Steve Bannon Confirmed for /Our Guy/

The White House’s initial hesitation to condemn the Alt-Right for the violence at this weekend’s demonstration in Charlottesville, Virginia (as demanded by the media, cuckservatives and Democrats) lifted our spirits.

Donald Trump’s eventual attack upon us had the opposite effect. Much like his missile strikes against Syria earlier this year, Trump’s statements were a cave to establishment pressure from people who do not support him. Trump disappointed us by attacking the most energetic core of his base. As Alt-Righters know, the Left never attacks its extremists. It draws energy and ideas from its base. On the other hand, the cucked Right is quick to denounce Right-wing extremists and does so with great enthusiasm and moralizing. This doesn’t make conservatives more principled than liberals; it makes them weaker and less effective.

As it turns out it was Steve Bannon who got Trump to initially hesitate in condemning the Alt-Right. The New York Times reports:

Mr. Bannon embodies the defiant populism at the core of the president’s agenda. Despite being marginalized, Mr. Bannon consulted with the president repeatedly over the weekend as Mr. Trump struggled to respond to the neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville, Va. In general, Mr. Bannon has cautioned the president not to criticize far-right activists too severely for fear of antagonizing a small but energetic part of his base.

And for his troubles in defending us Bannon is facing the wrath of establishment forces from not only the media but also from within the Republican Party itself, as the Times explains.

Rupert Murdoch has repeatedly urged President Trump to fire him. Anthony Scaramucci, the president’s former communications director, thrashed him on television as a white nationalist. Lt. Gen. H. R. McMaster, the national security adviser, refused to even say he could work with him.

…“I don’t think that White House has a chance of functioning properly as long as there’s a resident lunatic fringe,” said Mark Salter, a longtime adviser to Senator John McCain, Republican of Arizona. At best, he said, Mr. Bannon seems willing to “tolerate something that’s intolerable” in Mr. Trump’s base.

It should be noted that the same voices calling for Bannon to be fired and Trump to take up the Left’s fight against the Alt-Right were the ones calling for war against Syria. Bannon was right on that issue as well. Though perhaps not with us on every issue, in general Bannon is /our guy/. And unless Trump wants to needlessly enrage his base and turn an energetic, youthful and tech-savvy Rightist movement against him, his administration needs to leave Bannon alone.

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  1. I see Deep State machinations deployed against not just the white rights movement in all its infiltrated ingloriousness, but against Trump as well.

    He is more alone than ‘we’ are.

    I cannot continue to use a pronoun that only very diffusely includes me. C’ville was the inevitable and unforgivable conclusion to a determined autistic boobytrapped march upon epic failure.

    Southerners should have listened to me. There can be no direct alliance with the North and all its mongrel romanized judases.

    • Trump is more alone than we are? Too God-damned bad for him! If he dumps
      Gannon…may the (((wolves))) devour him. He could drive them all off into the night. But he doesn’t. He obeys THEM. He’s begging to be devoured.

    • @Onceler you sub-moron – PLENTY of Yankees showed up. The South is far more Jew ducked than the North. And the likes are COMING for YOU. Y’all won’ even know what’s hitting you. But just keep submitting to (((their))) divide and conquer routine. Good ole redneck goy!

    • Onceler, by your “logic,” it would be as easy to blame the Southerners for leading thousands of northern pro-white people into a trap. After all, they came there to support YOU in protesting the removal of a statue of one of YOUR generals, Robert E. Lee.

      • Who organized this protest, Ironsides? Jason Kessler and Richard Spencer. Certainly, Spencer was the moving force behind gathering the dedicated Alt Right types, be they Southerners or not.

        I am not a Southerner. In fact, my great great grandfather fought for the Union army right upon fleeing the Irish Genocide. All my forebears are from the North.

        How is the truth of who the Southern people are championed by standing with a bunch of Dailystormer degenerates (or paid agents…or both) chanting ‘White Sharia Now?’ Etc. etc.

        Both sides, as it were, walked into a trap set by controlled opposition agents.

        I just think the Southerners are less manipulable and easily betrayed amongst their own people, and that their non-transplant infested territories are the only safe places to protest.

        There is a psychology to what will happen in the North when the Southerners take the fierce loyalty and determination they showed on Saturday to defending their own, although I don’t know that the monuments make the best rallying points at the end of the day.

        • @Oncelberg – are you KIDDING???? The South has been screwed by the hebes since the beginning, and it’s only getting worse! Dixie is rotten with jew-worshpping cucks, and alas, there are loads of mongrel genes in family trees. New England is far Whiter…..

          • How do you explain the difference between the cops’ behavior in Alabama versus Virginia?

            Brad says, ‘It’s ALL enemy territory!’ I disagree. It may be all run by the enemy at the top levels, but when you get to the middle and lower ones things vary significantly.

            The jews have gotten away with lots of shit down there, sure, but some Southrons tell me it wasn’t always like that. The 1980’s saw this proliferation of Zionism as mainstream Dixie thought.

            In Alabama the cops and pols, both local and state, fear for what the people would think if they behave treacherously. In Virginia ‘the people’ are too mixed a bag rife with government and military sycophants. Before everyone tells me ‘Charlottesville isn’t that close to DC I’ll tell you that the territory between it and DC is where most of these NGO’s and think tanks, etc. are located. Charlottesville itself is the college town of the very entrenched elite UVA. Quantico, one of the biggest Marine training bases, is not that far to the east and north.

            WTF. Don’t hand me that this wasn’t predictable, or that DC’s extended environs and Quantico represent ‘The South.’ Virginia didn’t even vote for Trump I don’t think. It went for Obama in 2008, right?

            My proposal is that we diehard northwestern europeans all MOVE south and form a bulwark against the commie yankee government. We have to change, to think collectively and futuristically.

            NJ has always been, from its and the country’s very inception, an occupied battleground state. The jews and the Dutch East India Company dominated Manhattan, Bergen County across the river in NJ, and other territories around NYC and northeast NJ. NJ was one of the last states still ruled by two governments by 1780 even as most outspoken Loyalists were splitting for Canada or England. It was divided during the Civil War, with my own northeastern home county (which owned zero slaves) and a couple others in the region siding with the South, while the actual southern NJ counties allied with the Union government.

            To this day we are a divided nation unto ourselves. Take Pharma. Cross the border into Pa and there is almost widespread antipathy for it, while in NJ so many people work for it or derive profit from its windfall somehow you never know whether you’re talking to a soul-snatched Pharma zombie or a live moral human (class and location has a lot to do with it).

            The jews have installed themselves EVERYWHERE as judges, in every municipality almost, with their italian partner prosecutors and council people BUT, some areas are still so majority irish german, for instance, and middle class that any obvious violation of us will register LOUDLY. So it doesn’t happen and the mediterranean grease class works its angles stealthily in such towns and regions. Brendan Tevlin had a major school named after him way out in west NJ, a big EFF YOU to the groids (and jews and guineas) that killed him in the easternmost Essex County more than an hour (without traffic, a journey by NJ standards) away.

            We need a revolution rising from the grassroots, not from the cyber BS astroturf that creates these false messiahs and gurus.

            We also need to face that we’re running out of time.

  2. Trump is right on the verge of losing everything. Demonizing your own supporters is just painfully dumb and something not even teleprompter Barry would have ever done.

    Let’s face it the man has only a limited understanding on what’s going on around him. He was a lot sharper 10 years ago.

  3. I wondered at Trump’s initial attempt at even handedness but I knew it wouldn’t last. They’re howling for Bannon’s head and I won’t be surprised if Trump gives it to them.

  4. Rupert Murdoch didn’t use to be this bad. M’Thinks R Murdoch’s Jewish wife and half Jewish children are having the same effect as Donald Trump’s Jewish son in laws – and his pretty shiksa daughter is going “Daddy please, please just tell them what they want so the media will stop saying mean things about you”.

    • It’s kind of funny. I was just a kid at the time but I seem to recall JFK being accused of nepotism for making brother Bobby AG. Haven’t heard that one this time around.

  5. This sh** is right out of Mr. Smith goes to Washington. But in this 1930s classic, the (Oregon) political machine and the local press (newspapers and radio) is in the hands of just a greedy, power hungry White guy “Mr James Taylor” – not a vicious ethnic media mafia and assorted Maoist, Communists, Antifa sexual degenerate zombies like it is now.

  6. Trump may have partially redeemed himself by pardoning the great Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who was found guilty in Federal court of trying to protect America from illegal aliens. According to the kike press the pardon has “sparked outrage”, but of course they don’t say among whom.

  7. Notice that the NYT story says “in general” Bannon has cautioned the president not to criticize far-right activists too severely…(etc). In other words, they have no proof Bannon tried to stop Trump criticizing “White Supremacists”. They just want to get him fired.

  8. I believe we have to show at least some support for Trump right now. We have to be statespeople as well as radicals.

    I don’t blame him for what was set up in Virginia. It hasn’t and won’t help him one bit.

    • Trump better choose his words carefully, then- the angry white males that put him into the WH by a pretty small margin (I did not vote as I don’t support (((democracy))) ) might sit the next election out.

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