Antifa Boast Again About Using Violence In Charlottesville To Shutdown #UniteTheRight

The Antifa are boasting about initiating the violence in Charlottesville again as part of their strategy to shutdown #UniteTheRight:

This isn’t the first time they have admitted what happened on August 12th:

The truth is that we weren’t interested in fighting with Antifa in Charlottesville. We were there to attend the #UniteTheRight rally. The overwhelming majority of our people entered and congregated in Lee Park and began socializing. A handful of our people formed a defensive shield wall at both entrances to Lee Park and rescued people who were attacked by the mob trying to get into the event.

If we had really been interested in fighting Antifa in Charlottesville, we would have brought more than a handful of flimsy shields to deal with projectiles. We would have had clubs, baseballs bats, guns and other weapons like the Antifa. The huge crowd that was in Lee Park would have come down those stairs and attacked them in the streets like in Berkeley in April. Instead, our actions were purely defensive and designed to push our way into Lee Park or to ferry wounded people to safety.

The crowd that was in Lee Park around 11 AM were only the early arrivals. There were hundreds of people still on their way to Charlottesville. The rally was supposed to start at noon and last to 5 PM. We had entire groups which hadn’t arrived yet. We actually brought fewer weapons to Charlottesville than any of our previous events because we assumed the police were going to maintain order.

If we had wanted to overwhelm and destroy Antifa in the streets of Charlottesville, we could have easily done so. This wasn’t our agenda though. We believe in persuasion, not violence. All the violence at these events would disappear tomorrow if Antifa were removed from the picture.

Note: Since the Department of Homeland Security monitors this website for tips on Antifa, I would recommend following these links where they admit once again they are an organized criminal enterprise engaged in domestic terrorism against legally permitted rallies.

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  1. A more accurate statement by antifa about what happened in Charlottesville would read like this:

    “Our attacks against Unite the Right attendees on the way to the park, in the park, and leaving the park were defeated by the superior discipline, organization, and (defensive) fighting spirit of the attendees, but the police used the violence we instigated as an excuse to shut down the rally before any of the speakers spoke…so hooray for us! Also, we fabricated a story the torch marchers Friday night tried to attack a black church, although in reality they ignored the church, and had no intention to attack it. However, much of the media bought our story…hooray for us again!”

    • The media bought their story? Their story IS the media’s story! And if there was no story, the media would make one up. If there were no confederate flags or swastikas, disguised media would fly them.

  2. The Antifash had their face smashed.
    They are stupid to cast Fields as a terrorist too because what dad or mom in the right mind will along Bettie or Brad go Antifa it up now? Some Nazi will kill you with his muscle car. Lol.

  3. Antifa reminds me of a small pimple on your but: Keep your eye on it. They are paid agitators with an emphasis on paid. Sun Tzu stated in every conflict the side with the greatest moral conviction wins. Paid agitators have no moral conviction.

  4. The problem was and is with Unite The Right and all of them is that it is ILLEGAL for us to defend ourselves. If some of our guys so much as spit on an ANTIFA we go to prison for assault. On the other hand they can bear mace us or blind us and thats A OKAY.

    The Moral of the Story here is this. ANTIFA can only be defeated by a vulgar display of power and if our side was allowed this privilege ANTIFA would be shattered into a trillion pieces. Unfortunately as we are forbidden all of these privileges, we have to fight them much more slickly. We need COUNTERINTEL

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