Media Narrative on Charlottesville Unravels

A featured story for Politico by Josh Meyer points to how the media narrative on the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville continues to unravel. In his article Meyer refers to the anti-White groups who attacked Alt-Right demonstrators as “anarchists,” “anarchist extremists,” and “anti-fascist extremists.” This is a positive step forward for us in branding the enemy as “extreme”:

The Aug. 9 report by the DHS Office of Intelligence and Analysis was done in coordination with local, state and federal authorities at the Virginia Fusion Center. It stated that white supremacists and anti-fascist “antifa” extremists had clashed twice before in Charlottesville, at a white nationalist rally on May 13 and a Ku Klux Klan gathering July 7. At each event, “anarchist extremists” attacked protesters who had been issued permits, leading to fights, injuries, arrests and at least two felony charges of assault and battery.

In a similar breakthrough The Washington Post, perhaps the most Left-wing, anti-White major newspaper in the USA, recently ran a widely-distributed story which focused on Antifa violence against peaceful Alt-Light protesters in California.

Meyer also uses information for his Politico article from the US Department of Homeland Security to place blame on local police and city officials for allowing a major violent confrontation between the Alt-Right and Left-wing terrorists in Charlottesville.

The “law enforcement sensitive” assessment, obtained by POLITICO and reported for the first time, raises questions about whether Charlottesville city and Virginia state authorities dropped the ball before, and during, a public event that was widely expected to draw huge crowds of armed, emotional and antagonistic participants from around the country.

…Some law enforcement experts, when briefed on the DHS report by POLITICO, said it reinforced their concerns about the response of law enforcement agencies in Charlottesville.

“It is unconscionable that with so much advance notice of the declared intentions of extremist groups from the left and right vowing to descend upon Charlottesville that law enforcement was not better prepared,” James Gagliano, a recently retired FBI supervisory special agent, said in an interview.

“Stronger police presence as a deterrence, and better separation between the two groups, should have been part of the security plan,” said Gagliano, a former senior FBI SWAT team leader and crisis management coordinator in New York. Authorities responding to Charlottesville, he said, “were woefully underprepared for something they had advance notice of and plenty of actionable intelligence about.”

As Mike Enoch of The Right Stuff and other Alt-Right leaders have noted, the media can hold onto a tight narrative if it achieves total mobilization on a given topic. But that narrative begins to unravel within days thanks to our ability to get out the truth and influence the national discussion.

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  1. This is how they justify installing martial law and a psych gulag Stasi State. They have to pathologize extremism on both sides, given that ‘the left’s’ demands – the colored hordes – will break the jews as much as a defiant white ‘right,’ as it were.

  2. Despite the attempted repressions against the rise of the new Gentile Media, the reality of 2017 makes clear that it (we) have reentered the national discussion and are not going away.

    In 2014, we could not get coverage, no matter what we did.

    Now, Mainstream Media News Programs spend days talking only of us.

    Furthermore, we are beginning what is hip amongst the young White Youth.

    Our foes know this, and you can sense their desperation, this because they know that 2025 does not look good for them, and 2040 even worse.

    In 2014, they were gleeful because they thought we were dying; that we, to their thinking, were on our way to being a voiceless minority, and that there was effectively nothing we could do to stop their burgeoning socialist police state of every race.

    Today, it is all thrown into doubt.

    To be clear, many people are still suffering a hangover from the 20th century – they thinking life will go on as it was.

    It won’t.

    This is the 21st century – a time when many olde ideas, which were usurpt and snufft out by the 19th and 20th centuries, will find a new home.

    I feel this. Mark my words.

  3. What surprises me is that no one is reining antifa in. They’re being allowed to go after anyone to the right of Hillary Clinton. This in conjunction with shutting down pro-White websites. Maybe the other side is going for broke before the ordinary normie figures out that he’s the target just for being White.

    • Apparently Pelosi and others are starting to condemn antifa violence. Nothing from Trump or Repukes yet that I’ve seen. Seems antifa not playing well with normies.

    • @More of The Same…

      ‘What surprises me is that no one is reining antifa in.’


      Dear More,

      The United States Government publicizes itself as a Constitutional Republick, with a whole heapload of Democratick trappings.

      The reality is that they are a genteel police-state; an entity which allows it’s corporate, consumer, advocate, and academick proxies to do what it wishes to happen.

      If you look into the day to day running of The Soviet Union, you will find that this is precisely how many things were done, though, because it was not a society with capitalist trappings or democratick aspirations’, these proxies had different names.

  4. Mike “Enoch” looks and sounds very comfortable in front of the camera. There he is in broad daylight, in Central Park of all places, speaking openly in favor of the alt-right. Now that’s progress!

  5. I find it suspicious that all of these uber-lefty jew media outlets suddenly veer off course when it comes to their pet antifas- it sounds like it wasn’t polling well in Middle America so they backed off the rhetoric a little. Make no mistake- these media scum like WaPo and The Jew York Times are still owned lock, stock and barrel by the liberal kikes and their war on whites is still proceeding apace. Don’t believe any of it for a second.

    • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      This page is censoring anti-NYC jews comments, FYI.

      • I am deleting comments which make personal attacks against those in our movement – attacks which would needlessly divide us. You don’t have to like everyone in the Alt-Right. But this is not a place to make personal attacks againat them.

        • I don’t consider noting someone’s jewishness and NYC jewishness a ‘personal attack.’

          I truly don’t.

        • Michael, I don’t consider myself part of the ‘Alt Right.’ I am an ethnonationalist and believe that the angloceltic people (northwestern europeans generally) have a right to a homeland in North America, and that the South fits that bill the best.

          I don’t see this as an ‘Alt Right’ site. I see it as a Southern Nationalist site, some of whose main writers (or all I guess) partner with the Alt Right for reasons I don’t fully understand.

          Am I not allowed to comment here if I’m not ‘Alt Right?’ Why should I be held to some standard of civility towards nebulous, theoretical concept that has nothing to do with me (which I hold in contempt)?

  6. OK let’s get the truth of Charlottesville VA “narrative collapse” to locals in Virginia. My experience with VA (R) state reps/state senators was 100% positive and I sent “Thank you for listening” links containing Alt Right accounts of the truth. Let’s put together other lists of locals including

    City Council members of non Leftist towns in VA
    Traditional Christian churches
    Veterans groups
    2nd Amendment groups
    PTA Groups

    I re-reading Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” and noting how he effectively did these things.

    So here are the contacts I have found/worked with so far:

    Virginia State Reps/State Senators

    Charlottesville City Council Members

    Virginia veterans organizations

    Virginia Citizens Defense League

    Let’s get active, make those phone calls, write the e-mails, better yet try to set up face to face meetings. We need to let people know who we are and that we are good, bright, principled people, not the image presented by the fake news, Lugenpresse.

  7. The lying media’s lying narrative about Charlottesville is risible, yes. One hour spent watching videos and reading personal accounts will disabuse any fair minded person of any notion that “violence erupted” from the “white supremacists.”

    But the media’s lying narrative hasn’t unraveled. It’s tightened. They are doubling down on it every time Charlottesville gets mentioned in any story on any mainstream network or in any newspaper. The Unite the Right people were nazis and kkk. They caused the violence, even if they didn’t commit all of it. Even when some elements of the media make sincere (Fox) or grudging (everybody else) critiques of antifa, UtR gets NO sympathy, or understanding.

    The media’s lying narrative about Charlottesville and the Alt-Right is a Gordian Knot. It will not come unraveled. It will have to be dealt with in other ways.

    Alexander dealt with the original Gordian Knot, effectively. He was, you might say, too strong for it.

    That will also be true here. We will have to become so strong that nothing the media says or does will matter, as we cut through their lies like a scythe.

    And the main way to do that is to keep creating and nurturing our own platforms, our own (eventually) mass media, which will make the current mass media – and their lies – irrelevant.

  8. What the Alt Right needs to do:

    Ask our fellow NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICANS just what exactly are they willing to give up for being a White Racial Minority in post-white-Toilets of the Punjab “America”….

    NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICANS will have to give up millions of NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN BABIES for the Hindu… won’t be able to afford them when there are one billion Hindu “Americans”….on NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN LIVING AND BREEDING SPACE…

    We are facing genocidal demographic extermination….we really are….

    I’d rather Richard Spencer talk about this in public than vague wishy washy talk about a White Ethnostate…

  9. More people are discussing ANTIFA and that’s a good thing. Rush LImbaugh spoke of it to his massive audience and this is sure to send millions to Google and other on like search resources. Other conservative talk show hosts have referenced it and this will also help send multitudes to alternative sources of information, including OD. There appears to be a great hunger by the multitides for independent information.

    Moreover, we now see WaPO and even Peolsi taking public stands against ANTIFA. This is interesting. Why are they doing this?

    Liberals never to any decent moral thing unless dragged kicking and screaming against their will and this suggests there is anti-ANTIFA political pressure coming from the bottom up.

    With Alt-Right sites behing shuttered it’s looking dark, but there has been a ground swell of sentiment in our favor. So many young WHITES are waking up. They’re sick of being screwed and lied to. Young people have a highly developed sense of fairness and justice. Like siblings, who are keenly aware of unequal treatment, young people see the MUDS with all their racial organizations, grants, scholarships, programs and other benefits and WHITES getting frozen out.

    It’s never easy to know how much, if any, optimism we should feel, but I feel optimisitc that significant numbers of young WHITES are not going back.

    • @Don Gates…

      ‘Moreover, we now see WaPO and even Peolsi taking public stands against ANTIFA. This is interesting. Why are they doing this? ‘


      Because they know that, if Antifa continues unabated, Red State Whites will rise up and end their gravy train.

  10. I don’t know how anybody could trust the mainstream news media, they haven’t been right about anything for 65 years. They have been there to cheer lead for every illegal unconstitutional war that the meddlesome Maddie psychos have started. They have convinced dumbass 20 year olds that armed invasion of somebody else’s country is fighting for liberty and freedom. They’ve given aid and comfort to the feminazis and other baby killers. They’ve tried to mainstream perversion of sex as normal, They’ve supported the abomination of ‘civil rights’ from day one. They’ve let sixty million spics come into the country, and who knows how many towel heads, Haitian niggers and other undesirables. They’ve pushed for ‘free trade’, which was nothing more than impoverishing the working and middle classes to enrich a parasite class of investors. They glorified the conspicuous consumption lifestyle of decadent celebrities.

    And they helped the government steal trillions from the American people in the bank bail outs in 2008, instead of letting the criminal big noses go broke or worse, maybe the biggest theft in human history.

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