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  1. Good video footage. If the races had been reversed, the media would be calling for the death penalty.

    I hope your lawyer finds that you’re entirely within the law there. I have no idea what’s allowed when defending oneself.

    Europe has no-go areas, so perhaps Virginia has just become a no-go state. 10 years from now, the whites will be chased out by the anti-whites, but some states will protect whites as equals.

    We need a white civil rights movement.


    Greenwald would *never* say the same about nonwhite ethnonationalism.

    There’s a clear belief among the opinion makers that to defeat white ethnonationalism, violence is *wink* *wink* acceptable in their eyes.

    That’s a frightening thing.

    It is not only communists though who are anti-white. Plenty of people believe in other ridiculous ideologies. The ideology doesn’t even matter. They just want a justification to loot/unite-against whites. Marx is worthless. He’s just a popular anti-white vehicle.

  2. That’s a horrible thing to say.

    Americans, including blacks, are manipulated by the mass media, mass culture. It’s like the WWII propaganda in Europe that would dehumanise each opposing side.

    Our side has completely stepped away from the culture, embraced Hollywood. Hunter Wallace recently tweeted he’s watching Game of Thrones, which is perverted. So, we’re also at risk of corruption.

    Americans don’t know what the heck they’re doing. Propaganda tells them they should attack whites, so they do.

    Blacks are often told it’s OK to attack if someone says the n-word or has a flag that’s supposed to be hateful. In his mind, at some level, he’s probably a hero fighting the villain.

    The focus should be on results. And one’s political enemy shouldn’t be hated.

    It’s ultimately the mass media, mass culture, big money that’s funding antifa, BLM and these other groups which are pulling the strings. Everyone else just dances.

    And it is possible to appeal to others. If it’s explained how the current society is not “progressing” towards some post-Western wonderland but rather to a return to slavery, then fewer will support it. And memes can help explain matters.

    For years, propaganda has hit Americans. So, it’s assumed that the Right wants war and likes corporate greed. We don’t. Cuckservatives have essentially ruined our name. They claim to be conservative, yet they aren’t even right-wing.

    • Congrats- you are Cuck Of The Day- pick up your award at 2AM on the South Side of Chicago where you will be warmly greeted by some negroes that will warmly embrace your all-encompassing loved for all races.

        • So this nigger caved some white guy’s head in with a metal flashlight and Dindu Deandre shouldn’t have been met with the same or greater amount of violence. You’re a joke. Hopefully you will never be around when real White Nationalists need somebody to cover their back.

      • If you read Cicero, he says to not give in to anger. One focuses on results, not feeling good.

        Nazis who just want to feel good are counterproductive.

        And you’re probably one of those who wants to bioengineer a superior race to replace whites, am I right? It’s the ideas that matter. You can fly scary banners and maybe even do terrible things; but it doesn’t make you truly blood and soil.

        • “Those who want to live, let them fight, and those who do not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live”- Adolf Hitler. You cannot discount rage- it is one of man’s most base instincts.

  3. Good. Those scars will remind him every day that some white men do fight back.

    I hope our fine young men gave the little jigger a limp, too!

    • He’s angry, bc he and I got into a dispute here earlier. And the exchange was removed, which is probably for the best. We don’t know each other. I was preaching at him over a comment he made, as to whether he used the appropriate wording. Maybe I’m somewhat at fault for being overly confrontational, but anyway.

    • Conspiracy theories? Referring to what specifically?

      Many more are college educated nowadays btw, and it doesn’t mean what it once did.

      The head of my English department was an open Marxist. That’s a fact. We did have some conservative professors though.

      Anyway, I was top in my class, and I went to good schools. The Alt Right, etc. tend to be much better educated politically than the rest of the US. You don’t learn political science and really much culture in the schools anymore.

      I recommend reading Chronicles or Modern Age to acquire a political education, but Hunter Wallace is very well educated. The Paleo giants are/were Dr. Fleming and Dr. Francis. And Francis was of course the philosopher general of the Alt Right. Kalb and some others are significant and still alive today.

    • They are often fact. Too many folks think it is superior of them to not even investigate a theory that seems quite plausible. A fool and his life are soon parted.

  4. Just continue to red-pill the normies, Guys and Gals. Our brothers and sisters need to know the Nigger, the Kike, the Faggot and the Bolshevik are ALL our ENEMIES- and therefore, GOD’S ENEMIES. And the worst among them are the JUDASES- the Impastors and the WHORES OF BABYLON, masquerading as ‘Christian’ Clergy, denouncing White Self-Interest, when Christ Himself is a son of Adam, and therefore, “God’s incarnate Honkey!”


    “Live in peace with your enemies, but only with your personal enemies, and not the enemies of God.”- St. Theodosius of the Kiev Caves

    “God hates the Jews.” – St. John Chrysostom

    • Fr. John,

      Righteous anger is a Christian virtue.

      Most Christians don’t believe Christianity is exclusively meant for whites though.

      If you talk with “Bolsheviks” today, they don’t know much anything about political science. They want… direct democracy and a world without race/religion.

      Essentially Marxism serves as a sort of secular religion. It gives them a motive, a hope. Once everything is rendered ash, then their utopia is supposed to come into being… somehow. I tend to say it’s “Critical Theory” that’s to blame. They focus attention on how the West is imperfect and has sinned, but they neglect to mention the rest of history. So, the assumed history becomes one where mankind lived in paradise, until whites began conquering and enslaving…

      The danger of focusing overmuch on Marxism is one misses how other ideologies are also dangerous and equally stupid. Whites have been deeply harmed by extreme faith in libertarianism. They embrace this secular god, expect it to save them from Marxism, and they ultimately lose focus on what’s truly important in life.

      As you know, we don’t need a battle between secular gods, the Market god and the Government god. We need Christ, community, nation, tradition, soil. These things ground a person, give him purpose, identity, health, sanity. The ideologies are death. Belloc and other conservatives warned of the imbalance of capitalism. Classical political science also warns of power imbalances, wealth gaps.

      The core belief of the Left seems to be a desire to loot and a desire to hate the West. Globalism seems to be a uniting of the world against the bad, bad West, which is blamed for colonialism, the British Empire, and now the US empire.

      My desire is to see a uniting of the world against secular globalism. Many nonwhites in the world do not want mass immigration. They wish to retain their homelands and faiths. We’re all under a common threat.

      But apparently my desire to actually win (meaning to survive) is seen by some at times as “cucking” :p I don’t wish to go down in a blaze of glory like the NS nor merely win the moral victory as did the South. I want for whites to endure – and for the Faith to endure.

      The current mainstream Leftist view is that for whites to even attempt to preserve themselves is dangerous and immoral. That delusion needs to be corrected.

        • I’d prefer to hear where you think I’m wrong, so I can preach my propaganda and convert you, haha.

          But ty. And I agree on capitalism. GK Chesterton called it a “pirate ethos”.

        • What I meant to say is Bolsheviks don’t know how to build a society. They’re well trained at destroying though.

          You essentially have 3 groups in the US:

          Left (Destroyers)
          Evil Elite (wants to enslave mankind)
          Right (wishes to preserve things).

          The evil elite does understand politics very well. To the extent “Bolsheviks” want to dominate and take power, they do know politics.

          I meant in that post the morons like Antifa and the others believing in ridiculous things. Those are just useful tools.

          I sometimes fuzz over what I mean to say. Elsewhere I’ve condemned the Right for not understanding politics as well as the Left. I meant there that libertarians and Republicans have generally failed to compete.

          Political science gets so complicated that I tend to blur groups and arguments, sometimes just for the sake of brevity other times out of laziness.

  5. European city neighborhoods infested with darkies most certainly constitute ‘No Go’ areas. You’ll end up stabbed shot or raped if you ignore this reality.

  6. What a DISGUSTING, ANTI-WHITE country America has become – niggers like ‘DeAndre Harris’ (LOL at his nigger name) are only fit to be slaves or deported to Africa. This country is totally Judaized and Africanized (as Hitler noted, way back in the Thirties) and I’m dying to escape.

    • Where would you escape to? I know some underpopulated societies that want immigrants, but they’d likely turn away any who’ve been labeled “racist”.

      A friend once posted (like 8 or 10 yrs ago) how white nationalists should move to North Dakota. Well, someone replied, supposedly from ND, saying WN aren’t welcome. The guy said he wanted “normal people” to move there, not WN.

      Any immigrant group changes a society is the reality, but people want immigrants who don’t display which groups they’re in, who appear to melt in.

      Europe has Hungary and Poland. Russian bloggers lately are condemning “Nazi” Eastern Europeans, not only Ukraine now. Nick Griffin has largely given up on the UK, is seeking residence in Hungary (was blocked by Soros it appears).

      I suppose if you revealed your target destination it could be against your interests. So, I really mean the question rhetorically.

      • America is a biological dumping ground for Third World filth and Jewish usury. I went grocery shopping this morning at a large Midwestern chain and just marveled at the assortment of human mystery meat. Who are these people? Why aren’t there any white men strong and SMART enough to remove the Jewish parasite from our midst? White America is SUFFERING so badly – and the worst part of it is, the evil, braindead churches actually promote, celebrate and glorify miscegenation and interracial adoption. It makes me want to VOMIT. Christianity destroyed White South Africa, and in America it’s doing the same.

        • Yea, it’s sad how Christianity has been so used. True Christianity doesn’t encourage such things though.

          When people tout “paganism”, it is often degenerate and globalist.

          And the secular ideologies serve as sort of alternative religions that encourage globalism.

          Pick your flavour, all flavours tolerated and welcome, but all of the flavours are globalist and degenerate 🙂

          If you’re going with Jewish conspiracy theme, then Jews are the masters of religions. They write religions to do their bidding. And whites, since we’ve embraced such bad political traditions (classical liberalism) which lack all forms of defences, we readily fall for it all.

          There’s a Greek quote on how parents should guard what culture their children are exposed to. I can’t think of the origin right off (probably Plato or Aristotle…) My point though: The ancient Greeks never would have fallen for this BS. And they would have understood the dangers.

          We’re like children. We burnt our history, declared we knew all things political, that we had some *new* way based on “reason” not tradition. And it’s destroyed us.

          • That true christianity has failed.

            The word catholic (with lowercase c; derived via Late Latin catholicus, from the Greek adjective ????????? (katholikos), meaning “universal”.
            It isn´t under Paganism that the Roman Empire, both Western and Eastern halfs, failed so catastrophically. -)

    • @Goy Goddess,
      In Australia where I live, we anually receive a lot of white British and South African immigrants perhaps because of……well you know why. We also get many white North Americans, which is fantastic for my great country. Non white Americans don’t seem interested as they already are in a first world country so see no incentive in moving here.
      If you want to escape America, please come to Australia. The more whites we can poach from the rest of the world, the better. This is the best country in the world, so you would fit in well.

      • @john: I always liked you Aussies. I think instead of visiting faggy western Europe I will visit Oz instead!

        • @Spahn,
          For a bit of comic relief, youtube ‘Bloke’ by Chris Franklin. Its sums us up pretty well. We’re incredibly unsophisticated. The song is a real ‘stick feminism up your bum’ to Meredith Brooks ‘bitch’ song.
          First, a bit of translation,
          Bloke-everyday man
          Knockers-a woman’s breasts
          Yobbo/ocker- manly, unrefined guy who loves women, beer, trucks and hard work.
          VB- A brand of beer.
          Piss- alcohol.
          Search, laugh and enjoy!!!

      • The last place in the world I would want to be is anywhere in the world I cannot be armed.

        I love you Aussies but you were fools to disarm yourselves through an event that is highly suspect of being a false flag (Port Arthur Massacre). The biggest problem with white people is their morality clouds their often otherwise good judgment. Now, I am entitled to my beliefs and I think Port Arthur was part of the greater plan to disarm white people worldwide. In the United States today, it is estimated that there are more than 500 million private firearms and 200 million people that know how to use them. I like those statistics.

        • @Snowwhitey,
          Yes, Port Arthur was a disaster that caused a kneejerk reaction in our useless government. Had he instead run over vics with his car on the way there, would they have banned all cars?
          Of course all that happened was the honest people gave their arms up.
          But many in the country are well armed. If you’re licensed, you generally have no worries.
          Don’t let that put you off. If you like your country, you’ll LOVE mine.

          • I do plan on visiting Australia one day but I hope it still has some resemblance of what it was 50 years ago by then (i.e., the white policy).

  7. John – I’d love to learn more about Australia. Are the stories of chink colonization and gun buyback horror stories true? Or can you escape that if you live somewhat rurally? I wish there were some sort of WN town or city somewhere where we could live in peace. Is there ANY White country on the planet that would allow it? Probably not!

    (Also, non-white ‘Americans’ are not Americans)

  8. @Goy
    There’s a lot of slanty ching dings and sn assortment of other colors and shades in the cities, but the rural areas are far whiter, and the people are more laid back, but also more traditional. The men act like men and women like women- no homo femo BS.
    Much of rural Australia feels like one big (whiter) Texas or Arizona.

    • @Tremley
      Yes I’m sure he would have went on to compose rap songs with real meaning, and a positive message for our yooof. Then again, he may have gone on to be an astronaut or inventer.
      Yes, non-whites…..we’d be lost without their knowledge and expertise….

  9. Where separation is violently taboo, one engages a parasite and eradicates it or it annihilates him. The symbiotic regression between this nigger and his self-annihilating “white” defenders simply is what it is and cannot be altered. All “we” can do is articulate to the best of our individual abilities the deep pathology that is anti-racism. There is a real sickness in those who cannot separate from their enemies so much so that they will violently enforce a total integration of their arch nemesis.

  10. “We” are racists… Of the (f)athers. To deny the charge EVEN in awareness of the enemy’s perverted concept is to accede to the affliction of anti-racism. Invisible niggers are biological weapons of mass destruction. Only a white (S)upremacist can conceive the appropriate solution to the vexing problem.

  11. Mr. Wallace,

    the reason I, and maybe many others like me, don’t show up to your rallies is simply that I don’t see the point to it.

    The rise of Alt Tech is potentially *very* good though.

    I do sincerely wish you success. After reading your twitter feed tonight, I now understand your strategy. I disagree with tolerating NS symbols, but I at least understand your argument.

    People can contribute in multiple ways as a sort of hydra strategy though. So, there are multiple paths.

    • Btw, if you had wanted funding to go to Texas to help the people there, I might have contributed to that.

      *That* would have been a huge idea. I kind of wish I’d gone just to help the people. I just hadn’t been focusing on the hurricane until it hit. It surprised me.

      Anyway, helping people could be, could be, a potent idea. Or not. The Greek Right seemed to have success with helping the poor, but Greece’s economy is terrible. They’re in maybe a different position than we are, because our society is still relatively rich.

  12. Just billed out a client whom is a pain. Email is good stuff. In my experience, currency exchanges should be written in bold text. Always leave some room.

    Writing contracts can take hours. Fun thing is the details, forethought of whatever argument might occur. Get lost in the details. Takes hours.

    Anyhow. I’d say the Norks just rolled on Trump and have created a MAD comfort. Mutual assurance, destruction on both sides should shit kick off.

    Mr. Trump will need to respond. Detonating an H Bomb is hard negotiations. LOL

    Should be interesting.

    • From that perspective, I’d say Trump and General Mattis just got owned. Not only did our dear friend in North Korea just violated every treaty, is there a treaty?

      He just detonated an H Bomb.

      Guess those negotiations with Tillerson went sideways. LOL

  13. I think “our friend” just kicked it up a few notches. As he should, from his situation. I’d probably go nuts to wall as well. What option does he have?

    But his perspective and reality are not beneficial to us. So, our response should be what?

    War is on the table. And Trump no longer has a say. Hence the voters have been marginalized.

    Who knows. I think some limited, small stacks will commence against the Norks will talke place. And that is the last thing this crippled nation needs.

    Smart people, the Asains. They don’t think like us.

    • Actually, Asians do like the West, much more than other racial groups anyway. Most people only hate whites because either they want white wealth or they hate how the US military bullies them. Also, colonialism…

      NK isn’t acting out of “hatred”.

  14. Let that sink in. The Norks just lit off an H Bomb. Full military. What will the Trumpster do? What can he do.

    Sincere question.

    • I don’t know why you call him “Trumpster”, but there’s not much he can do.

      NK called Trump’s bluff.

      The easy solution would be for the US to sober up and remove its troops from SK. However, the US is too stupid and vain to do that.

      The Sunshine policy was the right strategy. NK is correct to fear the US wants to overthrow it. NK wants a nuclear deterrence to prevent the US from conquering NK.

      China defends NK, because China doesn’t want a base on China’s borders. China would support NK less were the US no longer in Korea. If China turns on NK, then regime change becomes very possible.

  15. Leaders and Generals have always had conflicted relationship.

    Kennedy complained about it.

    Achieving a Generalship is not an easy task.

    This may be bluster. If so these people enjoy flustered the masses, and that is an even worse scenario.

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