What if Your Kid’s Fave Disney Characters Were Mentally Ill Sexual Freaks?

While we are fighting for our identity and to create a wholesome, positive society for future generations the cultural Left is doing things like re-making children’s cartoons to promote homosexuality and trannies.

I say “cultural Left” because I want to believe that there are some decent old school Leftists out there like Keith Preston who are primarily concerned with economic issues and lifting up the working man. But I think such people are few and far between. We can have an intelligent conversation and perhaps even honest disagreements and compromises with old school economic Leftists. But there really can be no compromise with these cultural Leftists who want to push trannies in children’s cartoons – at least not in a forced Union where separation from these freaks is impossible. Unless secession becomes a viable option our only choice is to crush the cultural Left.

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  1. Pullease stop throwing around the phrase ‘mentally ill’ or ‘mental illness.’

    Transexualism is a form of emotional and psychological pathology, but it isn’t true psychosis, and ‘mental’ really means thinking disorder aka psychosis.

    As we type (((they))) are working up the case to ‘diagnose’ all ‘politically radicalized’ young white men as schizophrenic.

    In the old days, people who were nuts or crazy without actual psychosis/mental illness were called exactly that, maybe ’emotional/psychological problems.’

    It is exceedingly dangerous for whites to be normalizing the jews’ weapons.

    • You don’t think wanting to chop off your penis, inject hormones from the opposite sex and dress in drag is an illness?

      What term would you like me to use instead in this title?

      • I think it’s nuts, emotionally and psychologically deranged.

        I don’t think it’s a psychosis per se, or that the origins of the pathology, if you will, is biology. Somewhere these people’s environments messed them up.

        What word should you use? Emotionally sick maybe? Psychological problem?

        • Onceler, I think it may be both. They are attempting to transform all of mankind and I think the trigger to today’s plague of “perceived to be” emotional problems is based on chemical damage to the brain as well. Damage that is irreversible. Real emotional problems fluctuate but these freakish, abnormal “conditions” are permanent and will not reverse. It’s a whole new animal out there. They can’t come up with pharmaceuticals to treat them. It’s transformation.

          This is a psychological war on the surface. Vaccines, implanted chips, frequencies, food & air chemicals, and God knows what else is altering mankind. I also believed that all the morons doing DNA testing through the controllers corporations are giving them material that will further their agenda. When I state we are dealing with dark forces, I mean that in every sense of those two words.

          Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars. It’s Real.


          • I believe that some of what you’re saying could apply to transsexualism since it’s related to hormones. All the estrogenizing chemicals assaulting boys could be taking a toll on them (and girls too). Also, fat and cortisol combine to actually androgenize females.; the combination causes excess estrogens which are turned into androgens. Some of the drugs they forced on white women reporting rape were known to sterilize them and do other weird shit to the balance of hormones.

            Congesting our digestions’ detox pathways with all sorts of GMO’s, glyphosate/Roundup, mycotoxins and endless other stuff influences our hormones as well.

            But I’m extremely skeptical that all this is going to somehow cause schizophrenia. Or that psychosis intersects or can be somehow shunted into political radicalism; on that front I’m beyond skeptical. I’m simply calling it jew disinformation.

            I’ve put a lot of study into all this, including the environmental toxin stuff.

          • Snowy, are you not picking up on this psy op within a psy op?

            Reports portray Fields as a schizophrenic, whose abbreviated military stint goes unexplained.

            Then comes out the story I link to below, with the FBI being outed as recruiting young white male schizophrenics for their black op’s.

            The narrative is that schizophrenia in young white men can somehow be molded into pro-white terrorism, and that the FBI is behind these psy ops.

            The jews know they can’t fool everyone, so they’re fooling the skeptics into going along with what the whole point of their psy/black ops are – political ideologies like the Alt Right (if you even believe the leaders aren’t in on some of the machinations) are dementing young white men with budding ‘schizophrenia’ into violent pro-white radicals.

            I think the cops were told to stand down in Charlottesville precisely to give Fields’ acts some kind of believable context. This protects the agents leading the controlled opposition and affords them plausible deniability.

          • And the plausible deniability extends to Fields himself. If (((they))) had tried to stage some white guy killing an antifa in direct combat, like with his hands or with a gun, everyone would want to know how it got to that point. People would scrutinize the antifa and their tyrannical violence, both in the skeptic community and the public at large, the latter being the more problematic. If a gun were involved the gun rights types would only militarize against the imperialist leftists, etc.

            But a lone ‘paranoid’ car driver who theoretically *might* have over-reacted avoids all those investigations and challenges.

            This requires careful scrutiny. Anyone who gives it that should be able to come to the truth that is still obvious.

        • I’d also like to add that it’s not just an onslaught to the brain. They’re focused on the endocrine system as well and perhaps other areas that can enforce human transformation.

          • Did you ever wonder why so many whites are self-destructive and, in al reality, racially suicidal regardless of reality. I do not believe it’s just emotional reactions to propaganda (namely guilt or imbedded altruism). There is definitely something more at play here.

          • I’m not convinced that all that many whites are in reality so self-destructive. I think some are just bargaining, and attacking the white middle/working class as a means of maintaining their own perch in the class system, usually upper or part of the government-funded. The northwestern europeans evolved without foreign-raced enemies, so we’ll endlessly divide unless we’re confronted with the full truth, which most of us aren’t.

            A lot of jewish-controlled media and manufactured consensus is designed to convince us that we’re more divided than we are.

          • So why didn’t that stuff work on us?

            What absolute insane times we live in. What in the world is going on here?

            I can’t reason with anyone!

    • Once, I understand that there are psyops with psyops. But it has been shown that genetically modified organisms in food has been shown to change the dna structure within the digestive tract. Also, vaccines are engineered to change the DNA within those who received them. It is also stated that the changes in DNA by vaccines are passed on to the offspring:


      We are in a multitude of attacks. It’s breathtaking.

      Here another component that is completely lost on white nationalists:


      The amount of dimensions within the attack on humanity (it’s an attack on all of humanity with whites the current pubic target and the controllers understand are the foundation of the current system they wish to destroy.

      There is a verbal & visual psyop AND a silent physical attack through a multitude of avenues.

  2. From Ann Barnhardt——-

    Ariana Grande’s “music” is, very simply, pornography. EVERY SONG, and I do mean EVERY SONG has exactly the same theme: the physical, mechanical act of sex, including manual, oral and anal sodomy. And almost always with mildly retarded black men (because most of her songs “feature” a rapper).



    Ariana Grande’s target audience is pre-pubescent girls. The eight-year old girl that was killed in the Manchester jihad attack and has become the face of the event, Saffie Rose Roussos, was Ariana Grande’s TARGET demographic. We will come back to Saffie Rose in a moment.

    First, we need to manfully face what we are dealing with in terms of Ariana Grande and the entire “entertainment” machine in the post-Christian world. Ariana Grande’s biggest hit is a song called “Side to Side”. All the little girls know this song by heart, and sing along with gusto. Here is the end of the chorus:

    This the new style with the fresh type of flow
    Wrist icicle, ride dick bicycle
    Come true yo, get you this type of blow
    If you wanna menage I got a tricycle


    “Wrist icicle” is when someone manually masturbates a man, he ejaculates, and the giver then has ejaculate dripping from their wrist.


    “Ride dick bicycle”, fairly obvious, woman-on-top copulation.


    “Blow”, oral sex.


    “If you wanna MÉNAGE”, ménage a trois, fornication/sodomy with three people.


    The title of the song, “Side to Side” references the main part of the chorus:

    I’ve been here all night
    I’ve been here all day
    And boy, got me walkin’ side to side
    I’ve been here all night
    I’ve been here all day
    And boy, got me walkin’ side to side (Side to side)

    “Boy got me walkin’ side to side” means that she, the singer, or the eight year old girls who put themselves in the singer’s place as they emulate her, has been engaging in so much rough fornication and sodomy that she is unable to walk straight, or with a limping gait, due to soreness or even internal damage.


    Folks, this is one of Grande’s MILDER songs.

    To prove that I’m not making a mountain out of a molehill, and that I haven’t simply cherry-picked an obscure Grande song, here is a clip of Grande appearing on the lesbian sodomite Ellen DeGeneres’ show, and DeGeneres, who herself targets young girls as part of her afternoon talk show demographic, asks Grande about these lyrics specifically, and then Grande goes on to PERFORM THE SONG. Note that Grande herself projects as a young teenager, complete with ponytail and fringe bangs. And DeGeneres knew EXACTLY what “dick bicycle” meant. It was all part of trying to sexualize and scandalize. This is why I say, and will say until the day I die that ALL SEX PERVERTS, ALL SODOMITES BOTH MALE AND FEMALE, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, ARE A CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER TO ALL CHILDREN. Sodomites are vampiric, and being Diabolical Narcissists they, by definition, hate and want to crush all goodness, innocence, happiness and ultimately faith out wherever they find it. And kids tend to wear those things on their sleeves. Fricking demoniac monsters.

  3. The reason this matters so much, is because emotional messed up-ness is a choice somewhere. Even if your parents et al screwed you up you still exercise choice as an adult in how to react to that legacy and to your contemporaneous environment.

    The two genuine mental illnesses, manic depression and schizophrenia, are not choices but biological diseases. They aren’t a function of one’s character and both are defined by psychosis. It’s psychosis that is used to justify internment and forced drugging, either in or out of so-called hospitals.

    By construing political ideology as some function of psychosis it can be stamped out and controlled without being aired in either the court system or the court of public opinion, i.e., the battlefield that is society.


    This story is probably a planted one, at least in part, to appease the truthers/skeptics that yes, the government is pulling fast ones in the form of psy and black ops, while still furthering the agenda of pathologizing political dissidents.

    Real schizophrenia is never political, which is why it’s psychosis, not just extremism. A paranoid schizophrenic (most schizophrenics are not in fact paranoid and even those who are are rarely if ever violent) would not imagine their own personal persecution as part of a larger political framework or schema or ideology. They would think there was some bizarre, inexplicable (they literally can’t explain it) plot against them as an individual and only them, that they saw signaled in code in a random article in Time Magazine (I knew such a person).

    There is no intersection between the psychotic delusion and the political whatsoever, which is why it’s called psychosis to begin with.

    The article is part of the whole campaign that’s being waged. Note the parents lobby for more support for interning young ‘radical’ white men and for families and the government to be able to intern them for thought crimes distorted into ‘schizophrenia.’

  4. Homosexuality is certainly a mental illness. Most sodomites were sexually abused as children, and they themselves are attracted to prepubescent boys.

    • I don’t agree with you about homosexuality, but that’s not the point. Even in your take on it its origins aren’t biological and lack psychosis.

      Look at the bigger picture, Ronnie.

  5. Mr. Disney must be spinning around in his cryogenic chamber over what the jews have done to his company. The way they use their tribal connections to seize control of mass media and global finance is both amazing and repugnant.

    • Mr.Disney is apparently no angel himself with his ties in Freemasonry and his “Club 33” associates. Depending on who you talk to, he was no slouch at exploiting kids to his advantage, then dumping them when they lost their cuteness, in an unconscionable manner. See: Bobby Driscoll.

      Disney was another useful idiot for the jewish agenda. Let’s face it, he would not have gone as far as he did in Hollywood if he had not. Nobody is anybody without taking “The Oath”.

      Mind you, who is to really say if he would be shocked at how his “stars” all wind up as deranged, hyper-sexualized cretins that are poor role models to the unwashed masses’ kids? His first child star wound up dead at 31 as a junkie.
      Times, oh how they have changed. But the model is there.

      Disney liked money more than anything and used kid actors to save money on animation costs, back in the day. Which was a good call as it put his company back on the map. Not so good for the kids and animators he used up to get there.

      This is a good analogy of the “Good Girl Gone Bad” in the current roster of who’s popular. Pay attention to the symbolism that is being used. Disney began under this influence, and now his company is fully jew-run. So it’s no surprise that “his products” are now turning out the way they are and how the influence is affecting the entire genre of pop music and popular culture for young girls.
      Starring Ariana Grande:


  6. Without proof of real biology, the middle class strongly prefers to NOT have to pay for ‘treatment’ of the ‘mentally ill.’ Right now I’d estimate it costs my state upwards of $40,000 or more a WEEK for in ‘patient’ hospitalization of these labeled scapegoats. All that goes to make Pharma CEO’s and upper middle class psychiatrists richer, and fat lazy union parasites lazier.

    Holding the pseudo-scientists accountable for their looting of the middle class by demanding actual science is key. In communist NJ the shrinks are well aware of this, so they call every drunk, druggie, homeless misfit and political scapegoat ‘bipolar.’

    They think this fools the middle class. And in a state where so many derive income from Pharma’s racket, it works to a limited extent. But most of that success is due to the shrouded operations of the psych system.

    If the average middle class New Jerseyan realized how much of their tax dollars go to enriching the state commissars the psych system would collapse. It’s almost as if the money robbed from them matters more than their stolen freedoms.

    Whichever, this is again why I belabor the point. ‘Mental’ means thinking disorders, which are almost always biological/genetic, not emotional complexes. Hold the jews to proving their pretense. The middle class supports us 100%.

  7. some decent old school Leftists out there like Keith Preston who are primarily concerned with economic issues and lifting up the working man.

    Might qualify as a populist nowadays.

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