National Review: Remove All Confederate Monuments

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the “True Conservatives”:

“Robert E. Lee wasn’t a Nazi, and surely would have had no sympathy for the white-supremacist goons who made his statue a rallying point in Charlottesville, Va., last weekend. That doesn’t change the fact that his statue is now associated with a campaign of racist violence against the picturesque town where Thomas Jefferson founded the University of Virginia. The statue of Lee was already slated for removal by the city, but the Battle of Charlottesville should be an inflection point in the broader debate over Confederate statuary. The monuments should go. Some of them simply should be trashed; others transmitted to museums, battlefields, and cemeteries. The heroism and losses of Confederate soldiers should be commemorated, but not in everyday public spaces where the monuments are flashpoints in poisonous racial contention, with white nationalists often mustering in their defense. …”

It is true that Charlottesville is a clarifying moment.

The Alt-Right will unapologetically stand in defense of the identity, heritage and rights of White Americans. The “constitutional conservatives” will clutch their pearls and capitulate to whatever the Left is demanding as usual. We’ve said all along that these people have never conserved anything. How many millions of dollars has the public squandered on “True Conservatism” over the years?

Folks, these people couldn’t even conserve women’s restrooms. They couldn’t stop the killing of millions of babies. They failed to preserve the definition of marriage. Do you think they are strong enough to conserve Confederate monuments, build a wall or do anything to reverse our national decline? Do you honestly believe these conservative ladyboys are capable of standing up to violent Antifa? They’re already signaling here that they are ready and willing to surrender the culture war.

“True Conservatism” has always been one big scam on the Southern people. These people only care about things like corporate tax cuts, free-trade and deregulating the economy and other things wealthy donors and big business wants that hurt working class people. They care nothing for our identity, heritage and our rights. “True Conservatives” now control every level of government of 13 out of 15 Southern states and are so afraid of being called “racists” by the fake news that only the ACLU can be counted on to defend their precious “constitutional principles” which they have built their entire identity on.

What do we have to show for all the power we have given them?

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  1. “True Conservatives” are the only “things” that should be disposed of. And, quickly.

    They Blow With The Wind. Money, power, prestige, recognition, especially the coveted “attaboy” by The Establishment, are their only ideology.

  2. The more I think about it the more I realize that Kessler deserved to get his ass kicked by that angry mob when he tried to give a press conference the other day. Not because he wanted to stage a peaceful and lawful rally in favor of saving a noble equestrian statue but because he’s a goddam fool for thinking he could trust the kike mayor of Charlottesville and his nigger deputy to negotiate in good faith.

    • C’mon, Spahn – that’s liked blaming the rapet.

      You sound like those who called for Robert E. Lee’s head, because, at the Battles of The 7 Days in 1862, he dared pummel the Yankee Army, and, thus, got pummeled himself.

      We just had the First Battle of Manssas, and won some and lost some.

      We’ll go on, and get better.

      You cannot go into this war and have a chain of bloodless victories.

      This is war, and it will be fought to one side, or the other, loses it’s will.

    • The problem is Kessler should have been doing a speech surrounded by armed guards but if some of /ourguys/ had dared stepped up and volunteered, it’d be time in the Pen. Rock and a hard place.

  3. Time to drop the Nazi shit. You won’t win over people with idiots like that around you. And enough of these torch lit rallies, it reminds people of Nazi Germany. No need for it. Better to do what Jared Taylor does with annual Amren conferences where all right wing and nationalist leaders get together and discuss their thoughts and ideas for the future. The current strategy ain’t working, time for some fresh ideas otherwise cuckservatives will take over again and they will clamp down on the real patriotic nationalist in America. Can’t let this opportunity go to waste.

    • That torchlight procession was the best thing to happen to the pro-White cause in decades. You could keep going the AmRen/Stormfront route for another 20 years and the only change you’d see is less and less White people.

      Charlottesville needed to happen because time is not on our side.

  4. From the Zionist Globalists very own henchmen:

    “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” – Vladimir Lenin

    “By way of deception thou shalt do war.” – “slogan” of the Israeli Mossad

    I believe both quotes are accurate and genuine. Straight out of their own repulsive mouths.

  5. I noticed Andrew Wilcow of the Wilcow Report on Patriot Radio on Sirius XM said White Nationalists were Socialists and hence no different from the Anti-Fa or the Bolsheviks. I wonder if Mr. Wilcow has insurance? If he does that is buying into a collective and hence a form of socialism.

  6. The headline to that National Review is “Mothball The Confederate Monuments.” One of the things I’ve noticed about people over the years is that the more ignorant they are, the more likely they are to inappropriately use nouns as verbs. The use of “mothball” in this context makes my point.

    How does National Review even still have an audience? Who reads this stuff? Grandparents who still think it’s 1973?

  7. Just think that NR used to have Donald Davidson, M. E. Bradford, and Richard Weaver as contributors. Now it would be hard for the Onion to satirize them.

  8. I was born and raised a Democrat.

    At this point, I think that this party ought be deported.

    As to ‘National Review’, and their appraisal of Robert E. Lee, they’ve skewed things so badly, that it is not even worth the breath to comment on that.

    • TNR prints whatever the Neocon jews tell them to write- so, yes- eventually they will tell everyone that crosses should be taken down

    • Many of them, do believe that. Bolshevism has been the Left’s Gospel for over fifty years, and I barely escaped with my sanity. Yes, they. DO want to tear down all crosses, and try Soviet Russia all over again. Jew know who they are, too.

    • “If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace.” – said every American generation. Up until the Boomers.

      The angst of WN 1.0 types over the aftermath of Charlottesville is classic Boomer behaviour.


    Been thinking that the law in The South is becoming slack?

    Think again – for, in Durham, North Carolina, the Sheriff Mike Andrews has begun making arrests, he swearing to bring up every single one of those bastard that kickt down a monument of our great heroes of the past.

    Brusquely put, these vermin are lucky this is not 1960, or 1975, even, for they would have been shot down on the scene by Klansmen.

    Justice will be done.

    • I want to see these (((enemies))) of the state mown down, like the Czar’s guards did to the first Reds. HOW LONG, O LORD before you AVENGE your faithful people!

      • Father John – Capn Stefano once said Revelations indicated to him that White Nationalists try to make a stand but get slaughtered. This happens before Christ returns.

        Do you have any idea which part of Rev he was referring to?

        That private DS Christian thread had me studying Rev a bit more for a while but honestly I’ve always had trouble with it lol. The only parts that really speak to me are Chapters 2 and 3.

    • In the hometown of Duke University I doubt any justice will be done. Duke won’t allow their kids to be persecuted, unless of course like the Lacrosse Team a Negro hooker was involved.

  10. The crux of the problem is this. The cities show no desire to protect the statues to begin with. I see the statues TWO WAYS. One I would like them to stay but that means the city and state authorities must protect them from harm and punish anyone SEVERELY who does harm them. Two if the states refuse to protect the statues at all then by all means remove them and place them in a safe place where they will be cherished and protected, I VASTLY PREFER ONE over TWO.

    The question is if we get ONE how are we going to make sure they are protected? Hidden Cameras, guards fencing? The problem with fencing is it is unsightly and makes the monuments unappealing asthetically which is what they were designed to be in the first place, asthcetically appealing.

    What do you say Hunter Wallace? Whats the true solution?

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