The Daily Stormer Lives

Andrew Anglin wasn’t in Charlottesville.

There were hundreds of people there though from the Stormer book clubs. I saw Azzmador and others from Daily Stormer and all they tried to do was attend the peaceful rally in Lee Park. We had to get a federal court order to hold #UniteTheRight and Charlottesville responded by ordering the police to stand down. This gave Antifa the green light to attack and throw the event into chaos and give Gov. Terry McAuliffe the excuse to declare a “state of emergency.” McAuliffe’s goal was to raise his national profile for when he runs for president in the 2020 Democratic primary.

The Daily Stormer was one of many Alt-Right websites hounded off the internet in a political purge by Silicon Valley. CNN, The New York Times and The Washington Post embraced Antifa. Everyone in the whole movement was attacked including websites like Amren, VDARE, Counter-Currents and Alternative Right which had nothing to do with #UniteTheRight. Pamela Geller was banned from PayPal. Christopher Cantwell was even banned for life from OkCupid in the lunacy last week.

If there are any Stormer refugees here, The Daily Stormer is still up. The Left has taken the mask off. They glorify violence and censorship, but we will not be silenced!

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  1. “If there are any Stormer refugees here……..”

    HW, half the people posting here are infostormer and dailystormer asylum-seekers!

    • I personally think our refugee policies have been great with the Stormers.

      We’ve only had two or three “muh dik” incidents in the last week – much better than Sweden.

  2. One imagines the Establishment fight against the Alt Right to go a little like their fight against Terrorism, Drugs, and Poverty: use the fight to take away freedoms and consolidate power, but never really go for the win.

  3. I know this is controversial, but it may be a good idea to start distancing from the swaztika and Nazi imagery. The conversation ALWAYS ends when Nazism is involved. It scares people away. I know I’m not the only one saying this. Every single picture the (((MSM))) broadcasted was that of the three fucking swaztikas that were there. That’s all they needed. It’s time to start playing smart. Don’t jump the shark this early.

    • Conversation? What conversation? The anti-White rabble aren’t interested in any conversations, they want to destroy you and your whole family, including your pets. I say the more hardcore of an image we project the better. Let the fainthearted types stay in the rear with the children, women, elderly and infirm. We have a race-war to win!

      • “Conversation? What conversation? The anti-White rabble aren’t interested in any conversations, they want to destroy you and your whole family, including your pets.”

        True words there. I imagine, by reading what you posted, that you’ve read about how the blacks in SA are having jolly fun torturing and killing White people’s pets and other animals after slaughtering the people themselves?

        This is WAR, conversation is a waste… a foregone conclusion.

        • I had trouble trying to reply to William Lawrence about not displaying the Swastika. I just want to say that if every White Nationalist never again displayed a Swastika, it would mean absolutely nothing to the jews. They would still call us Nazis and say we were flying Nazi flags even if we weren’t. You can’t placate the jews. I believe Carolyn Yeager said that all three of those photos of Nazi flags at Charlottesville, were the same flag from three different directions. For the people it scares away, they’re simply cowards, and not needed. If they genuinely had questions about Nationalist Socialist Germany, there are many in our movement who could set them straight.

          • It does not matter what the commies say or think. Of course they will call everyone on the right Nazis. What matters is 90% of white folks do not like it. The 3rd Reich died and was buried over 70 years ago. Time to move on. If you are serious about winning here and now, drop the Nazionale imagery.

          • I have family in Germany, trust me nazi germany is not a subject of cheer and conversation at all. Love wins everytime. I hope we all live happy together one day. ?

          • Stormer is back as “Al” for Algeria, and Anglin says he’s living in Nigeria — that part sounds like a stretch. There’s a link (yesterday, I think) to a debate between him and Greg Johnson covering the swastika question definitively. Our hero gets politely cornered Johnson and fine hostess Tara McCarthy — says he disapproves the symbol’s use in Charlottesville but plans to go on mocking the system’s nonsense with exaggerated Nazism in the site.

            I’m no Johnson fan but was pleasantly surprised to hear him repeatedly condemning Jew supremacy. Does he do this now or was he just being a chameleon?


      The Antifa thugs probably infiltrated the Alt-right marchers wearing hoods and holding Swastikas.

      They did this for one obvious reason–to have an excuse to stain the whole alt-right as “Neo-Nazis.”

      The Judaists often use this tactic. The Judaists are professional fakemeisters.

      Whenever they want to fake an attack on a synagogue, they paint what–Swastikas!

      • Arnold.

        No. There really are some of us who have some tattoos that include swastikas… and there really are some of our most ardent comrades who fly and wear the swastika. ALL swastika people aren’t “jewish infiltrates”. That’s a very, VERY ignorant position to take… and alienates many solid brothers. In fact, it’s just as bad as the “ALL Christians are jewish infiltrators” argument. Ever heard of throwing the baby out with the bath-water? It’s a wise saying.

        This “swastika-bashing” bull crap plays right into our enemy’s hands, people. Same with KKK-bashing. It’s EXACTLY what our enemies are trying to accomplish, another divide-and-conquer game… and a move to cause us to self-censor. RESIST IT.

        We need to simply remain TRUE to ourselves. Period.



        • Well said, Jim Beam. Just be careful not to say such things around Onceler or his chink “husband”, because racism makes them and their adopted picaninnies cry.

          • Anyone like that, I can simply ignore, spahn. What’s the point in arguing with “non-racist” types anyway? Their own statements expose them… and serious people would rather drink cat piss than follow their advice.

        • *Here’s a little thought-experiment for everyone:


          The White people in every city in every state of the USA says “NO MORE DIXIE FLAGS OR CONFEDERATE STATUES! WE DON’T WANT EVERYONE TO THINK WE’RE RACIST!”

          *Do you GET IT, now?! Do you see the manipulation, the subtle psy-op, the self-censoring, the vicious cycle?! We do NOT need to compromise ANY of our symbols, slogans, etc., no matter what they are, in the hope that we can appear “normal” to what passes for normalcy these days in the populace!!! This tactic is a LOSING one! How can any of you be so blind as to not understand this?

          BE TRUE TO YOURSELF AND DON’T SUCCUMB TO FEAR. Infiltrators are always going to be a problem. It’s simply unavoidable in a movement like ours for the time being. With some luck and some careful observation, we ought to be able to route-out some of them in time… but we should definitely not predetermine that anyone in our movement(s) who wear or display “certain symbols” are enemy infiltrators. There are just so many levels of enemy psy-op involved in that type of reasoning… every one of them ending with us LOSING.

          • So you mentioned that this is war right? NEWS FLASH! You need numbers to win a war!! Anyone who may be sympathetic to the cause is being scared away by retarded Nazi LARPers. They’re the only ones worth having a conversation with. It should be implied without saying that a real conversation with mainstream audiences is impossible. You misunderstood what I said. Go ahead though; continue sabotaging the movement without listening to reason. We have too little numbers to jump the shark at this moment.

    • First off, there was only one swastika flag.

      And second, nobody in the NSM even knew who the guy carrying it was.

      He vanished at some point during the fighting, so who knows…

      • Like Baked Alaska and his phony injury? Almost blinded? Really? He had NO injuries. None. And, if you add the phony “hydrochloric acid” crap, it was slapstick humor.

        He’s either a subversive or a coward and ran once the spark was ignited. Had to add a Hollywood production to cover his rear end. Baked Alaska is Baked Hamentasch.

        I’ll considered an opposing position that proves me wrong but I don’t expect one.

      • No Stormer brought any swazi flags. Anglin specifically said not to.

        The guys in the Friday night torchlight procession had the look we were going for.

    • William, dear – I understand what you are saying. I think the Swazi flags, in Charlottesville were a bad idea for that particular event – but do you understand that ALL Whites are being demonized as Nazis? That Hitler and the Reich have been used as an ideological bludgeon against Whites for nigh on 80 years? We must all NORMALIZE Nazism. The Jews are dropping their Human masks. We must teach all Whites that Nazis are GOOD, kikes are evil, malicious, lying anti-White Anti Human, thieving, child molesting, sick deviant insane evil blood-drenched depraved twisted bi-pedal flesh eating BACTERIA fiends, who must go back from whence they came which is Satan’s bowels ASAP.


      • I appreciate the more calm response as opposed to shrieking like a banshee. I’llbe straight with you. I don’t see the benefit of idolizing a foreign regime that has one of the highest white killcounts in human history under its belt. Hitler caused more white deaths than the deaths of any other race during WW2. Also, regardless of what some people here may think, optics are important. It doesn’t matter what the mainstream thinks of us. They’ll see us as Nazis no matter what. It’s the ones who are sympathetic to us but haven’t taken that leap that are important. Simply put, Nazi symbols scare people away. This is coming from personal experience. I discovered the altright back in January but was very hesitant to join it because of all the Nazi larping is saw. Lastly, Nazism doesn’t speak to Americans. They hate it; many pro-white Americans hate it. I know of many who do.

        • William that’s like blaming the violence in C-ville on the alt-Right.

          Clearly Hitler made every attempt for peace. But keep going on blaming those who stand up for our race, see which side you end up landing on.

          • So how “bad” was Hitler in fact? How many innocents did he kill? Come on, all heads of state love blood. Was he right to invade Poland, did he start the shooting over the river? A non-hysterical documentary shocked me about the Sudeten (or was it Silesian?) Germans — Slavs of the period were interviewed about the death march period etc. and made a pretty chilling case.

            I guess none of you are reading my stuff, I’m posting into outer space or the astral plane.

      • Denise: “We must all NORMALIZE Nazism.”

        No, Denise – we WN’s must drive you and your ilk from our movement forever. And now that Stormfront has had its throat slit and left to die in a dark cyber-alley, maybe you’ll vanish with it.

    • William.
      Optics-cucking is NOT an answer. No matter how “normal” and “non-racist”, or even philo-Semitic we try to appear, we will be painted as evil, racist KKK/Nazis by our enemies. Period! Just have a look at the latest Reuters article that The Red Elephants discussed in this video (watch?v=s3ISz3EaM9A), an article about the recent Laguna Beach Trump Rally. The (((media))) will simply LIE if there are no actual swastikas or other “racist” paraphernalia. IT JUST DOESN’T MATTER ANYMORE. IT NEVER DID ANYWAY. We will only alienate our more stalwart comrades by optics-cucking! Let’s imagine a rally with no flags, no swastikas, no identifiable “racist” symbols, and no “anti-Semitic” slogans for a moment… and then, just for fun, imagine the glowing praise our enemies will surely heap upon our new-and-improved Non-Racist, Philo-Semitic Alt-Right Movement. Yea, me neither….?

      • JimB: “No matter how “normal” and “non-racist”, or even philo-Semitic we try to appear, we will be painted as evil, racist KKK/Nazis by our enemies. Period!”

        So if white nationalists were all “painted” as faggots, would you then recommend we all start marching with gay rainbow flags? You’re reasoning is flawed, because as long as swastika flags or other icons of the Third Reich are in evidence, then the news media would indeed be justified as “painting” us as Nazis. Without such flags and symbols, they would lose their justification.

    • There’s no such thing as ‘optics-cucking.’ That is an oxymoron.

      Everyone who wants RESULTS should ignore the various parties interested in either subversion or simple self indulgence.

      Denise might be well-intended here, but the fact is, when they call NON-nazis ‘naziswhowanttogas6billionkikes’ it absolutely works to establish in the ‘normies’ minds that there’s nothing wrong with being ‘nazis’ or maybe they should consider becoming one.

      You have to let the jews expose themselves.

      Americans aren’t so dumb or zombified that they assume one flag makes a huge rally all nazis, or that all whites disgusted with the situation would ever be in total agreement anyway. That’s not the american way and those who matter know it.

      • “There’s no such thing as ‘optics-cucking.’ That is an oxymoron.”

        No, dear, an oxymoron is:




        a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction (e.g., faith unfaithful kept him falsely true ).

        How in the hell does the (very real) term ‘optics cuck(ing)’ fit in with the definition?

        Let me explain optics cucking, so that even you can understand: It means changing your appearance (optics) and/or message in order to appease your enemies and appear “nicer” to them (cuckery).

        • I was speaking figuratively, dear.

          When I want to be quoted on CNN by Eric Trump, I’ll cater to the myopically linear.

          The normies are not my enemies. If they’re yours, we don’t need you and your optics principles. The notion of optics having principles is the contradiction.

          • Why, white people of course.

            No matter how hard you try, spawn of raunch, with your constant jewy childish attempts to degrade the southern people, you can’t possibly imagine such petty lewdness expresses our anglo culture.

            Even guineas aren’t *that* dumb…er…

          • Oh, go to hell, Onceler. You aren’t representative of anyone but your own ignorant, opinionated self, prick, with your “we don’t need you” arrogance! YOU don’t need me? Great, ’cause I wasn’t planning on locking arms with you either, pompous ass.

            And no, you weren’t “speaking figuratively” when you said ‘optics cucking’ was an oxymoron… you’re just a moron, DEAR.

            Have an awesome day!

    • Problem is, you could show up in a 3 piece suit, waving old glory and they’d still call you “Nazi”, “white supremacist” or “racist”. If a storm trooper is an ally in this war (It IS war) against White Genocide, why shun him? Who shunned mass murderer ally “Uncle Joe” Stalin?

      • You can’t reason with stupid. Some of these normie-larpers (WN trying to LARP as “good, clean-cut, non-racist, jew-loving normies) just don’t get it!

        If a pro-White group came out in suits & ties, with smiley face buttons and waving rainbow flags made out of cotton candy… the (((media))) would say “The neo-Nazis and Klan are giving themselves a new look, a makeover, in order to APPEAR less hateful and violent to the public. For more on this ‘New And Improved’, re-branded HATE let’s hear from our ADL corespondent, Abraham Levy…”

        GET A F***ING CLUE.


    This is a bit off-topic, but of critical importance, so I am posting here.

    What we need is a nation-wide restraining order, say from the US Supreme Court, restraining all states of the United States and all other local govts. from removing or altering or defacing any monument or statue, etc, for 5 years, until Congress has had a chance to study this issue and make a decision as to what is the proper thing to do for these monuments that some states do not agree with or prefer removal, of, such as whether they should be barred from removing it, or they can remove it, or they must turn it over to the federal govt. to be housed in a museum.

    Write to your congressman (fax) and ask them to introduce a bill to preserve these monuments and statues immediately.

    Trump must issue an emergency executive order (restraining order) or some conservative group can file a suit in federal court for this purpose in the meantime.

    The right must take the fight to the right (rights, i.e. legal rights).

  5. I have very mixed feeling about the fate of DS. I’ve really enjoyed a lot of the marvelous work DS has done. I adore Azzmador. But Anglin’s issues with women have been getting worse by the minute, and their White Sharia lunacy was so tone deaf, stupid, and PATHETIC that I regard the banishment of DS to the Dark Web as the electronic equivalent of forcing them into an Internet burkha – so FUCK EM.

    • Denise – I feel similarly. I love DS when they stick to Jews, race issues, etc. But Anglin’s personal problems with white women, vis a vis the ‘white sharia’ BS, are destroying the site.

      • Yup. Anglin is encouraging young males – teenaged boys – to be total losers with women, just like he is. Any shred of sympathy I had for him ended with that unbelievably idiotic piece he did, on his visit to some fast food joint. He attempted to insult 2 fat teenaged girls there.

        1) Fat shaming does not work. Period. Fat shaming only drives fat people right into the bag of potato chips, or a bag of tacos, or box of Tastykakes. Fat people ONLY LOSE WEIGHT when they decide to. I’ve found that the best way to encourage people to lose weight, and get fit is by positive incentives. Some triggering event occurs – a health issue, or SOMETHING. Also – lots of folks overeat out of boredom, or for emotional comfort. If you know a fattie you love – invite him or her to do fun activities like DANCING, or slowly but surely give them healthy but tasty food treats. I myself like yogurt more than I like ice cream. Fresh juicy peaches are better than…anything. Once people get used to the taste healthy food – they begin to crave healthy food. The processed junk begins to taste like processed JUNK.

        2) Anglin apparently made some insulting remark as he passed those 2 girls. Now – fast food joints are not the place one generally patronizes, in order to mingle with the fit and glamorous Jet Set. I generally, as a White Rule, do NOT make rude remarks on a person’s appearance. Anglin does – he’s obsessed with insulting fat women – so he’s now “on the table”. Anglin is a short, ugly bald little man, on his mid-thirties. I can GUARANTEE that those 2 girls weren’t aware that he addressed them at all. If they did – they probably didn’t understand his remark, and laughed to each other about him. A teenaged girl will only pay attention to male who appeals to THEM. I doubt they noticed him at all..

        3) What kind of an immature, insecure, childish adult makes a point of insulting children? I’ll leave you to answer that question, GG.

        • Oh, I remember that piece very well. He’s so retarded – look how ugly HE is! Guys like him and Matt Forney (barf, barf, barf) HAVE to go over to Asia to sleep with chink women, because what self-respecting White woman would ever want to be with men like them? What a disaster. They have psychological issues they’re not emotionally capable of dealing with and/or intelligent enough to recognize. Race-mixers themselves par extraordinare, yet White woman who do the same are blamed for the downfall of humanity …and comments on DS wherein White women are raped/murdered by muds are usually along the lines of – SHE DESERVED IT!

          • Jews have destroyed normal relations between White men and women to an almost unfathomable degree. Why aren’t our WN MEN shouting this from the rooftops?! Every time Anglin encourages his young followers to mock and degrade White women – there you go, another castoff mudshark, while her male counterpart has happa spawn with Ying Ling the chink. DISGUSTING…

        • Yes. The hatred expressed towards White women, and women in general on DS, and other sites, but in particulate DS is absolutely deranged.

          1) It’s a lunatic position, simply in terms of PR. Men and women have always had problems with women. You can read about the Battle of the Sexes, aver since people figured ou thow to write. But men and women NEED each other, ultimately. I think men and women, ideally, should be complimentary partners. We can and should care for each other. From a PR perspective though – what OTHER political or social group denounces and degrades at least HELF of their potential membership. Other races are brutal to each other, but does the NAACP insult and mock fat Black women? Does La Raza turn away their Mestizo squat monsters? Even freaking MUSLIMS use women for PR purposes (to often laughable results). The relentless antipathy towards women is just STUPID. And no – you don’t have to “White Knight”. You just don’t have to go out your way to insult your own people.

          2) The Yellow Fever cheerleading campaign is disgusting, hypocritical and yet again, STUPID. As well as subversive and fundamentally Anti White. Yellow is NOT the “New White”.

          3) the hatred expressed toward women reveals fear, and WEAKNESS. Strong, mature, attractive people don’t waste their time singling out the less genetically gifted. Attractive people simply ignore the people that aren’t as attractive, Most people mate in their own “class”. Really good-looking people mate with other really good looking people – unless the less attractive person possesses some sort of attribute or material wealth, or advantage, for the “looker”.

          4) Women are less drawn to looks, as they are to “advantage”. Wealth and power have always been lures for women. I’ve heard many men and women decry “gold-diggers” – but I regard this as a survival strategy. Human children are not in full control of their motor skills until approx. age fine. The young, of just about all other species, are able to care for themselves from anywhere within moments of birth, or perhaps up to a span of 2 years of age. Human children require an enormous investment in time and energy to bring them to self-sufficiency A “powerful” man, a man that can provide literal physical protection and resources like nutritious food, is a real advantage in helping to assure one’s progeny survives to adulthood.

          Women are still attracted to other things, though. Allow me to cite 2 examples: Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti, and Shirley Jones and Marty Engels. Sophia Loren is regarded as one of the most spectacularly beautiful women that ever lived. Carlos Ponto was a short, ugly little man, decades her senior. They were married when she was very young. He did help establish Loren’s career, and she did have plenty of affairs (she was an actress, surrounded by BEAUTIFUL men, for decades) – but they essentially stayed married til his death, in 2007, She genuinely loved him. He was brilliant, creative, charming, and by all accounts, tremendous fun to be with. She didn’t have to stay with Ponti once she was a famous movie star. Loren pretty much could have ANY man she wanted, anywhere in the world. But she genuinely loved ugly little Ponti. Bless them both.

          The gorgeous songbird and actress Shirley Jones married the dashing, debonair “bad boy” actor Jack Cassidy, when they were both young and unknown. Her career took flight almost immediately. She was cast in the film version of “Oklahoma” as a virtual unknown, and was a star from then on. Cassidy was a trained actor, His career petered out, as her’s took off. His resentment destroyed their marriage. He put her though the ropes. She stayed single for years. Jones married the not good looking Jewish comedian Marty Ingels. They had their ups and downs, and separations – but she stayed married to him until his death. She even wrote a book about their mis-matched relationship. She never wrote aoubt Cassidy, even though she regarded him as the most influential person in her life. Ingels, apparently, made her laugh.

          Women are drown to many other characteristics beside mere looks.

          • Very true. I do think divorce and single motherhood may have utterly destroyed the lives of many DS guys, and for that I empathize. I can’t even imagine being raised by a single, feminist mother – a situation more common than not in Jewmerica. I’m in my twenties, and divorce was SO COMMON amongst my friends’ parents growing up, but rarely discussed. It’s exactly like family genocide.

          • Maple Syrup Urine Disease:

            1) Take a SHOWER

            2) Get a decent JOB,

            3) Attempt to learn to speak and write in complete sentences, you pathetic little homo

            4) Run along and fellate Milo. He may even throw some shekels your way.

          • Denise and Goy Goddess, you ladies make some excellent points, and I for one agree with you, for whatever that’s worth. Not all of us are “White sharia” types… just like not all of you are man-hating fems or nog-screwing mud sharks. There are indeed plenty, of both types on both sides, though, and it DOES cause some serious schisms within our movement. Damn if I know what’s to be done about it. That’s only one of several other reasons that I stopped my visits to DS almost a year ago. Since then, I’ve been pretty much a regular here and over at National Alliance/Vanguard. Truth be told, National Alliance/Vanguard, their ideology and approach to everything effecting us, resonates with me much more than any of the “neo-Nazi” sites/movements.

            I believe we WN men AND women need to get our heads out of our asses and put the brakes on all of this blaming each other. We KNOW who is ultimately responsible for the vast majority of the things that led to most of the dysfunction: Shlomo. Period.

          • Jim B ,

            Thanks. I have some ideas about what to do – but it’s too late to write now. I’ll think about this, and add some comments. Realizing that we women and men are not each other’s enemies is an excellent place to start…………

          • As far as I am concerned their purpose is to turn White men against White women (and men that disagrees with their BS) just as the most rabid, anti-White Feminism seeks to turn White women against White men.

            That is not at all a coincidence, it is the work of an enemy.

          • My people in the northeast associate Loren with guineas, no offense. We did NOT find her or her people attractive – the northwestern europeans of a certain era and anglos especially ongoingly. I barely heard of her growing up and was not an oblivious kid.

            I also think the paragraph about both sexes valuing various strengths holds to men as well. Middle class men have stronger tendencies towards this appreciation of different female strengths, as they aren’t raised as prima donnas as often to think their shit doesn’t stink. When they’re not overly bright they fancy the ‘smart girl’ more, this is often especially the beautiful or goodlooking ones.

            Healthy couples work as a pair, sometimes in actual business together. It seems very dangerous to promote delusions in men that their ugliness can be overcome so easily.

            It can’t. Best for young men to accept this and stop fixating on women they’ll never win. The alternative is rape of our women and serious psychological problems in both sexes.

        • Fat-shaming was originally designed in the jewish-run fashion industry by fags to screw up white men and women. It trains women to hate their female curves – their fertility – and men to hate them, too. Jews launched this solely against whites; in the black community fertility and body strength in general in women is celebrated. During the 90’s studies revealed most black women didn’t even identify with the faggot-formed ideal of anorexic, pubescent male ‘feminine’ bodies. Their rates of anorexia were very low to non-existent.

          Anglin clearly hovers more towards the anti-fertility posture. Even shaming actual fatties totally backfires anyway, for a complex of reasons but some of the above factor in.

    • Yes – where’s Paul and SBPDL? I always check his Twitter and blog every day – I’m assuming (((they))) got to him?

  6. This onion address is dead like the last 3 or 4, and as fast. Anglin and the crew seem entirely sincere, but the site’s recent “hot potato” demise is passing strange. Infostormer lasted a little longer and was uncontroversial (never screamed about by the commie media) but it comes and goes in almost direct parallel to DS?

    It’s exactly like Bill White — every time they’re given another chance they race to blow it as badly as possible. I predicted DS would last about as long as his Nazi group and mag, and it did. Mocking that woman in the immediate wake of the C’ville disaster and mere days since Google et al started censoring and de-monetizing the right, how smart was that? White at least is a legal whiz but after numerous stunning overturns finally won himself a nice cozy cell — 302 months’ worth.

    Yes, I’m a huge DS/IS fan. I’ve extensively quoted and cited them in two print publications and promoted their URLs everywhere I could squeeze them in. Losing them is seriously traumatic to me — all that work they did, all that suppressed truth, all those classic broadcasts and discussions, all that gusto — GONE.

    The right is its own worst enemy half the time.

    • The Western regimes are giving the Alt-right the Occupy Wall street treatment, and then it’s important to try to make pro-whites look like their worst enemy, in addition to starting as much infighting as possible.

      If it had only been only DS that had been shoah’d, but it’s the whole pro-white movement that is suffering from the Shuttening.

      • Shoah’d — exactly! Great irony. DS’s strength was its willing to ironize, jeer, denouce, ridicule blister the opposition where most conservs don’t even think to. In other words it was Alinskying the Alinskyites where it’s desperately needed.

  7. PS Give us an anytime edit feature please, OD, and our lives will be complete. Thanks for making commenting so blessedly simple!

  8. I stand corrected. A bare-bones DS comes up if you give it long enough, but I can’t get anything in it to open in Chrome or Firefox.

    • Ronnie – don’t confuse your crush on that tiny bald mongol with me. I think it’s fairly obvious that I crush on Millennial Woes. He’s GORGEOUS.

      • If I was a chick I would dig MW too. But why is he always so glum? He must surely have a hot girlfriend.

      • Denise, I’ve been a luker, reading your comments here and some of the other places you used to pop up for a year or so,
        First of all thank you and the other lady, I intend on having my wife check out this thread asap.
        It’s too bad things are the way they are at this time. I could go on and.on but I have to get back to wage cucking for now, secresha and latrina are depending on me.
        A bird needs two wings duh!

  9. The Hindu “American” CEO of Google is waging violent Hindu “American” demographic race war against THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE CHRISTIAN AMERICAN MAJORITY WORKING CLASS……

    Becomming a White racial minority in America=Native Born White Americans having their fate put in the hands of very wealthy Hindu “Americans”……THINK ABOUT IT….THINK ABOUT IT…

  10. Daily Stormer needs to be shoad. Not a single person on earth respects a hypocrite. Anglin looks like a quadroon on meth and he has the audacity to criticize the looks of others?

    • The world desperately needs it, even with all its warts. It’s driven the establishment crazy and liberated millions — maybe 100,000,000s. That’s why it was forced down, I can promise you — it got such publicity in C’ville they couldn’t have the whole world googling it. Probably threatened people’s lives.

    • Some people say Anglin is part coon and part chinaman. He’s no “hottie”, but neither was Goebbels or Goering.

      • Goebbels… there was just something special as hell about that slender, eagle-eyed dude. If I was a chick, I wouldn’t have turned him down for a movie and coffee. 😉

    • Oh god, Ronnie, you weren’t kidding Denise, huh?

      How do men not revile from Dailystormer’s faggotry?


      • Everyone here read it when it was easily available. DS alone popularized the memes and I think had a significant impact on the election.

        It reached all levels of American society, not just a niche group that sites like this cater to.

        His woman bashing was a bit too much at times, but who cares? The overall site itself was entertaining and was a platform for troll raids that put the alt-right on the map more so than any other site.

  11. The comment system ate my comment – maybe it didn’t like the links?

    To access Tor – install the Tor browser, just search for it. It’s on the Tor project site. You can find DS’s onion address on Anglin’s gab page.

    If you want better anonymity, use Tails, again, search for it.

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