Charlottesville, VA: Judge Rules in Favor of Alt-Right; ANTIFA Slashes Tires & Knocks Out Windows

ANTIFA destroys private property

The Alt-Right is 2-0 against shitlibs in court (having previously defeated Auburn University officials). The Progressive attempt to shut down free speech has failed again as Judge Glen Conrad ruled that the rally at Lee Park can continue as originally planned. He issued an injunction saying that the Alt-Right will likely win after it was demonstrated that city of Charlottesville officials attempted to move the rally based on Left-wing political motivations rather than public safety. The Jewish mayor and Black Panther Vice Mayor have openly opposed efforts by Whites to protest the removal of Southern monuments in the city. But their efforts to shut down free speech have failed in court.

And the ANTIFA is up to its old tricks of Left-wing terrorism. The communist group has slashed tires and broken windows of cars they suspect of belonging to Identity Dixie peaceful protesters.

ANTIFA destroys private property
ANTIFA terrorists attack peaceful Southern protesters
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  1. A security detachment should have been on patrol to protect those cars from being vandalized. I feel terrible for those who may have driven halfway across the country and spent hundreds of hard-earned dollars to attend the rally, only to have this unnecessary aggravation imposed on them.

  2. Yes…the tolerant peace lovers are at it again.
    Just be sure to look after eachother. If someone has been violated in any way, come to his aid. Fix his car. Ensure he can get home.
    Show the world you’re better than the Left…..and the recruitees will snowball in numbers.

  3. I know y’all are probably on-site so it may be harder to write, but can we have some specifics about the decision? “Sides with the Alt-Right” in what way? Can the protest now be held at Lee Park? Please give some details, lads!

  4. I agree with you both, spahnranch1969 and john. We need to think a little more militarily/logistically, and we need to organically, as a community, take care of our own.

    As for the article, that’s good news, Michael!

  5. Critic thing here is to make sure that crowd sourcing is in place to Doxx the Antifa who make these attacks.
    Roll Camera!

    • Precisely. The assholes on the far Left have been ‘precious little snowflakes’ who have recorded everything on their iPhones, because narcissistic, and talked about them on their social media for the last 10 years. It’s time to turn the cameras on these spoiled brats; and bring them to court for vandalism, theft, and general all-around nuisance.

      Sue the shit out of them- and all Jewish lawyers in the US need to have a Sylvia Stolz… done to them!*

      Payback’s a bitch, and they need to pay us back so very much!

      * “[German] Civil rights lawyer Sylvia Stolz (who represented the late Ernst Zundel) has spent three and a half years in prison already for speaking her admirable mind in the circus arena that passes for a courtroom in her homeland, and has recently been given a further twenty months for speaking at a conference with far too much dignity, grace and intelligence for the liking of occupied-Germany’s utterly craven and lackey political and judicial system.” –

      God be with the Right!

  6. @Fr.John+
    Yes, exactly. What makes them special? These little shits are not above the law. They need to be bought back to earth and made accountable. The way they scream if you so much as whistle at them or crack a ‘racist’ joke, but yet, they think its ok to do this!
    Lowly parasites that you, the taxpayer, are likely paying for.
    Off to court if they play up- no special treatment.

  7. More than likely, there are going to be arrests of Anti-Fas before this is all over. When they are made, get the names & addresses of these dickheads. Publish them here & elsewhere. It’s a good bet that most of them come from very well off families who reside in some of the most affluent communities in America. That was the case back in January on Inauguration Day. I researched some of the addresses of those arrested & was amazed. One came from a family who does business with Trump. If you’re going to act like a terrorist, I guess it’s good to come from a wealthy family. You’re going to need a high priced lawyer to save your sorry ass from 10 years in the Federal slammer & pay off that 100K fine plus all of the property damage incurred.

  8. We need to infiltrate the other side and be aware, in advance, of what at be coming. Also, to find out their funding sources and true leadership figures.

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