Donald Trump’s Horrifying Charlottesville Statement

I feel like vomiting after watching this video.

The Alt-Right attempted to hold a peaceful rally in Charlottesville, VA. We had to get a federal court order to be able to exercise our First Amendment rights. After arriving in Lee Park, we were attacked by violent Antifa while the police stood down and watched. Gov. Terry McAuliffe declared a “state of emergency” and riot police pushed us into hordes of violent leftists who attacked dozens of people.

In response to this outrage, Donald Trump has condemned us, praised the Virginia State Police and said nothing about the actions of violent Antifa groups who will only be further emboldened to attack his supporters all over the country. While Donald Trump talks about restoring “law and order,” the reality of the matter is that police departments in leftwing cities are standing down and ceding the state’s monopoly on violence to lynch mobs. We saw this happen in Portland and Charlottesville the last two weekends.

Everything I have said was captured on video. For two years now, Donald Trump has said nothing while violent lynch mobs have attacked his supporters all over the country, not only in Charlottesville, but also in Washington, DC during the inauguration and Berkeley and many other places. A disabled man who supported Donald Trump was even kidnapped and tortured on Facebook Live in Chicago and he said nothing. President Trump talks about “equal rights,” but the truth of the matter is that White Americans in his country are routinely subjected to censorship, physical violence, employment discrimination, intimidation and massive civil rights violations while the Trump administration looks the other way. It does so because it is afraid of the power of the mainstream media.

The Alt-Right will stand with White Americans who are under siege in Trump’s America who have been deserted by their president. The Trump administration showed today that it is more interested in moving forward with its agenda of massive tax cuts for the wealthy than in defending our most basic constitutional rights. Sadly, President Trump’s chilling message will only stoke the flames of the violent Left and will strike fear into all those who dare to speak out against it who know they will inevitably be attacked now and portrayed as wicked racists by a vicious and hostile media cartel.

Donald Trump has given a green light to Antifa. He has sided with a group of people who attack us on sight and attempt to kill us and for that the Alt-Right can no longer support him. What Donald Trump has done today is an unforgivable betrayal of his supporters.

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  1. “Antifa” is held harmless and yes, more emboldened to disrupt and intimidate pro Whites with violence and blackmail. Anti-White cowards, like president cuck, hide behind anti-White screamers and thugs to shut down White free speech.

  2. Cabo,

    The author is correct, however I think it should be pointed out that Trump is the president and no one should expect him to side with white Americans. Won’t happen. I never expected him to care about white people. Only retards in the msm hyped that narrative.

    “Nazi larpers”. Lol. Thousands showed up on 8/11. More than I have seen at any pro-Trump rally which wasn’t a campaign event. Our message isn’t about Trump or cuckservativism. We’re white people and our message will always remain about white interests. Don’t like that message than you’re on the wrong site. The rally wasn’t about Trump or you cucks. You’re the ones (as Trump is) making it about yourselves and trying to be the center of attention with your message.

    The rally goers organized a very well attended and supported event. It is not their fault that anti-white racist tried to attack it and they got hurt in the process. That is the problem. The rally was a securely organized event that was attacked by people who should have been allowed to be there, and so the organizers can not be blamed. Secondly, the rally attendees held their own. They didn’t lose or get beat badly. Political bigotry against whites is nothing new, so it’s no surprise that they would issue their messages and responses labeling everyone standing up for white civil rights “nazis”. The nearly 10,000 who attended couldn’t give one iota. We aren’t Trump followers. We’re white American men and women defending our basic human rights. If Trump wants to be that way, that is fine. The alt-right existed before him and will exist after him. It existed when his UN appointee (Nikki Haley) was attacking confederate flags when she became the unelected governor of South Carolina and thousands of white Southerners rallies all across the South to defend monuments and flags.

    • Hunter now looks foolish after Trump’s latest press conference.

      All he has done in regards to Trump is throw tantrum after tantrum.

  3. Trump is an ass because he won’t seek to ban white identity politics. White identity politics are a trap. Cynical people will tell you that yes you have a “consteeetushonal right” but in reality no you do not, it’s a chimera.

    Trump and the establishment goons need to remove that stupid evil fig leaf and tell us whites we have no rights to organize or even speak about in Murka 2.0.

    We are not legal equals and it is time we recognize that.

  4. I never saw Trump as one of us. I don’t think any sane or rational person among us saw it that way. Our support has always been limited to his economic and immigration policies. That he would call people “nazis” simply for expressing their rights and being attacked over it is course stupid, but who cares? He isn’t doing or saying anything differently that hasn’t been said by every other media network or politician. We are the underdog and always will be, because we defend our rights from those who don’t want us to have rights.

    I’m okay with him saying this crap, because it has been said already by every other politicians. So he sounds like a parrot and those who know, don’t care or won’t be changed either way. Nearly 10,000 men and woman on the night of 8/11 made their voices heard. Trump wasn’t the subject of their protest. they weren’t protesting in support of the Trump cult of personality or the cult of Republicanism. They were protesting in support of the things that really matters; family, blood, culture, and civil rights.

    I can’t stand cucks because they say you can’t be into “identity politics” when they’re into ideology politics, which is not even a physical or existential thing outside the mental realm. Race and culture is. So it is their ideology politics which is the weakest link and not based on something real or worth defending.

    • I salute you, Sir THOUGHT — yours is the most incisive and eloquent post I’ve read all weekend across the entire spectrum.

      Tuned in to the stalwarts of the State-approved Republican talking mouths last night and today. Bill Cunningham , “The Great American”, said indignantly (after hyperventilating repeatedly, “I am not a racist !” said verbatim: “White Nationalists did not get Donald Trump elected!”

      Oh, YES we DID !!

      • “Oh, YES we DID !!”

        Oh, NO we DIDN’T!!!

        White Nationalists were NOT responsible for him being elected. His actual core were and are the Infowars types, the “Don’t Tread On Me Or My Brown Stepson” types, the “non-racist” types. Please do not be confused about this. We never did have Trump’s ear… and he never had our backs. His little half-assed ‘dog whistles’ were table-crumbs not meant for us but to the “patriot” (muh constitution) retards… who have now embraced Antifa and BLM and thrown US to the wolves (in order to signal that they’re “not racists” and “not not-sees”). He’s as fake as the retarded nigger-hugging, philo-semitic “patriots” who voted for him… rolled into one lumpy, orange headed, fish-faced UBER-CUCK.? Has been from Day-1.

        • To underscore my point: Trump appeared as a guest on (((Infowars))) twice, via Skype, and was a call-in guest a few more times. Many hundreds of his supporters, at his rallies, wore ‘Hillary For Prison’ t-shirts, ‘Molon Labe’ t-shirts, and other INFOWARS paraphernalia.

          Did Trump EVER appear as a guest on ANY pro-White “racist” show/site? NNNNOOOO.

          All of his “dog whistles” were designed to do exactly what they DID do: to fool both us and the “normies”, to kill 2 birds with one Tweet.

          But we weren’t the only ones who were played. The Molon Labe cucks have also been played… as they are beginning to discover. And like the cowardly lemmings they are, they’re following Trump’s cowardly lemming lead in trying to make peace with BLM and Antifa by throwing we explicitly pro-White “racists and anti-Semites” under the bus.

          THAT is the name of this game.

  5. I hope that Trump’s statements are simply PR gestures. Too many people in Washington DC have shown themselves to be his enemies for him not to make a PC declaration on the whole matter.I’m going to wait and see what the DOJ has to say after it’s investigation before passing judgement. We should remember that Trump can’t do shit for White people if he places his head in a political noose. If it’s obvious to Jeff Sessions that local and state law enforcement were criminally negligent ( and they obviously were) then he will take action. I see these public declarations of ire as politically expedient statements. We are all angry–let’s go easy on each other and learn from our mistakes.Everyone who suffered in Charlottesville did so because they placed trust in law enforcement. Let us recover, regroup, and fight another day !

  6. Trump’s statements are a dog whistle for anti-white terrorists that we’re fair game. You can do whatever you want to whites and you’ll be protected. When will the Trump cocksuckers realize they’ve been duped by this kike loving egotistical fraud?


    As Trump deserts the heart of his base for the enemy’s camp, I can think of nothing better than to galvanize yet more of our sleepy-headed brethren.

    Let the pressure build and build, because, when we explode, the entire establishment – is going to come tumbling down in a hail of buckshot.

  8. Jeffery,

    What difference does it really make if they are or aren’t his real opinions?
    Doesn’t matter. All politicians make the same anti-white hateful statements. They always blast white people defending their rights when others are the ones doing the attacking. Its nothing new and doesn’t change if Trump were to change.

    I think it is better for us. We aren’t a presidential cult fan club. Do you have a white son or daughter?
    That is who we’re defending. Defending some ideology politics doesn’t help them. It hasn’t helped white in Zimbabwe and won’t do so here.

    The “conservatives” are getting mauled and beat up. It was the nationalist who have really defend both themselves and the conservatives in places like Huntington Beach and Berkekely. It was Baked Alaska, Proud Boys, and many others which organized the defenses for conservatives at those events so they wouldn’t assaulted. For example, Damigo has been at all the rallies and has been at the front lines. It has been nationalists like him who keep cucks from getting beat up at their own rallies. I saw this at both Berkeley and Huntington.

    What has happened recently with cuck events where nationalist presences has been very small or not at all? What happened in Portland and Boston recently? Normal conservatives got their butts handed to them by the very same antifa who attacked those at Charlottesville. It is the “conservatives” who need us. We do not need them. We will rally and defend our interests with or without them. We aren’t a Republican or Trump fan club.

    • I understand who we are defending. I also understand that a White man can’t so much as manage a Taco Bell if he’s not willing to publicly condemn “Nazis and KKK”–that is our reality. It’s shit. It’s a Jewish construct. Trump isn’t one of us–we aren’t deal-makers. We’re soldiers in a race war. I simply refuse to be discouraged because political animals are behaving like…political animals.

  9. It’s not fear of the media. It’s the Jews around him and the entrenched cultural marxists in the government.

    • No, JPS, it’s no one but Donald Trump – he, as my wife is fond to say, ‘an ass who busies himself thinking solely about the preservation of his power.’

  10. I know it’s tough waking up in the gutter, face down in the puke, but sometimes that’s what it takes for the light bulb to come on inside of peoples heads! Trump is showing his NY values and perhaps people will see reform is never going to come to DC Empire.

  11. The people who had the legal right to protest in the first place were the “nazis”. Secondly, the antifa should never have been allowed to cause violence. He is blaming the victims and not the perps. If anyone should know about antifa violence, it should be Trump. He was chased out of a Chricago event and was staged rushed by an antifa. The same kind who appeared in Charlottesville.

    No real conservative, patriot, and certainly no nationalist support this one view narrative of events. We all know that antifa show up to our rallies and try to attack us. That is exactly what has happened in Charlottesville. What happens the next time someone rallies? Maybe next time it will be a conservative cuck group and the antifa will show up. Good luck defending yourselves now. Is he going to blame the victims in Portland and Boston too?

    Conservatives stand with the nationalists at Saturday’s rally. The antifa can not be sympathized with when we have had our own interactions with them. When they have tried to shut us down on college campuses and at our own rallies. This one time, some antifa were killed in a violent incident which they provoked. they should never have been there.

  12. It’s a relief this has finally happened. It has been emotionally devastating for me to have been among the minority who were made outcasts in the alt right for pounding the table against Trump’s de facto jewish administration. I’ve screamed at the top of my lungs that he has been playing the alt right for fools and that he should be called out as a bribed shabbos goy. The bank bailouts were the coup de gras of jewish control of our system. Trump supported them.

  13. I never thought Trump was part of the alt. right, most of his cabinet and staff seemed to be neo conservative war mongers, or the same kind of clueless rich asses that show up whenever the Republicans are in power, the kind of people who believe that they are entitled to grab everything and then not pay taxes. He does seem to be better than the bulk of the Republican Party, which isn’t saying much. The Republican Party by and large is worse than useless.

  14. On MSNBC. hyenas came out of the woodworks after Trump brief relief. Mark Potok mullatos quadroon octoroon salivating. a sheeboom said to put kkk neo nazi whitesupremacist back on the terrorist list.

  15. cute thread. “I never was a Trumpaholic…”, etc., etc. I warned you about this stooge for the NY Jews as long ago as June, 2015. When he “announced” hisself. I’ll say it again:

    the Judeo-globalist

    we’ll have to kill our way out of it. Chris Cantwell and the outstanding White Men (and a few Women) who did Charlottesville understand this very well.

  16. If the nigs and spics attack him or his family again the veil of gods protection will fall.

    • “If the nigs and spics attack him or his family again the veil of gods protection will fall.”

      It already has. He has betrayed the People of the Land, in favor of the moneyed and powerful. He has spurned the innocent and kissed (the kosher asses) of the unrighteous.

      If he were a mere man, this would be bad enough. But he was the annointed ruler, by virtue of the votes of the people who TRUSTED HIM.

      He combines elements of Judas AND Pontius Pilate. He has DAMNED HIMSELF.
      I will never commemorate him in the Prayers of the Altar, again. He is as one dead.
      May God deliver this nation from the CHrist-killers, and the Enablers, of whom Donald J. Trump is chief.

  17. OK guys here is what you need to do.
    Disavow the person who ran over several people. When people see that rally that is all that stays with them. Even when a Black Lives Matter supporter show several police BLM was quick to condemn the shooting and distance themselves from him. Also reposition yourselves as red state secessionists,Not just Southern secession but all of red states America-Heartland secession in other words! You know deep down in your hearts that is the only way and what America is coming to. Why not bite the bullet now and get ahead of the game.

  18. As expected, Trump’s cuckoldry has only resulted in the jews and liberals demanding that he disavow even more. Oh well, he’s not my President any longer, he belongs to the System that created him.

  19. For the past year Trump has been saying fake news, fake news.

    The alt-Right just handed him a golden opportunity to prove it to the world. Every media outlet and politician has out themselves way out on a limb, and all Trump has to do is cut the branch.

    If Session’s investigation doesn’t result in Trump doing just that then he’s a fraud and always has been. Personally I think Pizzagate is real and Trump is right in the middle of it. So he’s not going to do anything for the American people but throw little bones here and there.

    Hope I’m wrong, and we shall soon see.

    • “…Personally I think Pizzagate is real and Trump is right in the middle of it…”

      I think you’re right. There was, I perceived, a big change in his demeanor right after he entered office about the time he got rid of Flynn. I bet someone showed him some home movies.

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