We’re gonna need a bigger shovel…

By now, you have already heard about the violent white nationalists that descended upon Charlottesville and, maddened by an irrational hatred of people with too much melanin, committed despicable acts of terrorism.

It’s hard to distinguish the liars from the ignorant, but there is so much manure coming from the fake news, I hardly know where to begin addressing it.

First, ZERO of the Unite the Right event leaders called for violence. I was in attendance, expecting to listen to speeches and perhaps network with other alt-righters. I personally observed Antifa members macing and throwing things at people, but did not see any alt-righters instigate violence. The talking heads on the news have been breathlessly reporting all day on the “right-wing violence,” after spending the past year and a half studiously ignoring the dozens of Trump supporters who have been beaten, stabbed, and maced. It’s continuously implied that the “white supremacists” are the ones creating violence. This brings me to my second point.

“White supremacy” is almost always a lie. It implies believing that whites are superior in every way, and/or should rule over others. The alt-right is a white identitarian movement, and includes white nationalists, but “supremacy” is a seldom accurate, emotionally loaded word, and it is repeated incessantly not just by leftists but by mainstream conservatives. It’s obvious they want you to believe that these aren’t simply people who want to preserve monuments of cultural significance, THEY ARE EVIL OPPRESSORS.

I also heard ad infinitum that the protesters were guilty of “hatred and bigotry.” HOW DO THEY KNOW? They’re assuming they know the emotions and thoughts of people based on their own prejudices and assumptions. They obviously don’t know what Unite the Right attendees believe. They are basing their assessments on a laughably cartoonish caricature they have in their heads. I haven’t seen any of the event leaders being interviewed on the national news.

I know, I know. They don’t want to “give a platform to hate.” Maybe. Or maybe they don’t want people to hear them because they might form their own opinions. They might realize these “monsters” aren’t full of hate, and are in fact making some valid points.

This brings me to my final thought. The rally was declared to be an “unlawful assembly” before the first speaker took the stage. Some leftists are claiming that is a victory, of course. My take is that they are afraid to let people hear something they don’t like, but can’t refute. More proof our people are right, and are over the target.


  1. Someone ought to impeach Terry McCauliffe. The chaos is quite literally down to his illegal political use of the State Police and National Guard, taking what would have been a relatively peaceful event into a homicidal death proof game. Fuck McCauliffe.

    • The Federal judge who ordered the city to allow the rally should issue a contempt citation and order Federal marshals to arrest him.

      • When there is a football match between rival teams in the English Premier League the cops carefully segregate the fans to prevent stampedes. The police knowingly mixed in Fascists (with a permit to demonstrate) and communists (without a legal basis to coagulate). The police and their command structure made a bloodbath inevitable.

  2. Despite my complaint in the other thread regarding communication, I do think the event leadership and participants did a good job of rolling with the punches as one misfortune led to another today. We actively avoided skirmishes (but resisted when Antifas hit us), and Spencer and Duke et al kept their messages on point and made sure damage control was a high priority after the state of emergency was called.

    Next time, we’ll be prepared for the Leftists’ tricks, and if they force us out of our scheduled location, I hope that we will have preparations in place for moving everyone to a contingency spot (or two), so we don’t fragment like we did today.

  3. Great post. There are some things that need to be added.

    First: The Main Stream Media do not control the narrative any more as they did as recently as 20 years ago and certainly not as completely as they did in the 1960’s. People go to Youtube and other Internet sources for their info, not to the three networks. Fox is being questioned too.

    The video on this shows clearly that ANTIFA were to blame for the violence just as during the 2016 election, Berkeley and other locations. ANTIFA criminals are being arrested and prosecuted in California, which is a step in the right direction.

    Second: There is already an existing lawsuit in place in which an injunction was issued restraining the CITY from revoking the permit. The basis of the Court’s order was the importance of the Plaintiff’s 1st Amendment rights, to wit, freedom of speech. I believe the CITY violated the court’s order by shutting down the rally before the first speech was even begun. This is a clear violation of the civil rights of the speakers as well as a vilation of the court’s order. Jason Kessler is the plaintiff in this case and his lawyers should initiate a proceeding requiring the CITY to show cause why it should not be held in contempt. This will force the CITY to respond with opposing papers setting forth its defense to the charge. The facts set forth therein will be useful in assessing the CITY’s liability for civil rights violations.

    Third: There are clear cut violations of 42 USC 1983, which provides a private right of action against any person acting under color of law to deprive a person of a constitutionally protected right. The additional information that will be available will provide the basis for amended claims to the existing lawsuit and additional lawsuits by other plaintiffs for violations of their rights.

    It should be noted that an essential element of a violation of Virginia’s “unlawful assembly ” statute is that the perpetrator must have an intention to use unlawful force or violence against other people. Our people were getting ready to speak, getting ready to exercise protected 1st Am. rights that had been affirmed by the court’s order of the previous day. Giving a speech is not an intention to use “unlawful force or violence” as a matter of law. The allegation of “unlawful assembly” is totally frivolous. Clearly the CITY intentionally violated o ur people’s free speech rights and the court’s order on a baseless and contrived basis.

    This litigation would be worth some fundraising. The CITY has badly overplayed its hand here. This is 2017, not 1967 and depositions can be video taped and shown on Youtube, etc. This event can be turned into a real “tar baby” for the CITY. The cannot undo what has been done. A strong legal attack against the CITY will keep alive the magnitude of its wrongdoing and give us the opportunity to make these people bleed….legally.

    I’m normally very restrained in advocating litigation, but this is an opportunity for us to seize the initiative and seize control of the narrative and the production of evidence.

  4. Yes, we should consider ourselves lucky to be able to support the minorities who despise us so and fight wars for our Jewish overlords. White people, throw your bodies on the gears and stop the machine. Don’t show up at your jobs for a week. Stop charging anything. They can’t run their empire without money.

  5. I wonder what the fate of that equestrian statue in Lee Park is going to be? Will this weekend’s meat circus in Charlottesville have any impact on what happens to it?

  6. All predictable reactions from the anti-White MSM, pols, etc.: Shut it Down! Don’t matter cause Pro-Whites are here to stay.

  7. We may have our differences on the Alt Right….

    But I think we can all agree that Soledade O’Brian is filthy smelly spoiled Mulatto Nigger…

    Carol Swain on the other hand is an honorable Black Women…God Bless her!!!

  8. Nobody should fail to notice that the entirety of the ‘mainstream media’ and the treasonous political whores, like Ryan and McCain, are running with the exact same bullshit narrative.

    Almost exactly like they were all told what to say by some third party. Weird.

  9. It’s all staged, the car crash, the anarchists, the immediate prepared statements of politicians prominently shown around everywhere. They wanted MAXIMUM violence at this event to make a point. I don’t care if most WN’s aren’t conspiracy theorists because you’re missing huge part of the picture, this was staged. And WN’s set themselves up perfectly for a staged event. The truth will never come out and we’ve been set back decades. Maybe completely destroyed even as a rarely heard fringe element.

    • @Pat I hope you’re right and it was a setup that gets exposed. That fucktard in the Dodge wrecked a good car…….and possibly our credibility for years to come. This gives the Left ammunition and victim status. No town will want the Alt-Right anywhere near them for years. We only had to hold it together for one fucking rally…..but one knob allows the Left to get to him, and ruins it for everyone. They showed up to be a pest, and this incident played right into their hands.
      Its very distressing.

      • “…That fucktard in the Dodge wrecked a good car…”

        My first thought was that the people blocking the road were screaming at him that they were going to pull him out of the car and kill him. I bet this is what happened. It would be nice if video was available of this.

        • I’ve since heard from somewhere that the perps name is Joel Longfuckiname and that he may be of the Left. He may have rammed the victims thinking they were Alt-Right. Thats another possible scenario. Until the investigation unfolds, I won’t know what to think, but I’m hoping he wasn’t one of us.

      • @John: It will never get exposed. Staged events never get exposed. Even if every American knew beyond a doubt that Bldg 7 was already wired for implosion before Sept. 11, 2001 because there’s no other way it could have gotten wired up that day, they won’t believe you.

    • Jeez, blackpill much, Chicken Little? Where’s your fighting spirit? The state of Virginia pulls a dirty trick and you’re throwing in the towel with Eeyore shrieks? Come on, buck up, get your head right, and get back in the fight, dammit!

      • @Ironsides,
        Yes you’re right. I’m not giving up. The fight must resume. One person did this, not the rest of us. We can never be stalled by an incident we had no role in. But you must admit, it was an appalling public relations incident that we could have done without. Lets just say it didn’t help.

    • The ACLU’s support was a surprise. One can’t help but to jump to a “conspiracy theory” conclusion to explain it. Was the whole thing mapped out to discredit White Nationalism? Did the city of Charlotte throw a monkeywrench in the works when they attempted to cancel the rally, disrupting an outcome deliberately planned by the left, necessitating the utterly bizarre intervention by the ACLU so their evil plan would go forward?

    • The Governor of VA is a Clinton cronie. The Mayor of C’ville is a Jew, his vice-mayor is a Nigger supremacist. All the usual Guiltys.

  10. WTF is wrong with being a White Supremacist? It is obvious that whites have been bestowed with higher intellect- have you seen Africa or Mexico lately? Even the chinks had to bring in European engineers to get their Three Gorges Dam completed because they had fucked it up so badly.

  11. Chronicles just condemned racial nationalism, and seemingly nationalism as well.


    It’s a fantastic magazine, but I don’t understand how we’re to build on tradition in a society of mass immigration and fluid transience (capitalism). There’s no community to build on. And nations are built on blood, not such diversity. It’s perfectly natural to identify with something other than the world as a whole. These fuzzy intellectual alternate paths are BS.

    I’ve long believed, and continue to believe, that Chronicles is an ideal magazine to learn from. But it’s just not fully in reality. In a sense, the magazine seems outdated now. At best, it’s dishonest or in denial.

    What annoys me most is Aaron Wolf’s comment suggesting a person who values ethnicity wouldn’t read Chronicles. That’s ridiculous. Anyone familiar with the community of its readers over the years knows the history of controversy there over ethnicity and the Reformation.

    So, why read it? Well, I can argue on dozens of issues, because I’ve read the arguments in the magazine. We don’t have a polity today, but it’s worthwhile to learn. I used to read it eagerly when in college and just out. I don’t always get the chance to now, but I hadn’t noticed it become “Crunchy Con” like AmCon.

    I doubt there’s a replacement for the Paleos; I doubt the Alt Right could do without them. But that’s an annoying article.

    I’m a Southerner who lives in an area that’s been flooded with non-Southerners who know nothing of the history, care nothing for the history, and generally suspect Southerners are evil. They don’t value tradition, don’t want to set down roots, and don’t form much community. The floods of people don’t end, and we’re targeted. The clear intention is to erase us. We’re being made into a slave class. Tens of thousands of years of heritage to be lost, exchanged for a society of gated communities and slums (the slave class). The Enlightened choose such a fate? Ridiculous.

    Part of the destruction of Christianity is this transience and the refusal to resist it. Kinship and nation are historically what people identify with. You find that all over the world.

    As Spencer has tweeted, the Alt Right is full of diversity. I don’t know that I’m so categorised, but my own ideal is a nation-state so difficult to attack that foreigners leave it alone. My love for something doesn’t make me evil; it makes me human.

    • CHRONICLES?!?! Are you serious? I haven’t read that rag in over two decades! Both because it’s nothing but egghead ethereal blathering, and because it actually believes the RC worldview has validity. Sorry. Michael Hoffman’s new book, ‘The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome’ has COMPLETELY cured me of a ‘return to the swine pits’ of that Cultic Communion (if Bergoglio’s blasphemies haven’t already done so…).

      The underlying elephant in the room, over this fear of ‘the goyim knowing’ is just that- the ‘GOYIM’ knowing. THis was just the first of a massive number of future protests, marches, and confrontations with the Seed of Satan and their minions. Deus Vult!

      “Let us beware of illusions: As long as people in the West believe in the six million and the gas chambers, they will always support Israel in principle, even if they criticise the Israeli treatment of the Palestinians as being unnecessarily harsh.”

      “If the holocaust were publicly exposed as a shameless fraud, if people all over the world learned that, while the Jews undoubtedly were ….. persecuted during the Second World War, there was no attempt to exterminate them, that the death factories, gas chambers and gas vans were a Jewish swindle, and that the six million figure was a fantastic exaggeration, the Zionist-led “New World Order” would be all but finished.”

      – Jurgen Graf, Historical revisionist-in-exile, ‘Holocaust Revisionism and its Political Consequences’, 2000

    • Not all Paleos are “cucks”. Sam Francis used to write for the magazine, for example.

      It’s a great place to get a political education, which can then be used for most any purpose. Learning political science gives one the power to act.

  12. The thing about this is we had a PEACEFUL political rally which was crashed by Communist Rioters and turned into a riot. Somehow the Entire Media and the Republican Party makes the RIGHT the Rioters when the Commies started it. Twilight Zone crap!

    • ZOG has no fear of the coloreds or mestizos because they’re too dumb, lazy and disorganized to pose any threat to the system. But when Whites become armed and organized? Oy vey, it’s anudduh holacawst!

    • And RE Lee shouldn’t even be seen as offensive. Once most of the South is removed, the next phase starts up…

      I wouldn’t mind getting Sherman’s statue removed though. He hated Amerindians, killed a lot of Southerners too.

      Nehlen is the only one I’ve seen who seems to condemn antifa.

      The driver of the car, some say, could, though Republican, be a Bernie supporter (his facebook page down now) and tied to an Islamic group. I’m just repeating rumours from twitter.

  13. Can’t get a comment through over at Altright.com…who the fuck moderates the comments over there…I mean considering that I have been in the commenting trenches here and other of our favorites watering holes-places…for years…

    • You filthy, ZOG operative! Jew know as well as I, and the videos prove it, THIS WAS A FEDGOV PLOT (just like what Trump is going through) to FRAME THE Alt-Right- from the Jew Mayor and Nigger Vice thug, to McAuliffe. The City broke their agreement, others are calling for massive legal action and you have the ‘chutzpah’ to say ‘The South’ is to blame?!?

      You must be a Jew. You have no soul.

      • Shut the fuck up, you jackass; I’m tired of hearing from you. You’re a perfect example of the belligerent, moronic type with which this website’s been infested since I began visiting it regularly. You have no ability to listen.

        If the rally had been organized by serious, capable persons–with some money–it would have had intelligent leadership, which would have kept its participants in line while police were asked for assistance against blockades or whatever else the counter-protesters were throwing up in its path. As it is, it was amateur hour, in which a bunch of yahoos with homemade shields that looked as if they’d been designed by twelve-year-olds apparently came spoiling for a fight. Well–they got one, and the Kentucky boy who drove that car into that crowd just brought Southern Nationalism to an end (as is fine with me).

        I haven’t heard anyone remark, by the way, whether there was a permit for the preceding night’s torchlight rally, or whether, indeed, a permit was required for it.

        • We spend a lot of time theorizing that that state is set up to exterminate whites as a matter of policy, the actions taken by McCauliffe as Governor do provide strong evidence that this policy is the case.

          • Yes–and the anti-white forces spend a lot of time theorizing that pro-whites are violent sons-of-bitches who, given half a chance, would run their enemies down like dogs.

          • Just did some Googling re evidence that supposedly suggests the driver was trying to avoid Reginald Denny’s fate, as you say, Captain. This was after I’d heard Greg Johnson say, in a YouTube discussion with Millennial Woes, that there was credible evidence of that. My eyes aren’t really good enough to catch everything that’s going on in what turned out to be a video clip, but from what I am able to make out, I can believe there might be evidence of that. I withdraw what I said about the driver. I spoke too soon.

  14. As for Chronicles I recommend it for people with a few extra dollars to spend, I at least skim through it when it arrives. It has turned into a monthly column magazine so of course it is not the timeless lessons quality it once was but instead listening to old men pander to the emotions of the day as they try to shield their women folk from the powerful mojo words of the leftist overlords who rule us at least socially.

    • robroysimmons,

      Thanks. It still has some good articles from time to time.

      To go slightly off topic, Pat Buchanan (Mr. Paleo) has several times written on “blood and soil” in his online articles, which are often published widely. His critics, though they hate him, seem to not read him. Also, his Death of the West book…

      I don’t want to highlight other Paleos, but I just wanted to mention “blood and soil”, because apparently that’s now equivalent to “Nazi” in the twitterverse.

      Well, I’ll mention James Kalb. He’s worth reading. I seem to like these Catholic conservatives, who often turn out to be nationalists. I’m not Catholic.

  15. I never watch the ‘fair and balanced’ news on TV, but as I was at a friend’s house tonight, had to sit through a news bulletin they insist on watching. David Duke was on for three seconds…..and labeled a ‘former kkk leader’. From there it got worse. They claimed the Right was responsible for the kaos and were violent. The mayer was condemning only our side. The left totally didn’t do a thing wrong (dindo nuffin) and…..there’s you’re ‘fair and balanced take on it. The only way to live it down is to get out there on social media, and quickly explain away our side of the story.
    The mayer failed to mention that if the Alt-Right were allowed to assemble where originally planned, all would have been fine. Its not fair.
    Court action is required.

  16. I noticed that the pack of niggers and enablers shut up after that car rammed them. Like Mice around a cat.

  17. Just think what they’d have done if Clinton was president. The cops would have live fired into the phalanx of fascists. Waco would have looked like small appetizer.

  18. “Fair and balanced?” “Just giving speeches?” When the wing nut losers who populate your ranks START with the insane proposition that The Goyim Know, why on earth should anyone listen to your idiocy? God, it’d be AWESOME if a single one of you actually practiced what Jesus preached. You’ll ignore and block this, just in the way you claim the LameStream media blocks Your Brilliant Insightful Message. Love, A White Person Who Knows You’re Losers.

    • When you step into the temple court and whip a merchant, or sass the Sanhedrin agents or defy a modern Ciaphas then you can talk about Christ. Cowardly bastard.

  19. I remain extremely skeptical.

    HW is tweeting a video of an antifa swarm attacking the Dodge with bats and weapons. The problem is, another video shows the car barreling down the street in what appears to be his first drive into the pedestrians. Then i think he backs up and travels some distance in reverse.

    Both paths had a side street he could have turned off into and away, I’m pretty sure.

    Then he’s maybe half jew, and happens to sort of resemble Matt Heimbach.

    Virginia is enemy territory. Most living anywhere near DC work for the federal government or contract with it. McAuliffe et al should never have been trusted and only a moron wouldn’t know that.

    Sheeple can call me whatever they want. I’m not going to pretend this wasn’t predictable. Any civil demonstration would have been some net success, for a number of reasons. All whites had to do was not kill somebody, or batter women.

    Yet somehow highly sophisticated people manage to fuck things up every time.

  20. All I can say is that the alarm bells went off in my head when I heard that the ACLU got involved on the side of Unite The Right. It’s never good or ends well when it appears the ACLU is leaning pro-White. The normies always associate them with representing the scum of the earth.

    I’m dating myself but I can remember when they supported the “Nazi” March on Skokie orchestrated by National Socialist, Frank Collin. It turned out to be a circus of carnival freaks with the Goodwhites coming out to protest the Badwhites but no rioting that time.

    However the Holocaust went from being a footnote from WWII to THE only event of WWII worth talking about, with the public being inundated with tons of Holocaust Movies coming out just in time for Christian holidays and elevated Jews to THE protected class which must never be criticized no matter what they do.

    It eventually came out that Frank Collin was a Jew by the name of Francis Cohen or Cohn. Kind of solved the mystery for why this Neo-Nazi was allowed to be forgotten rather than ruined or imprisoned by the authorities.

    I know that a lot of people online like to make fun of “keyboard warriors,” instead of marching or distributing leaflets, but I favor keyboard activism, because unfortunately the street activists are going toe to toe with people who run Hollywood and the media and have had years of experience in managing the optics.

  21. Does anyone find it odd that a 20 year old who’d been warned about vandalism to his beloved car would have brought it so close to the antifa?

    Was there any way to get to the rally without driving directly to it?

    The group he was photographed with claims he wasn’t part of them, that they gave out shields to non-members, and that their group was transported safely.

  22. Due to a conspiracy of state and local government officials, massive left wing violence occurs, violating the civil rights of Americans to peaceably assemble to seek a redress of their grievances and the Federal government’s response is to launch a civil rights investigation of an auto accident. Can anyone doubt that we live in insane times?

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