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  1. Of course it’s guilty. It’s a nigger.

    FYI – was Chris right about the cops? Charlottesville confirmed that blog post, wut caused you to ban him.

  2. The police performance depends on who runs the force. Goering ran the Prussian State Police…different results. The cops are the ultimate regime change survivors.

    • Goering had a lot of different responsibilities! I think he also formed the SS and then handed it over to Himmler.

      • Goering was a major reason the Germans lost at Stalingrad. If you read Irvin’s books on WWII,(very good and you can download for free), Goering promised Hitler that he could air deliver so many tons of supplies to the pocket where the German soldiers were in Stalingrad. He KNEW he could not do so but refused to tell Hitler the truth. Possibly for fear of rebuke as Goering made a huge mess of most things he dealt with. The Germans ran out of food and ammunition. The actual supplies delivered were way, way less than promised. It would have been very interesting as an alternate time line if Hitler had known. The Germans could have easily fought their way out of the pocket at Stalingrad and regrouped. Stalingrad was a huge defeat. Hitler also made a huge mistake in not getting rid of Goering after Stalingrad. Albert Speer was put in charge of production at the end of the war, 1943, and worked miracles. If he had been in charge earlier it might have made a huge difference.

        “…A highly efficient organizer, Speer became 1942 minister for armaments, succeeding the engineer Fritz Todt. In 1943 he also took over part of Hermann Goering’s responsibilities as planner of the German war economy. From Todt, Speer inherited the Organisation Todt, an organization using forced labor for the construction of strategic roads and defenses. Under Albert Speer’s direction, economic production reached its peak in 1944, despite Allied bombardment…”

        • Interesting POV on why Hitler did not allow or order the 6th Army to fight their way out. I understood that they were left there to tie up the massive forces in the south. But anyway I was just talking about the fact that he became the boss of the Prussian State Police.

  3. Denise, I concur.

    I am edging closer and closer to the reality of that, while some Negroes may be able to be converted to Christianity, it is only as a servant class, and not as the Chosen of God. The “better to be a doorkeeper in the kingdom of God” analogy in the Psalms.

    For the only breakdown of the ‘wall of partition’ ever announced in holy Scripture, is that between the residents of Judea, and the residents of the Hellenic empire. That’s it. End of story. And both of those guys are white. In short, the position of the theologians in the antebellum South, prior to the unlawful decree of Emancipation.

    Other Nigger’s? Irredeemable -to the nth degree.

    • To be honest, Fr. John, I ended up with the same beliefs not all that long ago, although I would go even further and say that very very of them even have a chance at any sort of real afterlife.

      As proof, look at how we have adapted Christianity to our own people, and what the Negroes have done.

      We seek to learn more, understand everything, and devise great philosophies to accompany our faith.

      The Blacks jump around dancing and twerking like maniacs.

  4. Harris can either hand the money over to the truly deserving or have a White Nationalist sue it out of his hand.

  5. I hope our OD readers are making those calls to VA state representatives – I’m about 50% done with the entire Republican state rep delegation – so far near 100% in support of our position. Also contact mayor’s offices of regular Virginia towns that aren’t Leftist college towns like Charlottesville.

    Make those calls, follow up with thank you e-mails that include links to these videos. Here’s the link against to VA State reps:


    • I read this in the ‘Columbus Dispatch’ this morning. You might want to share it with our White Protestant legislative friends in Virginia.

      “…It will come out that this fine young man Daniel Borden took the brunt of the parking garage assault that the socialist & communist “Antifa” had aimed at a popular North Carolina lawyer who happened to be in Charlottesville visiting his old school.

      This is another case where White Americans are ill served by Roman Catholic politicians like Gov. McAuliffe, his Roman Catholic Safety Director Moran, and the Roman Catholic President of UVA Sullivan. All on the taxpayers dime.

      Things are not always as they are on TV.”

    • In this morning’s 8/30/17 Columbus Dispatch:

      He should have worn a mask like…the Antifa right? Kid got beat up by anarcho-communists and now they are trying to charge him? That’s bigly sad and wrong. Trump 2020.

  6. When SHTF they will be marched back onto the boats that will return them to the promised land where, upon arrival, they will immediately return to their natural state as KANGz

  7. Robert B

    I recommend starting a dialogue with local Virginia elected officials

    Then send them links to this video

    It s working for me

  8. Could someone please email Ann Barnhart, and try to redpill her? Here’s the latest column on her blog/website:


    She nails it on the head, by acknowledging the fact that Nigger culture is daemonic, Satanic, and truly pagan…. but then she falls into the Novus Ordo/Enlightenment/”All hominids are equal” heresy, and ends this column thusly:

    “…and we look forward and pray for the day that black people are given their dignity and true freedom back, are liberated from the satanic grip of the rap/hip-hop culture, and many, many black children are conceived and born to their parents, united in sacramental marriage, and raised as co-ears to the kingdom of God. ”

    This is how deep the Marxist/Jewish ideological rot has sunk-that even a rabid traditionalist catholic convert like Ms. Barnhart, cannot see:

    That the very thing she asks for, is the nadir of Christendom, and the annihilation of the white society and culture of which she is a part, and which gave a theanthropic body to the tenets of Christianity, for over 1900 years!

    Dear God in Heaven, thwart the plans of the Christ-killing Jews. And open the eyes of five faithful people, who are held captive by vain philosophies.

  9. You mean the “Atlanta Journal of Constipation” ?
    These Race Traitors deserve all that will befall them, for they are aiding and abetting rebellion.

    ” Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness as bad as worshiping idols. So because you have rejected the command of the LORD, he has rejected you…” [I Sam. 15:23]

    The God-damned Jewsmedia (see above) is going into an all-out frenzy, to silence White American Christians. We need to expose them, defend them, de-personalize them, and destroy them, following the methodology devised by their co-ethnic, Saul Alinsky.

    Just as they would destroy us…and have been for the last 70 years.

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