Anarcho-Tyranny: The Corruption of Charlottesville, VA

UPDATE: A new DeAndre Harris video has emerged which provides more context of the fight he initiated in the Charlottesville parking garage:

It has been nearly 24 hours.

I’ve never been so angry about anything in my entire life. I had to unplug from the internet after I was blinded with rage when the news broke that the Charlottesville Police had issued arrest warrants for more of our people who were defending themselves and others:

“The police arrested two men, including a member of the Ku Klux Klan, and were seeking a third in connection with violent episodes that took place at the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Va., this month, including the beating of an African-American man that was caught on video and widely shared on social media.

The arrests came two weeks after the Aug. 12 rally, which brought hundreds of white supremacists to Charlottesville to protest the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee, the Confederate general. The day was marked by skirmishes between demonstrators and counterprotesters, and a 32-year-old woman, Heather D. Heyer, was struck and killed by a car in what the authorities have called a terrorist attack.

The police were widely criticized for not doing more to stop violence throughout the morning. …”

This is outrageous.

We have already covered at length how the police took the day off in Charlottesville. They stood down and allowed violent Antifa to attack the #UniteTheRight demonstration. This was used as an excuse by Charlottesville and Gov. Terry McAuliffe to declare an illegal assembly and “state of emergency” and nullify the federal court order that had allowed #UniteTheRight to proceed in Lee Park.

When the Charlottesville police failed to do their jobs, our people were left with no choice but to defend themselves and others from violent Antifa as they dispersed and returned to their vehicles. As a group of our people were exiting Lee Park, a 23-year-old black male named Corey Long was able to get close enough to attack them with an improvised flamethrower. Richard Preston was exiting Lee Park when he saw Corey Long attacking our people with the flamethrower. He turned around and fired a warning shot at the ground in order to protect a third party from this dangerous situation:

The Charlottesville Police Department charged Mr. Preston.

After the flamethrower incident, Corey Long, DeAndre Harris and group of black males affiliated with Black Lives Matter followed, stalked and menaced a group of our people who were returning to their cars in the parking garage. They were armed with sticks, baseball bats and a mag lite.

Here is DeAndre Harris with his weapon:

Here is DeAndre Harris following our people to the parking garage. His friends are screaming “appreciate the bat” and “do something”:

When DeAndre Harris arrived at the parking garage, he attacked with Corey Long and the black male in the pink shirt. Corey Long attempts to steal a Confederate flag and DeAndre Harris hits Harold Crews over the head with his mag lite. The black male in the pink shirt swung a stick and was pepper sprayed. As they are forced back into the parking garage, a black male in a blue shirt runs up from behind one of our members, clubs him and knocks him unconscious. He continues to beat him with another black male. THIS provokes the parking garage fight:

DeAndre Harris swings his mag lite and hits Harold Crews:

After the parking garage fight, you can see another assault on a League of the South member returning to the parking garage in the video above.

The fake news was only interested in Deandre Harris because he was black and could be portrayed as a “victim” of “white supremacists.” They ignored the White kid who was bludgeoned with the club in the parking garage by DeAndre Harris’s friends which provoked others to rush to his defense:

Dan Borden and Alex Michael Ramos came to the aid of a League of the South member who had been clubbed and knocked unconscious in the parking garage:

The fake news deliberately took the so-called beating of Deandre Harris out of context in order to push a false narrative that he was a victim of “white supremacists” when in reality he was part of a group of Black Lives Matter thugs who attacked our people returning to their cars in the parking garage. Shaun King and other race baiting bottom feeders pushed this narrative and as a result DeAndre Harris was able to raise over $166,000 in donations for aggravated assault through GoFundMe.

What do the Charlottesville Police do? They issued warrants for the arrest Dan Borden and Alex Michael Ramos. Not only did they FAIL to do their jobs and through their criminal negligence put all of our lives in danger on August 12th, they charged people who were forced to defend others.

Charlottesville is the ultimate example of what Sam Francis once called “anarcho-tyranny”:

“What we have in this country today, then, is both anarchy (the failure of the state to enforce the laws) and, at the same time, tyranny—the enforcement of laws by the state for oppressive purposes; the criminalization of the law-abiding and innocent through exorbitant taxation, bureaucratic regulation, the invasion of privacy, and the engineering of social institutions, such as the family and local schools; the imposition of thought control through “sensitivity training” and multiculturalist curricula, “hate crime” laws, gun-control laws that punish or disarm otherwise law-abiding citizens but have no impact on violent criminals who get guns illegally, and a vast labyrinth of other measures. In a word, anarcho-tyranny.”

The police in Charlottesville at the behest of the mayor, city manager or police chief – who is responsible is unimportant – deliberately ceded the streets to violent Antifa. When they attacked and we were forced to defend ourselves, the Charlottesville police charged us with crimes. There isn’t a better example of this than the DeAndre Harris incident. We were complying with the “state of emergency” and were dispersing to return to our vehicles. We were stalked, followed, menaced and attacked by a gang of violent black thugs and were punished by the state for defending ourselves.

The “Capital of the Resistance” has a problem with law enforcement. It is a place where anarchists and thugs are allowed by the city government to roam the streets and attack the innocent. It is a place where statues of our greatest heroes are vandalized and dishonored. #UniteTheRight was thrown into chaos by the absence of law enforcement, but in the process it revealed the sickness in Charlottesville. It is a place where the law is used as a tool to oppress those with rightwing opinions.

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  1. Have you consulted a lawyer about suing the city of Cville, its jew mayor, nigger deputy mayor and half-caste police chief?

    • I believe that the black police chief has complained bitterly that he and his force were ordered not only to stand down but to precipitate a race war by herding the white demonstrators INTO the BLM Anti-fa group — a group that used TEAR GAS! That should have brought the cops down on them like white on rice (no pun intended) but did absolutely NOTHING. We should cultivate the conscience of the black police chief and get him to push against what happened AS ORDERED by the city government.

  2. Obvious civil rights violations against whites by Virginia/Charlottesville. If Trump/Sessions do nothing, they might as well be Antifa themselves, and whites should act accordingly. Time is running out for the Goldman Sachs puppet.

    • I guess you didn’t get the memo: Whites have no civil rights. Whites have endless civil rights obligations and responsibilities. Civil rights are for the protected classes, aka all the non White races. It’s a two tier system with whitey on the bottom to hold up the top.

      • About 125 years ago or so, members of the Democratic Party started putting up monuments of rebel generals. They did this not to improve the schools, maintain the streets or reduce crime. They did it to buy votes. Today, members of the Democratic Party are pulling down monuments of rebel generals. They do this not to improve the schools, maintain the streets or reduce crime. They do this to buy votes.

        • The Southern Democrats were basically for the most part marionettes of the larger party. THEY NEVER UNDERSTOOD THE GAME. In 1802, Thomas Jefferson sold the Democratic Party Lock Stock and Barrel to Jewish Interests when he gave us open borders. Jefferson was an avid follower of Adam Weishaupts Illuminati. The Democratic party supported slavery for two reasons, ONE WAS THAT THE JEWS OWNED THE ENTERPRISE and TWO THEY NEEDED TO WIN SOUTHERN STATES. However by 1856, when the Republican Party was formed, which was a Nationalist Party, albeit rife with religious zealot Abolitionists, the Democrats suddenly began to support White Supremacy as a party. They did support White Supremacy as a rule until after 1876, when with the Southern Democrats welded back into the National Party, they slowly began phasing out White Supremacy. They didn’t do it overnight, they did it a piece at a time. Unfortunately the Southern Democrats were so corrupt and myopic, they never saw it coming.

          In 1901, when the Progressives pulled a coup de etat in the Republican Party,both parties were in a sense Progressive. The Democrats were all Progressive, even the Southern ones were tainted, however in 1901, the deal was made not to bring up the Negro. The thing was the Democrats had a demographic problem. In 1901, their centers of power were Northern Cities and Southern States. As the Republican Party held the Northern Countryside it was almost impossible for Democrats to win Northern States, except if the election was close. Thus securing the Southern Vote +Ohio, Michigan etc was necessary to win. The Progressives largely lost control of the Republican Party in 1908, and it became largely a Conservative opposition party.

          The Jews supported the Democrats from all data from 1802-1864, when it became decidedly unhealthy for them to be Democrats openly in the North and so they became brief Republicans. They became Democrats again in 1876 and remained so until 1896 when William Jennings Bryan attacked the money interests and by a small margin supported McKinley. They would have supported Bryan in 1900, but Teddy was put on the McKinley ticket to shore up the Jews.The Jews gave their support in 1896, 1900 and 1904 to the Republicans. the last trifecta since 1864, 1868 and 1872. This would be the last time. In 1920, Harding wins the Jewish Vote solely because the vote was split between Debs the Socialist and James Cox of Ohio. Since 1924 they have been solid Democrats.

          As the Jews gained political power after 1880 they began their focus on racial issues. The small Negro population in the North which was largely Republican wasn’t good enough for them so slowly they got into philantropy to Southern States to fund Negro Schools. Julius Rosenwald was a good example. Then something happened called WORLD WAR ONE. The boats full of immigrants from Europe were cut off. Labor shortages broke out in Detroit, Gary, Chicago, Cleveland, Pittsburgh and elsewhere. This led to the influx of Southern Negroes which continued almost unabated until 1970. Suddenly the Jews had their voting cattle. The Jews developed a system which joined Negro Interests and Catholic Interests on the same ticket, by putting up both of them as oppressed minorities against a WHITE PROTESTANT BIBLE THUMPING HICK CLASS in the Northern Countryside. This was why in the North, the Klan was heavily Republican. By 1932 it was clear to everyone north of the Ohio River and Maryland. DEMOCRATS=Nonwhites Jews and Catholics REPUBLICANS=White Protestantism/Americanism. Still because of the need for Southern Votes the Democrats mitigated Negro concerns.

          • After WORLD WAR II, these trends happened. One was that native Southern Liberals such as Ralph Yarborough and Lyndon Johnson in Texas and others began slowly kicking the Jim Crow Redneck Democrats slowly out of power. They were heavily financed by Jewish Money. This process took until the 1970’s to complete. Two the urbanized South became much more liberal in a quicker space of time than the rural Dixie of 1930. Three, the poor Southern economy and the migration both of Southern Democrat Whites and Negroes into Northern States bolstered the Democratic Power structure there. Four, 12 years of Roosevelt and 8 years of Truman had packed the courts with ANTI-WHITE judges. Five. The North was now populous enough with Native Democrats that the Democrats no longer needed Southern Votes to win as they once did, they just needed enough of them.

            The Republican Party, bankrupt in 1933 was purchased by the Rockefeller family which began to purge Conservatives and replace them with Globalists soft progressives ie Rockefeller Republicans.They returned to power in 1952 with Eisenhower, who was a centrist who tried to maintain a Left/Right balance. This allowed the Left to grow. When the Democrats returned to power in 1960, the direct attack on Dixie began. The Freedom Riders and vote registrars complete with court orders descended like a pack of locusts. All the new Negro voters were registered as DEMOCRAT, like their cousins in the North. Now safe in the knowledge that they had been abandoned, Southern Whites began to flow into the Republican Party, which being the Party of Lincoln and Abolitionism, secretly disdained them. Which brings us to 2016


      • The only race that has rights ARE THE JEWS. As the JEWS sit at the top of the pyramid, they have the ability to dole out racial privileges to others. The Negro is merely the tool of the Jew, he has only the privileges the Jews give him. However just as the Jews can give privileges they can arbitrarily remove them as they did with George Zimmerman who woke up one day a halfbreed Hispanic and went to bed after shooting Trayvon suddenly transformed by the media into Sonny Buck Johnson of Cullman Alabama, a Klansman.

        THIS IS JEWISH RULERSHIP OF THE WORLD. A ruler holds the sole ability to dole out and remove privilege. Remove the JEW and the Negro has nothing, he is a paper tiger. Repeat after me, ITS THE JEW ITS THE JEW ITS THE JEW ITS THE JEW ITS THE JEW

      • Didn’t former Attorney General Holder say that whites were not covered by civil rights laws? I believe that he did.

    • The authorities are on the other side. Anything that is done by our side will be used against us; anything that the other side does will be given a free pass.

  3. There is not one fucking cop out there that can ever be trusted to aid White Nationalism- NOT ONE. They are the most loathsome of traitors to the white race.

      • Most municipalities are broke or damn near it. They are living on borrowed time. Those cops will most likely never see their pensions. As Stimpy would say “Oh Joy!” There’s a really big fireworks show up ahead and all we need to do is watch on the sidelines and give a rousing applaud.

        • I wonder how the “blue lives matter” faction feels now. I’ll repeat what I’ve said before. The cops are employed by the jew enemy. Never support them. Either stay home or wear masks and mix in with anifa when they protest against the cops. I’m somewhat relieved that Charlottesville turned out as it did, as many get too caught up in opposing everything the left stands for, including hatred of the police. Antifa’s hatred of the police is the ONE and only fucking benefit they provide.

    • If the pigs find out you’re a WN activist they will deliberately put you in a holding cell full of niggers, hoping you’ll get get cut up or raped. And yet they are portrayed as heroes and defenders of law and order. My tuchas they are!

  4. The Nigger with the flamethrower is lucky he didn’t ignite the grease in his hair. Grease fires are hard to put out.

  5. We should stage a protest in West Virginia for Rachele Jarrett and this heroic man. Rachele was set of fire and burned alive (to death) last month by a black man, while doing nothing but sleeping on an abandoned house porch.

    Hard to believe any jury would convict this guy after seeing the videos and hearing testimony of antifa violence and police malfeasance. I think it’s designed to just harass people and drain resources.

  6. Watching antifa savages beat old men gets me the most. After that, contemplating them hurling feces on people, and pee. That’s another point most jurors will find abhorrent. Only animals play with their own shit, or anyone else’s.

  7. NYTimes article claims the black blow torcher was ‘sparring’ with the white guy holding the flagpole. Yet the video shows the black guy clearly menacing passersby until the white guy with the flag gestures in defense of them.

    I would absolutely protest in defense of this guy, regardless of his political affiliations. Just keep Spencer and his co-conspirators away.

      • spahnranch1969 says earlier today on the Stormfront thread:

        “@Denise Oven Mistress: Again I must offer my sincerest apologies for having upset you. I can assure you that was never my intention. My only goal is to expose Onceler for being a deceitful villain and scoundrel. That has always been my purpose and I shall never deviate from it.”

        That was just the summation of his constant childish direct harassment of me on this site.

        This degrades the quality of discussion on here, alienates and repels newcomers especially those seeking the truth about Charlottesville and the like.

        Cease this creepy stalking of me, spahnranch1969. It’s deranged, uncouth and unbecoming of a site courting southerners, particularly. If you feel so important start your own site.

        • The discussion between spahnranch and Denise didn’t include me or any topic I’ve ever commented on – ever.

          • And we’ll all ignore the irony of you accusing me of ‘lacking humor’ while attacking a cartoon character alias.

          • It’s only in your deranged, narcissistic brain that I am “following you around”. Why don’t you get the hell out of here? If you do I promise I won’t “follow you” anymore. God damn weirdo.

          • You just admitted it, after bringing me up in various discussions and even threads I had no presence in, and following me around directly for weeks. It’s kinda late for this tack.

            Move on.

  8. Civil War II is here… Additional protests are useless and foolish. Get in shape and train your ass off!!

  9. This exposes the car attack as a psy op, in a way. The black antifa is doing something outrageous in the presence of a crowd so when the white guy responds defensively we have the video to prove his innocence. There is no video of what inspired the car attacker, yet there were reporters around and tons of people with cameras and a major scene going on.

    Not even tail end footage of any attacks on the car exist.

    This is so a. he can’t be defended and b. we’re left theorizing about his ‘schizophrenic’ delusions impacting him, when schizophrenic delusions don’t intersect with concrete reality (the definition of psychosis).

    • I’m wondering how it’s possible for Fields to have left Lee Park at noon, and then have his incident two hours later. What did he do for those missing two hours? Drive around aimlessly? Where did Fields park? In the parking garage near Lee Park? Were there any CCTV images of him between 12 and 2? I find it odd that no CCTV of him has been released. Other things to consider is that there was at least one drone flying overhead along with the police helicopter. The copter crashed, but what additional footage is on that drone?
      My guess is that Fields will not be convicted of 2nd Degree Murder.

        • And same video has an obvious major police or military vehicle sitting right around the corner as well as a golf cart and hospital stretcher, for no apparent reason.

          Also, the Dodge can be seen driving some very short (like a block or two I think) distance from the crash intersection SEVEN minutes before it hits the mob and cars.

      • I am starting to think Ford Fischer’s (Deep State ties) video is intrinsic to the psy op embedded in a psy op. The youtube narrator interprets Fischer’s seemingly intentional spotlight on both cars as some sort of signal to the antifa moblets supposedly watching the lifestream on their phones. Purple car (and why is it purple?) appears and five minutes is their deadline to ‘spontaneously’ surround it in the intersection.

        But there are other ways to signal that don’t leave such gratuitously obvious proof of a psy op. And was the golf cart even used, or the stretcher before an ambulance could arrive anyway?

        The truther community jumped on this car attack immediately. Most aren’t racialists (many are even opposed) and don’t get defensive at the conflation of ‘racism’ with psychosis. They’re mollified with the FBI-recruits-schizophrenics-for-psy-ops meme that was planted right as C’ville happened (recent Oklahoma bombing incident). And with the massive MSM focus on the rally, these truthers can be relied upon to corral the leaning-skeptic amongst the ‘normals.’

        Pro-white types tend towards authoritarian personalities, and have traditionally swallowed the ‘mental illness made him do it’ hook, line and sinker. HW has at times promoted this conflation of some nebulous ‘mental illness’ with racist extremism, albeit ignorantly. Since more and more pro-whites have been both seeing through psychiatry’s racket and also acknowledging Deep State psy ops (not always the same group), (((they))) had to get out front and keep control of the narrative.

        Even the hardest core skeptics of the truther movement amongst us have to acknowledge the improbability of so many of these incidents and of the forensic inconsistencies, etc., so the FBI schizo patsy explanation for this one just brings them back to the blaming of ‘mental illness’ for ‘radicalized racism. ‘ Hey, there’s even the ‘traitor cop’ aspect to ‘exposing’ the FBI, which feels good after C’ville’s treachery and distracts from the CIA’s trail to Israeli espionage.

        It’s pretty ingenious when all is said and done. But so is the Constitution they’re subverting.

  10. (((They))) can’t allow Trump to be proven right. If the media continues to suppress the video of Deandre Harris clubbing Harold Crews, I would like to see Trump present it to the public.

    • Trump cannot/should not be trusted. This is a fight that Whitey is going to have to wage on his own, without any help from Washington or the press.

    • Turn Hearts: “The way to stop a bad guy with a flamethrower is a good guy with a gun…”

      The shooter was arrested, but not the negro flamethrower? What next, Black Flames Matter?

  11. Deandre and Corey should face federal felony charges, after Trump responds to the petition to declare antifa a terrorist organizaiton. If the Bundys could be charged for not even brandishing weapons, these thugs should go to prison for a long time.
    Add Christopher Cantwell to the list (hey, do you want to Unite the Right as a league, or just defend your team?).

    Meanwhile, apparently there will be a 12 day antifa march from Charlottesville to DC. I wonder if that will stay peaceful.

  12. This may be fake news but it does sound like an average person. There’s an interview where they say that Anti-Fa and KKK got off the same bus in a pack.

    “…Charles Patrick: “The buses were all the same. I know you told me earlier they were like back to back, like bumper-to-bumper.”

    Eyewitness: “Yeah, bumper-to-bumper, like when school buses all follow each other to an out-of-town football game. You know, they followed each other like, so they don’t change lanes, they were going bumper-to-bumper.

    Charles Patrick: “I understand what you’re saying. They were together.”

    Eyewitness: “Yes, so they pull up and my first thought is it’s a tour because I had been finding out about the history of the town and thought it’s a pretty interesting town. You know, there’s some rich culture here. Maybe there’s, I don’t know, a tour going on. You know, like old people go to Vegas together, you know.

    Charles Patrick: “So, it’s a tourist town. So when you seen the buses, it was like a tourist bus?”

    Eyewitness: “Yeah, that’s what I thought, it was like a charter bus. You know, the University of Virginia is here too so, it could have been for anything. So, everybody in the restaurant, I mean you could hear a cricket, everybody was just looking. So you could tell that the town, the locals were not used to seeing something like that. And I mean within, I want to say 10 or 15 seconds, people came running off the bus and just flooded the place. I don’t care what anybody says and I don’t care if anybody believes me, but these people came off that bus ready to, I don’t know work, ready to fight. They had on helmets. They had on kneepads and elbow pads and face guards and mouthpieces and purses and bags and backpacks full of things, carrying…

    Charles Patrick: “Hold on. Were these all white people getting off the bus?”

    Eyewitness: “No, no, no, no. There were just as many black people as there were white people getting off the same buses. There were just as many women as there were men.

    Charles Patrick: “So, white people, black people, men and women got off the bus, is what you’re telling me. Right?”

    Eyewitness: “Got off the SAME bus. I even saw some people carrying, you know those shields that police men use for riots that you see on videos and stuff, there were people carrying those off the bus.

    Charles Patrick: “Really?”

    Eyewitness: “Yes.”

    Charles Patrick: “Now, these black and white people that got off the bus. Are these the ones that had on T-shirts?”

    Eyewitness: “There was T-shirts. There was emblems. Now I don’t recognize all the different groups that are out there. The ones that I know of are BLM, Black Lives Matter, the KKK.”

    Charles Patrick: “Now, you’ve seen these emblems, is what you’re saying?”

    Eyewitness: “Yeah, I did and not just one or two. Everybody on those buses that came off those buses had something on there that caught my attention. ‘Oh my God, that’s the KKK. Oh my God, that’s the BLM.”

    Charles Patrick: “Wait a minute. You’re telling me that Black Lives Matter and the KKK got off the same damn bus.”…”

    Very interesting. I wonder, if this is true, can they continue to do this sort of thing? In the past there would be no one to report this kind of subversion but now…

    I don’t know of this is fake or not but the video does seem regular people.

  13. Let’s not forget that it is highly probable that the Obama Administration hid caches of weapons and tools in areas throughout the country for his, what’d he call it again, civilian national security force….. these subversives speak publicly to each other with symbols and words. And, maybe it has become obvious what those billions of bullets his Admintration purchased are for…..

  14. Well at least this time we did a better job of video taping, photographing the Black criminals and Antifa thugs.

    Are there any videos that show the guy in the car was getting attacked with mobs using baseball bats?

    • Please read my above comment right above Oliver Revilo’s. There are other glaring problems that go beyond unlikely and prove a set up. Please don’t whine about me without proffering some reasonable explanations (which don’t exist, so just don’t, period.)

  15. I’m getting a very positive response talking with staff assistants to Virginia state Senators (R). It’s almost 100% full support of our position opposing Confederate statue destruction, Confederate grave desecrations.

    Please make the phone calls and follow up with a “thank you for listening to my concerns” e-mail

    Contact info is here:

  16. I sincerely doubt the “Blue Lives Matter” Supporters will remain strong after this. Pretty soon we all will have to say instead of “All Lives Matter” will be “Black and Blue and Red Lives Matter.”

    What a Mess. Keep up the great Work on the Articles and this Page. I love reading your Stuff. What gets me is a fine few in a Minority of this Nation are telling the other seventy percent what to do, what to say, how to dress, act, and think, and what to believe! This is Tyranny of the Minority, and I say oust ALL INCUMBENTS! And support President Trump’s Idea for a Constitutional Amendment for Term Limits.

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