Richard Spencer Sends Ultimatum to UF, Preps Legal Challenge

Alt-Right leader Richard Spencer has obtained legal representation and has formally offered University of Florida President Kent Fuchs a last chance to avoid a court showdown. Spencer has previously defeated Auburn University’s attempt to deny his right of free speech. And the Alt-Right won a court battle against Charlottesville, Virginia officials who sought to shut down the Unite the Right rally in defense of the city’s besieged statue of General Robert E. Lee. He now seeks UF to allow him to speak at an event on campus.

Tampa Bay Times reports that Spencer has found a Leftist attorney who actually believes in free speech:

The Gainesville lawyer fighting for Richard Spencer’s chance to speak at the University of Florida says that, politically speaking, he’s about as far left of his white nationalist client as he could imagine.

…On behalf of client Cameron Padgett, the event organizer, Edinger sent university officials a formal notice on Thursday, giving them one more chance to let Spencer speak — or UF will be taken to federal court.

University officials said they are weighing their next steps and may respond as soon as Friday. President Kent Fuchs has vowed that UF will stand its ground.

“We are prepared to vigorously defend our decision,” he wrote to students this week. “The safety of our students, faculty and staff is our highest priority.”

…Legal experts have said UF likely faces an uphill battle in a legal system with robust protections for free speech, particularly speech that has not yet been uttered.

Auburn University tried to deny Spencer a venue this spring, but was ultimately forced to host him after Padgett filed an injunction and a federal judge intervened on First Amendment grounds.

In his complaint, Padgett called Auburn’s attempt to block Spencer a “heckler’s veto,” in which speech is stifled in anticipation of a hostile audience.

“Various minority advocacy groups of Jews, Blacks and immigrants and left-wing/liberal groups demanded that no forum be afforded for the expression of views that contradict their own,” read Padgett’s complaint.

When Spencer eventually visited Auburn, he talked about free speech.

If UF doesn’t change its mind, Edinger, the Gainesville attorney, plans to file for injunction on Spencer’s behalf in a matter of days. He is already drafting the paperwork.

Alabama. Virginia. Florida. The front lines of our struggle are in Dixie. The future of our people will be decided here.

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  1. Yet more proof that it’s white race traitors and cowards who are the biggest enemy, not the jews or the coloreds. Without the cowardice, complicity, selfishness and indifference of so many whites the enemy would be powerless.

      • Which is why I say, “Fuch you, Fuchs!”
        God-damned Jew. May YHWH terminate your life- by any means necessary. That is my Prayer.

        “Live in peace with your enemies, but only your personal enemies, and not the enemies of God.”

        God hates the Jews. -St. John Chrysostom

  2. Michael is once again deleting me, here for noting how Spencer seems to find help from jewish leftists.

    How is that a ‘personal attack?’

    Do you believe in free speech? The marketplace of ideas and opinions?

    Are pro-whites just mirror images of antifa?

      • He’s right, Onceler.

        And I only deleted one of your comments from the Cantwell thread because I’m just not going to put up with attacks on guys who are literally becoming martyrs for our cause, and are being held in jail on bogus charges that could eventually spell life in prison.

        Criticism is fine – some are saying that his interview with Vice should never have happened, but other divisive nonsense can be taken somewhere else.

  3. We all know that America’s courts system is flawed and compromised by Jews and assorted other Leftists. Yet this broken tool can and should be wielded by pro-Whites to advance our cause. Kudos to Richard Spencer for having the wisdom and the gonads to take our fight into a courtroom.

  4. A judiciary that is independent, i.e. independent of accountability to society, will always be a corrupt judiciary. Add in self-absorbed Boomers as judges, people who are narcissistic to the extreme, and you can kid yourself all day long, but you are not living under the rule of law, you are living under the rule of men and, more and more, of women.


    Mr. Spencer needs to keep on permanent retainer an ace Jewish lawyer for the mob, someone just like Roy Cohn uset to be

    And, no, the personal life of the lawyer has less than absolutely nothing to do with the necessity of this,

    If Mr. Spencer is going to tangle with the Jewish system, he will need a Jew.

    As they say in homeopathick medicine – ‘it takes like to cure like’.

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