After Charlottesville

The dust is now settling from Charlottesville.

I haven’t written anything in about a week now. I wanted to see how events played out in this fast moving situation. It seemed pointless to start writing when pro-White websites were being censored and purged by Silicon Valley all over the internet. A week later, it seems the only damage we suffered at Occidental Dissent was being deplatformed by Donorbox, which we expected to happen anyway. Before Charlottesville, we had already been deplatformed by PayPal, GoFundMe, Patreon, Disqus and Donately and our message had been repeatedly censored by Facebook.

The League of the South took a lot more damage. The League’s website was deplatformed by its hosting company. The Facebook page was banned. The PayPal account was cancelled. We had people in Charlottesville who were assaulted by Antifa, arrested by the police (one guy lost his keys in the chaos and was trying to break in to his own vehicle), disowned by their families and fired from their jobs. We understand these are the consequences for proud White Southerners who exercise their constitutional rights to defy the political, corporate and media establishment.

I’ve never been prouder to be associated with such a fine group of men:

I saw my brothers in Charlottesville get attacked with mace, pepper spray, acid, sticks, bricks, clubs, baseball bats, paint bombs, bags of piss and human feces and even a flamethrower while the police stood around and did nothing. I saw our shieldwall fight off wave after wave of Antifa and protect everyone including reporters who had gathered in Lee Park. I saw my friends rush into that bloodthirsty mob of communist scum to rescue our people who were being jumped and beaten by “peaceful counter-protesters.”

It was an amazing experience watching the Confederate Battle Flag and Southern Nationalist Flag fluttering in the wind above the Battle of Charlottesville. We had come to Charlottesville with only a few shields to defend ourselves against projectiles lobbed into the park. We weren’t expecting a brawl because we had gone to federal court to get a permit, but we took Lee Park and stood and held our ground until the Virginia State Police ordered us to disperse or be arrested.

What do we do now? We will do what we always do after hurricanes in the South. We will weather the storm, bind up our wounds, rebuild our websites and tell the public the truth about what really happened at Charlottesville. No one will ever be able to take the memory of August 12th away from us. It was the day we stood up for ourselves and our identity, heritage and rights and the whole might of the corrupt political, corporate and media establishment came down on us.

Note: Click on this link and watch a POV video of our experience in Charlottesville. Watch the YouTube video below. The fake news which lied about Ferguson has lied to you about Charlottesville. The mayor, police and governor colluded with Antifa to violate our constitutional rights.

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  1. HW, you’re a good man and a patriot. But you need to get off of Shitter and start posting on instead.

      • Gab is kind of clunky to use and has a few annoying limitations, but at least you can speak freely without having your acct get locked or “suspended”.

        I just found out a moment ago I am banned by Disqus. Why do they persecute me so????

  2. I feel nothing but positive about the results of Charlottesville. There is no better outcome that could’ve been had considering the avalanche of corruption and lawlessness brought down upon us. Slowly but surely the word is getting out. I have given my first hand account to numerous leaders in my community and I received positive feedback. They know me well and know they can trust my word. Many of them had a great deal of concerns because of the media narrative that was coming out. The biggest obstacle I had was the question of optics related to the Nazi flags that were present. I simply stated I didn’t know the people who had the Nazi flags and who am I to tell them they don’t have free speech rights. There were some questions about the imagery on Shields and such and simply said they were pro white images. Not anti anything. Everyone seemed to take that for what it’s worth. I hope y’all agree with the way I handled the questions. These community leaders all convey support to our cause…they just aren’t to the point where they are willing to risk their public positions as of yet. I have a couple of outspoken people running for county commissioners next election and we are slowly pushing the envelope on PC. I believe Unite the Right was a success. Just not in the way we envisioned. Let’s hope antifa pulls the same thing in Arizona against the maga people that will help even more.

  3. A supplementary suggestion would be for the League and other members of the “alt. right” to take a leaf from Golden Dawn. Golden Dawn conducts political warfare through welfare. They distribute food, clothing, needy Greeks. Needy local white families and the elderly could be identified and aided. In addition to food and clothing and such, a group of white activists could take a weekend to paint the inside of a family’s home or provide lawn care for an elderly white. Confederate grave stones could be cared for. Just a few of the things that could be done to counter the unending media smears and garner support.

    • Respectables do more damage to us than the left does. Beware of any “patriot”, MAGA type or “conservative” who punches right.

  4. I just read a headline that says George Clooney and his Arab terrorist wife Amal donated $1 million bucks to the Semitic Perverts Lawfare Center in order to ” fight right-wing extremism”. This was presumably done in response to the violentneonazikkkwhitesupremacisthaterally in Cville.

    OK, Clooney, you’re on my Royal Shit-List now. Good luck trying to get off it, you arrogant, brainless, limousene liberal A-hole.

  5. If I might could offer some advice: get as far away as possible from the swaztika. Nothing good will come from having it around. Nazi imagery is bad for the movement. Denounce it.

      • No, you are The Jew, attempting to subvert white interests and advocacy with your half cocked extremism.

        I’m hardly the only one who notices this.

        • Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice, you troublemaking, disagreeable jerk. No one here even pays any attention to you, until you start making a pest of yourself.

          • You are either a jew infiltrator, half-guinea or an oil-driller. Grease, oil, same difference.

            You come here to undermine whites’ better survival instincts and scare off sober strategists. No jew-wise readers are fooled by your toady tactics.

        • We need to educate people, not shun our history. The swastika and the star of david are ancient symbols. Before Israel was “created”, wasn’t the burning bush the symbol of Judea?

      • Yeah, you are right. Double down on the swastika and double down on KKK garb. Extremism may be one thing but extreme stupidity is fatal. If your goal is to alienate even more those who don’t agree with you or misunderstand you, yes by all means go hog kfucing wild and nazi apehsit. Hitler dumped the SS because he wasn’t stupid.

    • I had heard he was going to be ok and regain his sight as long as he didn’t get an infection. I don’t have a source for that or anything it was just something I read a few days ago somewhere.

  6. “disowned by their families and fired from their jobs”

    Well, they have another family that is very, very proud of them.

  7. I saw this link elsewhere where a guy in Boston was trying to talk to the left. The guy was way reasonable. Just talking. My God they came close to tearing him to pieces. The cops quickly moved him out of the area. I think they were chimping up to attack him in mass. They don’t want to hear anything at all. If this is the kind people we’re dealing with then I can’t see that some how or some way there will be a war. They refuse to do anything but demand obedience to them.

    • Totally irrational. Point them to historical documents and they’ll respond that you can’t believe white males. They need a military uniform and then shipped off to Afghanistan. President Trump, here’s your troop surge supply!

  8. Trump continues to come through.

    Good speech.

    I’m more interested on the Afghan front though, and what is the overall objective with the troop surge.

    I assume this is Mattis’ war. Unlike Obama, Trump will absolutely let the Generals run this. And that can be a problem. The Generals, elderly and in need of a legacy, have war on the mind. According to Trump, this is not a nation building strategy.

    The media won’t cover what happens. The Left has no problem with a beefed up war in Afghanistan.

  9. www dot deagel dot com

    2017 – US population 324,000,000
    2025 – US population 54,000,000

    I think we can see how. Whether it is through slaughter, migration, a breakup, or all three still needs to be seen.

    I’m betting all three.

  10. I’m re reading Saul Alinsky’s rules for Radicals now. His recommendations are very, very relative to us now as we are radicals, not Conservatives – as we’re not in power in places like Charlottesville VA – we don’t run the campus, we don’t tell the police what to do. That should be obvious.

    Radicals are pushing for significant change – challenging the status quo, looking to challenge and overthrow the powers that be – that’s us.

    OK – here is one of Saul Alinsky most important tips for radicals – the 13th rule:

    “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it and polarize it, polarize him – the personal enemy.”

    I note that in the Charlottesville VA battle, our side only personalized 2 or maybe 3 enemies:

    The Jew mayor of Charlottesville
    The White hating Black deputy mayor
    And the VA Lib Governor who violated our right to demonstrate and created a state of emergency and forced the cops to stand down and let Antifa attack us.

    Too much of our side complained about institutions – the state, the University of Virginia, the Charlotte police force, the state national guard. And this is Saul Alinsky’s very insightful point.

    Our enemies are individual people, not impersonal institutions where everyone in the institution can pass the buck of responsibility.

    Individual enemies in the police force, in the government made the decisions to deny our right to assemble, denied our rights to free speech and who decided to force our people in to places where they knew Antifa and BlackLiesMatter mobs would attack us with bats bear mace, bricks, bottles of urine and feces.

    Who exactly were these individual enemies? What are their jobs? Were do they live? Who do they sleep with.

    Our adversaries worked hard to identify and out our activists, get our people persecuted, fired from their jobs, their families disown them, their twitter and paypal, Facebook account taken down.

    We have to learn how to do the same.

    Make our individual enemies pay a personal price for persecuting us, pay a personal price for desecrating Confederate statues and Confederate graves.

    Make it personal.

    And yep, I believe throwing vile liquids at our worst enemies is fair in this game.

    • Always, always, take into consideration that Wikipedia is controlled by an alphabet agency(ies). Jimmy Wales is probably nor more real than Batman, I mean the cartoon character. Not sure about the vampire types.

  11. News helicopter at ‘new town’ school hoax got a picture of a perp in camo
    running into the woods… we weren’t supposed to see that.

    po lice helicopter might have recorded something we weren’t supposed to see?
    Perhaps that’s why it ‘crashed’ and the 2 pilots ‘died’ and there’s no video?

    • I thought camo pants guy was part of the psy op, designed to create movement/chaos into the scene as the total lack of it was so unnatural. People would have been running madly into a building to find children, especially parents.

  12. I think its fair to conclude that at Charlottesville,
    the police dindo nuffin.
    To all those denied protection and the right to gather and speak, you are on solid ground to sue your attackers, the police and local authorities.
    Find good lawyers and get the wheels turning.

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