But Race is Not Real

There are observable skeletal differences between the races. But race is not real.

Racial diversity is our greatest strength. But race is not real.

Some diseases only occur in people of certain races. But race is not real.

There are significant differences in the average IQ of different races and these differences are genetic in origin. But race is not real.

Skin color is unimportant. But we need more Black officers in the military.

Mixed-race people are the most attractive. But all races are beautiful.

The future is racial mixing and that is a good thing. But there is only one race, the human race.

All White people are racist and only White people can be racist. But we are all the same.

Race is just a social construct. But things will be better once White people are a minority.

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  1. A good forensic scientist can tell you the for race of the person in question even if he/she has been dead for thousands of years. So much for race being skin deep or a social construct.

    • If anything is a social construct it’s “racial equality”. Nature certainly doesn’t recognize such an absurd idea.

      Funny how secular liberals love to promote evolution as a substitute for religion, yet fail to understand that evolution and equality are mutually exclusive. Ironically, it’s the concept of religion, the concept that secular liberals reject, which promotes equality. Talk about being f*cked in the head!

      • I have pointed out to the people that say TRUST SCIENCE that clearly SCIENCE Points toward Racial inferiors and superiors and am amazed how fast they ditch science but only in this regard. They are willing to trust sceince up until it proves their equality cult wrong, then its back into bizarroworld

  2. People brainwash themselves into believing such ridiculous things for employment, respectability, or because they generally can’t face how screwed up society is.

    What I hate is when the stupid kids tell you that something is correct, because they had to study so hard to learn some bs lesson in school, haha. The very notion that a teacher could lie or be mistaken: *Not possible!*

    Any Southerner knows blacks are different. At middle school blacks beat the crap out of each other daily. Sometimes they hit us. And they’re in the lower classes. The schools struggle to equalize everyone (focusing on the stupid kids), and as a result, the schools are all *terrible*.

    Even in grad schools, you get these affirmative action blacks who can’t even write. *A for effort.*

    The only way anyone’s found to bring diversity into the South is to *import* Asians and Yankees. Otherwise the top classes are all redneck, with Yankee teaches instructing us on how evil we are. And the Yankees don’t even mention our heroes. They mention their bs history.

    One year of middle school in the South would cure about anyone. And then one is marked for life… as *deplorable*. B)

    • The most underrepresented group of students on college campuses are White working-class Southern males. But I have yet to see any liberal activists demanding that schools admit more such people. Why is that?

      • I used to tell people I got in on affirmative action (I actually got in on my SAT scores, which I did not study for.) I don’t want to give too many personal details, but I showed up with a Jimmy Hendrix poster and little Confederate flags… Which is pretty hilarious. And my roommate wasn’t white, assumed I must hate him bc not white. I didn’t.

        And I made an Asian girl cry when I turned her down. I had no idea she’d assume that meant I viewed her as inferior. I just told her I’m white. I actually respect Asians, especially her nation.

        That’s a long time ago though. I was like a fish out of water. I had traveled, but apparently I had much to learn still haha. *No common sense* 😀

          • I was never much into his music to be honest. I don’t even know why I had the poster. I wasn’t buying it bc he was black. Long time ago.

            What you said is a very good point: That white working class Southern males are underrepresented.

            I just like telling my tales of college, which I guess anyone enjoys. I’d walk about offending people unintentionally or seeing text book cases of social engineering or stereotypes. It was ridiculous. Darwinism is what gave me problems though. The other stuff was just funny.

            Otherwise, the school was very nice and the people friendly. It was just remarkable the social engineering.

            And I had a good high school experience on the whole.

            Also, I’m not so full of myself as my comment suggests. I’m a fairly nervous person, so I’m about like what you see everywhere in people with such traits.

      • The reason you don’t see Southern White Males in the Ivy League is directly because of the war. Before 1861 they had a HUGE Presence largely at Yale and Princeton, a smaller one at Harvard. After the war, the loss of most everyone’s fortunes forced people to take their schooling at state schools and those with the grades or money got to do post grads in the Ivy League or elsewhere. However as years went by most of those spots went to Jews

        The Rest of the Story

  3. We need a good debunking here at OD of the mega-cuck, miscegenator extraordinare and Jew/chink-worshipper Charles Murray.

    He and his kike co-author of the Bell Curve have managed to convince untold numbers of supposed ‘race realists’ that Ashkenazi Jews and Orientals (lulz) are the Superior Races of mankind. So BOW DOWN, filthy goyim!

      • How can men like John Derbyshire even live with themselves, having Elliot Rodger for their sons? I stopped reading VDARE in total disgust after he claimed that White Americans would be resigned to ‘shining the shoes’ of the Third World affirmative-action trash that hostile, evil Jewry forces into the country. UH, NOPE!

        Seriously, what’s wrong with him, Jared Taylor and Charles Murray? I’ve just been thinking about them and getting mad. So sick of weak, old Jew/Asian-worshipping cucks

    • Dr. MacDonald I think has written on this. If memory serves, whites tend to place more at the top but have lower average IQs.

      My conclusion is this could be because whites have followed a dysgenic breeding strategy for a long time. That’s not to suggest I want some weird system setup. For example: Whites have children later (producing mutations), and whites are high resource parents (so even the sickly get taken care of).

      Other factors: immigrant vigor: Immigrants tend to try very hard. And whites are spoiled.

      Also, whites have a degenerate mass culture today. Whereas, Jews and East Asians do not.

      School system sucks: My elementary school was giving me 6 hrs of homework a night. Tough school. My middle and high schools were a joke though.

      The focus today seems most around keeping whites stupid and brainwashed. To the extent “excellent sheep” score well, they’re competing in scoring, not in open-minded learning. They can’t think for themselves, and they lack identity and civilisation. They’re just empty “superior” human golems.

      We’re being bred into a race of slaves (mixed descent, no heritage, no values, believing in whatever one is told to believe, focusing on money and supporting globalism).

      In a world where there’s only one ethnic group still standing, that group rules over the others. Groups that work together triumph over masses of individuals. So, I fear we’ll end up among the masses.

      • Whites are the least spoiled group of human beings on the planet. What are you talking about? There’s no immigrant vigor – are you not aware of the MASSIVE government and corporate set-asides, affirmative action, condoned culture of educational cheating, etc.? And ‘Dr.’ MacDonald would’ve never survived academia and the mainstream publishing industry without being something of a cuck. I do appreciate him and TOO, but give me David Duke any day.

      • The Jews swim in the same sewer we do, the difference is the Jew doesn’t need racial purity to survive. 1+Jew always = a Jew. Go to NYC sometime, thousands of halfbreed Negro/Jew babies up there, its not a big deal. Remember the reason the Jews are after us so hard, is because only a white couple can make a White Baby. Understand Racial Math. THE NUMBER 1 Stands for White

        1+India=Half Caste
        1+Semite= Halfbreed Ali Baba (look at the Kardashians and understand this is true. Kris Jenner is sup white)


        1 WHITE +1 WHITE=WHITE

        Here is more Racial Math

        Half Caste+Half Caste=Street Shter
        Gigi Hadid+Random Armenoid/Arab/Jew=full blooded Semite (GIGI HADID IS HALF ARAB/WHITE)
        Zoe Kravitz (negro/Jew) +Ashkenazi Jew guy=100% Jewish with black ancestry
        Negro+mulatto or quadroon or octoroon=NEGRO


  4. When claims are made that races are ‘equal’, it serves only the weaker, more useless races, and insults the better race. Why do we need affirmative action if we’re all equal? Rid us of that then.
    As I’ve long said, if the darker among us really were equal, then they wouldn’t have to keep saying they were.

  5. C.S. Lewis once said that the two sides of the Eternal Battle -the kingdom of God and the kingdom of Satan -were like the opposite sides of a pencil, that over time, eventually will narrow down to the point…and when they do, all hell will break loose. Because God’s going to win.

    The anti-fa are the legions of hell.
    Make no mistake about that.

    And Whites are the Army of God.
    If only we would take up the challenge,
    and march under that banner.

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