We Need You Here

President Trump recently announced his “new plan” for Afghanistan. According to sources at the Pentagon, Trump has requested a surge of at least 4,000 new troops. I’m sure this will work out just wonderfully for the average American.

Graveyard of Empires

There is a reason that Afghanistan has earned the nickname “Graveyard of Empires.” Afghanistan has never been conquered by outsiders. The Afghan people have managed to repel the armies of the British Empire, the Soviet Union, and, most recently, the American Federal Empire. Even Alexander the Great failed to conquer the Afghans.

Post 9/11, Southerners have comprised a majority of the American Federal Empire’s military. In spite of making up 34% of the population, 41% of enlistment comes from Dixie. When you count only combat specialties, some estimates place as many as 66% of service members as Southerners. When we count the casualties of the Afghan War using these same statistics, the figures are astounding: between 1,400 and 2,300 deaths (out of 3,500 total) and between 8,200 and 13,200 injured. This means that a Southerner is nearly twice as likely to become a casualty of a war started by a government that actively seeks to destroy his culture at home.

The College Myth

Many people enlist in the military to pay for college; unless you’re going into a STEM field, that degree will be useless paper. The better option is to learn a trade. Even if you have to enroll in a trade school, your tuition costs will be lower and the payoff after joining the workforce as a skilled tradesman will be higher. Some states will even give you a grant that pays for most or all of your tuition to trade school. Skilled trade jobs are always available and offer some of the best wages in the country.

Start a Family

Instead of joining the military at the age of 18, use that time to save money earned from working in a trade to start a family. Starting a family as a young adult is exponentially more beneficial for everyone involved. Those who start earlier can have more children during their peak child rearing years, allowing parents to take a more active role in the lives of their children. Your children will also experience more meaningful and fulfilling relationships with their grandparents and great grandparents, as well as the rest of their extended family. Polls also show that younger couples with children tend to have better sex lives, which is great for everyone involved.

If you’re considering enlisting, don’t. Stay home, learn a trade, and start a family. If you desire a fraternal bond with other men, which you should, join a fraternal order. Don’t fight wars for those who hate you. Remember, we love you and we need you here.



  1. When was the last time you heard William Kristolnacht, Charles Kikehammer or any of those other jew warmongers say “thank you” to the mostly White, Southern males who fought and died for all those wars of Zionist aggression? You know how King Kike shows his gratitude? By demanding that all Confederate monuments and other symbols of Southern heritage be torn down and shit on, that’s how.

    It’s enough to make one want to round up all the jews and burn them alive.

    • Ironic, hated Dixie providing a majority of combat troops for the anti-Dixie Federal Military. Thank you?You don’t thank the cattle that provided you your steak dinner.

    • ” It’s enough to make one want to round up all the jews and burn them alive.”

      From your mouth to God’s ears.

      ” God hates the Jews.” – Church father

  2. Amen Silas! You Nation is you FAMILY. Your direct genetic kin. Race is simply an extension of family I wish Whites were as ethn0centric as Afghanis!

    Blue collar work is always needed. So yes, you can have an excellent living in blue collar jobs. Give your lives to your children, White men! Teach them to love our own kind. DON’T go thousands of miles around the globe, and fight and die for the Israeli heroin trade! SNAP OUT OF IT!

  3. Interesting point Spahn. A nation tearing down statues of great soldiers. Woah there might the next generation of warriors come think their memory will be desecrated by their replacements?

  4. Great post. Don’t join the US military. Don’t waste time and money going to college for a humanities degree (like I did, unfortunately). Don’t delay starting a family. I wish someone had told me these things when I was a teenager.

  5. Good advice. Don’t become cannon fodder for ZOG/AFE. The money pissed away alone on the useless war in Afghanistan over the past 16 years could have (a) rebuilt the entire aging US infrastructure (b) revitalized the manufacturing section of the economy & (c) insured greater energy independence through increased domestic oil production, construction of new nuclear power plants, electrification of the railway system, etc. Instead, roads, water treatment plants, bridges, etc. are falling apart, more factories have closed & there still is a sizable dependence on foreign oil imports.

  6. All four of my children were born in the 1990’s. Two of them aspired to joining the military as they wanted to go to war and ‘shoot Muslims’.
    I was forced to kindly sit them down and give them some father to son perspective. I told them I didn’t want them to kill, or be killed by people they’ve never even met. I told them I didn’t want them back home in a wheelchair with messed up heads. I told them that whatever they achieve over in dirtbagistan, it would be nothing compared to staying home, getting married and giving me grandkids.
    I told them that the problems of the third world are not ours, and that they’d personally gain very little back from it in return. They’d end up wasting their time and lives babysitting these places……who should have sorted their own issues out years ago.
    I was born in 1968 and grew up with stories of the horrors of Vietnam- that shitfight should have taught us something.
    We cannot change the entire world with military
    force. These Jew wars are not ours. We ought to keep our noses out of them.

    • I, that have been through the South African Defense Force mill during our “Vietnam”, the Bush War, concur. You have done the right thing.

      Back then, we had a honest threat to our country (the “Red Danger”). Today our military fights similar battles like the USA – not for the defense of the country and all that was dear to us, but for the personal ambitions of certain individuals, cloaked in patriotism and and other misleading slogans.

      However, many of our generation still wish our children had had the military experience, just for the sake of the discipline, leadership exposure, endurance and similar positive values of the military.

    • @Ex South African,
      Thank you. I have a lot of respect for the military and every thing about it, but its real job should be the defense of OUR nation’s, or that of fellow Western allies under thread.
      Sending them off to fight Muhammad and babysit Abdul does nothing for the average American who’s taxes go towards it, yet gain no personal benefit in return.

  7. It would seem to me that an accounting would be in order. What exactly do we win if we win in Afghanistan? I wouldn’t give a small perfume bottle box filled with gravel for the whole place.

  8. We need to start a massive marketing campaign shouting from the mountain tops with the theme :


    Multiculturalism” is a genocidal scam waged against ONLY white people.

    Good news: Whites are waking up to it!

  9. There are lot s of non combat jobs in the military

    Learn how to maintain and repair helecopters and airplanes and trucks

    There s a trade! Rich people can t maintain their vehicles

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