Archaic Humans & Racial Evolution

The latest research shows that Europeans split off from Africans around 80,000 years ago. All non-Africans have around 2% Neanderthal (an archaic human type which survived for around 400,000 years and died out in most places about 40,000 years ago – surviving the longest in Gibraltar) DNA, which is where Europeans get the trait for our light skin pigmentation – an adaptation which helped in the colder climates outside of Africa. The contribution is equal to having a Neanderthal ancestor six generations ago. But the impact is spread in small pieces throughout our DNA, whereas if we actually had a Neanderthal ancestor six generations ago the impact could be seen in larger bunches. Also, since we all (non-Africans) have this ancestry its impact isn’t being diminished with each generation.

Pacific Islanders have twice as much archaic DNA as we do but over half of theirs comes from Denisovans, another archaic human group which also interbred with Neanderthals. Only Asians (and their American Indian descendents) and Pacific Islanders have this ancestry. Much of the archaic mixing had negative effects (contributing to allergies, diseases and even reproduction problems), science shows, but there were occasional positive results. For example, the Tibetans apparently gained their ability to live at very high altitudes with little oxygen from their Denisovan ancestry. Chinese have a little Denisovan ancestry and Europeans have none.

It is now relatively easy to detect archaic human DNA and to map it out and show on average which races got what and how it affected them. There are other archaic human contributions at the trace level which scientists are working to be able to better identify. Of course, the differences between the races today and the extinct archaic human types are very small. But it takes tiny differences to matter greatly when it comes to DNA. Remember that humans and chimps share 99.8% of the same DNA – and most of what we are comes from our inherited genetics. Nature > nurture, in other words.

If you are interested in this subject don’t miss the following presentation by Dr. Svante Pääbo, a Swedish biologist and researcher who is a leader in the field of evolutionary anthropology.

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    • I remember Mike Savage and Howard Stern reciting their DNA results on air.

      Both had some nigger. And both of them blew it off as a mistake.

    • I would beg to differ with this article and with Denise’scomment, because Michael Bradley, ( a Half-Jew himself) wrote a number of books in the 1990s and early 2000’s-

      in which he pointed out that the Neanderthals are the direct ancestors of modern [Ashkenazic] Jews. And he’s written the number of books on it including, “the iceman inheritance, “and “chosen people from the Caucasus.”

  1. As long as the jews continue to control the field of anthropology we will never have a clear understanding of of human evolution. The jews themselves are probably descended from cut-throat North African tribes of goat herders, camel traders and peddlers of cheap trinkets, slaves and prostitutes.

    • John De Nugent thinks they are direct descendent of Neanderthals. He makes a fairly good argument. The brutality of the semetics fit the mold.

  2. “…non-Africans have around 2% Neanderthal…”

    I warn you. The guy who did this is a Jew and may be hiding the truth in plain site. Let’s say you take the average of all humans minus Africans but the middle east has 50% Neanderthal and hardly any at all in the rest of the population…you get 2% overall. Remember the “Measurement of Man” book by Gould where generations of students were taught that an English scientist lied and mismeasured skull volumes? Well turns out Gould lied. Blatantly and maliciously. There’s also the American Anthropological Organization where White guys like Coons(he wrote “Races of Man” a good read) who used to run it were run out and Boas and his “everyone is the same” group took over and censored anyone who said different.

    Now what I’m going to say next may be wrong but it’s not proven so. I think there’s a good possibility that the Jews have a huge amount of Neanderthal in them. One of the main reasons is that they look like Neanderthals. The more pure Jews with less White in them have the slanted forehead, bigger brain case in the back of the skull, big nose, big trunk and short legs EXACTLY like Neanderthals. They also have spent a HUGE amount of effort to discredit any study of the physiology of Men. We’re talking study of brain cases and body structure of ancient humans. When you see the Jews move with large resources against something often there’s something to it they don’t want you to see.

    Here’s my weird pet theory. The Neanderthals were in Europe for over 250,000 years and did…nothing. I believe that the reason this is so is because they had very little “empathy” for others. They could never get together because their psychopathic nature of little empathy meant that they were always attacking each other. Very soon after Cro-Magnon Man arrived on the scene Cro-Mag started building all kinds of things. What happened to the Neanderthals? If you look at mtDNA ,that only comes from Females, there is NO FEMALE Neanderthal mtDNA. That means all Neanderthal mixtures that survive come from Cro-Mag Women and Neanderthal Men. That alone shows the possibility that there must have been some sort of aggression. My belief is that the Cro-Mags after having their Women dragged off and raped by the Neanderthals and attacked constantly by these brutes finally decided to wipe their asses out and ran them all up into inaccessible Caucasus and the middle east mountain areas.

    This theory doesn’t fit the modern paradigm but there’s no evidence at all that it couldn’t be correct and much circumstantial evidence that it is. This would certainly account for what seems to be a deep inbreed hatred by the Jews for all other humans. It may be as simple as our fear of snakes or spiders. They fear the Cro-Mag. It also fits their biblical narrative where no one but them is human and that they own everything by fiat.

    Why did the Cro-Mags civilization succeed? Empathy. I believe understanding the feeling of others and being able to put yourselves in their shoes is what created civilization. After all how many times could you have killed someone and taken their money when you were alone with them? Why don’t you do that? You might say “it’s not right” but really it’s empathy for their position and feelings. You relate by putting yourself in their shoes.

    So it’s really the psychopathic Neanderthals against the empathetic Cro-Mags. The Neanderthals (Jews) have been on the rise but it’s not over yet. They have pissed off just about every single race on the planet and if they didn’t have lots of money we would just laugh at them and their superman Spath stupidity. Once people begin to realize they are really just smart hopped up lizards with no empathy or feeling for anyone this rein where they abuse everyone while pretending to be victims will come to a sharp end.

    • I agree 100%. The Jew hatred is certainly biological. Arabs as well. I’ve read articles that state that a person sums up another person within a fraction of a second upon meeting. That is biological. A fraction of a second is your mind working on instinct beyond a thought pattern.

  3. I’m intrigued by your theories but Neanderthal man was no effete, urban-dwelling cosmopolitan, he was a physically robust slayer of woolly mammoths who lived under brutal ice age conditions for hundreds of thousands of years. Does that sound like any Irving, Shmuli or Miriam that you know?

    • “…no effete, urban-dwelling cosmopolitan…Does that sound like any Irving, Shmuli or Miriam that you know?…”

      Most people will understand this is silly argument. Not even an argument at all but to make sure it’s understood remember that Cro-Mag used to be HUGE massive and much more robust than the slight weak Cro-Mags present now. All of the human species have over time become more gracile, lighter, with thinner bones and less thick features. Look at this Wolf picture and compare to your family dog and you get the idea of the difference between the older species and the present. The family dog came from the same Wolf. Maybe even a much bigger version of Wolf than the one we have now the Dire Wolf.

    • Captain, There were different breeds of them. They were clustered in little groups scattered across Eurasia. In those groups they were closely related (inbreeding was common) but many of these groups had little contact with others, from what I understand.

  4. The Amud Neanderthal found in Israel .

    I wonder if 23andMe is feeding lies to Whites? Isn’t 23andMe owned by Jews? Saying they have a certain amount of Neanderthal when in reality they have next to none? Before you say,”No one would do that”, remember that the Jews spent decades pushing Goulds lies. Straightforward cooked up lies. I think they still reference his work even though it’s a complete fabrication. Who would check them on it? They lie constantly in the news even thought you can readily see they’re lying.

  5. There are so many different extinct hominid species it’s crazy. I went to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum and saw all of them. I had no idea there were all of these different pygmy peoples around the world.

    So, I’m convinced that white people and niggers are completely separate species who evolved parallel to each other. Good luck ever getting the kiked anthropologists to admit it though. Just because we can interbreed doesn’t mean anything. Different species of monkeys can interbreed, so it proves nothing except that we’re both in the same family tree.

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