Al Sharpton: Only a Unified Jewish-African American Coalition Can Defeats Whites

This is the latest from the Rev. Al Sharpton who is one of America’s most well known and respected “civil rights leaders” in the black community:

“As I watched neo-Nazis march in Charlottesville, VA a few weeks ago with torches in hand yelling “Jews will not replace us” while celebrating a general of the Confederate Army who had fought to overthrow the U.S. government in order to preserve the institution of slavery, I reflected on the fact that those who have raised the banner of anti-Semitism and racism are usually one in the same, or at least bedfellows. We are currently witnessing a rise in both forms of hate in the U.S.and in many other places around the world, and just like the past, it is going to take a unified coalition to defeat it all.

On Monday, Rabbi Jonah Dov Pesner, director of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, and Rabbi Steven Fox, joined Martin Luther King III and I as we led a massive demonstration in Washington, D.C. The “One Thousand Ministers March for Justice” brought together religious leaders from multiple faiths and people from all backgrounds to collectively fight for the soul of our nation. On the 54th anniversary of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s historic “March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom,” we gathered for four main principles: voting rights, health care, criminal justice reform and economic justice.  All are currently under renewed threat in the United States. …”

White Americans who take their own side and organize to advance their own interests in the identity politics game are “hate groups.” Presumably, the blacks and Jews who have done the same thing for decades now are something else. They have “moral authority” because of Martin Luther King Jr.’s Dream of a colorblind society which they had discarded by the 1970s.

Al Sharpton recently proposed defunding the Jefferson Memorial and going after the Founding Fathers after finishing off Confederate monuments. Perhaps the anti-White Jewish-African-American alliance will succeed in renaming Washington, DC at some point?

Note: I don’t believe I have ever seen Rev. Al in a church. Does he have a congregation?

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  1. They were saying *You* will not replace us. Sharpton is so dishonest.

    This is all Critical Theory. They just keep attacking the West. Critical Theory is just criticism.

    “Once we’ve rendered everything ash, then utopia will arise. You must *believe*.”

    And Sharpton’s masters want a return to slavery.

  2. I think Sharpton has a hearing problem. Even I could tell that the chant was ‘you will not replace us’. Selective deafness. The words were repeated five million times in case the observer missed it the first time.
    In any case, why can’t that depraved racist relocate to Israel or Africa?
    Again I ask- a civil rights activist against what? Blacks in the West have more rights, privileges, health and well being than they’d find in Africa for example. What the fuck are they still whining about?!?

  3. I wonder why Al Sharpton is incredibly quiet about the Israelis sterilizing Ethiopians to enforce a de facto 1 child policy and the fact that African Illegal Immigrants in Israel are put into Concentration Camps. OH I KNOW WHY $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  4. We did some good street activism in Charlottes VA – including probably one of the first successful White nationalist American group chants.

    You will not replace us.

    We have to get much, much better at group chanting, let’s study how our great kinsmen English Soccer fans do outstanding group insulting chants.

    With Al Sharpton there are so many opportunities for insulting, humiliating group chants.

    (to the tune of UCLA fans chant “Here we go Bruins, here we go”)

    “Get a job Sharpton get a job”.

    “Tawana Brawley lies, Tawana”

    And yeah, we need to learn how to use Leftist weapons and now put all our hopes and $ in to guns that are impractical to use.

    If Rev. Al Shows up on one of “our streets” het gets pelted with rotten eggs, vegetables and water balloons filled with vile liquids. Learn to dress the same as everyone else in the group, disguise yourself so it’s hard or impossible to prove who through a water balloon.

    The last protesters who used this effective street weapons were Irish Americans in South Boston protesting forced busing pelting Teddy Kennedy with eggs.

    • If Sharpton were hit with a rotten egg, he’d try to sue the attacker. He *wants* to be attacked. He’d go on tv, “look how AltRight = Antifa”. Worst case: AltRight would be declared a terrorist group.

      The Left gets away with such things, because either they have nothing to lose or they’re supported by the Evil Elite.

      The chanting is a brilliant idea though.

  5. With this pronouncement, the forces of Antichrist-the seed of Satan (Talmudics) and the beast of the field (the Eternal Slave-the Nigger) have joined forces -as they did in the days of Noah, when God wiped off everyone but the seed of Adam [White Men] from the face of the planet.

    Is it now time to say, “Death to all nonwhites” Because that’s what they’re saying to us -death to the Christians of Christendom’s Folk!

    Do you want to engage in Civil War? Because it’s already here.

  6. If the jews and the coloreds want a race war then god damn it, I reckon I’m as ready for it as I’ll ever be!

  7. Sharpton is a perfect example of what a friend called these s0-called ministers…”another nigger with a tax write-off”

    • Exactly how does Reverem Sharpcoon make a living, besides extorting money from cowardly Whites who are terrified of being called racists?

  8. Flooding USSA with tens of millions of 3rd worlders will not go well for black Americans either. Sharpton is an anti-White Judas goat leading his own people to the slaughter.

  9. Selma all over again. Cart before the Horse. The media cartel dramatize rent marches, and the horse are the politicians enacted 1960s snivel rights.

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