Fake News Fail: Virginia Voters Split On Charlottesville

Here’s another new poll which illustrates the waning power of the fake news:

“A slim majority of Virginia voters — 51 percent — want the statues to remain on public property while 28 percent would like them removed, according to a poll released Tuesday by MassInc.

A majority — 52 percent — of voters polled also consider the monuments part of Southern heritage while just 25 percent believe the statues are symbols of racism.

Republicans overwhelmingly favored preserving the statues, and a majority of independents agreed with them. Only a slim majority of Democrats wanted them gone.

Non-white voters were split on whether the monuments represent heritage or racism, but favored taking them down by a 15-point margin.

Voters were split on who was most responsible for the violence in Charlottesville, with 40 percent blaming the white nationalist marchers and 41 percent blaming the white nationalists and the counterprotesters equally.

The results showed a partisan split: About two thirds of Republicans blamed both sides, while a similar proportion of Democrats blamed the white nationalists. Independents leaned toward blaming both sides, with 42 percent holding that view and 36 percent blaming the white nationalists. …”


Every single poll that has come out has shown the same basic outlines of the public’s reaction to Charlottesville. A decisive majority of voters and an overwhelming majority of Republicans support preserving the Confederate monuments while only about a quarter of voters support tearing them down. This is unpopular in Virginia and holds nationwide.

As for Charlottesville, the public’s reaction broke down along partisan lines. Republicans overwhelmingly blamed both sides. Democrats overwhelmingly blamed White Nationalists. The fake news narrative that we were solely responsible for the violence in Charlottesville only resonated with partisan Democrats, the Republican establishment and Silicon Valley elites.

We’re going to push back hard against the fake news narrative on Charlottesville. This will go to court and the truth will be exposed. The truth won’t matter to partisan Democrats who are going to blame us for Charlottesville no matter what the outcome, but we have enough ammunition to destroy the narrative which the mainstream media has pushed since August 12th.

There was only “two sides” in Charlottesville because the police didn’t do their jobs. We had to fight our way into the park and out of the park because the police stood down.

Note: This is why the political, corporate and media establishment is so desperate to deplatform the Alt-Right. We can use social media to expose their lies.

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  1. “The truth won’t matter to partisan Democrats who are going to blame us for Charlottesville no matter what the outcome, ”

    They’ll also blame the Alt-Right for Deandre Harris’ “false conviction” and for his losing the Lawsuit against him.

  2. Joogle, Fartbook, Shitter, PalestinePal and the rest of the Silicon Shtetl mob need to be taken to court for discrimination against users based on their political beliefs and for violation of Federal antitrust laws.Will it actually happen? Stay tuned.

  3. This is the only reason I decided to join y’all on “social media”. To combat the false narrative that is Charlottesville.

  4. Joanne, Billionaire George Soros was named by Oliver Stone as a funder of both sides, in Charlotesville.

  5. I think the war will be fought in the Deep South. Places like Virginia and North Carolina have greatly weakened largely because of the College Industrial Complex and VA’s proximity to DC. Maryland is GONE as is Florida so write them off entirely. The only states in the Upper South that have remained somewhat traditional are Kentucky, West Virginia and to a lesser extent Missouri, who have been under 152 years of brainwashing into thinking they are Midwesterners.

    Right now your core areas are the following. Texas (East TX being the most rabid), Northern Louisiana and the Cajun Areas, excluding New Orleans, Mississippi, Alabama, most of Georgia, and South Carolina. CONCENTRATE ON THIS AREA. Once these are relatively secure, move into the other ones. Tennessee will be relatively easier than North Carolina, the only reason Durham happened is because of the College Industrial Complex. Look whats there. Chapel Hill 10 Mi from Durham, Duke University and North Carolina Central (NEGRO) in Durham. 100 years ago, the colleges ran their campuses and the town magistrates ran the town. Now the colleges dictate to the town and the locals are basically enslaved to the whims of the College Industrial Complex. Being that North Carolina has FOUR major Div 1 schools in its borders, it is the worst in the nation outside of New England for the College Industrial Complex.

    The question is how do we defeat them?

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