Charlottesville Residents Demand Answers

We’re demanding answers too.

The #UniteTheRight participants came to Charlottesville to hold a big rally in Lee Park. We had to get a federal court order to be allowed to hold our demonstration. It should have been a peaceful weekend. Obviously, there is a reason why Charlottesville became another Berkeley.

The Charlottesville police stood around and did nothing while violent Antifa were allowed to attack the #UniteTheRight demonstration with pepper spray, mace, acid, bags of urine and feces, bricks, tear gas, clubs, bats and even an improvised flamethrower. Antifa were allowed to blockade all entrances to Lee Park and jump isolated individuals as they tried to enter our area. After Gov. Terry McAuliffe issued his “state of emergency,” Antifa were allowed to attack our people dispersing to their vehicles who have been charged with crimes for defending themselves and others.

Why were violent Antifa allowed to continue to rally in the other parks in Charlottesville after the “state of emergency” had been declared? Why were they allowed to illegally parade through the streets and disrupt traffic? Why weren’t the streets blocked off like they were supposed to be? Why did James Fields Jr. drive into that crowd? What is his side of the story?

The recent events in Boston, Laguna Beach, Phoenix and Berkeley point toward the answer. In all of these cases, Antifa were violent and rioted and were met with varying degrees of police response. In Boston, 2,000 Antifa attacked the police with feces and urine. In Laguna Beach, Antifa were restrained by police who dispersed them after declaring an unlawful assembly. In Phoenix, Antifa rioted after President Trump’s speech and attacked his supporters returning to their vehicles.

It really all goes back to Berkeley though. It was Berkeley that incubated and gave birth to leftwing political violence and ignited the Alt-Right reaction to it. Berkeley is a super progressive college town where violent Antifa have been given carte blanche by the police to attack Trump supporters. Charlottesville, which Mayor Mike Signer went so far as to declare the “Capital of the Resistance,” is another super progressive college town.

It doesn’t take Matlock to figure out what happened in Charlottesville on August 12. In Berkeley, the combination of Antifa violence and the willingness of the police to stand down led to the horrific violence we saw this weekend against Trump supporters. We’ve seen the same sort of violence in Ferguson where the Democrat governor allowed Ferguson to burn. We saw it in Baltimore where Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake gave violent activists “space to destroy.”

If the #UniteTheRight demonstration had been held in Lynchburg, VA an hour to the south of Charlottesville, there would have been no violence. Unlike the Charlottesville Police, the Lynchburg Police would have done their jobs like the police in Pikeville, KY. The reason this happened and continues to happen is because progressive cities have been cowed into submission by militant anarchist and social justice activists and are unwilling to maintain law and order.

Emily Gorcenski proclaimed Charlottesville to be the “Capital of Antifa.” After what we saw in Charlottesville, we are inclined to agree. The police stood down and ceded the streets to violent anarchists. No one who lives in Charlottesville, VA and is rightwing should feel safe. You’re living in another Berkeley where the law yields to the pressure of leftwing lynch mobs.

Note: This is your future under the fake news in leftwing college towns.

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      • You are absolutely correct. Our side CONSTANTLY agrees to use the enemy’s terminology — “pro-choice”, “anti-Semitic”, “progressive,” “isolationist” etc. It’s got to stop, because it shows how effective the fluoride in the water is — soon to be joined by other psychoactives according to What Really Happened last week. Communism is the great scourge of this world for over a century now but it’s virtually never mentioned!

        You don’t know what a relief it is to see somebody else say this. The evil ones know that terminology is everything — what’s taking the right (technically speaking, the real center) so long?

  1. Remember what you are seeing here folks is the same thing you saw in North Carolina and that is the College Industrial Complex. The Southern schools didn’t have this problem until after WWII very much, although they occasionally did have to fire radical professors who made unapproved statements from time to time. (FOR THE BELOW DEFINITION OF NORTHEAST I AM INCLUDING MARYLAND AS IT IS HAS ONE OF THE USA’S LARGEST JEWISH POPULATIONS)

    After WWII and because of the GI Bill, thousands of men began going to school, but there were two problems. Most Public and Private Schools in the Northeast had formal or informal Jewish quotas, which kept enrollment of Jews below a set percentage. Although these slowly fell after WWII, Jews began sending their children to schools outside of the Northeast one reason was to acclimate them to American culture and another it was often cheaper to go to school in some states than stay in New York. At first, most went to school in the Midwest at the Big 10 Colleges, while others went to California but soon Southern colleges such as Duke Tulane and others began attracting Jews. By the 1960’s the practice of Jews leaving New York for school was normalized, even though the Northeastern schools no longer restricted them, financially and culturally it was much easier for a Jew who went to school in the Midwest or South to be accepted by the Goyim. For a Jew from Baltimore to go to school in Virginia was nothing, in fact it was relatively near home and cheap. Of course once one Jew got in, he called all his cousins and they eventually got in too. Nepotism is the name of the game.

    We are now fifty-three years after the Berkeley Free Speech Movement of 1964 when the Jews began flexing their muscles at the Universities. Soon they managed to get their local students in the game of LOCK DOWN THE TOWN, which meant mass sit ins and demonstrations. College towns buckled and wussed out, after all the students meant $$$$$. Literally it became a game after 1964 of letting the kids away with anything so there wouldn’t be a student riot. The towns were now held at ransom by the universities. BEFORE 1964 the Universities power wasn’t flexed over the cities, the two had separate spheres, after 1964 the Universities dictated to the towns. Fifty-three years later its much worse.

    The thing now is even if you removed all the transplants and outsiders from the student body and the faculty, the colleges would still be Leftist, because the Leftists have since WWII established a native breeding population in EVERY Southern State, smaller in others but its there. Literally the only hope for the future is


    • Not a Southerner myself. Grew up in the North Eastern cities. When I was in school the South was demonized. History major, btw. My wife is a Professor, STEM field, thankfully.

      The schools are staffed with an odd sort. The indoctrination is their function in social sciences. The get togethers with Professors I avoid if I can. It is almost a cult existence in academia. I have had many conversations with Professors about politics.

      When my wife was getting her PHd one of her committee members was an Indian fellow. At dinner he leaned towards me and asked why Americans cater to Moslems. He was genuinely curious. I took a deep breath and explained Jews. Not wanting to be ostracized by the “group” and put a my wife in a bad light, I carefully explained.

      But that is the mindset in academia. They walk on eggs and never cross the line. Cowardly people that just want tenure and the nice salary. The activist ones don’t hide it. It is home for them. They take glee in indoctrination.

      • I honestly don’t know how to solve the riddle of the COLLEGE INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX. I think we must take sports away from them, kill their funding and watch them die. I dont think they can be saved at this point. There are plenty of GOOD MEN AND WOMEN Teaching dont get me wrong. Somehow this system has to be reformed replaced whatever!

        • Billy Ray, all education in America as it is churns out a line of mass-produced Antifas. I mean, K-21 is an Antifa assembly line.

          Especially given the divorce rate and narcissistic parents ignoring their own children’s education just so Mom could go Be Fulfilled with a job at an insurance company

          • It’s just as well I never paid any attention in class. Most of my teachers hated their job and weren’t very good at it.

        • Negro sports in universities are huge financial factors. The whole culture of academia is based in cushy job security and indoctrination. They are absolutely an industry of thought control.

          The Jews latched on to the Prussian ideology of education for the everyone. The Jews take ideas and use them for their gain. That gain is at the expense of their hosts. I’m sure you know about the Frankfurt project, no need to explain it to you, you certainly understand what is going on and know your shit.

      • I can only concur. Sadly, my “sanctuary” revealed itself to be just as leftist, just as bigoted, just as nigger-loving, and just as STUPID, as the most liberal, leftist institutions of Higher Bullshit in the Northeast corridor, in the wake of Charlottesville. I feel like I am under “house arrest” for having to stay here until I retire, yet knowing that every single one of my colleagues…is an intellectual ass.

        A professional colleague of mine, (in looking to apply to a smaller, “safer” school) realized something very important, after his initial interview -when the department chair, (who is white, female, Christian, and has no connection to it) does her Doctoral Dissertation on an element of culture in the Holocaust, and wants to perpetuate that egregious bullshit, by “performing” a piece of “Degenerate Jewish culture” on her Christian college campus…?

        Well, first off, why? She has ‘no dog in that race’! Secondly, what does the reality of Holocaust Revisionism mean to people like that? It’s not as if it’s just a topic for post-dinner conversation with trendy intellectuals. The reality of Ernst Zundel, Faurisson, Graf, Butz, and all the rest directly impinges on her professional integrity! In short, it makes her entire academic veracity, (to quote a people pronouncement, “absolutely no and utterly void “)

        Can you imagine the cognitive disconnect? She spent most of her life studying fake culture! Her degree is worth shit! Do you see how twisted the web of Jewish subversion of our entire civilization is!?

        Truly, we need a final solution. And fast.

        • it’ll happen. The entire checkered history of the Jews proves this. But it won’t be fast. First, the (((debtbuck))) has to die. Then we have to win the subsequent Civil War/Race War. And I do not favor exterminating the Jews. That would be wrong. Deportation to Antarctica would be good though.

  2. What really happened is that after WW2 returning GIs used the GI bill to go to college which caused a huge demand for college professors. This coincided with an influx of European pro-Communist intelligentsia into the US which had been ongoing since the early 30s, such as the Frankfurt School which moved to the New York in 1935.

    Most of these people had a chip on their shoulder against traditional culture, which they regarded as the villain behind the holocaust. Because of the demand for professors, they were able to get their European degrees rubber-stamped at various socialist schools, especially the New School for Social Research in New York. In 1933 the New School opened a special branch for European communist scholars called the Graduate Faculty of Political and Social Science which is regarded as the ‘intellectual heart’ of the school. It includes some of the most notorious Jewish communist scholars in history.

    “The Graduate Faculty of Political and Social Science was founded in 1933 as the University in Exile, to be a haven for scholars who had been dismissed from teaching positions by the Italian fascists or had to flee Nazi Germany. The University in Exile was initially founded by the director of the New School, Alvin Johnson, through the generous financial contributions of Hiram Halle and the Rockefeller Foundation. The University in Exile and its subsequent incarnations have been the intellectual heart of the New School. Notable scholars associated with the University in Exile include psychologists Erich Fromm, Max Wertheimer and Aron Gurwitsch, political philosophers Hannah Arendt and Leo Strauss, and philosopher Hans Jonas.”

    Many thousands of them then moved into positions across the US and proceeded to disseminate revolutionary anti-western views to innocent American kids. It took less than twenty years for this virulent faction to create a significant culture of hate in American universities, manifesting in the 1960’s college protests, hippie movement, and also the civil rights movement. Anti-societal hate was not an element in American universities before that time. It was introduced from the outside by foreigners.

  3. They have a right to be torqued. On you tube, a channel called, “The Charles” is interviewing an out of town witness (who was there for business). She said that buses full of people wearing Antifa, BLM, KKK, Nazi, and Aryan Whatever emblems came storming off the bus, forced their party out of the restaurant and started throwing projectiles full of cement and feces and urine at them even though there were children there.

    Most disturbing, she said, was that the police were there, but only stood by and did not rescue them. They did not escort them and the children to a place of safety. They blocked them from leaving even though they were getting punched and kicked and squashed by the mob.

    She had been there for several days and she said Charlottesville had held a referendum on the statutes and the entire town, Black and White, voted and eighty percent of the citizens, across the board, wanted to keep those statutes up. The city council overruled them and decided to take them down anyway. During one of the conversations she heard at the restaurant, she saw that Heather Heyer was there and she said that Heyer actually opposed taking those statues down.

    It’s there on youtube. Unite The Right walked into setup by a leftist government psy-ops putsch, no doubt paid for by George Soros and company. I have heard rumors that Soros and his operatives are trying to incite a race war.

    I thought it was odd that both the Clintons were wearing purple during her concession speech, but it made sense to me later when I read that Soros et al was trying to ignite another one of his color revolutions and that color is purple.

  4. Well said. But we need to get this message to regular normies in places that aren’t Leftist college towns like Charlottesville VA – get the message to folks in Lynchburg.

    Please get the contacts, make the calls, send thank you for listening e-mails.

    I’m having very solid success – so far 100% phoning Virginia (R) state representatives. I’ve provided the links – please do the necessary grunt work, make the calls.

    • And just what are you planning to do about this scumbag McAuliffe who, with the cooperation of the Jew mayor and ape vice mayor/police chief? Terry McAuliffe and these little Charlottsville pissants should not just be sued, they should be held criminally accountable

      • In my book, running to the police, the courts screaming that VA Governor McAuliffe is not being fair, that’s pretty much the same as running to the teacher to cry about bullies.

        No Dem. Governor McAuliffe was not fair to the Unite The Right demonstrators.



        How does the Left get back at their enemies – not by running to the teacher and crying, not through redress through the courts.

        Anybody reading OD think the top court in the USA where Jewish Lesbian Harvard Law grads like Elena Kagan and wise Latinas like Soderheimer – think these types will come down strong on the side of fairness and Southern honor.

        C’mon mate. Don’t be a puss.

        This VA Governor McAuliffe is our enemy, he doesn’t play by fair rules, so why should you/we?

        Where does this enemy live, hang out, play golf? What posh private school do his children attend, guaranteed it ain’t some integrated ghetto school.

        Why does he and his family have such an easy, care free life/?

        Why isn’t anyone throwing bottles of foul liquids at him and his?

        Oh – I know – that wouldn’t be nice, that wouldn’t be fair. Something about

        Muh Constitution. blah, blah, blah.

  5. Here’s the contact for the Charlottesville VA City Council including the anti Confederate monuments Jewish mayor and his BlackLiesMatter deputy mayor:

    The Jewish mayor doesn’t look very Jewish. Rest of the council is White – worth a try to contact them voice disapproval.

    Let’s get to work, make those phone calls, write those e-mails.

  6. They didn’t just cede the streets. They came back and selectively prosecuted the victims of their dictatorial powers.

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