Progressives Defend Google – World’s Most Powerful Corporation

The irony is compelling.

The Progressive Left is siding with the most powerful corporation in human history. Meanwhile, the Alt-Right is defending free speech, workers’ rights and demanding that the massive corporation in question be tightly regulated or broken up. This contradicts the stereotypes of the Left being the defender of the little man against the power and wealth of evil, huge corporations and the Right being the defender of wealth, privilege and power.

Just yesterday I wrote about the need to break up Google, the gatekeeper of information and communication in our age. Google owns multiple monopoly shares of the market over key Internet services and increasingly projects real power in Washington, DC. The company is also firing employees who do not toe its Leftist line on speech restrictions and shuts down websites and censors users who disagree with the company’s politics and social values. And the Progressive Left establishment is going to bat for Google against growing criticism and calls for the monopoly company to be broken up. Karen Hao writes for Quartz that “the Al-Right’s coordinated attacks on Google should disturb you”:

The alt-right and its predecessors have long antagonized Silicon Valley for its views and practices, but it wasn’t until James Damore that they truly mobilized to take down one of its companies. No sooner had the former Google software engineer been fired for penning and circulating a manifesto titled “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber” did the alt-right co-opt his narrative.

…It is no accident that the alt-right chose Damore’s firing as their catalyst. This was not the first time accusations over a tech giant’s censorship of their views sparked outrage within the movement. Breitbart News has vigilantly tracked Facebook’s “war on free speech” since the 2016 US election campaign. Gab, a “free speech” social media platform popular among the alt-right, was created in response to Twitter’s censorship policies. But more than any other tech giant in the Valley, Google is synonymous with progressivism. And when the confluence of several other variables—the seemingly rational tone of the manifesto; Damore’s awkward and unassuming demeanor; the hyper-attentive mainstream media—rolled out a carpet to the national stage, the choice to attack only became more obvious. This is the “beginning of the alt-tech revolution,” Gab founder Andrew Torba told the Washington Post.

…Today, in an industry roiled by diversity and sexual harassment issues, Google preserves its benevolent reputation. Externally, its community-based initiatives—Girls Who Code and Made with Code to promote women in STEM;CODE2040 to foster black and Latinx tech talent—solidify its image as a force of good. Internally, its culture is considered by many as the safest haven for minorities in tech. As I heard over and over again from minorities who worked at Google or Silicon Valley at large, no place in tech is actually good for women and people of color, but Google is as good as it gets. It’s really trying.

…This is what makes it the perfect target for the alt-right. For the predominantly young, internet-savvy branch of white nationalism, bred within the underground meme-ridden culture of anonymous discussion forums like 4chan, few things feel more powerful than the subversion of benevolence, authority, and political correctness. Their tactics to push white nationalist ideas into the mainstream stem from this philosophy: Find the benign, the benevolent, the mundane and “corrupt” it with associations of fear and hatred.

The article continues in this manner, depicting the world’s most powerful corporation as an idealistic defender of the oppressed while attacking those critics who have been censored or fired by the company as advocates of “hate.” Such is the Left-Right battle of today as it addresses corporate power, information access and communication.

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  1. It should be obvious by now that all the “progressive” narratives are just rationalizations for the interests of the elites. We need to get beyond this left/right dichotomy in politics because it is clearly meaningless now. Both have been co-opted to push different aspects of the same agenda.

    • Well, it’s NOT “Left/Right” anymore, anyway… it’s Left-Right/Alt-Right. We know that the Left and Right are just two sides of the same kosher coin, but the true Alt-Right (those of us who are explicitly pro-White and “anti-Semitic”) is a beast of a different stripe altogether. And (((they))) are not happy about this rather new paradigm.

      • No… It’s white (S)upremacy versus various ragtag collectives of anti-white (S)upremacists taking any number of concrete forms be they ethnic, racial, religious, sexual, economic, elitist, nationalistic, socialistic, Marxist, atheist, libertarian, cuckservative, anti-racist “Christianity” or alt-rite.

        ALL… Anti-white (S)upremacists.

        Every last one of the alt-rite cabal… Vox Day, Wallace, Land, Moldbug, Roosh, Heartiste, Cernovich, Milo, Spencer, Anglin, Black, Linder, Huntington, Covington, Duke, Metzger, etc…

        You name them…

        ALL anti-white (S)upremacy EXACTLY as the zeitgeist commands.

        NONE OF THEM avowed white (S)upremacists.

        None will even name the enemy as anti-white (S)upremacy.

        Can’t even call the Jew qua Jew an anti-white (S)upremacist AND KNOW the Jewish pathology.

        The is no spectrum or dichotomy.

        There is mass degeneracy and minute remants of truthful living.

    • Anti-Whites love the left/right dichotomy because it keeps the White population divided and distracts from the real divide: pro-White/pro-White Genocide.

    • You do have multiple factions serving very different aspects of the elite agenda.

      And some of them, such as antifa, hate the establishment.

      So, in theory, you could get them to focus their hatred on each other rather than on us.

      Everyone’s obsessed about Jews right now, but how do Jews go to war? They get someone else to fight for them. Why can’t we do things like that? And I mean it’s a common tactic historically.

      Similarly, the Russians are said to currently try to woo all foreign powers. They’re always trying to win people over. That’s another strategy.

      Our side is not very fox (as opposed to lion) oriented. Or as Wallace (I think) wrote one time: We’re the werewolves, not the vampires. We need to be both.

      It is not solely us vs entire rest of the world. Instead, you have a great multitude of factions, ideologies, faiths, nations, etc. Elites manipulate them all and seek to manipulate us. That’s just life. The world isn’t entirely united against us though. There are fissure points.

      Again, Antifa and socialists etc. think they hate corporate America. Look at how Bernie, despite how fake he was, couldn’t unite Hillary. Look how the Dems considered a Muslim to head the Dem Party. And blacks and Latinos fight all the time. Many divisions.

      Everyone’s antiwhite, but the Left hates more than just us.

  2. Reminds me of the plot in The In Like Flynt movies. AT&T controlling the world. Google is the new monopoly.

    • In fascism, glorification of the State is the ultimate objective. But in national socialism, glorification of the Race is the ultimate objective, using the State as a means to help acheive that goal. I admire the former but support the latter.

      • The only One who should ever be glorified is neither the State, (Babel) nor race alone, (Talmudism) but the Theanthropic State, given life in and through King Jesus.

        The AR has a large number of Trad believers who see this as our ultimate goal. Goolag is as bad as the Soviet state, and run by the same (((Evil Ones))).

        Thus, they MUST be brought low, or destroyed.

    • I don’t think that American “fascism” would be very fascist at all – at least not how people think of fascism today. Was the USA in the 1920s fascist? Was the South fascist in the 1850s? The answer to both questions is no. The state was prwtty minimal, in fact. But our race was protected then and we ran the government largely for the benefit of our people.

      Getting back to a situation where the state is used to promote our interests will probably require a radicalization of our people and a strong ethnic movement. That will certainly be called fascist. But then everything we do or say is called fascist by the Left.

      • Cultists would have you believe there are only a few choices. The truth is you can adjust society in a great many ways.

        I’m a distributist/third position. I wholly oppose the welfare state. And I’m a mortal enemy of those who wish to replace whites with a “superior” engineered race.

        The proper love of a true nationalist is as a mother loves her child, including defects. Eugenics still has a place, but not towards some insane “ascension”.

        There are lots of little issues like eugenics that get swept under the rug when people declare one form or another *must* be chosen.

        A strong state can be good, but it can also be dangerous if its power isn’t balanced.

        • The purpose of a strong state would be for defence. The ultimate goal of a state should be 1. glorification of God and ancestors. 2. To prevent whites from killing themselves.

          We keep seeing white societies kill themselves, so the trick seems to be in figuring how to stop that…

          • It is insanity to want to eliminate your own flaws.

            archive. or g/details/revoltagainstciv00stod

            White societies should have more opportunities to destroy themselves, White civilization should have other occasions to fall into ruins like what happened to Rome and Constantinople.
            Because your, our flaws is what makes you human, jus accept them!

            Also, only illegal immigration is bad, non-White immigration and replacement should be allowed to go on, although slower.

            I´m against crony capitalism trusts like Google but I am also against breaking up trusts. I´m against Welfare but not aganst the problems that lead to the Welfare state in the first place. I´m the sane one, trust me.

          • Lulz, I don’t want empires that flower briefly and then die.

            I don’t want great concentration of power, be it in the private or public sector. And I want truth and faith to flourish, not propaganda and moral relativism.

            I like the South. I just want the South to endure. And I like other things, want them to endure.

            I read of pre-capitalist societies, and they had many wise policies. Capitalism is unbalanced, unstable. Empire is unbalanced, unstable, unenduring.

        • “Eugenics still has a place, but not towards some insane “ascension”.”

          This “insanity” is how the White Race and its civilizations came to be in the first place. Anyone that would willingly wants Whites to have an IQ of 100 over an IQ of 180 have no ground to give self-righteous lectures on sanity.

          “including defects”

          A belief that has been given to you by the System. Right after the rejection fo race.

          These same defects is what has thoroughly compromised the survival of the White race.

          Look at these flaaaaaws.

          Yes, let White societies have more chances at self-destruction and degeneracy even if the current one is avoided.

      • The USA was Freemasonic from day one and Freemasons have always manuvered on behalf of their Jewish Masters against WHITE CHRISTENDOM. Sadly Southerners love Freemasonry or did in the olden days, never knowing they were members of an antiwhite antiChristian death cult.

        The USA even in 1850 had issues, notedly the confusion over FEDERAL v STATE citizenship, where FEDERAL was strictly Whites Only (but allowed Jews Gypsies and Levantines to be citizens) because of the Three Race Theory, but States could make anyone of any race citizens. The original 13 Colonies, plus Kentucky and Tennessee had counted FREE NEGROES as Citizens but by 1840 this had all ended except in New England and New York (excl Conn). Negroes have been citizens of Massachusetts since 1784, Because the US Constitution gave states the right to qualify voters, in New England under State Citizenship Blacks could vote, just not serve in a Federal Office.


  3. Either advances in IT will render centralized corporate behemoths like Joogle obsolete or it will be achieved through progressive antitrust legislation. But the century long jewish stranglehold on mass communication must end, and soon.

  4. To give you an idea of the kind of manlet that works for a Google: I have a cousin who works for them. He’s also dating an Asian.

  5. I noticed that Clooney is making another worthy Film: Surbicon.

    It’s about the first nogs to move into a suburb Levittown in Pennsylvania.

    It’s all hands on deck.

  6. The logic of radical liberation is a next radical step. There is, quite simply, a next tech company to inevitably usurp Goolag just as there is a next radical step beyond alt-rite. In both instances is a convergence at white (S)upremacy properly defined and calculatingly conceived.

    Deny being a racist white (S)upremacist and you have psychologically conceded to the zeitgeist’s paradigm. A bloodless coup of your mind.

    • You’re making a mistake. The reason it’s desired to label whites as “supremacist” is it’s desired to unite the world against colonialism/white empire/white aggressors.

      People readily unite if against a common enemy.

      So, if you deny being an ethnonationalist, then you’ve lost. If you embrace being a supremacist, then you’ve helped justify others uniting against you.

      Too many people believe that the most extreme must be the correct answer. It’s not.

      The correct answer is to unite with others against the globalists, in favour of identity and nationalism.

      Similarly in the Government (socialism) vs. Market (libertarianism) battle, the correct answer is to reject both.

      • There is nothing extreme about white (S)upremacy. “It” is actually your baseline. Your understanding of “white (s)upremacy” is that of the dulled, diversified masses. Yet, the accountability for a declining civilization lay at the feet of its class of highly intelligent individuals. In other words, high IQ alt-writers FAIL to narrate white (S)upremacy, absolutely. And you fail to recognize that ethnonationalism assumes a vision of objective (S)upremacy or else why endeavor towards such bloody end? Why war for a homeland if it were not rooted in your people’s perfect manner of existing?

        • OK, I see the disagreement, ty.

          You write: “And you fail to recognize that ethnonationalism assumes a vision of objective (S)upremacy or else why endeavor towards such bloody end? ”

          Dr. Fleming used to teach how a nationalist ought love his nation as a mother loves her child. Also, nationalism provides a place of belonging, a community, an identity, an answer to questions that otherwise have no answers.

          Why should a mother love an imperfect child? Because the child is hers.

          Who could even define what is “superior”? Many values lack objectivity. If we’re in a battle for survival, then those better adapted are superior. But lacking that external threat, who is superior? And even if one is superior under one situation, in a different situation another set of traits would be superior. So, losing either set could be problematic in an ever-changing environment.


          “The men of my own stock,
          Bitter bad they may be,
          But, at least, they hear the things I hear,
          And see the things I see;
          And whatever I think of them and their likes
          They think of the likes of me.”

          GK Chesterton’s dream of Patriotism however did include “supremacy” of a sort: “A chorus of superlatives”. Google doesn’t like bringing it up in search, because it’s one of the most powerful nationalist ideologies. As with any ideology, it’s ridiculous. But it’s a beautiful ideal. (That each nation (and other societal unit) would be proud of what it is without desire to conquer others. Because to desire one’s neighbor’s land would be to envy him. It’s a fun argument in this time of plenty, when we’re under no Malthusian stress and when war is potentially so destructive and dysgenic. Again, if there are no threats, then there’s no source of valuation for which group is truly superior.)

          Religion is a source of an objective definition of “superior”. A Christian might say the superior man is naturally more moral, more Chosen. But such morality is likely in part due to the environment, not only genetics. In a different situation, such traits might not produce the same results. So, it’s not an easy thing.

          For example, a wimp might shape up to be a good Christian in the right environment. But put him in a war zone as a child, and maybe he becomes a great evil when he’s grown. Maybe he can’t even fight and dies out.

          Lacking faith, there’s no real source definition for what’s better or worse. You just have those who did reproduce and those who didn’t, for whatever reason. Nihilism.

          Sam Francis though once said whites are a “conquering people”. And looking at some of our history, there’s reason to believe this, though there is a lot of history.

          Nevertheless, I also believe in a changing narrative. For now we need nationalism. If later a situation arises where conquest is desirable, then people should then embrace this superiority you talk of.

          For now, the “patriotic idea” is best. I do in truth desire to preserve the diversity of humanity as is reflected in GK Chesterton’s ideology. However, an argument for “conquest” could one day arise that such was needed to prevent worse evil.

          To expand on this: Whites could be said to be more moral. So, if you took barbaric Englishmen and gave us a political culture, then we might be trustworthy masters, guardians of the world.

          So, I say, whites should remain open-minded. The “Patriotic Idea” should not become a cult like libertarianism or socialism, neocon “end of history” or whatever else.

          Our faith should be in Christ. We should piously honour God and our ancestors as any true Christian must.

          Another reason “superiority” is to be rejected is biotech is on the horizon. The Left it could be said wants to destroy all races in favour of a “superior” designed race that acknowledges no gods, no ancestors. It’s only god would be the men who created it, who could then choose whether to control it or to make the new creation master. Such a new race would be unbound, care for nothing, it would pursue raw reason and likely become insane.

          We are rooted in our nations, communities, families. And we are lucky for it.

        • The short version of what I wrote above: Nationalism is subjective love (as mother loves imperfect child) and Empire is objective superiority.

          To add to what I wrote: Some believe nations are meant to battle as a means of maintaining genetic strength and determining a superior winner, who then goes on to replace the other races. Later this winning race then splits into new races, and the competition begins once again.

          Well, today war is too destructive, and it appears to be dysgenic.

          And if the purpose of competition is simply to determine a winner, then it would seem bioengineering a “superior” man would make sense.

          This is where you get Pierce’s Cosmotheism which is actually more dangerous to whites than Marxism, though people think of Pierce as pro-white.

          Nationalism, faith, and other traditions are a path out of post-modern nihilism. As I said above, they provide answers where they otherwise don’t exist. If one looks into the void, it doesn’t stare back. One doesn’t become Nietzsche. Rather, one comes to see how small Nietzsche is. One returns to his roots to remove the void.

          • weavercht…

            “Nationalism is subjective love” fits EXACTLY within a belief in objective (S)upremacy, i.e., (P)erfection.

            Where white (S)upremacy exists, white nations are a GIVEN even at the most perilous of existential crisis.

            The failure of the West IS A FAILURE of high IQ “whites” across the board to actualize objective (S)upremacy, subsequently, inducing a failure in the white masses to actually love anything, period. Which is to say, against The Greatest Commandment to love thy God with all thy heart, the “white” degenerate loves everything in complete subjectivity. The truth of his “love” is completely hidden to any objective observer.

            I’ve said before that the toughest dilemma for any wn is truthfully loving his fellow white man. It is only by stepping through to genuine white (S)upremacy that such a dilemma can be tackled head on and with certain clarity.

  7. These SJW morons have no idea that they are being used to push the agenda of the globalist elites who care nothing else about them other than their gullibility. Even when it has become quite obvious that blacks and other minorities are protected by the establishment and that only the establishment’s narrative is allowed, they still whine and complain about oppression, white privilege ad nauseam. Yet the only people I see that are experiencing anything resembling oppression are whites and alt-right viewpoints. How can these people still ramble on about white privilege when affirmative action policies have been in place for half a century now? It has been entertaining seeing these libtards finally reveal their insane and racist hatred of us after keeping it under the surface for so long.

  8. Goolag is a mass profiler for the fascist state. When “it” chokes a wrongthinker, “it” elicits mass reaction from other wrongthinkers and fortifies its profiling position within a fascist state.

    The question is whether Goolag can stop the dissemination of genuine white (S)upremacy and the resounding answer is that “it” cannot. This is not a bug nor a feature. It is merely the limitation of being a MASS profiler for the fascist state.

    The failure and therefore the degeneracy THAT MATTERS is not to be discovered in the idiocracy, rather, it is to be found within the cabal of high IQ “whites” who vehemently and viciously deny objective (S)upremacy. And it is in the absolute absurdity of the denial — the most “intelligent” “whites” denying (P)erfection — that a mass degeneration is inevitable.

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