Tread All the Powers of Darkness Down

The inspiring words of hymn-writer Charles Wesley as he urged the Soldiers of Christ, Arise. These words are surely fitting in this Summer of the Black Sun as our enemies attack us from all sides.

From strength to strength go on,
wrestle and fight and pray;
tread all the powers of darkness down,
and win the well-fought day.

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    • So have I, and I’ve always speculated that Wesley’s music was written to be accompanied by the harpsicord?

      Charles Wesley was in the Top 10 of the 18th century. LOL.

  1. Two factions.Antifa. they’re the globalist free trade facist undermining national economy. importing cheap plastic stuff and exporting agriculture.

    BLM are culture marxist of metro stinking city. from 1-95 gold coast to1-10 south west and 1-15 pacific.prone terrorist attacks.


    I know many Christians are good people, and Christianity has some good parts.

    But this middle eastern African cult of Christianity, centered around the worship of a mythical Jew, is the main cause of the destruction of the white race.

    Christianity is the root problem, not the solution.

    Time to get out of it and look at atheism, deism, odinism, etc.

    • I’ll say it right now: God damn you to hell Arnold!

      May Jesus Christ smite you down dead!
      May your evil, and everything that is associated with you put put in hell forever! Anathema Sit!

      Forget you have any connection at all with the right!! You are our enemy, just as much is the anti-fa.

    • Arnold, if you take the time to actually read the Bible you’ll be surprised what an “anti-Semite” Jesus actually was. I think He hated the Pharisees more than Hitler did.

      Maybe stick to stuff you have actually studied, mmmkay?

    • Arnold this is beyond pathetic. All the European heritage of classical Rome (conserved by the Christian Nova Roma empire of Constantine) and all the civilisation of the nations of the Holy Roman Empire comes from the Christian faith. Before you can conserve heritage, you have to know heritage.. Do at least make an effort.

      • Classical Rome and all of its trappings predates Christianity by many centuries. So does Classical Greece. You can argue that Christianity might have elevated European civilization, but that civilization was already there to begin with.


    Sorry for the typo.

    Also try: mosesneverexisted on zohosites in com domain.

    The latter is a good site to help educate the Judaists.

    • “Jesus would not walk in Judea, for fear of the Jews.” Do you actually think the man that was willing to die on the cross, for us, went around in fear of Himself?

      Good grief, Jesus was not a “Jew.” He was an Israelite of the tribe of Judah, a Judahite.

      “Jew” in the Bible is translated from at least three separate words and is basically an anachronism in the Bible. It really doesn’t belong in the Book at all.

      • What? Of course Jesus was a Jew. Everything he did was Jewish. If the KJV uses the word Jew, then it means Jew, and it does belong. Jesus was an observant Jew. People try to twist the clear meaning of the bible because they don’t like that he was a Jew. But, the Lord ,God, Jesus Christ was a Jew. Jesus was not a Gentile.

        • No.

          The word “Jew” appears in the Bible in place of three words that I know of: Judah, Judahite and Judean.

          Judah was one of the 12 patriarchs of the tribe of Isreal. One of his descendants, if you are translating the words honestly and accurately, would be called a Judahite, -ite being the suffix that denotes the descendants of any given man.

          “Judean” refers to a citizen of Judean. It is not a genetic designation. Similar to how a citizen of Texas is a Texan, but genetically they can be anything.

          If you compare the KJV to Greek Bibles like the Septuagint it’s impossible to refute. They took Judahite, Judean and Judah and at various locations these were all replaced with “Jew.”

          2 Kings 16:6. Jew = Judahite

          John 4:22 actually reads “Salvation is of Judah.” Any Christian should recognize their salvation comes from our Lord Jesus; this is a reference to Him. Not the cursed people who had Him murdered. It is nothing short of blasphemy for that to have been replaced with “salvation is of the Jews.”

          But people tend to believe what they are told to believe without doing much fact checking. Hence you have fools worshipping those who Jesus called the “Synagogue of Satan,” rather than Christ.

          Read up on Bertrand Comparet’s sermons, always good info and food for thought from that wise man.

          And if you doubt this, get some Greek Bibles and compare them yourself.

          No, lol, Jesus was no Jew. He went in fear of the Judeans, who were not Israelites but rather Edomites.

          It would also help for you to read the Apocrypha, the books taken out of the Bible that concern the Edomite takeover of Judea while the Israelites were in their 70 years of Babylonian captivity.

          And if you are confused by the similarity of what the Edomite Jews did compared to the Israelites, you haven’t really grasped what the Book describes. Which is understandable considering most English language versions call two different ethnicities the same thing, and have deleted the part that talks about the new “Jews” taking over the country of the Judahites and Levites that founded it.

          Hope this helps.

    • Domineek a neek a neek,
      ‘oer the land, he plods along,
      And sings his little song.
      Never asking for reward,
      He just talks about the Lord.
      He just talks about the Lord.

      It’s been running through my head lately lol.

  4. The USSA looks as if it’s going to break up into smaller, revolutionary republics. I certainly hope so. That will make it easier to fight the jews, niggers and communists.

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