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  1. There’s a new article on the late Bob Whitaker’s blog, “We are Morons” doesn’t fight White Genocide. Very painful read but you ought to check it out just the same.

  2. http://www.politico.com/story/2017/09/01/antifa-charlottesville-violence-fbi-242235
    “At the Sacramento rally, antifa protesters came looking for violence, and “engaged in several activities indicating proficiency in pre-operational planning, to include organizing carpools to travel from different locations, raising bail money in preparation for arrests, counter-surveilling law enforcement using three-man scout teams, using handheld radios for communication, and coordinating the event via social media,” the DHS report said.”

    There must be organization and preparations against this kind of stuff in the next rallies. Reconaissance groups to monitor the location of antifa hordes and so on.

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