Matt Parrott: My Experience In Charlottesville

Matt Parrott shares his recollections of Charlottesville from TWP’s perspective:

“My heart sank and my adrenaline dumped when our formation marching toward Lee Park slowed to a crawl and then a stop, and then I heard yelling at the front of the line. My prediction going in was that since the National Guard and a smorgasbord of law enforcement communities had dispatched hundreds of officers to restore order, that this would be orderly and civilized, like Pikeville.

I was dead wrong. They weren’t there to keep the peace, but to stoke anarchy, …an outcome the ideological “anarchists” soon came to regret.

In Pikeville, the police had plenty of time to plan and prepare. The police had accurate estimates for crowd size and strength on both sides. There were no surprises and the event was completed with no injuries, with both sides feeling that law enforcement had protected their right to express themselves. Surely, they wouldn’t gamble or get “clever” about a rally of this magnitude.

Charlottesville had plenty of lead time and accurate stats going in, as well. But the City of Charlottesville and the governor wanted to achieve what the mayor of Pikeville and the governor of Kentucky didn’t. They set us up for a massacre. …”

Everyone has the same story about what happened in Charlottesville. The difference between our accounts and the fake news narrative is that we livestreamed all of it. The ACLU and neutral Patriot groups all saw the same thing which was non-existent law enforcement presence.

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  1. The videographic proof is incontrovertible. If Sessions and Trump can’t admit it then they are not fit for office, and will go down in history like Woodrow Wilson – weak, ineffective, hardly worth mentioning.

    • As I’ve noted, a dedicated site that GATHERS this videographic proof in one easy-to-access area, along with statements and accounts by the various participants, would be immensely useful. I believe you people, and I have NO idea where to go looking for the “videographic proof” you’re talking about. People who are less on your side will be even less likely to find it right now.

  2. Are there respirator masks made from transparent plastic? Might get around the masking laws. It’s just a matter of making a cast.

  3. The Left have peaked. This all proves it- they are imploding. Desperation is the father of irrational behavior. Can’t mount truthful argument, can’t back up their lies with actual facts, can’t act all warm and ‘peaceful’anymore, have forgotten how to engage with the wider populace…..all the hallmarks of an outfit going bellyup. The Right can capitalize on this by constantly pushing the truth out. We have a wealth of useful arguments at our disposal to use against the left- take advantage of them.

  4. I have to say I am really disappointed with how dumb / naive the UTR organizers were. Did they really think the Marxist jew mayor of Charlottesville, his nigger deputy, the half-caste chief of police or the sleazy carpetbagger governor of the state were actually going to keep their word about maintaining law and order for that rally?

    I will be sure to avoid any event that involves Spencer, Heimbach, Parrot, Kessler et al.

    • the first 3 are alright. Kessler’s a plant. As to the rest, when the Reds start using bear spray – a permanent blinding agent – it’s time to shoot them in the face. With bullets. From guns. And that goes for the uniformed enforcers as well.

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