vain. ?

    You will not replace us,
    For here we make our stand.
    You will not replace us,
    As we reclaim the Land.

    America, the Beautiful,
    God shed His Grace on Thee.
    As we reclaim our Heritage,
    From Sea to Shining Sea.?

    I have an mp3 version I recorded so if you want that so you can see how it should sound email me
    theodoric dot magnus at protonmail dot com.

  5. Let’s have a drinking game.

    Every time a Jew calls white mediocrities swig back a Bushmills or a Powers.

  6. A great moment. I almost cheered in my room where I was watching the live stream. Hundreds of clean white people standing up and behaving like human beings instead of live stock on a Jewish cattle ranch.

    At one point the police declared it an unlawful assembly and told them to disburse. An handfull of cops told almost a thousand WHITES to go home. And they turned around and complied and marched back the way they came. . Not a single store was looted, not a single policeman was assaulted, not single fire was started and not a single police car was burned and destroyed.

    A proud moment. A great moment.

    • Never forget- The Boys In Blue Serve the Jew. As long as their jewish paymasters’ paychecks clear the cops could care less about you and I, White Man.

  7. When the cops told em to go home…they should have song “who’s side are you on…”

  8. You will not replace us. Who’s streets? Ours.
    White lives matter.
    I have a good one….’diversity is our stench’.
    From an Aussie who can’t physically be there, I hope it all went well. Cheers, boys and gals.

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