University of Florida Denies Richard Spencer’s Right of Free Speech

Richard Spencer, Alt-Right leader and head of the National Policy Institute, is being denied the right to speak at the University of Florida, a publically-funded institution. The Orlando Sentinel reports:

White nationalist leader Richard Spencer will not be allowed to speak at the University of Florida next month, the university said in a statement Tuesday.

University President W. Kent Fuchs said his administration had decided to deny a campus venue to Spencer’s National Policy Institute, citing the recent violence in Charlottesville, Va., as well as what Fuchs described as calls online for similar violence in Gainesville.

Fuchs invoked his disagreement with Spencer’s views and the possibility for violence (always started by ANTIFA terrorist groups when police refuse to do their job) as reasons for denying Spencer his constitutionally-protected right to free speech.

“I find the racist rhetoric of Richard Spencer and white nationalism repugnant and counter to everything the university and this nation stands for,” Fuchs said.

Fuchs cited “serious concerns for safety” and said the decision was made “after assessing potential risks with campus, community, state and federal law enforcement officials.”

The shitlib president then joked about how his university values free speech – while shutting down free speech.

Fuchs said UF “remains unwaveringly dedicated” to free speech, but the First Amendment “does not require a public institution to risk imminent violence to students and others.”

Imagine an obese slob saying that she is unwaveringly dedicated to losing weight while scarfing down a triple cheese burger, large fries and large Coke. No one would take such a fatty seriously. For the same reason no one takes President Kent Fuchs’ supposed dedication to free speech seriously. He has sided with ANTIFA criminals in no-platforming Richard Spencer and the Alt-Right.

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  1. These levels of cognitive dissonance are going to be impossible to resolve. It’s ambiguity etched in stone.


    Freedom of speech is a civil right. WN”s have a right to speak.

    Spencer should sue, sue, sue.

    • Absolutely right. Sue. Court order. Obey the law, Kent Fuchs, or risk Charlottesville in Gainesville.

  3. What they are doing, and they know it, is radicalizing all groups. Divide and conquer, even though we all know (((they))) do it, it works like a charm every single time.

    Folks, we need to target the traitors within us. The ones that are also fanning the flames. This is about (((global government))) and no one is going to win when that is finalized. Except (((them))) of course.

  4. Secret societies are their (((operating system))) and they’ve been using them for hundreds of years if not much longer. I can guarantee that most who come to this site have never, EVER looked into them.

    Did you ever wonder why so many ancient artifacts have been dug up? Why were they buried in the first place? Why are these excavations controlled by the system? How come when we went into Afghanistan and Syria and Libya, so many ancient buildings, etc. were destroyed? American troops have publicly stated that they were ordered to get artifacts out of Iraqi museums. Are they resetting the history books again with the obliteration of the Confederacy and then all things Americana?

  5. Your constitutional rights ends where the protected classes’ civil rights begins, especially on campus.

    • You’ve been passing out well deserved black pills of late. Is there anything effective left that pro-Whites can do?

  6. What do you expect from a Southern School? The majority of the Southern Whites in the Area largely are Conservatives and would support Spencer BUT unfortunately as many are beholden to the Universities for Jobs they won’t say anything, plus their kids like the Football. The College Industrial Complex is something I have written about elsewhere. The entire reason the Confederate Monument in Gainesville went down is precisely because of the College Industrial Complex, the University of Florida is now the law in Gainesville and thats too bad for the locals. Nothing they can do about it.

    • They tear down the statues our fathers built to honor our fallen heroes but still want us to pay money to watch them play football.

      Ask every Southern white you know why do they love watching negroes play football, more than they love their own heritage.

  7. I wonder if he is kin to Klaus Fuchs who was instrumental is giving atomic secrets to the Soviets? I noticed a lot of the Schiff family is involved in banking and politics who are directly descended from Jacob Schiff one of the Jewish bankers who helped finance the Bolshevik revolution.

  8. When Spencer spoke at Texas A&M, the police did their job and no one got hurt.

    Obviously Charlottesville went to crap because the police pushed the protesters into the counter demonstrators and refused to protect them. Among many other things.

    I really want to believe that the police will do their job again when Spencer speaks there next month. But at this point there’s no telling. But every decent White man in Texas needs to be there. There’s safety in numbers.

    p.s. Spencer needs to sue sue sue. And man, what cajones, speaking at such a Jew and Latin America infested area.

    • Wow, they canceled his speech at A&M next month. They’re not going to let him speak anywhere.

      It’s official Trump was the last elected President of the United States. Cause it’s no longer a country where it’s citizens have a right to free speech.

  9. Greg Johnson wrote this summary of the recent attacks on WN sites and services on the internet. It’s probably not exhaustive, but you get the idea. Counter-Currents has been kicked off PayPal and FB which may have prompted him. He writes –

    “…These moves by PayPal and Facebook are obviously part of a coordinated Leftist purge of white advocacy groups in the aftermath of Unite the Right. In the past few days alone:

    *Both Red Ice servers were hacked, as were the site owners’ Twitter accounts, and still have not
    *VDare,, and AmRen were bounced from PayPal.
    *VDare’s conference next April has been shut down by the venue.
    *TRS was taken down by their webhosting company, but got a new host and were back online in 3
    *Mike Enoch was banned for the fourth time from Twitter.
    *KickStarter, GoFundMe, and IndieGoGo have all vowed to shut down campaigns related to White
    *Nationalist concerns.
    *Pax Dickinson’s Twitter has been shut down.
    *Hatreon is offline.
    *PolNewsForever’s Twitter has been shut down.
    *The Daily Stormer has been targeted with massive DDOS attacks.
    *The Daily Stormer domain registration was dropped by GoDaddy, transferred to Google, and then
    seized by Google.
    *The Daily Stormer discord server has been shut down.
    *The discord server has been shut down.
    *Vanguard America’s WordPress account has been shut down.
    *RootBocks has been taken down by its hosting company.
    *Xurious has been removed from Bandcamp and Soundcloud.
    *Daniel Friberg and Christopher Dulny, both Swedes, have been barred from entering the United
    States because of their presence at Unite the Right.
    *Lauren Southern’s Instagram has been taken down.
    *NPI’s Paypal account has been shut down.
    *Two upcoming speeches by Richard Spencer have been canceled.
    *Identity Europa’s PayPal has been shut down.
    *Christopher Cantwell’s Facebook, PayPal, and website are gone.
    *Weev’s LinkedIn account has been shut down.
    *The Paranormies and other podcasts have been kicked off of Soundcloud….”

    • They are going to come after the yankee icons too. Lincoln is on the list. What you are seeing is polarization which is advantageous to all of us in the long term. Don’t be such a boomer, please.

  10. Sorry me again. I assume they are acting so quickly in order to catch the wave of public sympathy after the media’s distortions of C’ville. People may see it as “justified” in some way. If they had delayed then it is very likely that the truth about C’ville would have started to emerge and it would have looked more like simple persecution and discrimination.

  11. Has anyone checked out Breitbart today? Nearly every article is about Breitbart and Bannon distancing themselves from the alt-Right and White identity politics. Most of the comments are virtue signalers talking about how they always report racist posts.

    There aren’t really any WN comments.

    People are scared, and the vast majority of them are cucking hard.

    What a bunch of wimps.

    • Brietbart is fine. You can’t spook do easily. FYI – I have been TRULY freaked out by the JEWOP not-leadership, jumping on this, and siding with the Commies. But hold the line dear – hold the line………….

      • I posted hard on Breitbart this morning. Not giving up, not in the least.

        Today I broke 10 years of tradition and talked politics to everyone I came in contact with on the job lol. Most already knew the media is lying about C-ville which gives me some hope.

  12. If Trump starts to de fund publicly funded institutions that violate 1A I’ll start to take him seriously. But I’m not holding my breath waiting for it to happen.

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