Goldman Sachs Discriminating Against Black ‘Jewish’ Bankers?

Rebecca Allen, a Black female banker, is suing Goldman Sachs for racial discrimination. In a hilarious twist to the story, Allen claims to be Jewish and says that her superiors at the Jewish financial firm made anti-Semitic remarks about her. Reuters reports:

A black banker in Goldman Sachs Group Inc’s (GS.N) personal wealth management unit filed a lawsuit on Wednesday accusing the firm of steering top clients to her white colleagues and denying her promotions because of her race.

Rebecca Allen in the lawsuit filed in federal court in Manhattan said Goldman’s virtually all-white senior leadership team favors white bankers for promotions and lucrative accounts, so they earn more than black coworkers.


Allen, who was hired in 2012, said that last year she was removed from an account she had worked on for three years by a Goldman partner, Christina Minnis. Allen says her supervisor met with Minnis about the decision and said she made racist and anti-Semitic comments about Allen, who is also Jewish.

…In Wednesday’s lawsuit, Allen says her male colleagues were assigned to more lucrative accounts. But her legal claims stem only from alleged discrimination based on her race and religion.

So, we have a Black “Jewish” banker trying to out-jew a bunch of Jewish bankers. lol This should be a lot of fun to watch!

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  1. Lloyd Blankfein looks like an antisemitic caricature right out of Der Giftpilz, that sly, scheming Oriental parasite.

    • ” Lloyd Blankfein looks like an antisemitic caricature right out of Der Giftpilz, that sly, scheming Oriental parasite.”

      It’s because he is.

  2. That ugly snake-haired jewess Laura Lamprey better hope I never attain any level of authority in the New American Reich, because if I do she will literally be crucified.

    • Bannon finally opened his fat piehole on the topic of the Far Right. Not good but not unexpected from that Israel-loving cock gobbler.

    • Spahn, would that be a variant on the Talmudic comment, “All the best Jews (original, ‘Gentiles’) should be killed? ”

      “Tob Shebbe Goyim Harog!”- (the TALMUD:Sanhedrin 59)

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  3. Its always hilarious when the many non white groups turn on each other. With the focus elsewhere, it gives us some breathing space.

  4. Hilarious. Sounds like something out of a Seinfeld episode. I need a good laugh after all the black pills.

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