Jews, Muslims, Blacks & Gays March Against Alt-Right in Atlanta

The coalition of the gutter came together in Atlanta, Georgia Saturday night to condemn the Unite the Right rally and Whites standing up for their own interests. Screaming cat ladies wore shirts saying “Punch More Nazis” while ironically condemning the violence (started by out of control SWAT teams and ANTIFA terrorists) in Charlottesville, Virginia at yesterday’s Alt-Right rally. Apparently the irony of that was lost upon the Atlanta marchers. Fox News reports:

Several civil rights organizations came together to condemn Saturday’s violence and rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, and march in the streets of downtown Atlanta.

Leaders from Bend the Arc Jewish Action, Color of Change, Human Rights Campaign, and Muslim Advocates gathered Saturday night to condemn the violence.

The organizers of the rally say they will urge President Trump to call the rally a “white supremacist convention.”

…Hundreds of people joined the march as the night went on, as the event ended at City Hall, where speakers told the crowd the changes they believe need to come from the incidents in Virginia.

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  1. I’ll call their bluff, they meaning antifa scum and the establishment need to tell us whites and I mean all whites the world over in explicit terms that we are not allowed identity politics.

    But the establishment loves to play these little games

    • I think that’s the point. To make the implicit explicit.

      Why would they feel scared when they know they are backed by the State?

      • What’s hilarious is when they call for more freedom/decentralisation, then get shocked when people like us cheer them on.

        In some of their minds, we’re inexplicably in favour of war, police state, corporate control, centralisation, pollution, etc. Though none of those things serve our interests.

    • There will always be subversion when dealing with the devil. I am willing to bet that the (((Charlottesville Mayor))) and McAuliffe had made a deal. The ALT Right is peaceful but will defend themselves when attacked. Antifa are useful idiots to the communist subversives in our government (Signer, McAuliffe, et al.). Tim Kaine is another one. Folks, the Jesuits are part of the problem as well, and that is who trained Kaine! Go to That was no crop failure induced famine! It was a method to reduce the Irish population and it did – by half! This is how they work. Like cancer.

      As for the clip, good for the Irish. The English Crown and been attacking them for centuries upon centuries through both the British people (use of military) as well as through The Roman Catholic Church.

  2. Assuming that the fellow squirreled, such occurrences are inevitable at events like this. If the rallies become huge, there will be major violence and deaths. I am pretty sure that the organizers have studied the dynamics of street action and are aware of these possibilities.

    • This is why I encourage more humility among the Right. We have something wrong with us, culturally.

      Some have interpreted that sentiment as wanting whites to believe we should vanish bc we’re imperfect, not my intended meaning here.

      We don’t need to believe we’re the “best” simply to desire survival. A mother loves her child, because he’s her own. We should love our people the same: We’re flawed as is all of humanity, but we love our people all the same.

      If we were more humble, then we could maybe flesh out the Enlightenment origins of what motivates whites to cuck. No other race is so crazy as whites are today. There might be some genetic basis, but it’s cultural. Cucks tend to believe the Enlightenment is superior to all other political/cultural systems, as if it’s some technological breakthrough. And they seem to believe Marxists were the first ever to conceive of wealth redistribution, though even Aristotle spoke of it.

      Partly whites seem to desire to do the moral thing. That’s good. We just need to explain then how small societies, and survival, are better than global empire.

      And partly whites seem to believe that since we’ve been so powerful the last few centuries that only whites take part in slavery, conquest, etc. So, what’s needed here is to teach “educated/brainwashed” whites real history, which seems increasingly difficult the more time they spend in universities. We have whites with enormous egos, who believe they know all things, or that society’s “experts” do. And it’s not true. They don’t read books. They’re illiterate, haven’t read the most basic set of classics, let alone basic history.

      Once nonwhites replace the US empire, finally whites will wake up. But what sort of position will we be in then?

      • I agree with you 100%. I don’t care which group has what talents or abilities. Superiority isn’t the issue. The point is that we are being invaded with the intent on replacing, impoverishing, dispossessing, and destroying us. Opposing all of that is a right that we don’t have to ask anyone for.

        • Well said. And the best revenge is to have a large family, raise it well. Because antiwhites fear nothing more than whites reproducing.

          Protests can be good, but those with large families are often most deserving of praise. A family needs to be raised well though. It does no good if children just become Latino 3 generations down.

          I think for some, earning money could be very helpful, if they’re able to become like these Jewish sugar daddies who fund all the Jewish groups and temples :p We just need more who are actually committed.

          One thing that would be neat would be for activists to take pride in dressing below their wealth class. So, they might wear or drive the minimum of acceptability – and do so without looking like a tramp.

          Or, we could praise the generalist ideal: “The specialist is the enemy of the peasant.” We could learn to do things like basic house repairs ourselves. So, though we specialise for careers, we could become less dependent on others.

          Pursuing strength, becoming useful to one’s people (not to an elite but to one’s people) should be a mark of honour. Becoming wealthy in order to waste money… That should be embarrassing. The bourgeoisie sell their souls and heritage for fancy cars. We shouldn’t respect such.

        • I utterly disagree. The White Race is the ELECT of God. As Cambria noted last week: “. To me, as a European Christian, it seems obvious that there has only been one Christian people and that is the European people. There is such a difference between the people of old Europe and the people of the non-white cultures that it lends credence to the Adamite theorists. But it is not necessary to accept that theory in order to acknowledge that the living God was at the center of non-diverse, white Europe, and He was not at the center of colored heathendom nor is He at the center of modern Liberaldom.” –

          These feminist whores, sodomites, and niggers are NOT MY EQUALS, and they deserve death for their crimes against White Humanity.

          I will not live in a Jewish Gulag, which is what these bastards are aiming for. THIS IS OUR LAND, NOT THEIRS. I know too much bout the Bolshevik evil in the last ‘Jewish Paradise’ to EVER capitulate.

    • Yep. Thats the western patriots biggest mistake they refuse to admit the greatest enemy, liberal white. Antifa was white, cops were white, governor was white, now demo is white with one asian. And western patriots still blaming blacksjewsmuslimsanddarthvader and refuse to take a good look on the white race.

  3. I have had friends do a search of Facebook and social media. We should not delude ourselves there is near universal condemnation of the Alt Right among the average WHITE American now.I would say we had the moral ground after the torch light Friday night. We won Friday but the Anti-Fa won Saturday. Now because of one lunatic it will be difficult for the Alt Right to assemble anywhere and I think the Feds will investigate and subvert the Alt Right just as the did with other right wing groups in the sixties with Cointelpro.

    • I saw the same thing, and it’s a pretty nasty pill to swallow. Everyone I know, from the most hardcore leftists to the most skeptical conservatives, is roundly condemning the Alt-Right, with maybe only a couple of people conceding that “both sides are equally horrid.”

      Between people’s preconceived notions of us, and the extremely dishonest and negatively slanted MSM coverage of the event, nobody who wasn’t there got a more favorable impression of us after UtR. And that is very sad, considering the lengths we went to to have a peaceful and successful rally in spite of all the bullshit that got thrown at us.

      There’s not even a point in trying to clear the air with them; the few who wouldn’t unfriend me immediately, will not take my word over what they’re seeing from every “reputable” outlet.

    • @ethnostatist. You blame the one lunatic (remains to be seen if he was a lunatic, more likely a panicked kid being attacked by sticks and bats), or us… The fact is the media is to blame once again. We were attacked in force. Do you think we would’ve been better off not retaliating? The media is making us out as the violent aggressors when the truth is we only retaliated in defense of ourselves and our rights.

  4. Who are they “afraid” of? *We* are the victims. We’re the ones being ethnically cleansed.

    Do white people have souls? I want to hear these people acknowledge that whites have souls.

    RE Lee was a near-Christ figure. He was a very moral person. Stonewall was the same. It’s unbelievable that such men are condemned by anyone.

    Was the driver of that car tied to any group? Unlikely. The only thing we know about the guy is he’s a Republican. Rumour suggests he’s a Bernie supporter.

  5. From a public relations stand point, this turned out to be a disaster.

    Two dead cops and an ISIS style attacked carried out by one of ours.

    • Gee, Ronnie–you’ve assessed something accurately. Let me tell you how that works around here. Count to one hundred and then look for somebody to post, “Shut up, you anti-white faggot.”

    • Do we know he’s “one of ours” or do we know he didn’t act in self defense? It seems credible from on site tweets that failure of police to protect anyone was deliberate. Is it such a stretch to conclude certain evil individuals wanted something like this to happen?

      • There is a group photo of him just before the attack of with Vanguard America. He is wearing matching clothes with the group and holding one of those homemade shields.

        He was absolutely on of ours.

        • He absolutely was not a member of Vanguard. They have said this, repeatedly. He wanted to stand with them and since he had the right outfit on they foolishly let him.

          Stop spreading lies.

    • Ronnie, what are you complaining about? One useless, purple-haired cow was run over by a hot rod and two flying pigs were shot down. Not bad for a single afternoon!

    • @Ronnie

      It’s always gonna be a PR disaster, no matter what happens. The Communists are always gonna claim victory, even when they lose. The MSM is always gonna be hostile to our point of view.

      • You are so right, Mr. Owen – for even if we sat as a stone and never offered a peep, Jew England government media would be telling the world we are evil.

        They have to do that, to distract from the fact of how daggone evil they are.

        One day, the MSM is going to have a cataclysmick collapse.

        I can feel it in the wind, and the polls reflect the distrust the average American now has for it.

        All the best to you and Mr.s Owen!

  6. I think the whole thing was planned by our enemies. From the judge to the mayor to the police to the governor to the press. All in cahoots with each other. Yes, I question the judge’s decision because of the events that unfolded afterward (they had to be allowed to assemble in order to be shut down don’t be fooled by positives that come our way). The plan wasn’t put together a week ago. They know the ALT right isn’t dangerous. They purposely shut down the park to merge the two groups into chaos.

    They started it all by attacking the monuments.

    • ZOG has no fear of rioting niggers but is terrified of armed and organized Whites, because they pose a threat to the very existence of the System.

  7. If the alt-right and its grouplets are so bad then our leaders should explicitly denounce any and all attempts at white identity.

    Now they won’t do it because it is all a game and they win it because obviously they stack the rules in their favor.

    Racism = White identity and nothing more, if they explicitly deny us white identity then the whole shebang of mommy and daddy government is illegitimate.

    This will confuse many of you but I hope Trump and his idiot GOPe lamphreys including his brain dead daughter explicitly state going forward white identity will be forcefully discouraged, there will be no identity politics for whites forever.

    • I’d be glad to slap that bitch until she cried for mercy. She probably aborted her own child more than once, and is nothing but a useless mass of tissue. These God-damned Hypocrites are the tools of Satan, and deserve to die.

  8. “Jews, Muslims, Blacks & Gays March Against Alt-Right in Atlanta”

    In other words, the Democratic Party turned out in force, in Atlanta.

  9. The police stood down and allowed the Left to run over the Unite the Right rally with violence.
    A Dodge Charger ran over the Left and a police helicopter crashed.
    Sweet justice…

    Don’t get discouraged…

    Compliments to the League of the South’s defense force…seems you have to bring your own “police protection”. Wished they had brought handcuffs and made citizen’s arrest on all the violent antifa who attacked.

  10. For the first time it was not bad. We in the Eastern Europe failed many times before we got it right. And this car crash. Lot of people reading liberal reactions and wandering that muslim do this all the time and nobody condems islam. So liberal hypocricy on the broad daylight again. And look how few antifa were out. There are no mass demos anymore protesting raciss.

  11. I am less black pilled now since I listened to 3 hours of live media interviews on The Political Cesspool radio program.What Fox news, CNN, and MSNBC are reporting is not accurate! Still the Alt Right obviously needs a better screening method. Non-conformist groups, whether of the left or of the right or even religious, always tend to attract people with emotional problems. Granted such people are in the minority but one fu*k up by them tarnishes the whole organization. I knew a group in the eighties who would not accept members until they did a background check and had the applicant fill out a lengthy questionnaire and then pass a polygraph test! Granted its not 100%. Even the NASA astronaut core had a nut slip in that tried to kill a woman having an affair with her husband who drove cross country without ever stopping, wearing adult diapers to avoid rest room stops, to do so.

  12. More hatred coming from the Left…they commit ungodly sins and now have a violent reaction when the far Right stands up and tells them the “party is over”…It is going to get much uglier…and the Left is going to go down kicking and screaming…

    • It seems to still be working on many whites to just say it’s the whites who hate. Amazing.

      Since when do any of us harm or suggest harm against minorities? It’s ridiculous. We’re said to hate, because we love something.

      Most people in the world value their history, their blood and soil, their faith. None of us defend the US empire. None of us want war and poverty and surveillance. We don’t want socialism, but we also value a middle class. You look at what nationalists actually say: They tend to be very moral, upright, tolerant, caring people.

      The Left thinks it opposes the powers-that-be. It doesn’t.

    • That one guy with the car is a terrorist. Antifa throwing bleach, bear mace, bricks, and acid while destroying cars and other property are also terrorists.

      Trump should totally classify that one guy, who seems to belong to no group, as a terrorist. And he should classify antifa as a terrorist group.

  13. All that battle rattle the cops have been issued over the last two decades isn’t for nignogs is it?

  14. My suggestion would be to start learning an Eastern European language and plan accordingly. Or you can continue to go to your job and support the state and welfare recipients who are waiting to cut your throat.

  15. Maybe the possibility will come about to seek asylum in one of the Eastern European countries for whites in America. Let them turn it all into Detroit as far as I’m concerned. At some point you have to awake from your dream and be realistic. I see no future for my children in this country.

  16. Headlining on Drudge right now is a video of Kessler, the organizer of the rally, be chased through bushes looking for cover. He looks like a coward. Very bad optics.

    Next time around serious planning and organizing needs to take place to avoid anything like this happening again. This shit show is an embarrassment.

  17. Richard Spencer

    No more the-eyes-glaze-over statements about a White Ethno State….









  18. Don’t be black pilled, folks. Great optics on Friday night. And by far our greatest show of force on Saturday. We will learn and grow. This thing is getting really big now.

    • The guy with the car was apparently schizophrenic.

      Antifa very likely injured a lot more people than did the other side.

      Btw, RE Lee wanted unity in the US, opposed secession, opposed the war. I bet y’all’d never protest a Sherman statue, though Sherman wanted to *ethnically cleanse* Amerindians. RE Lee *never* said anything like Sherman.

      You couldn’t find many today who are as morally upright as was RE Lee.

  19. I’m far from worried by these people. Look at them and than look at the rally of nats on the night of 8/11. These people are an assortment of freaks. They may be violent and delirious freaks, but when it comes down to it they’re still freaks. The nationalist are the ones who actually look normal, who if you ran into them on any given day you would never know they belonged to some subculture. Maybe because they don’t. Maybe because they actually represent a whole lot of normal white-Americans. If you ran into these antifa you could easily tell they belong to some subculture and even be able to point out what group they belong to.

    I have never had as much confidence and respect for nats as I do lately. We do not need to stand out as a group of freaks and subcultures. We’re normal white men and women standing up for our basic human rights.

    • Nationalism is normal but not bogus “civic nationalism” being peddled by all the usual suspects.

  20. @Mr. Cushman…

    This is very beneficial, Sir, because it draws our enemies plainly out into the open where, at the least, our sleepy-headed brethren, consumed by Pokemon, satellite TV and Buffalo hotwings, will have no choice but to be further polarized.

    The principle difficulty we have facet is that we were conditioned to be asleep, but, with the more of us waking and taking action, it is creating this counter-reaction which will grow us.

    Things were bleak and hopeless in 2014, but, now, thanks to George Soros and The Left, things have radically improved.

    He thinks he is orchestrating, but, The Good Lord is ‘conducting’ him…

  21. ‘Jews, Muslims, Blacks & Gays March Against Alt-Right in Atlanta’


    ‘Yankee government coalition of minorities reenacts the War of Reconstruction made on us, The Southern White Race, this as our Red-Shirts and Scarlet Knights rearise from the ashes to signal their coming sway in our land.’


      ‘‘Yankee government coalition of minorities reenacts the War of Reconstruction made on us, The Southern White Race, this as our Red-Shirts and Scarlet Knights rearise from the ashes to signal A COMING END TO their sway in our land.’

  22. Did you see the interview with Signer? He was practically laughing in it. Also, all the newspapers and other forms of media are in unison on this one – “white supremacists” which is a death sentence these days. This was a higher level operation than previously thought. Too many mistakes were made by the Alt Right leadership on this one. They walked right into the trap. Signer, McAuliffe, and probably Clinton and Obama, too. They are also using this to try and get Trump. Sessions needs to look at it from a false flag angle. You notice how there is no condemnation of the counter-protesters? This whole charade has all the markings of the entire Democratic Party as well as their globalist overlords.

    Lastly, the Charger – did it have a hood stripe or not?

    • The pin stripe is there in the photo where he is standing next to the vehicle but it is not there on the picture of the wrecked vehicle after the attack.

  23. I also connect the Red Ice “live feed” being destroyed as part of the “behind the scenes operation” by our enemies. This is getting ugly. These miscreants will do anything. Pedophilia is something that needs to be protected at all costs….. and the cops….. useful idiots.

  24. There’s no obvious downside. The left showed up and was run down. The kid was a crazy bastard and I don’t endorse running over opponents but that’s what you get when you stand down a police force.

    • @Captain,
      Yes…all the leftards had to do was not show up, and let us have our say in peace, and get our views heard, which we’re entitled to do under the law. They expect the same right if they’re marching for refugees, gays, whales or any of the other five million things that bother them. Of all the places in America they could have been, they had to be there. They came to provoke, goad and pester us, and when we responded, the media paints us as the aggressor, and that the left were ‘protesting peacefully’.
      They came looking for trouble over the weekend, and fucken got it!

      • Interesting how all the hate filled white supremacist Nazi racists never show up at their rallies to scream, extort and commit violence.

  25. Hunter, I do hope you’ll follow up with a “Lessons from Charlottesville” similar to the “Lessons from New Orleans” blog post. Looking forward to it.

  26. Yeah I’ve looked at some /pol/ clips and it appears his car was struck by a baseball bat before he hit anyone. These cunts were also standing in the street as well. Doesn’t anyone tell the kids not to play in the street anymore?

    • Follow Hunter on Twitter if you can.

      We have footage that shows that it was likely an accident to begin with, and that the guy only backed up after Antifa started smashing his car while trying to open the doors to pull him out.

      Based Vanguard Man (Dodge Version) dindu nuffin.

  27. So, I just got safely home, and Hunter should be home in about an hour or two.

    We’ll both have write-ups on the whole experience, including the battles with Antifa and the events that we witnessed and have footage of.

    Stay strong, Brothers and Sisters, for this weekend was a glorious weekend, and we are now officially a mainstream force to be reckoned with.

    • Were there a lot of jews and coloreds in the enemy’s ranks or was it mostly white race traitors?

      • They had bused in BLM Negroes from New York City, and there were some Jews, but I would say a large number of the Antifa were White race traitors and other assorted creatures that could have possibly been of European descent.


    That is called incitement to violence, wearing T-shirts like that.

    People need to file a police report against her, and DEMAND her arrest and criminal prosecution for inciting violence, which is a criminal offense.

    And write to the DA and demand he prosecute her.

    Her t-shirt shows clearly that the Antifa thugs are criminals and terrorists. Antifa should be labelled a terrorist organization.

  29. If they weren’t scared, they’d do like we did and march right into the middle of a Commie stronghold (i.e Charlottesville) and kick some ass and then leave. Instead, they march in the security of their urban shit hole (the Big Watermelon). Why not come to Wetumpka, Alabama, instead?

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