Charlottesville POV Videos

Editor’s Note: Here are some more POV footage of Charlottesville and a message from my friend who took these videos and who was in the shield wall.

“Why am I involved in the Southern Nationalist movement? My beautiful daughter is one reason. I don’t want her growing up as a hated minority in the land her ancestors settled, tamed, and built our civilization in. I’m 39. For 34 years of my life (from kindergarten onward) I’ve been told of the terrible plight of minority populations existing within majority white countries, abused and oppressed by their evil, white hosts. This is in spite of the FACT that while living in White countries, ethnic minorities enjoy more freedoms and a higher standard of living that any of their kinsman in native lands.

From everything (((They))) ever taught me, being a minority sucks! Why would I smile and agree with those who want a hated minority status for my daughter’s future? They already desecrate the graves and monuments honoring her ancestors service to their southern homeland. That’s but a mild expression of their murderous intent.

I refuse to sit idly by, while brave, decent men stand against overwhelming odds in this struggle to secure our past, present, and future existence. The beginnings of a civil war are being waged in the streets of America, between those who want to destroy the inheritance of our father’s, and those who will fight to honor the requirements of such an inheritance – namely, the defense, stewardship and maintenance of our civilization, to be passed on to our children – OUR POSTERITY!

The common people, for the majority, are on our side – The thousands year old side of Traditional, Western Patriarchy. The side of law and order, and civilization. The side of traditional marriage, traditional families, and traditional liberty.

Sodomites, cat ladies, nonwhites, communists, and suicidal solidarity types (refugees welcome) , however, are NOT on our side, by their own declarations. In fact, the anti-white orc hordes are being encouraged and emboldened by the Synagogue of Satan,aka, the deep state (((the media, academia, the political class, law enforcement, and entertainers))) , using a propaganda of Envy, Jealousy, Degeneracy and Greed. The Destroyers… Satan’s literal army.

Who has a LEGACY to protect? Definitely not the opposition…. each of their thousands of year old bloodlines ends with them. They fight for the right to flaunt the fact that they openly defy Creation, Natural Law, or Evolution…..And no matter your belief, you sense the antithetical nature of these people, and you instinctively know something is amiss…..YET YOUR SOCIAL PROGRAMMING prevents you from thinking for yourself, and even causes you to physically recoil AT THE VERY MENTION of certain words and ideas. This is from your lifelong training. You get scared… Your heart beats fast…Your throat tightens… You dare not venture into the sewer of ideas which “those Nazi’s” inhabit. “Those disgusting Thought Criminals! HOW DARE THEY NOT WORSHIP AT THE ALTER OF OUR CIVIC RELIGION OF WHITE GUILT!? ”

Ah, but the sleeping giant rises! And our forefathers blood flows through our veins. We will exercise our rights to assemble, speak (and defend ourselves when necessary), within today’s existing legal structure. It has fallen to our generation to stand again against tyranny and we will not shirk. WE WILL manifest a renewal and revival of our Folk, or die trying.

Note: The third video is the most important. It shows the attack on Lee Park. The police can be seen standing behind the barricade doing nothing.

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  1. 1. Thanks for recording this video, and for posting it – it’s an important record of what happened.

    2. Those of us who did not go to Charlottesville owe those of you who did, AN ETERNAL DEBT OF GRATITUDE > YOU are HEROES!

    3. You Battle of Charlottesville veterans have inspired the rest of us to keep up the fight, and to intensify our efforts.

    4. Thanks again, for all you did! You are all MAGNIFICENT!

  2. I liked the marching chant “Better dead than Red”.

    Still we can improve in the area of marching, group chanting. It’s a disciplined skill to march in unison, sing, chant in unison where everyone is marching in sync Left, Left, Left Right Left.

    Also, disciplined motorcycle slow speed driving is very impressive.

    I’m so proud of you guys.

    M’thinks Chicago Alt Right is going to be singing “Dixie” this late January when it’s 10 degrees below zero F.


    Stay strong Southern brothers.

  3. I want to thank each and every man and woman who is, and has been, out on the street physically defending our race. You are literally defending our civilization and you have my highest respect for taking on a very difficult, and often unappreciated, endeavor.

  4. As for Charlottesville “law enforcement,” their turn as cannon fodder for our secret rules is straight ahead and I will neither shed a tear nor say a prayer for their predicament for it will be truly earned.

  5. Can some of our Charlottesville street vets share what self defense things worked and what didn’t work? Was there a best, standard defense shield, I see lots of clear plastic police type shields, also wood viking, anglo saxon tribe shields.

    I think everyone should have had some head protection and some nose, mouth and eye protection. I think it was bad that Caldwell and Baked Alaska didn’t have eye protection and they got bear maced.

    • On shields, I found that the Roman-style long one worked far better for me personally (they were simple, but far lighter than a wooden Viking shield).

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