Let me think.

Do I have any regrets about what happened in Charlottesville? No, I have no regrets whatsoever. The same horde of lawless savages who were allowed to riot with impunity in Charlottesville – while the police stood down and attacked us – have put on yet another display in Durham, NC. They have illustrated once again why we decided to hold the #UniteTheRight rally in the first place.

So let’s recap what happened here. We won a federal court order to hold a peaceful demonstration in defense of our Confederate monuments and had our rights violated on a massive scale by the criminal negligence of the police. These people are allowed to riot and destroy our monuments while the police stand aside and do nothing. The weak conservatives say we are the bad guys here.

Maybe we are the kind of bad guys the South needs though? We need strong, tough Alt-South leaders who won’t allow things like Ferguson, Baltimore, Dallas, New Orleans, Charlotte, Charlottesville and Durham to happen anymore. We don’t need useless bow-tie wearing “True Conservatives” who aren’t strong enough to conserve women’s restrooms in North Carolina or the First Amendment in the United States. For years, we were lectured by these people about the Constitution and it turns out only the ACLU had principles. The “constitutional conservatives” fled the field in the Charlottesville.

When the police stand down and cede control of the streets to violent anarchists, the law of the jungle prevails and only the biggest and meanest dog will win that kind of fight. Conservatism has been neutered and is too housebroken by the media to stand up to the violent Left.

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  1. Dixie is under enemy, alien occupation. And the occupation government is paying mobs of criminals to do its dirty work.

    Rise up, White Southern man. You may not get another chance.

  2. You’re right it’s going to escalate. The left is arming up, open carrying in States that allow etc. I suggest to anyone that hasn’t started to arm up now. Once that’s done graduate to step 2: Night vision, suppressors and Chemistry. Once all the Confederate monuments are torn down, the ANTIFA communists will eventually move to their main objective: The Christian Church. I can honestly say I’ll enjoy the looks in those cuck Pastors eyes when the hordes come for their beloved church. After all, they was first in line to denounce the racist Alt-Right. I guess they don’t teach Martin Niemöller in Seminary School anymore.


  3. Durham North Carolina the home of DUKE UNIVERSITY and I will bet these are largely students of folks associated with DUKE. You won’t see ANYTHING happen over this because DUKE brings Durham big bucks.

    This stuff is ALWAYS Happening in College Towns. ALWAYS


      Been thinking that the law in The South is becoming slack?

      Think again – for, in Durham, North Carolina, the Sheriff Mike Andrews has begun making arrests, he swearing to bring up every single one of those bastard that kickt down a monument of our great heroes of the past.

      Brusquely put, these vermin are lucky this is not 1960, or 1975, even, for they would have been shot down on the scene by Klansmen.

      Justice will be done.


      • Well I hope he is good on his word, but again that’ll depend on the local politicians. Will they have the balls to go against Duke if they flex their muscles? Hopefully the answer is YES

  4. Conservatives have been useless at best ever since Bill Buckley made a deal with the devil to get on national TV. Controlled opposition, Judas goats leading their own people to the left’s slaughter house. or standing by and condemning real opposition for objecting.

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