It is Time to Break Up Google

Recently, Fox News host Tucker Carlson proposed that tech giant Google be regulated like a public utility. Carlson called Google, which has monopoly shares of the market over key Internet services, the most powerful corporation in history. The Guardian reports:

The largest monopoly in America, Google controls five of the top six billion-user, universal web platforms – search, video, mobile, maps and browser – and leads in 13 of the top 14 commercial web functions, according to Scott Cleland at Precursor Consulting.

Google also is one of the most powerful lobbies in Washington, DC, donating to Leftist, center-Rightist and libertarian organizations alike:

Google, as it began to assert its domination of the search advertising business, started to take steps to ensure it had a strong presence in Washington. In 2002, Google spent less than $50,000 on lobbyists; 10 years later it was spending more than $18m a year.

Now, with a real threat of antitrust and privacy regulation on the horizon, Google has come to the same conclusion those earlier industries did – that controlling Washington politicians and regulators is a cost of doing business.

…Since Google began spending more on lobbying than defense giants such as Boeing around 2010, it has been able to intimidate American legislators and regulators, and it has tools at its disposal far more powerful than anything deployed by Boeing.

The key issue on the Right of late has been censorship and the denial of platforms (which have even hit this website) by massive tech companies which hold monopoly shares of sectors of the market, effectively shutting down the Right-wing’s ability to promote its ideas and compete with the neo-liberal Progressive establishment. In the most extreme case we have even seen people like Andrew Anglin, who had one of the most popular websites in the world, have his domain taken away and his website shut down because of his politically incorrect content. His speech has been effectively silenced by huge tech corporations ran by shitlibs.

Going forward there is no issue more important for the Alt-Right, Alt-South and the Right-wing in general than the denial of platforms. Regulating and ultimately breaking up the massive control of Google would be a positive step forward for us and those who care about free speech and competition.

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  1. But, but, this is just good old fashioned American free enterprise at work. Private property inviolate. Besides, no one is shutting you Nazis up. You can get your own platforms. That’s what all of our freedom and democracy is about.

  2. I love this!!

    Alt Tech + Breaking up monopolies.


    And for those worried about free market, we can debate free market if we ever get a free society. Currently the focus should just be on survival.

    If someone can find a way to get capitalism to work without making society want to destroy itself, then it’s fine by me. The societal suicide is what I oppose. I don’t care if I become essentially a sharecropper: I just don’t want the West to commit suicide. That’s really my core concern.

    I expect if we ever did have our own society, we’d take the rest of the world’s jobs. Because none of us seem to believe in the welfare state, though we criticise capitalism. So, we’d take all the global investment capital 😀

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