Shaun King’s Supporters Urge Rape of Charlottesville Suspect

Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King (who was born White but LARPs as Black and has several mulatto children) has used social media in recent days to target Alt-Right activists who engaged in defensive violence at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. He and his far-Left supporters rejoiced in the recent arrest of Dan Borden, a young White man from Ohio. This led to many of his supporters posting comments about how they want to see inmates, specifically large Black inmates, rape and abuse the suspect based upon his race and politics. King apparently endorses this because he has left all of them up on this posts.

Sizzy Mwale West (Black) of Chicago, Illiniis writes: “Some big black buffed inmates should teach him a traumatic lesson quickly before he get slapped with probation.. let him feel some excrutiating pain so he can learn being a good citizen and stay home with his mamma watching duck dynasty all day. God bless America”

Robby Adams of Grand Junction, Colorado writes: “His new nickname is peaches and cream. He best order some Vaseline off the commissary.”

Dennis Pressley of Portland, Oregon writes: “Put him in with lover boy. That should be fun.”

Kimberley Cowsette (Black) writes: “He going to be somebody’s girlfriend wonder how much fight he going to have then…”

Taqui Khaja (Black Muslim) of Kansas City, Missouri writes: He doesn’t look excited to meet Bubba in the cell.

Martin Sugar of Seattle, Washington writes: “He’s gonna get buttfucked.”

Valmir Hetaj (Middle Easterner in Toronto, Canada) writes: “He’s gonna get raped in jail lmaoo”

This is just a taste of the hatred and desire by Leftists and non-Whites for a White suspect to be raped in jail. In reading through the comments I noticed that it appears that most of such comments made by Whites where people from the West Coast and specifically the Northwest. But the majority of such comments laughing about or hoping for the homosexual rape of the young White man were by Blacks and other non-Whites.

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  1. That grinning, uppity octoroon Shaun Kang needs to be dealt with once and for all. Fortunately, incidents of sexual assault behind bars are rare. The only inmates who have to constantly live in fear of being attacked are snitches, child molesters and former cops.

  2. “Whites where people from the West Coast and specifically the Northwest. ”

    When it comes to anti-Sourhern statements, they’re also overwhelmingly from the states that invaded Dixie in 1861, or Northern transplants.

    When you call them Yankees, they’re shocked, even mortified, and don’t know how to respond. Calling them Yankees is almost like calling them a nigger.

  3. Does Shaun King ever show his face in public. We may need to find out so we can have a nice polite discussion with him. Talk about the weather and such.

  4. This stuff is very bad meta politics for the Democrats and liberalism in general.
    Smart Kikes like Dershowitz see what’s coming. The gas chambers! Not the judges chambers.

  5. People like Talcum X and that halfbreed Jesse Williams prove that negroes will suddenly consider them “black enough” so long as they spout the same ol’ blame whitey bullshit, even though both of them could easily pass off as white. Kaepernick doesn’t even look black, he looks Hispanic and he was raised by a white family, yet because he’s “woke” enough and does his Black Panther “muh oppression” routine now suddenly he’s as black as Pookie and Ray-Ray in the hood.

  6. This proves once again that the Separate but Equal, i.e. Jim Crow Laws was the best defense mechanism to protect European Americans. Segregation did not exist to hold back the Negro but it existed to protect European Americans from them. For example, it protected us from having to interact with them, and from being physically harmed by them, and also it prevented our cities and towns from turning into Third World “no go” shitholes. I for one would like to see these spear chucking savages shipped back to Africa, but in the interim bring back Jim Crow.

  7. They’re making a martyr out of the SJW “victim”. How can this poor bastard get a fair trial, assuming they haven’t killed him by then?

  8. Normie conservatives and white nationalists express a desire to see people they don’t like get raped in prison on a routine basis.

    So many alt right people, especially the ones who like to LARP as “fascists” were praising police state brutality a few months ago.

  9. The question is as Deandre and his friends STARTED the attacks and we have film proving that they did I dont see how any of these people can be convicted in a court of law.

      • That is if all the evidence is shown in this case. The fact that video shows this Negro hitting one of our guys and our guys fighting back, tells me that this is a miscarriage of justice and no court should convict them. However it will necessitate money to appeal it.

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